Rabbit Air BioGS (model 421A - 600 sq. ft.) Ultra-Quiet Air Purifier w/ Germicidal Sterilization - Low Maintenance - Washable Filter!, Lime Green

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Product Description

The RabbitAir BioGS (formally BioGP) Air Purifier uses a 3-stage filtration process to ELIMINATE, REMOVE and DESTROY many allergens, odors and germs. The 1st stage is the pre-filter (sink washable/dishwasher safe, no replacement) which captures large size particles, dust, pet hair, germs, fungus and mold. The 2nd stage is the BioGS? HEPA filter (lasts up to 3 years at 12 hours/day operation) which uses NEW! Bio-Fibers that destroys allergens and bacteria ON the filter + Flu Prevention Coating! Conventional HEPA purifiers allow for bacteria growth and the result is an ineffective filter that lasts only a few months before needing replacement. The BioGS? HEPA filter destroys allergy germs, pollen, dust mites, bacteria, cigarette odor, fungus, greenhouse gasses, and many household odors. The 3rd stage is the Honeycomb Charcoal deodorization filter (sink washable/dishwasher safe, no replacement) which removes exhaust gas, pet odor, trash odor, chemical substances, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's), household odor, and cigarette odor. The heart of this advanced air cleaner is its NEW! Brushless Direct Current Motor (BLDC). This cutting-edge motor design allows for ultra-quiet operation of only 18 decibels at low speed (nearly silent) up to 45 decibels at high speed, much, much, much quieter than conventional air purifiers. It's not just ultra-quiet but it moves air faster (2 air changes/hour) because there is no brush resistance with the motor which can cause sparks and wear after prolonged use. This is NOT the case with the BioGS Air Purifier; you can run it 24 hours a day if you desire because it's energy efficient using only 33 watts at Turbo speed and 7 watts in silent mode! You won't find a more efficient or effective HEPA ionic air purifier/cleaner that's as ultra-quiet, energy efficient and has washable filters to SAVE you money. This is the best investment for you and your loved ones for many years to come! Backed by an Industy-Leading 5 Year Warranty

  • Amazon A - Z Purchase Protection & RabbitAir? No-Hassle Return Policy ~Fastest Shipping through Amazon~ Compare our 5 YEAR WARRANTY to the competition! Energy Efficient~Only 33 watts at Turbo Speed and 7 Watts in silent Mode; Includes Wireless Remote; Virtually no maintenance! Unit Measures 22.5" H x 18" W x 9" D; Engineered by Mitsubishi
  • Flu Prevention Capability - BioGS? HEPA Filter is specially coated with anit-influenza virus agent that can effectively lower the viral infectivity of airborne flu viruses as tested by Osaka Public Health Research Center in Japan.
  • Zero Ozone, ETL safety approved; Traps airborne allergens and contaminants down to 0.3 microns in size, 99.97% of the time; Main filter made of the Most Advanced Bio-Engineered Fiber Material which not only traps but also destroys the allergens and bacteria ON the filter. Conventional HEPA air cleaners only trap allergens which leads to decreased efficiency and frequent filter replacement. Also features a (Washable) Nano-Silver pre-filter to further protect the life of the HEPA filter and help kill airborne bacteria, mold and germs! + (Washable) Charcoal based Honeycomb Activated Carbon filter that eliminates many common household chemical smells, cigarette odors, pet odors, volatile organic compounds (VOC's).
  • Unit can operate at 4 different speeds + Turbo & Optional Auto Function; Different Modes Available: Pollen Mode, Sleep (Bedtime); Completely Silent at low speed = (No noise); + 1,2,4 hour timer & Optional heathly Ionizer function; No harmful Ozone; Effectively covers 600+ sq. ft.; Superior Quality ~ Industry-leading 5 year warranty; compare to our competitors' 0-1 year warranty!
  • WHAT'S IN THE BOX: (1) BioGS SPA-421A Air Purifier, (2) BioGS HEPA filter with Flu Prevention, (3) Washable Nano-Silver Pre-filter, (4) Washable Charcoal based Honeycomb Activated Carbon filter, (5) Remote Control, (6) 3V Lithium Coin Battery, (7) User's Guide, (8) Starter Guide for Filter Installation, (9) Warranty Card, (10) Product Registration Card.
Customer Reviews:
  • just great!!! silent, fresh, effective. must have item!!!
    I've used two of sharper image air freshers, which were ok, but this item is much more effective. Very silent, and produces really fresh air.

