Kyocera Ceramic Fine Mill, White Top

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Product Description

In this mill, the grinding mechanism is crafted from advanced ceramic, close in hardness to diamond, and certainly up to the task of grinding peppercorns. Consistent, durable and non-rusting, you'll achieve excellent results each and every time. Additionally the clever upright design keeps your counters clean from residual grounds.

  • 4.9-inch height
  • Unparalleled Purity. Ceramic is a pure and healthy alternative. Unlike steel blades, ceramic blades will never rust or change from its natural state. It is totally impervious to acids, juices, oils, salts, or other elements.
  • Ultra Lightweight. Kyocera ceramic cutlery is typically half the weight of an equivalent steak knife. Since the ceramic blade is so light, no artificial weight is added to the handle.
  • Advanced ceramic grinding mechanism provides consistent, durable performance and will never rust.
  • rust proof

Customer Reviews:

  • Enjoying my sea salt
    This mill is awesome and works great! Perfect size and matches/blends with any salt and pepper shakers you already have....more info
  • Ok to grind flax seeds but not rosemary springs
    The flax seeds ground enough to add to recipes and oatmeal. However, if you wanted to grind more that a tablespoon it is a tedious task. ...more info
  • The Best Wet Salt Mill on the Market
    This product lived up to its reviews. The upright feature leaves a clean cabinet. The ceramic grinder produces a snowflake salt powder releasing the full flavor of the salt. Awesome and much more reasonably priced versus other supposedly superior salt mills....more info
  • Does NOT work for wet salt!
    Very, very dissappointed with this mill. After about 100 turns we were able to get about a 1/4 teaspoon of salt. And there is no mechanism to force the salt to the grinder. Poorly designed. Very likey another product in which you get what you pay for...I'll probably try the Puegot Vendome wet mill instead. Don't waste your money on this....more info
  • kyocea ceramic salt mill
    We love it! Does a great job of fine grinding our salt and is very easy to use and clean. would buy again!...more info
  • Disappointing results
    I bought this to grind various spices but have been very disappointed with the results. It just doesn't seem to grind very well and even with the jar half full the spices wouldn't fall into the grinding area meaning I was doing lots of turning without anything happening. This was the case with various sizes of spices. Maybe I just got a bad one, but this will be going in the yard sale pile. ...more info
  • Perfect Sea Salt Mill
    Finally...Like others have said...this one really works on the damp coarse sea salt!!!! I've been using it for over a month and it has never clogged!! The design of this mill is near mess from the mill sitting on it's grinder like most mills....This beauty sits on it's amply sized glass resevoir...the grinder is then protected from dirt and dust by it's easy to remove cap!! I can't say enough about this mill....I've used other very pricey models that were total crap. I'm buying all my kids one for Christmas!!!!...more info
  • Kyocera salt grinder
    This grinder is the only one I have found to work with wet Celtic sea salt. ...more info
  • Works great for all salts
    I purchased the Kyocera pepper grinder and it worked so good I had to get the white one for my sea salts. I use all different kinds of salts, some wet, some dry. The grinder works great on all kinds. I get a nice fine spray of fine salt. I have another salt grinder I use if I want a nice chunky grind, but for salting my food once it's prepared I use this. The glass base also has a frosted finish which acts as a gripping surface. Wonderful grinder. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Happy little salt mill
    A few years ago I started to notice a pattern of decay with the salt grinders you usually find in kitchen stores. The plastic grinding surfaces wear out quickly or the square metal rod running through eventually corrodes. This mill answers both those problems by putting ceramic surfaces in the top. There is also a lid on it which snaps off easily. It's probably meant as a dust lid as it doesn't seem to keep out humidity, not 100% anyway. Still, after a few weeks use, a little salt is collecting at the top of the mechanism and I haven't noticed any liquid running into the jar.
    The salt grains produced are smaller than regular table salt (maybe 1/3 the size) but not superfine, like you could get from a mortar and pestle. Not that that's bad. It also grinds fairly quickly, though I haven't counted how many turns it takes to make a teaspoonful.
    I have every confidence that it will last many years. The wife likes it a lot. I haven't yet gotten used to having to remove the lid and turn it over. I put only 4 stars because I don't know about the humidity issue yet....more info
  • Loved mine so much I had to get a second one.
    I purchased my first salt mill with a coarse ground sea salt. I loved the added flavor of my natural salt and soon began taking my salt mill to work with me. Before too long, I decided that I needed another one to keep at work. This is a really great product. It's easy to clean, and I like the fact that I can see how much salt is left inside. If I buy any more finishing salts, I plan on getting more of this great product....more info
  • Kyocera salt grinder
    This grinder is the only one I have found to work with wet Celtic sea salt. ...more info


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