Rabbit Air BioGS (model 582A - covers 780 sq. ft.) Ultra-Quiet Air Purifier w/ Germicidal Sterilization- Low Maintenance - Washable Filters!, Metallic Blue

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Product Description

The RabbitAir BioGS (formally BioGP) Air Purifier uses a 3-stage filtration process to ELIMINATE, REMOVE and DESTROY many allergens, odors and germs. The 1st stage is the pre-filter (sink washable/dishwasher safe, no replacement) which captures large size particles, dust, pet hair, germs, fungus and mold. The 2nd stage is the BioGS? HEPA filter (lasts up to 3 years at 12 hours/day operation) which uses NEW! Bio-Fibers that destroys allergens and bacteria ON the filter + Flu Prevention Coating! Conventional HEPA purifiers allow for bacteria growth and the result is an ineffective filter that lasts only a few months before needing replacement. The BioGS? HEPA filter destroys allergy germs, pollen, dust mites, bacteria, cigarette odor, fungus, greenhouse gasses, and many household odors. The 3rd stage is the Honeycomb Charcoal deodorization filter (sink washable/dishwasher safe, no replacement) which removes exhaust gas, pet odor, trash odor, chemical substances, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's), household odor, and cigarette odor. The heart of this advanced air cleaner is its NEW! Brushless Direct Current Motor (BLDC). This cutting-edge motor design allows for ultra-quiet operation of only 19 decibels at low speed (nearly silent) up to 49 decibels at high speed, much, much, much quieter than conventional air purifiers. It's not just ultra-quiet but it moves air faster (2 air changes/hour) because there is no brush resistance with the motor which can cause sparks and wear after prolonged use. This is NOT the case with the BioGS Air Purifier; you can run it 24 hours a day if you desire because it's energy efficient using only 67 watts at Turbo speed and 7 watts in silent mode! You won't find a more efficient or effective HEPA ionic air purifier/cleaner that's as ultra-quiet, energy efficient and has washable filters to SAVE you money. This is the best investment for you and your loved ones for many years to come! Backed by an Industy-Leading 5 Year Warranty

  • Amazon A - Z Purchase Protection & RabbitAir? No-Hassle Return Policy ~Fastest Shipping through Amazon~ Compare our 5 YEAR WARRANTY to the competition! Energy Efficient~Only 67 watts at Turbo Speed and 7 Watts in silent Mode; Includes Wireless Remote; Virtually no maintenance! Unit Measures 22.5" H x 18" W x 9" D; Engineered by Mitsubishi
  • Flu Prevention Capability - BioGS? HEPA Filter is specially coated with anit-influenza virus agent that can effectively lower the viral infectivity of airborne flu viruses as tested by Osaka Public Health Research Center in Japan.
  • Zero Ozone, ETL safety approved; Traps airborne allergens and contaminants down to 0.3 microns in size, 99.97% of the time; Main filter made of the Most Advanced Bio-Engineered Fiber Material which not only traps but also destroys the allergens and bacteria ON the filter. Conventional HEPA air cleaners only trap allergens which leads to decreased efficiency and frequent filter replacement. Also features a (Washable) Nano-Silver pre-filter to further protect the life of the HEPA filter and help kill airborne bacteria, mold and germs! + (Washable) Charcoal based Honeycomb Activated Carbon filter that eliminates many common household chemical smells, cigarette odors, pet odors, volatile organic compounds (VOC's).
  • Unit can operate at 4 different speeds + Turbo & Optional Auto Function; Different Modes Available: Pollen Mode, Sleep (Bedtime); Completely Silent at low speed = (No noise); + 1,2,4 hour timer & Optional heathly Ionizer function; No harmful Ozone; Effectively covers 780+ sq. ft.; Superior Quality ~ Industry-leading 5 year warranty; compare to our competitors' 0-1 year warranty!
  • WHAT'S IN THE BOX: (1) BioGS SPA-582A Air Purifier, (2) BioGS HEPA filter with Flu Prevention, (3) Washable Nano-Silver Pre-filter, (4) Washable Charcoal based Honeycomb Activated Carbon filter, (5) Remote Control, (6) 3V Lithium Coin Battery, (7) User's Guide, (8) Starter Guide for Filter Installation, (9) Warranty Card, (10) Product Registration Card. (11) Amazon A - Z Purchase Protection & RabbitAir? No-Hassle Return Policy
Customer Reviews:
  • Very disappointed, one year and it's acting up
    I finally chose this air purifier after much research and reading rave reviews. I've cleaned the filters just as soon as it tells me they need it. It's been in a very low-traffic area (master bedroom). So, imagine my surprise when, after 10 months of running, it began making odd and loud noises. At that point, it got turned off. I've just recently turned it back on and cleaned all filters, etc, hoping it would help. But alas, it is broken. Unfortunately I got it in late October 2007, so it is 13 months old and was ony warranteed for 12 months.

    So if you want to pay $400 for something that may only last one year, buy this.