    the design is really cool. I love it!...more info
  • This BAD BOY IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Rabbit is one great product. I did a few tests and it passed with flying colors. First test. I lit an enscent with the Rabbit off and when the enscent was finish my room was smelling very good from the scent. I turned the Rabbit on and put it on High and just in about one hour the smell was gone. Second test. I put the Rabbit on Auto and started to clean up my room and as soon as I started to wipe off my dresser, The Rabbit senced the dust and started to turn on higher. Third Test.. I put the Rabbit on sleep mode and when I woke up the next day, my nasol cavity was clear and I could breath. Before the Rabbit I would wake up with a stuffed up nose. This is a must have for anyone with allergies or sinus problems. I have had the Rabbit for about a month now and I could not be happier with it. Now my room does not get as dusty and my room always has a fresh scent of clean. The Rabbit was a GREAT INVESTMENT!!!!!! and Amazon got it to me in just a few days from my order date.. If I could I would give it more stars because the Rabbit is a BAD BOY!!!! What A great Machine!!!!!...more info
  • Very Quiet
    This unit is very nice looking and quiet. We have owned and used it for just about a month, but my wife is still not sure of its effectiveness. We do not have pets nor do we smoke, so the air quality in our home is relatively clean. My wife, however, does suffer with various types of allergies of which the BioGS does not seem to help alleviate much. We are still hoping. ...more info
  • good product
    Your online reviews of this product encouraged me to buy a product I had never heard of. I am pleased with its performance as well as its appearance. I like the lime green color - it is not an eye sore - and does not have to be in the middle of the room. I can carry it easily from room to room also. It has become like a quiet little sentry - constantly monitoring fumes, odors and particulates in my home. As others have noted - a minor complaint is the bright light at night. I tape a cloth napkin over the light panel which detracts from the product's good looks. Also - I cannot understand why it was designed to require the remote to work the menu - I also tape my remote to the unit as it is very small and would be easily misplaced. But these are small points compared to the performance. Hope it lasts!...more info
  • Amazing product
    I have this machine on auto pilot in my living room. Normally it is almost inaudible, but when I play with my dogs, filling the air with flying fur, etc. the machine instantly goes into overdrive to clean up the "pollutants". That is impressive in my book....more info
  • Quiet and does the job
    The unit is solid and seems to be well-built. Very quiet even on high speed. My wife noticed a difference the first night we used it in the bedroom. It doesn't move a huge amount of air, but it moves enough to help keep her allergies in check. Filters are easy to access, though the front cover has a somewhat flimsy feel to it. My wife has told me to buy another one for the living room....more info
  • Solid and quiet purifier
    After getting a dog and with allergy sufferers in the house, we needed an air purifier ASAP for our bedroom. the BioGS 421A seemed to fit the bill nicely, and has gotten great reviews - although this purifier seems to be a little over-hyped for what it is. However, it has helped keep the bedroom and surrounding area relatively allergen free for 3 months so far.
    - Super quiet on low setting
    - Filters effectively, controls odor and pet dander well
    - Washable and cheap filters (a big plus)
    - stand-out design, neat LED screen & remote
    - Sensor detects odor and particles (sometimes over-zealously)
    - ionizer is nice, and does freshen the air

    - does not move a whole lot of air, even on the noisy high setting - there are more powerful models available for a similar price.
    - LED screen has no dimmer! very bright in the bedroom at night.
    - Annoying procedure for setting up the sensor baseline, which can only be done in a "clean" room by and involving unplugging the unit multiple times until you get it right
    - Sensor is often tripped erroneously, and starts blasting air for no reason
    - ionizer smell is slight but noticeable, and does get tiring after while

    Overall, I might have gone with a Sharp Plasmacluster purifier instead of this one if I knew about them beforehand, but this is a nice air filter at a good price.
    ...more info
  • Particulate Measurement tells little unless you know the size you want to measure
    I am considering purchasing this item and wanted to respond to the reviewer who claimed a particulate test was done on this unit, and it performed unfavorably compared to a cheaper unit. CADR, or clean air delivery rate, measures only the removal of larger particulates than 0.9 microns. The most damaging particulates to our health are not the larger ones, but the small ones which generally only top grade air purifiers can remove efficiently(0.1 to 0.3 microns). Any cheap air filter purifier will beat any expensive good one hands down at a basic "particulate" test - why? These "particulate tests" are of particles larger than .9 microns, and that's where the cheap models perform well. But they won't protect your health like a 0.3 or 0.1 micron micro-filtered proper top grade air purifier will. Of course, the top filters are slower for big particulates, because that's not what they're designed to do. I found this out in the past few days while reading up on the 'net trying to decide what model to buy. I'm rating this 5 'though I don't own it, because 5 is the average rating for it here right now....more info
  • Rabbit air takes on dead mouse
    UGHHH!!! Dead mouse smell coming from somewhere!! What could be worse? Can't find it, can barely live in my house anymore. Enter the Rabbit Air. In a very short time, the house was livable again. The mouse will dry up eventually, wherever the little creep is, but in the meantime, I can live and breathe again. I like this unit so much, I bought a bigger one, and am giving this one to my Mom for her allergies. Eventually, I intend to buy a 2nd unit for my bedroom, where dogs rule, and smells are just unavoidable.... As advertised, this unit is very quiet. Wish the remote wasn't necessary, but there is a neat remote slot in the top.

    My only negative is that I tried to open the battery casing of the remote (don't bother, the battery is in there) and found it IMPOSSIBLE. I can NOT get that thing open no matter what. When the battery runs down, I'll take it to a battery store and let them break their fingernails on it.

    And of course, wish there were some reasonable colors. Lime green? Come on!! The Pearl white is decent, but wish they had black or tan or wood grain or something....more info
  • Love it, Love it, Love it!!!
    This air purifier has helped me so much!
    We have two cats and I have an allergy to go with them.
    It got to the point where I was wanting to get rid of them but it would have hurt my wife so much.
    Since we got the Rabbit Air, my allergies are all but gone.
    We ran it on high for the first two days and it really made the house smell fresh and clean.
    We now run it on high during the day and on auto at night.
    Our apartment is 820 sq ft but it keeps the whole house dust and dander free.
    I've not had to dust since we got it!!!
    However, I now wish that I hadn't been so cheap and would have bought the larger model.

    We've had visitors who were so impressed with my Rabbit Air that they bought one for themselves.
    ...more info
  • performance one year later
    We bought the Rabbit Air BioGS and the other model(cannot remember) about a year ago. The BioGS has been a problem; strange odor coming from it; already replaced filters; still having problems. I would NOT buy these products again. I was surprised at the review which showed lower effectiveness than other types of air purifiers. Whatever the effectiveness, this product has been really problematic. The customer support team is great BUT for a great product, you should not have to worry about customer support.Rabbit Air BioGS (model 582A - covers 780 sq. ft.) Ultra-Quiet Air Purifier w/ Germicidal Sterilization- Low Maintenance - Washable Filters!, Chrome Silver...more info
  • supurb filteration, but not perfect
    very quiet
    filters very well
    automatically adjusts when it senses odors or particulates
    doesn't look ugly

    led display is VERY bright (i taped some cardstock over it)
    it complains to change the filter way more often than the specs state
    whenever i reset the filter reminder, with it on auto, it would constantly think there was an odor and never go below the medium setting...more info
  • Quiet and effective
    I bought the Rabbit Air BioGS to help clear the air in my office, which was dirty (or moldy?) enough to prevent me from recovering from a lung infection I had contracted two months prior. Within a half hour of turning the unit on, the air in my office was noticeably fresher and cleaner than the rest of the office. Within a couple of days it had cleaned several hundred square feet around my office, and I could tell because the multiple smells that had accumulated in our office dissipated noticeably in that area.

    The unit is quiet, even on its highest setting, and I like the fact that you can turn the ionizer on and off. Even though it promises to be ozone-free, I was a little wary of it.