    There was one other thing I didn't like about it. The display is very useful - but very bright! It lights up the master bedroom at night and there is no option to dim it. We had to affix a dark cloth over the display, in order to sleep....more info
  • Well worth the money!
    Wow. This is my first air purifier. I cannot believe I went all these years without one. Before when I would walk in my house after a long day I would feel that my house had an old, damp, & musty smell. Now when I walk in there is NO smell at all. I wish I could afford one for every room but this thing is so light that I put in in different rooms every few days & the fresh smell stays long after the unit is moved. I sleep so much better with this thing because its such a quiet noise that is not annoying like a regular ceiling fan. ...more info
  • Excellent Product
    I purchased the BioGS 582A about 9 months ago and so far I have been very pleased with it. There are several highlights:
    - The auto feature works extremely well; I leave the BioGS on auto 24 hours a day and it takes care of any smells. I have two cats, and only a few seconds after you hear them digging around in the litter box the BioGS detects the scent and kicks up the fan speed.
    - The overall performance is exceptional. I live in Phoenix which means my windows have to stay shut all summer. Despite the lack of outside air, the BioGS keeps the air smelling fresh all summer.
    - The customer service is great. When it first arrived, part of the Carbon filter was broken. Rabbit Air sent me a brand new filter the next day absolutely free.

    The only downside is that the fan can be noisy when it's on full blast. At the lowest setting you can't hear anything, but when it moves to a higher setting you definitely need to turn the TV up.

    Overall I'd highly recommend this to anyone looking for an air purifier system.
    ...more info
  • Only filter out of 5 to remove dog smell
    The product works really well, its very sensitive. It sense smell and particles. it has an area for smell and particles and it monitors the air and turns up and down as needed. I put on perfume by it and the smell sensor goes way up and it cranks up, the dogs run by it and the particle indicator goes up and it turns on. you can also set it on manual but its cool. the thingi really liked about it is the rest all have like $100 a year in filters you have to buy and this has washable filters even for the hepa.
    I think it has helped a lot, i have 5 dogs inside and it has significantly improved the smell of my house...more info
  • great machine
    So far been a woderful machine. My allergies have improved greatly and house smells great....more info
  • Excellent Product
    Although the Rabbit Air BIOGS 582A is a bit expensive, it is a well built product and seems to do an excellent job cleaning the air in our house. It is attractive looking, quiet to run, the filters are easy to clean and replace, and the replacement filters are reasonably priced. The manual is well written and the unit's panel easy to use. I now have two Rabbit Air purifiers and would buy both again if I had to replace them. If it hadn't been for the higher price, I would have rated it five stars....more info
  • very happy
    My husband always rolls his eyes when I buy a product he is unfamiliar with. Since my Rabbit arrived, he is the one that always jumps to put it on. We are two smokers and this has really cut down and the comments of visitors. What took us so long? It was very easy to setup and the directions are well writen, It is worth every penny....more info
  • magic rabbit
    As other reviewers have said, it's very easy to set up. So easy, in fact, that I did it with a migraine and hay fever in a couple minutes, switched it on, and fell back into bed.
    It definitely works on odors once you've demonstrated to it what clean air is like (it "learns" based on the last time you put the plug in the wall). I tried letting it loose on tea tree oil smell when I'd been doing some cleaning, and it got rid of the very strong smell quite quickly. It worked on my whole apartment, which is under 780 square feet but has some twists and turns in it.
    It's harder to tell immediately about particulates (e.g. pollen), but my allergies are a lot better since I got it.
    Minor gripes: it has a "pollen" setting that I somehow thought would specifically seek and destroy pollen, but it doesn't- that setting just regulates the fan speed in a way that's supposed to be helpful in allergy season. Not a problem, just not what I'd hoped for from looking at the control panel. And on the "auto" setting, mine is so sensitized to smells that it kicks up to high speed quite frequently when there's nothing different that I can detect, and I've got a very acute sense of smell. So on that one, I guess I'm complaining that it's too effective! I'll either try to desensitize it a bit or keep it on something other than "auto" when I'm sleeping.
    As an added bonus, it's very cute, and the "auto" setting makes it seem like it has a personality. I'm tempted to get a smaller one (in green, perhaps...) for my office to get rid of the dust mites there and keep me company....more info
  • Seriously great!
    This is a very serious tool that does work! After about 20 min. when you first put it on in a room you will begin to notice a huge difference in the air quality. It is a little complicated to setup but if you read the directions which I first didn't do - you will be happy. Awesome, awesome awesome and great for city dwellers like myself....more info
  • Rabbit Air
    I suffer from pollen to the point that I cannot breathe at night. Purchased the Rabbit Air BioGS 582A. A remarkable machine. It does all that manufacturer claims. What I like best is the automatic selector which monitors odors and airborne particles. The machine than adjusts the filtration speed of air flow until the air quality is back to normal. When I first installed the unit, it ran for a few days starting out on high and slowly ramped down as the air quality improved. Very satisfied with this unit. I am considering purchasing a second one for another area of the house. Live in New Jersey. Love it ,Robert I...more info
  • First impressions
    It came on time, came out of the box alright and was a breeze to set up. I've never even seen one used before so this was a big experiment. I bought it for the kitchen (poorly ventilated but huge) to see if it helps. So far it's passed the onion / garlic / cooking prawns test with only minimal residual smell. Living in an asian household, the big test will be smelly fish, fried chilli and lemon grass and the inevitable fish sauce - I'll let you know how I get on but impressed for now....more info
  • Love it, wouldn't trade it!
    After plenty of research and reading reviews of air purifiers I finally decided on the Rabbit Air BioGS. It's not as loud as other reviewers have written out to be. Just popped it out of the box, removed the plastic, returned the filters to the unit and pressed power. I love it, has automatic setting. I have 3 dogs and 4 cats. You wouldn't know that I even had 1 animal. Fresh clean air throughout my house all day long. I'm thinking of getting another for my upstairs very shortly!!!...more info
  • A Smart machine
    The machine will pickup chemical or smell then change the volume. Worked as needed and as promised. A great GREEN machine....more info
  • A Powerful Difference
    We own a smaller home (1200 sqft) and have three children, three dogs and two cats. We purchased the RabbitAir BioGS to attempt to clean the environment in our home. I can't overstate the affect it has had on the air.