    I would recommend that you turn this unit on and calibrate it BEFORE putting it in the room you want to clean, because it sets its baseline for clean air when you turn it on. I solved this by leaving it on high all the time and recalibrating the unit occasionally to set a cleaner baseline. You don't have to run it in sensing mode anyway, so this isn't essential; you can just leave it on high, but it's cool to see the sensor pick up on odors in the air. For the first few days, every time I opened my office door and let in outside air, the sensor would turn orange or red and then gradually move back down to green as the unit cleaned the air. Yikes! Great product, and much sleeker looking than the traditional units out there....more info
  • Quiet and Efficient Air Cleaner
    I purchased one of these, but the company shipped two (for the price of one) by mistake. I corrected the mistake and paid for the second unit, deciding to use the second one in another part of the house. These units are super quiet. They have reduced DUST in my house, and with two cats, I have noticed fewer problems with allergens from cat hair and cat dander. I'd recommend this air cleaner highly....more info
  • Does what the ad says.
    I have had congestion for the last thirty years or more. So much so that I used at least 1 box of tissue a day. Never tying it to something in the air as it didn't mater if it was winter or summer. I have had the unit about three weeks now and my congestion is almost gone. It is very quiet,in fact so much so that even with it beside my chair I rarely hear it. ...more info
  • I absolutely love this air filter!
    I was hesitant to paythis much for an air filter; however, with the reviews, and having some extra flexable spending, I thought I would try it out. I had my allergy doctor write a prescription since my daughter has asthma and I have allergies. It has a dust particle and odor sensor on it and many settings. It also has bars that indicate the level of odor or dust. I think there are two green, two yellow, and two red. When the reading is all the way. I usually leave it on auto and it increases and decreases as needed. On the highest fan setting, you can barely hear it. It is very quite. I was sceptical of the odor sensor, so I took one of my daughters dirty diapers (and it STUNK!!) and put it next to the odor sensor; sure enough, it cranked up to red on the odor sensor and the fan kicked up on high.

    I highly recommend this. ...more info
  • worth every penney - sleep better
    I initially just bought this for cleaner air but found an added benefit.

    I've suffered insomnia since I was a kid and this has definitely made a difference in sleeping. I sleep longer, deeper, and wake up easier - pretty amazing and hugely healthier and convenient then sleeping pills.

    The settings allow for silent or pleasing white noise. No "smelly" ionized odor either even though it does generate negative ions - you can turn that function off too if you wish.

    It has built in sensors for odors as well if you're uber-sensitive.

    Totally worth the money and I'll be buying another one for my office.
    ...more info
  • Overall good product
    I ordered this unit because my apartment can get slightly moldy and dusty, especially in the winter. I was hesitant to order the unit because it seemed somewhat "sketchy" outside of Amazon reviews.

    The unit came packaged very well, was easy to set up and had very clear operating instructions. The unit functions very well and makes a noticeable difference when in operation.

    Overall, this unit is highly recommended....more info
  • Pricy, but worth it
    Super quiet, fits nicely into a corner and doesn't use much power. I have a cat that I'm allergic to, and this is a huge help. My apartment is small, and I'm only worried about the bedroom, so this size is perfect for me. It's powerful, but definitely limited to the sq ft that's listed.

    Easy to assemble, clear instruction manual, and remote make it a piece of cake to operate.

    I hesitated because of the price, but I have no regrets....more info
  • Impressive unit
    We have a lot of dust in the house like I am sure most of you do too. I tested the unit by placing it near an area where I constantly see dust floating around. A good trick is to use the sunlight to backlight the dust so you can clearly see how much is out there. Within about 15 minutes, the room appeared to have minimal dust floating around. I have noticed a big difference in the quality of the air when I am in the same room as the unit. We have a guinea pig that my wife and I are allergic to. When we have the unit near his cage we do not sneeze, get a runny nose or have itchy eyes but when the unit is in another room, our allergies get the best of us. I will have to buy another unit but it will be worth it. By the way, my son and I have asthma and allergies so this is highly recommended.

    On a side note, unfortunately I only found one professional rating on rabbitair, so I was hesitant to purchase the unit. What convinced me to try this was all of the great ratings by amazon.com users. I personally think that Rabbitair should offer a money back guarantee to their customers so people do not hesitate to purchase this unit. Just my two cents......more info
  • Saved my marriage!
    Between my wife's cat, that sheds more than science can explain and an apartment so full of her exotic plants it looks like a National Geographic Special, I was ready to move to the car. I ate allergy pills like popcorn and the spring only makes it all worse. I've had my Rabbit for one month and I haven't taken one allergy pill since I plugged it in. I was sold by the reviewer that said it was recommended by his allergist. I doubted it was as quite as billed but it really is. Even on high, its a gentle purr. (The cat sleeps in front of it and probably thinks it is purring.) Its too early to comment on filter cleaning,and durability but my early impressions all very positive....more info
  • Not just white noise
    I live in an old house in a very humid city. THe first time I plugged the filter in, I could tell a difference in the quality of the air. All the different settings are a nice option for quiet or white noise along with your clean air....more info
  • Excellent
    I would have to say the product deliverd as advertised and that the air quality in my house has definatly improved seeing that I own two dogs and a cat and my wife suffers from ashma. The order was delivered within the time fram the shipper said and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I hope this review helps anyone who is thinking of puchasing this product....more info
  • so far so good...
    I have now owned the Rabbit Air-421 for about two months, and since I live in so. California where the air-quality are often poor, I needed to have a good air purifier around the house. When the unit arrived, I was a bit surprised how big it was. I would not recommend hanging this unit on any walls. The light indicators are great, tells you if the air in the house are good or unhealthy to breath. For the most part, the unit is very quiet and silent when switch to night mode. The unit produces cleaner and cooler air right away, but feels drier. I did a lot of researched before buying this unit, and I'm pretty happy with the purchase so far. Having one is enough around the house since these units are big, and they are easy to move from room to room. ...more info
  • Good air purifier for the money!
    Noiseless operation on low setting. You wouldn't know it's on. The pollen/dust, and odor sensor works great. The unit is a bit large.
    Mitsubishi makes great electronics. Wish I can say the same for their cars. ...more info
  • Worth every penny u spent
    My son had bad asthma problem. Ever since we moved to this small apartment, he couldn't sleep thru the nite. Coughing,vomitting. It was horrible. I've purchased this Rabbit few months ago. He never had coughing spout since. Highly recommended...more info
  • Rabbit Air BioGS Air Purifier
    I live in an Apt Complex where the cigarette smoke is heavy, out of the 8
    apt., only 3 are non-smokers,I am one of them. I also suffer from alllergies. I ran the Rabbit Air BioGS Air Purifier at turbo speed for a day, I couldn't believe the differnce it made! I now have it set so it cleans the air as needed. I am very happy that I spent the money!...more info
  • Love It!!!
    I love my Rabbit Air purifier. It arrived quickly, works wonderfully and was easy to set up. ..just unpack, pop in the filters, plug it in and turn it on. It is also extremely lightweight and can be moved from room to room, even by a child. My home now smells fresh and clean. Whenever I spray any type of chemicals in my home, such as bug spray or lysol ... or when I sweep or dust, the Rabbit Air kicks into high gear ridding my home of chemicals, smells and dust! That is something I need because my son has asthma and allergies. I'm thinking of buying two more. A second one for my house and one for my father's business. His patrons smoke and this would remove smoke from the air.

    The price seems high, but I believe it's worth every penny. You will never regret purchasing it....more info
  • Totally awesome!
    I have purchased four of these air purifiers, two for our house. We have six cats and you would not know it. I bought one for a relative going through cancer treatment, and one for my parents shortly after my Dad returned from a stay in the cardiac unit of their local hospital. My mother LOVES it. She says it has made a world of difference. It is so easy to maintain. (Read the booklet for cleaning instructions.) I would highly recommend for anyone with allergies or just a need for cleaner air in the home. ...more info
  • So much better than described!!
    Received this product about a month ago. Easy to use, works by itself! I just leave it on Auto Mode in the family room. At dinner time, the odor sensor kicks into high gear, and when my kids are running around the room, the dust sensor goes crazy! The house has never smelled so fresh! Best product next to sliced bread!!...more info
  • Truthfully, I cannot see a difference.
    I purchased this product 2 years ago on the advice of my allergist. I LIKE this machine. It is attractive and quiet (nearly silent) and blends in well with the decor. I am certain it is doing something because it comes on at the slightest provocation - spraying perfume, dusting, etc... But I do not feel it is doing enough of it to make a noticeable improvement in my health status.

    I change the filters slightly more frequently than required and I find that although they list the charcoal filter as "washable", the paper border on the filter disintegrates when you get it wet. I also purchase the "flu prevention" filter and my husband is in bed with the flu as we speak...lol. It happens, I guess.

    I am not sorry I made the purchase but I am unlikely to purchase another one for additional rooms as I had originally planned. ...more info
  • Great Air Purifier
    I bought the Rabbit air purifier because I was having allergy problems. While in my home, I was having headaches, nasal congestion and sneezing. After using the Rabbit, my allergy symptoms improved markedly. Although, I still have some of symptoms, they are greatly reduced. I would recommend this product to anyone with allergens in their house.