    I hope I don't gross anyone out here, but I want to provide evidence to how well this thing works. Having said that, one of the very real ways you can tell is the stuff (or lack of) that comes out of your nose! After two months of using this machine, we have noticed a huge difference in dust etc. that gets caught in the computer intake, on the furniture, in the vents and in our noses.

    Also, you can just tell a difference in the air quality. We live in the Atlanta area and are often under air restrictions. But at least inside our home we know that the air is much cleaner and healthier than outside.

    I highly recommend this machine. It is easy to use, well-made, and above all else, delivers noticable results. ...more info
  • Rate the Rabbit
    This product is all that it is advertised. It is very quiet - except when it is in turbo mode. That can be quieted for sleep by placing the unit in sleep mode. I haven't had to change the filters yet, but understand that it is easy to do....more info
  • very very good.
    delivery was quick - item arrived perfectly and most importantly it does what it promised. i use the aircleaner in my bedroom and you can just feel the freshness. i used it in my living room and thought it wouldn't make a difference. it has. my asthmatic sister says she doesn't wheeze when at our home. and guess what - me too.
    the product is very sleek and quiet. it'll rev up the engines once in a while when there's extra pollution.
    this air cleaner has truly made a difference. prior to this we had purchased 2 expensive cleaners from sharper image. both conked out quickly....more info
  • Top Notch Performer
    I am very impressed with this air purifier, the Rabbit Air BioGS Model 582A. It's very well designed right down to the packaging (takes 3 mins. to unpack and set-up). Clearly written instructions which are almost unnecessary since the machine is so intuitive and does a terrific job in the AUTO mode. Easy to operate remote control the size of a credit card. The key to this purifier is the HIGHLY sensitive sensors -- one for odors and one for particles (like dust). They really, REALLY work! I smoke and within 30 seconds of "lighting up," the sensors detect the smoke and the machine revs up into a higher cleaning mode. When the air is clean, it cycles downward. On the lowest speed it is extremely quiet; on the highest speed it's louder of course, but still pretty quiet. The lighted display panel lets you know exactly what it is doing and is easy to read. It produces negative ions but no ozone. Two of the three filters are washable and the third lasts 18 - 24 months (and is reasonably priced). The display panel lets you know when it is time to clean or replace the filters. ...more info
  • You get what you pay for
    If you're reading this you're likely doing what I did which is to do a lot of research before purchasing an air purifier. I looked at a number of options, including less expensive air cleaners but I found that if you want to "clean" the air you need to buy an air cleaner with a fan. While fans can be noisy, they work. Sharper image's ionic breeze, without a fan, will collect dust. A table cloth collects dust. The latter will not purify the air so don't fall into the trap thinking the ionic breeze will. I also recommend staying away from any purifier that produces ozone which causes some people to have negative side effects. I really was impressed with this company and spent a lot of time on their website talking to their customer service representatives through an instant message program. They are extremely fast to help and provide good feedback. I've had mine now for two weeks and keep it at a speed level 2 which is audible, but still soft enough to tolerate. The fan is deep within the unit so there is no worry if you have pets. A definite buy. If you want an air purifier you need a unit with an HEPA filter and this price is hard to beat for the quality....more info
  • Novelist Loves It
    Okay, I just replaced the HEPA filter in my unit for the first time (after almost a year of use) and figured I'd write a review. I'm a writer working out of my home and, between sleeping and working, spend a lot of time indoors! I'm so happy with this product that I bought a second one for my writing area. Here's the rundown, negatives first:

    Light panel is crazy bright, too bright at nighttime for sleeping. You'll probably want to cover it with something. Also, whenever you change a setting such as fan speed, the ionizer automatically comes back on. No biggie, you'll just have to press the button on the remote to turn it back off. Lastly, you will have some maintenance every few months (vacuum air sensors, vacuum filter, rinse and soak charcoal filter). But I've never had an air filter that didn't require some sort of maintenance. And this product's benefits FAR outweigh the negatives.

    Air smells fresher and cleaner, and my allergy/sinus problems are nearly eliminated. Operation is quiet, and if you put it on night mode for sleeping, you can't hear it at all. Overall design is large, but sleek and it fits nicely against a wall. If you're disappointed in other products, give this one a try. After a year of use, I'd STILL highly recommend it to anyone. T. Lynn Ocean...more info
  • Works GREAT!!!!
    I have had TWO Ionic Breezes and both broke/burned up within two years. The Rabbit, although a little bit noiser, seems to pick up three or four times as much dirt/link/pollen in its filter then the Ionic Breeze did. I a very, very please. Great packing and RAPID shipping. Think I will get another one for upstairs....more info
  • Product seems to be doing fine....
    This air purifier seems to be working well. It is definitely dirty inside when we go to clean it regularly. It looks much nicer than most other purifiers I have seen. It is a bit more deep than I thought it would be, for some reason I thought I could possibly hang it on a wall, but that isn't the case. The remote works fine, but is flimsy. It's operation is definitely quiet, although it does rattle the cabinet I currently have it on top of, so it must vibrate slightly as it works. So far, so good. ...more info
  • A breath of fresh air...
    With a number of pets and a large open area to contend with, we chose the Rabbit Air BioGS model 582A. As we are doing a lot of unpacking which kicks up dust, I was pleased to see that the machine has been excellent with detecting these particles and whisking them through the system. At this point, I have no complaints but am totally pleased with the system. ...more info
  • amazing!
    I bought this a month ago as a low-maintenance, energy-efficient way to tackle dust and smells in my old 900sqft apartment. It is well worth the cost and I highly recommend it. The purifier is easy to carry from one room to the next and it is so quiet in sleep mode that you can't even hear it when your ear is placed next to the unit. It's also entertaining to watch the smell sensor kick in when you stick dirty workout gear or smoke-filled clothing nearby. When I've been in a smoke-filled place and my clothes smell awful, I just place them by the purifier and the smell is gone when I wake up in the morning. Fabreeze has nothing on the Rabbit. :) ...more info
  • 4 stages of filtration!!!!!!!!
    I have had my BIO GP 582 for 5 months. We live on a dirt road, have three pets and an occasional "septic" leak that colors our air frequently enough to cause concern. The BIO AIR delivers as promised everytime. We run it on Turbo constantly and after 5 months, the "Filter cleaning light" came on. We soaked the nano and charcoal filters for a couple of minutes and vacuumed the Hepa filter. It is now running like new until time to clean again, we will not have to change the filter for another 13 long months. I also mention this because of some of the concerns about only 2 complete air changes per hour...After only 5 months it had caught enough dirt in our air to require cleaning of the filters.

    I am here to testify that there is no need for any more than 2x per hour because the filtration is good enough NOT to need to clean the air more than that!

    Let me say that again, the 4 stages of filtration cleans the air so thoroughly that it does not need to replace the air more often than 2X per hour. A less adequate filter system would need to move air more often. I do not find this a flaw.

    The Nano filter is SILVER, NOT steel (as one of the reviewers was concerned) Silver is a natural germicidal, I use ionized silver as a sinus/cold reliever, 100% pure sprayed directly in my nose. It is a proven technology and is what sold me to this air purifier. Silver is a very strong germicidal and I appreciate that.

    I love the negative ion feature. It delivers natural negative ions into the air and it smells awesome...like a rainforest. This was the second feature that sold me...negative ions without the dangerous ozone.

    I can't say enough about this product, I can't wait to get another one so our whole house is covered.
    ...more info
  • Nice, but not sure if it's worth the money
    It is a very smart machine, switching speeds as it senses the air. But the claim that it is very silent is misleading. It is almost undetectable when running at low speed, but when it kicks into high speed, you better have your TV remote handy so you can crank up the volume. We'll see in the spring if it has a positive effect on my allergies. If it does, and I expect it will, it's worth the noise....more info
  • Great Product!
    I have allergies and asthma, and would wake up nearly every night with an itchy, runny nose. I often would not be able to get back to sleep. I bought this unit 4 months ago, and am SO grateful for the difference it has made! I put it on the "pollen" mode every night, where it kicks in every 15 minutes and runs for a few minutes. I leave it in "auto" mode during the day. I've only had to clean the filters once, and we have 2 cats. The light on the front of the unit is quite bright at night - that's my sole complaint. Now - can they make a small "travel" unit?...more info
  • Doesn't live up to the five star ratings or $$$
    I have owned and used the unit for approx. 4 months.

    On the plus side, the unit is very quiet. On it's lowest setting you can hardly hear it. It has been consistently running during the entire 4 months.

    The appearance of the unit is nicely designed. However, the chrome/silver unit appears in the picture to be metal but it's all plastic and the center sticker/label is falling off.

    On the negative side, it has not reduced the amount of dust in a very dusty new construction residence with two furry pets.

    I have to clean/replace the Air Conditioning filter in the residence every 30 days and it's always packed with dust. Every time I check the filters in this Rabbit Air unit, they are clean which is certainly not a good sign. In the entire 4 months time that I've had this unit the filters have accumulated about 1/4th of the dust/pollutants that the AC filter accumulates in just 30 days.

    The units "Auto" feature is seemingly flawed in its design. When you turn it on it measures the air quality in the room and labels that as "normal". In theory with the unit running all the time you should slowly have an improving situation as each time you unplug it and plug it back in it will measure the air quality in the room as "normal". I'm really not finding that improvement to be the case. Unless the dust/pollutant level that you currently have is what you desire to have and want to label as "normal" - it's a bit of a problem.

    I am currently trying, as much as I can stand it, to run the fan/unit on the higher settings. Thus far, I'm not seeing improvement in the air or any greater build up on the filter with that either.

    As I was nearing the 30 day return deadline, I seriously considered returning it but instead decided that it must just need more time. In hindsight, I wish I had returned it. I consider the performance of this unit to be disappointing and average, at best, with a price that is far above average.
    ...more info
  • Stopped working after 14 days.
    ***Edited since 1 star review was published***

    I had some issues with receiving a defective unit. I was at first upset but this company did everything possible to address my concerns and remedy the situation. I received a brand new, sealed replacement complete with new filters. They shipped my replacement via 2nd day air and also scheduled a UPS pickup for the defective item.

    I am saddened that my item stopped working after only 2 weeks, but this company is first class and took care of the problems with lightening speed and no questions asked.

    I highly recommend them, they are top-notch.

    I give my original product a 1 star, but I give this company 10 stars!...more info
  • Love this product.....no more house smells!
    I bought this product hoping to eliminate the smells associated with my house. We have 3 cats that eat smelly liquid food. I do not notice the smells of my home anymore! This is one of the best products I have bought from Amazon. I would recommend it definately to others. Only drawback is that I love to burn candles and it sucks the scent of them from my house!