    Not only did it reduce the allergens, it also helps with mitigating cooking odors and other smells in the house. Coupled with negative ion generator, the air in my house seems much fresher and cleaner. ...more info
  • great
    This works great. I can't smell the smoke from the wood burning stove like I use to. I've bought mant air cleaners in the past, but this one is by far the best. I highlt recommend this ...more info
  • I slept the whole night for the first time in years
    I got the until on Friday and so far I am very pleased with it. I had so far slept like a baby for the last few nights. I am talking about quality sleep. I told many people about this product and I am consider of purchasing another one for my computer/exercise room. I got great service from the company also. Cannot tell enough good things about the company and the product....more info
  • Rabbit Air 421A WORKS GREAT!!
    We purchased the Rabbit Air 421A one year ago. I had reviewed several other brands, and decided on the Rabbit Air, as a suprise for my wife. The first night we had it running in our bedroom, and we both noticed a difference in how we slept. The quality of air was definately improved. We allow one of our cats to sleep in the room ( yes, that is a no no ), and the dander gets to my wife. The Rabbit Air really makes a difference!! The air quality sensor reading seems quite accurate, and the fan is very quiet, even on high. This unit really moves the air too!
    As far as looks, it is attractive, lightweight, very portable, and I like the panel lights and colors. When the filter needs cleaned, an alarm tells you. Cleaning the filter is a breeze. We run ours only when we are home, but are considering running it all the time. This will shorten the life of the filter, however.
    We wish we had purchased the bigger unit, but are planning on buying two more soon. They now have new colors, and the prices are the same as they were a year ago. Three of these units should do our whole house, so we are not having to move them around.
    They are priced well, when compared to many of the others out there, and they WORK!! Do not hesitate to buy one, because you will be happy!!

    ...more info
  • Great product so far
    The item works almost perfectly. If I have it near the litter box none of the smells can escape. I have a shared wall and a neighbor who smokes though, so if the unit is in another room it doesn't really filter out the other room. The item is too expensive to have a couple of them however.

    I'm very surprised with how quietly it runs too....more info
  • Charles Baird
    It is a bit early to give a good impression of this filter. It was received quickly but without a remote control. I went on-line with live-chat and remote arrived within one week. Have used the unit in a bedroom of approximately 400 square feet. Noise level is acceptable on level three setting. Have not noticed any smell from unit. I have not noticed any improvement in air quality but my wife thinks it is better. I checked the prefilter today and there is some accumulation of dust so perhaps it is doing more than I relize. Time will tell. So far, I approve of the unit and would buy again....more info
  • Effective and unobtrusive
    This unit moves and cleans lots of air and does it very quietly. The automatic mode senses gases and particulates and adjusts the fan level accordingly. It is quick to corral dust, while odors take a little longer. Once the room is clean, maybe 5-10 minutes, it reduces to the low fan maintenance level which is almost inaudible. Even on the max level, it does not interfere with conversation or TV listening. The unit is not exactly small, but it is lightweight and is easily moved with one hand, even up stairs. Plus, the ion generator doesn't have that weird smell some units do. There's not much we don't like about it. Great product. Recommended....more info
  • Rating the Rabbit
    Purchased the Rabbit air cleaner as a Christmas present. It is working flawlessly and have heard of no complaints about its function and air cleaning ability. The set up and operation was very easy and has been operating 24/7....more info
  • Air purifier
    I am pleased as punch with this product. I moved to Albuquerque NM without a hint of allergies. Well, the air looks good here but it is full of allergens from the dust and intermittent winds. My coughing and drainage had become so bad I was concerned that I may be developing heart problems. After reading reviews I decided to give this a try. Within hours life became night from day. I am amazed how effective this has been. It does point out to me, though, how dirty the air is here coming from a climate with more humidity. ...more info
  • I have 5 furry pets
    I have 4 rabbits and a cat in a small 2-bedroom apartment. The rabbit-air purifier looks good in my modern decor and silently, or in extreme cases, almost silently keeps our air super fresh. The lady down stairs smokes like a chimney and we never smell it anymore. It's amazing, I can start sweeping across the room and it will immediately turn on and stay on while I sweep and after until the particulate matter in the air goes back down. I love it, it's super easy to clean and silent. I will probably never buy another brand air purifier again....more info
  • Rabbit Air Ultra quiet air purifier
    Hooray! Finally a product that performs as advertised! We heat our home with a woodstove and The Rabbit makes the air dust free. Our sinus congestion has diminished signifacantly and we wake up in the morning headache free. The Rabbit is VERY quiet ( I sometimes check to see if it is actually working!) and portable. We put it in our bedroom at night and we can sleep allergy free! It has been running continually for almost a month without a problem. If you are like many in the US who are suffering from sinus discomfort and allergies you should buy this product. It REALLY works! ...more info
  • so far so good
    Not sure how it compares to other products as we have not tired them but just having it we feel like maybe there is cleaner air.. we also at the same time got our ducts cleaned and carpets shampooed so maybe the whole house is just in better shape.. it is a bit larger then we would like.. the sharper image ones seem like a good size but i think this one is more effective.

    customer service and the company itself is amazing and respond very quickly and positively to any of our requests. that make a big difference to us.