    ...more info
  • Great product
    I am very happy with this product and it does all it says it can do....more info
  • Wow ! Customer Service
    I rec'd this bad boy and the box was sorta beat. I plugged it in and it died in a few minutes. I called Customer Service and they were AWESOME! We both assumed UPS had tossed it around, causing internal damage (bad UPS!). Anyway, I rec'd my replacement by second day air. So far it is working a heck of a lot better than I expected. It actually "smells" the air and reacts to it...amazing. In one day I noticed a difference. ...more info
  • BioGS 582A - not bad for the money
    Let me start off with the negative points, but qualifying that by saying this is a positive review;

    - There doesn't seem to be much difference between the 582A and the lower-coverage 421A, except for the calibrated fan speeds. If you don't intend to run the unit "full-tilt", or if noise is a concern, you're better off saving the extra 70$ and buying the 421A.

    - The "auto" mode seems to be of dubious value, and will significantly reduce the coverage area of the unit, because it relies on the on-board sensors to adjust fan speed, and they can't sample air quality over the entire advertised coverage area unless the unit is on very high. You can test this yourself by hitting the "turbo" button -- the dust/odor sensor will spike as the unit pulls in more air. You'll be better off to manually set the fan to the highest setting that you find acceptable (noise-wise), and purchasing multiple units for coverage. See my previous comments about the 421A.

    - The "odor" sensor seems to be possessed. I assume the manufacturer is using some sort of an industrial chemical sensor, so it goes off at mysterious times for mysterious reasons. Unfortunately, it can't be disabled (easily). You'll notice this feature is missing from the new microA2 model.

    - My 582A shakes at low fan speed, no doubt because of an imbalance in the internal fan (which is oddly somewhat off-center). This problem is entirely cosmetic, as the unit makes no additional noise as a result, but the shaking is oddly disconcerting and wouldn't exist if the fan's axis was at the center of the unit.

    The good stuff;

    - For the money, you would be hard pressed to buy a similar device.

    - The five year warranty is exceptional, although the unit is of such simple design, its hard to imagine anything breaking or wearing out.

    - The multistage filtration system is well conceived, filter life is excellent, and replacement costs are low.

    - When run at an appropriate speed with a reasonable coverage area, the unit is quiet and power efficient.

    - It will actually remove many household odors, despite the oddities of the sensor.
    ...more info
  • Excellent investment and a great product!
    I bought this product primarily for easing up my allergies. I have used this product for a month now and I am happy to report that I am not disappointed. Not only that this product works well to reduce allergens in the air but it's also capable of removing/minimizing odor (I cook a lot and when it's turned on in the kitchen, it does not take long before the cooking smell disappears and makes the house smelling clean again. I like the timer feature very well and I can set it to run in hourly increments (1, 2, or 3 hours) using a small handy remote that stores in a slot on top of the unit. Besides using the remote control to operate the unit, you can also use the button (one and only one that toggles through all the functions of the machine) located in front of the unit. So if you lose the remote, you're not out of luck being unable to operate the machine. The remote can be stored in an easy to access slot located on tope of the unit so you will never ever have to misplace it. The unit is also reasonably quiet and the physical appearance is well designed. While it claims that the filters are washable, I have not tried this just yet but will definitely do so when it's due. I highly recommend this product to anyone who's looking to buy an air purifier that does what it promises and is priced about right....more info
  • Amazingly functional !
    I am a smoker & my wife objected to the smoke odor in my "den". My "den" is actually the finished half of the basement (approximately 400 sq ft). I was using an Oreck air purifier which really did nothing & required frequent cleaning. My solution was the Rabbit Air 582-A. This unit really does not cost much more than the Oreck & does an amazing job of removing the smoke odors.
    I leave the unit set on Auto & as soon as I light a cigarette, the Rabbit Air kicks on & goes to work removing particles & odor. The Rabbit Air is quiet, even with the highest fan speed. It is inaudible when on standby, but it is still cleaning the air. The unit uses less electricity than a night light when on standby. My wife no longer complains about smoke odors in the "den".
    I am extremely pleased with the unit, especially since the filters are easy to access for cleaning. I was surprised at the volume of air which is moved with so little noise. I mounted mine about 1/2 way up the wall on a shelf rather than let it remain on the floor. The air intake is in the center of the front panel & also around the edges of the front panel.
    A great buy !...more info
  • Great Air Purifier
    I purchased this air cleaner after I had already purchased an IQAir purifier. The IQAIr Purifier works great, but at half the price, I decided to give the Rabbit Air a try. It works just fine. I put the Rabbit Air in my bedroom and the air sensor is so sensitive that when I enter the room and shake a towel the blower suddenly speeds up to clear the air of dust generated by the towel!. Unlike the Ionic Breeze and similar "ionic" air purifiers I have owned, this one works....more info
    Since childhood, I have had severe allergies to dust, pollen and mold. Over the decades, I have purchased multitudes of air purifiers. Honeywell (hated it, blew up lots of dust), Hunter (decent, but expensive filters had to be changed often), Biozone (good for removing odors but not dust), Vornado (expensive, hard to find filters, very noisy), Ozone machines (bad to breathe but good to get rid of odors), and many more brands and names that are too numerous to mention. Most of these worked minimally and as the years went by the filters either became difficult to find, or they quit working or the price of the filters added up to the price of a new unit (think Vornado). They were either mildly good at removing dust or they were somewhat effective at removing odors, depending on whether the HEPA had a charcoal prefilter. The charcoal prefilters were expensive to replace too!