    ...more info
  • Excellent Customer Service, great product!
    I bought the Rabbit Air BioGS 421A with the white face plate directly from Rabbit's website, and received it two days later. Unfortunately the unit vibrate at Maximum fan speed, called the customer service and the gentleman said it is not normal and they will overnight a replacement unit for me, and arrange UPS to come pick up the defective unit.

    Thanks to Rabbit Air excellent customer service and super fast delivery the replacement unit arrived quickly, and it does not vibrate at Maximum fan speed! In the mean time, I also bought a Sharp FP-P60CX Plasmacluster from newegg so I'll do a brief comparison between them.

    SHARP FP-P60CX Plasmacluster:
    -pushes more air but slightly louder (maximum 233cfm @52dBA)
    -only has one odor sensor
    -carbon filter bag contain twice as much carbon, but replacement filter also cost more
    -big remote, can't store it on the unit but you can access to all function from the unit without it
    -HEPA filter is slightly bigger and thicker, suppose to last 5 year but replacement filter cost twice as much
    -More advanced and effective Ionizer, it scrubs the air! (you can read about Plusmacuster technology on Sharp's website)
    -Display light can be turn off
    -Outside housing of the unit feel more rigid and slightly better construction, no vibration of any kind.
    -1,4,8 hour timer
    CADR rating: Dust 209 / Smoke 213 / Pollen 205

    Rabbit Air 421A:
    -Less powerful fan but quieter (maximum 159cfm @45dBA)
    -both odor and dust sensors
    -carbon filter catridge contain less carbon, cheaper to replace and easier to clean
    -tiny remote, can be store at the back of the unit and you NEED the remote to access to most function
    -HEPA filter is slightly smaller and thinner, only last 1.5yr, but cheaper to replace
    -Display light cannot be dim or turn off
    -1,2,4 hour Timer
    CADR rating: Dust 145 / Smoke 144 / Pollen 163
    -Excellent customer service

    Honestly, it's very hard for me to pick between the two, so I decided to keep them both. I paid about the same for both units, and at the end of 5 year mark I believe the total cost of operation will be about the same too. If I have a tight budget and can only afford to buy one unit, I would probably get the Sharp FP-P60CX Plasmacluster because it pushes more air(higher CADR) which mean it can cover a bigger room, don't have to replace the filters for 5 years, and the timer is more useful(8hr instead of 4hr). Fortunately I can afford to keep both, so I'm using the more powerful unit (SHARP) in the living room, and put the quieter unit (Rabbit Air) in the bedroom. I leave them on full time (Auto mode)24/7, the sensors from both units are effective enough to adjust itself as necessary, and trust me....these sensors work as advertised, they are not a gimmick, my daughter farted around the air purifiers and both units kicked into high gear instantly, even before we can smell it!! ...more info
  • Works well, runs best in pollen mode
    I have had this air purifier for about 5 months now and it really does the job. When I moved to Austin TX, I didn't realize that it is considered the worst place in the US for allergies. I had never suffered from hay fever before - I am not allergic to ragweed or goldenrod, but it turns out I am allergic to cedar pollen, which is something Texas has an abundance of. I first went to my doctor with pain in my ears, thinking it was an ear infection. It turned to be allergies. My doctor wanted to medicate me, of course, but I wanted a non-drug related solution. I did a huge amount of research and finally settled on this unit because:

    1) it had great technical reviews on allergy websites
    2) it is very power efficient to run
    3) its pre-filter and charcoal filters are washable (don't pay any attention to the reviewers who say they aren't)
    4) it is very quiet
    5) you only have to replace the hepa filter every 1.5 years or so
    6) it is attractive, at least by the standard of most air purifiers
    7) it covers quite a large square footage

    I live in a house with three dogs, and the air in my bedroom where I have this unit is significantly cleaner. I was uncertain that it was really working until I had it unplugged one night while the filters were drying after a wash, and I woke in the morning all stuffed up and sniffling. I run it in pollen mode most of the time, due to the advice of another reviewer here, and I agree that that is the mode that works best.