    After reading hours of reviews (yes, I was determined to do some research before buying yet another purifier - don't think I'm too obsessed, the last units I bought were Hunters about 8 years ago, but now the fan motors are giving out and the HEPA had to be replaced every 4 months - expensive!) I was torn between the Sharp Plasmacluster and the Rabbit BioGP. Oh, I still want a Sharp Plasmacluster, but I had to go ahead and decide how I was going to get maximum benefits from a single cost appliance.

    I'm so glad I went with the Rabbit! First I noticed all the positive reviews on this site. The BioGP arrived last week. It's streamlined, durably constructed and the appearance is elegant - at their website they even give you the option of buying different color frontplates if you decide to move it to another room and want it "match" the decor - and the frontplates are reasonably priced.

    I was particularly impressed when I assembled the 3 stage filter to notice how the carbon filter is honeycombed - heavy duty - and not these thin, flimsy charcoal prefilters that are so standard in most air purifiers. That means it's really good at odor removal. If you don't believe me, just get one and watch the odor sensor quickly detect an odor of your choice. When in auto mode, the unit will quickly smell it and speed up the fan and you can actually WATCH the sensor indicate the odor has been reduced or eliminated within minutes!

    I also like the remote control functions - auto, manual - 4 speeds, and turbo mode, which causes it to run at high speed for 10 minutes before going back to auto mode. I've tested the unit out in different rooms and have watched the sensors come on and over a short period of time indicate they have reduced or eliminated dust or odors. Also impressive is the ability you have to wash or vacuum the prefilter and the charcoal filter - greatly extending their life. Also the HEPA filter probably won't have to be replaced but every 18 months to 3 years - more like 18 months for me because I will run it often. But even then, the HEPA filter doesn't cost nearly as much as other air purifiers charge for their HEPAS.

    Another design marvel is how the Rabbit BioGP has this nano-silver prefilter and the charcoal filter is placed on the other side of the HEPA filter. Most air purifiers that have charcoal elements place them before the HEPA. This causes them to have to be replaced frequently. But the BioPG has a separate prefilter from the charcoal filter, and because the charcoal filter is placed after the HEPA, it is free to do what it does best - remove odors - and it doesn't get clogged up with dust, making it last a long, long time compared to units like this that use charcoal prefilters!

    And I get the feeling that the Rabbit people really care and support this product. I called with a question which they answered promptly. Overall, I am very, very pleased with this unit....more info
  • Air Purifier does not work new out of the box.
    update: This is an excellent company. They have shipped me a new machine before I even returned the one that doesn't work. And THEY called ME, I didn't have to go after them. No worries here, folks!

    later review: Customer Service very responsive and fast. They will pay postage and send another unit. I would upgrade to two stars based on this, but can't add another star via this webpage.

    I checked the directions several times, checked the 'troubleshooting' page, the outlet is live. Unit does not power up. Very disappointed after reading all the glowing reviews. Am interested to discover how their customer service will be.
    I would still like to try the product. ...more info
  • I notice a difference
    This is the one I got. I did a bunch of research and this one seems to really work well, I have noticed a difference with my son's allergies and it's funny how my son's room really doesn't have much dust at all on his dresser since we go this too. It is super quiet (and I have tried a few and read tons of reviews). It kicks up and gets louder when it detects a need too (if you have it on auto). It also ionizes the air without hurting the ozone, like some of those do (if you even believe/care about that kind of thing). Two of the filters can be put in the dishwasher when needed (it has an indicator light to tell you when). Only the hepa filter has to be replaced (every few years). Anyway, I am sure there are better ones out there for more money. ??? But this is what I found after doing HOURS of research and I am pretty happy with it...for what it is. ...more info
  • notice it says nano in the description
    I have read about the nano technology and in my opinion it is not proven safe. the nano steel are microscopic and may or may not be dispersed into the air you breathe? ...more info
  • Very nice
    Great air filter. The odor sensor works better than i expected and the system is very quiet....more info
  • Awsome Only The Best
    I have searched and searched for the best Air Purifier, and came to the Rabbit Air Model 582a. I ordered it directly from the company, and received it 3days later. What an awesome product. It is well worth all the money which is cheap compared to you would need 5 $100 machines to do what this does. The air in the room feels cleaner no more flying particals and dust that makes my wife and i sick. Dusting forget about it, I rarely dust because this machine cycles the air quickly and traps dust. Its silent once the room is stable, and even at turbo mode its like a fan running not very loud, its thin so you can mount it on a wall no problem. I'm buying another one soon for my other room. You wont go wrong with this product, look at the reviews online only the best, no bad complaints....more info
  • I am very happy with the Rabbit Air

    I enjoy the fresh clean air in my room. The purifyier is really quite. The lights are really bright though. I have a piece of cloth sitting on the unit at all times so that I won't be bothered by the light....more info
  • cleaner air
    Rabbit Air BioGP appears to have improved air quality in my apartment. The best thing is that it's sensors to air quality is very sensitive. Open the door to the patio/lawn and the air quality indicator immediately detects the difference.
    I am very satisfied with this product....more info
  • I've tried them all; Rabbit Air BioGP is the best.
    Before buying the Rabbit Air BioGP 582A, I bought three other units.

    The new Oreck Tower Pro XL was first. It was an amazing product, made the entire area smell fresh and the turbo mode is powerful like a rocket. Why did I return it? After a month or so, it started to *hum* in an annoying oscillating way.

    Then I tried the Friedrich C-90B. The ugliest unit by far, looks like it was designed in 1970. But it worked great. Why did I return it? After a week it started to *rattle*, the fan blades hitting.

    Then I tried the Alen A375. I was impressed, it had a low-tech remote control, seemed advanced compared to the Friendrich but still a dull white color. Why did I return it? It was weak, didn't purify the air or deodorize, and the fan vented air straight up.

    So then I found out about this Rabbit, and purchased one. It is by far the most impressive looking unit, Lighted display, high-tech remote, beautifully designed. The good news is its function is as advanced as its features. While the vent is upwards, it is angled so that the entire room gets a blast of fresh purified air. The 4 speeds are perfect, from silent to turbo. The filters are huge, and inexpensive. And it works as good as it looks.

    I had some dust on a tv stand from construction work in the area. I blew the dust off, and for the first time, I saw the display light up warning of *bad air*. That is how sensitive it is. After a few minutes, the display warning went down and back to normal.

    This is the unit that does it all, does it quietly, and does it while looking great. ...more info
  • use objective criteria for comparison between models
    One note to potential buyers, when comparing models from different manufacturers, do not simply rely on the square footage recommendations because each manufacturer assumes a different number of "air exchange per hour." Instead, use CFM (cubic foot per minute) as the only objective criterion on how much air goes through the units. Rabbit air assumes 2 air change per hour, while Blue air assumes 6 (more stringent.)

    Same for noise level. For example, I compared the Blueair 501 that I have been using for years against the specs of rabbit air - the highest setting on rabbit air delivers 208 CFM at 50db noise level, while blueair 501 delivers 247 CFM (at the second highest setting) at 49db. So the noise level is similar but blueair delivers 18% more air. So for the same performance, Blueair is still quieter. Don't get me wrong, I am highly interested in rabbit air and might get one in near future. I found the blueair too bulky and the filter costs too much (replaced every 6 mos) though I would be curious to see if the ongoing maintenance cost of rabbit air is as little as they claim....more info
  • An excellent purchase.
    I purchased the Rabbit Air BioGP based on the reviews for this product and its sibbling the 421A which I have to say are dead on. This IS a great product.

    My previous experience with air purifiers comes from owning an Ionic Breeze Quadro which I thought did a good job with getting the large dust particles, but it took forever to do so. This product, with a fan, does the job much faster than the Ionic Breeze, and it doesn't produce an annoying ozone smell which sickened some and did not bother others. With multiple fan speeds, the BioGP does a great job of quickly removing particles in the air and switching to silent mode when on the 'auto' setting. The sensors quickly pick up on floating dust and odors and indicates the level measured on the front panel. At full speed on the 528A model it is as loud as a Vornado fan.

    As for the real world performance, I no longer have a stuffy nose while working in my room and upon waking in the morning which caused other issues while trying to treat. Despite vaccumming the room weekly and dusting, the allergies to dust and or dustmites continued. Though I am happy I no longer have a stuffy nose while at home, I do not think the negative ions help in any noticable way to make myself feel happier or better. Yet, it remains turned on. I also do not think it hurts in any noticable way.

    Things I dislike about the unit are the lack of control on the front unit. If the remote is ever lost it would be impossible to control the unit other than powering it on. This may be a mute issue though since it is always on 'auto' setting. Another point of dislike is the odor setting. Any type of odor, pleasant or disliked will set the unit off. This includes food, shoes, shampoo and the dog. You have to remove the source of the odor in order to get the unit to go back into silent operation or put the unit in 'silent' mode through the remote.

    Overall, I am so happy with this unit and will buy another or the 421A model for other rooms.

    Cliffs: I am very happy with the unit as it helped with my dust allergies. It has some design flaws but its performance is great. I will be buying more for the home....more info
  • Silent & Effective
    Pros: Very quiet in sleep mode. Washable pre-filter - the main HEPA filter doesn't have to be replaced as often. I particularly like the automatic mode - the fan speeds adjusts to whatever level necessary. It has kicked on when I was staining wood in the next room and when my next door neighbors were using their fireplace, so I'm quite impressed with its sensitivity.

    Cons: The carbon post-filter delivered with my unit is not washable, although it is advertised as such. I'd prefer if the control panel was touch sensitive; you have to use the remote to control the unit.

    Neutral: The lights on the control panel are very bright; you won't need a nightlight in whatever room it is used in.
    ...more info
  • Worth every penny
    Since moving to Virginia, I spend at least a month every spring feeling like I'm waking up with a bad cold. I had promised myself that this year, I would try a good-quality air purifier. I debated among the Sharp FP-N60CX Plasma Cluster Air Purifier, the Mitsubishi PlasmaPure Quiet HEPA Air Purifier, and this one. In the end, they all had high ratings, and I am sure they'd all have worked well, but I liked the looks of this one. Turns out, it looks even cooler in person. More importantly, I wake up feeling great. Also, it's inaudible on the night setting which is important since it's in my bedroom. The smell sensor really works - drop a new pile of laundry near it and it will go off because of that dryer sheet smell. My room is just so much nicer now and although it can't follow me around and take care of my allergies the rest of the day, it let's me get a good night's sleep, which is all I could ask for. To get into the technical side of it, there are two sensors - one for pollen/dust and one for smells. There are indicators on the front which show the mode the unit is in (such as turbo, pollen, night) as well as levels indicators of smell on one side and pollen on the other. I also need to mention that the distributor, SPARO, is wonderful. I asked them by email before my order shipped to send silver instead of white. They responded quickly that that was no problem. Then I let them know that two buttons on my remote didn't work, and they responded immediately that they were overnighting a new one, which they did. Couldn't be happier with them or the product! You can't go wrong with this....more info
  • Clean Air
    First, I want say how much of a pleasure it is to do business with AMAZON.com. Now, the Rabbit Air Bio GP Air Pruifier w/Germicidal Protection, We like it very much. Has helped my Wife with her asthma, smoking leaking into our apartment. Works very very well....more info
  • The Description Is Accurate
    I debated about the price, but it is an excellent product. Quiet is not quite accurate. Silent would be a better description for the lower settings. Quality is excellent and would recommend highly. You won't be disappointed....more info
  • Great Air Purifier!!!
    I looked at tons of reviews and tons of Air Purifiers. I decided on this one after searching for two weeks for an air purifier that could handle smoke and dust. I use it in a room that I have a wood burning fireplace. It cleaned up the air in not only the living room where I placed it. It also took care of all the rooms near it. I can breath easy and the air sensor on the unit works great. I was sceptical but when I load wood in the fireplace and some smoke enters the room the Rabbit Air BioGP kicks in great and almost instantly to clean the room. I love this thing. No more whinning from my girlfriend about the woodstove smell!!!!

    Dave ...more info
  • Possibly the best air filter out there for the price
    I've been through a number of air purifiers over the years and this is the best.

    Pros: The quietest fan based air filter I've heard (or not heard). In sleep mode I can actually sleep and it's still moving a good amount of air. The dust sensor is very effective and raises the air flow in automatic mode. Improves the air quality quickly.

    Cons: Bulky for small apartments. I wish they had a smaller unit for 300 sq. ft spaces. Initially expensive but worth it in the long run....more info
  • EXCELLENT Purifier at an EXCELLENT price!
    We recently purchased the Rabbit Air BioGP. My husband has horrible allergies and asthma and we have a cat. We have two other air purifiers of a different brand (Hamilton Beach) that are smaller and much less expensive. However, the BioGP covers more square footage and also eliminates odors as well as dust and other allergens. Plus it is REMARKABLY quiet. My husband has noticed a marked difference in the air quality of our home since we got this purifier. My only complaint is that the control panel/screen emits quite a bit of light and it is in our bedroom so it really lights up the room at night. But everything else - what more could you want out of a home air purifier? It is perfect - it is even attractive looking (offered in both silver and white)....more info
  • Excellent air filter for smokers
    I did heavy researches on air filters/purifiers and decide to buy this one. It does excellent job reducing cigarette smell in my apt. Great product......more info
    BEST PURCHASE I HAVE EVER MADE! I recently moved into an upstairs apartment, a heavy smoker lives beneath me. My place constantly smelled of stale smoke and smelly cooking odors.\:( It was miserable to live with the overpowering odors; I tried everything to get rid of them. One day, my daughter said, "This place smells like a stinky motel." NOW, I enjoy very clean, fresh air in my apartment. The Bio Fresh is very quiet and easy to use. It arrived quickly and packed very securely....more info
  • Bio Fresh is the Best
    I have problems with airborne allergens and with asthma. I have spent nearly two thousand dollars on different air cleaners over the past ten years. They all proved to be ineffective, noisy, ugly, and/or overpriced. The Bio Fresh works for me. None of the others did. I enjoy the several different modes of cleaning available. It is an attractive machine that fits nicely against a wall. Everything about it is well thought-out. It is well worth the money. I just purchased my second Bio Fresh air cleaner and it was delivered earlier than expected. It has helped my breathing more than all the antihistamines, inhalers, and all the other machines combined....more info
  • I love my Bio Fresh!!!
    I am delighted with my new air purifier. I did alot of research and comparison studies before my purchase. I have parrots with powder producing feathers. My aviary is part of the main living area in my home and I needed a unit that could serve a large area. I am happy with the performance. No more feather dust all over everything. My roommate is not coughing anymore. I have a cat; and the odor from the litterbox is no longer an issue. I have it set on automatic - how easy is that? I can barely hear it working. Add to that, long lasting filters and low-cost operation make this product a winner...more info
  • Asthma no more
    I recently purchased one of these purifiers and can say they perform as promised. I did quite a bit of research on these units and I had been using an older unit from Holmes for a few years but needed something for a new nursery in our home. I had always been pleased with the Holmes unit and was always aware that it was doing its job. I was not expecting, therefore, to find a unit that was so superior and didn't cost an arm and a leg. The filtering system is much more efficient than the Holmes unit since it is not broken into separate filtering sections. There is also an airtight seal so there seems to be no "spillage" of un-purified air. IT senses changes in air and odor quality and the automatic function makes this a great deal and a joy to use. The only issue to keep in mind before buying is where you will put it in your home. It is smaller than some of the more expensive units but still takes up a significant amount of space. It is attractive so it's not an eyesore, but it should not be against the wall. If you have the space I highly recommend this product. When the time comes, I will buy another. ...more info
  • Bio Fresh Ionic Ultra-Quiet Air Purifier
    I purchased Bio Fresh Ionic Ultra-Quiet Air Purifier after a long research. I was looking for HEPA purifier with low maintenance cost. I have this purifier for over 2 weeks now and I can say that it works exactly as advertised. I purchased my house 6 months ago. The previous owner was a heavy smoker. She even used to smoke in her bedroom. Anyway, I couldn't get rid of the smell, even though I painted and replaced the carped. Nothing helped. Now the smell is completely gone. The air is really clean.
    The product has a very good design. Very easy to use control. Absolutely no noise when switched to sleep mode. I strongly recommend this product to anyone who wants to breath cleaner air and wants to sleep better.
    ...more info