    Cons are the cost of course, and also, I think, some past shady behavior by the company that produces it, a least according to some (maybe biased, I don't know) information I have seen on the web. But I have been very satisfied with the unit, and if it lasts 2 years I will count it well worth the somewhat high cost.

    ...more info
  • I very pleased with machine. Great customer service too
    I was having a bad allergy problem, causing a deep cough and frequent sneezing for weeks. That ended up in giving me continuous bronchial spasms. I was on medication to control the coughing, and spasms, and I was given an emergency inhaler, allow me to stop asthmatic type attacks.

    The problems had lasted for over a month. When I finally pinpointed that it was some kind of allergen, I ordered the BioGS. I received it quickly - within a few days. In just a couple of weeks the breathing problems were gone. I'm not coughing anymore, nor having any breathing problems. After over 2 months of feeling horrible, I'm finally well.

    The purifier consumes only a tiny amount of energy. I have a watt meter. I plugged the purifier into it and I was really surprised at how it just sips energy, while performing better than any air cleaner I've had before.

    The carbon and dust prefilter are both washable. The Hepa needs to be replaced but they say it should last at least a couple of years. That's so much cheaper than the filters I've had to buy for other less effective machines.

    It's almost silent most of the time. It's sensors are always monitoring for a raise in particulate matter or odors. When detected, the Rabbit will go to a higher speed and stay there until the problem is gone. I'm very pleased with it's operation.

    I also had a very nice customer service interaction. I bought it here at Amazon. I knew it came with other colored front panels, so immediately after ordering I called their customer service line - it was after 10pm, I think, on the West Coast. A person answered and I told him I preferred Green. He said he'd note it on the order. When I received the unit, it was a blue one. It was a shipping error, because right there on the shipping label, it said - Send green color per customer request. I called their customer service line and again got a live person right away (these were local people also, not some far off country). He apologized and offered to send out a replacement green panel immediately. He said I could keep the blue one and that allowed me to start using the cleaner immediately. He said it would probably arrive the next day or day after, since we are in the same general area. It got here the second morning after my call. No charge, no hassle.

    Since they called it "lime green". I was concerned that it might be gaudy or too bright. I'd call it "Frosted Sage Green", a really attractive color that fits my apartment beautifully.

    I'm very happy with my choice....more info
  • Clean wonderful air
    We are so pleased with our purchase. For people looking for a high quality air purifier, this is a very good choice. The purifier makes no noise on it's lowest setting, and I mean no noise. The air actually smells cleaner. Maybe it is just finally having clean air in the apartment, but the smell is wonderful! There is no ozone produced by this purifier, but it does have a negative ion generator. Also, while it is fairly large, it's about as big as a carry on bag, it is very light and easy to move from place to place with one hand.
    The only negatives I can possibly give are the bright lights on the dial. It is really bright in a dark room and makes it hard to sleep. The only other thing is that it could use a little bit longer cord so I could move it easily from one room to another without unplugging it....more info
  • Quiet, Light happy with my purchase
    I've been using the unit for a few weeks, it came very quickly. Went together easily, and seems to work very well. I am happy with my purchase....more info
  • Not as effective as it should be...
    I recently purchased this unit to supplement my Vornado AQS-15 because of ongoing allergy problems. I had some reputable mold inspectors in the other day and they did output readings on both machines. The Rabbit Air 421A let through more than twice as much particulate matter as did the simple and much less expensive Vornado ($119) which has only a hepa and a pre-filter. The discrepancy was so extreme that we all thought it must be a mistake and they repeated the readings with the same results.

    I asked them what they would recommend for multi-filter multi-function purifier--they suggested BlueAir....more info
  • time will tell
    The reviews read well, and the unit seems to detect and respond to different air quality levels. The fan had to be replaced after < a month operation. The original filter was disappointing when faced with outgassing from new cabinets so the company sent a new filter. So, with essentially a new unit, Time will tell whether it is a good purchase or not....more info
  • comfortable
    I purchased two Rabbit Air model 421A and I am noticing a difference in my living room where the Rabbit is located. I have cats inside and when I washed the filter it had collected enough material to help.
    I do recommed this product....more info
  • Attractive, yes. Effective?
    Attractive, quiet unit. I have it running in my finished basement. Appears to be well constructed. Several layers of filters. It's interesting to watch the unit ramp up when I smoke around it; it apparently detects the cigarette smoke and increases filtering. How effective the unit is only time will tell. I guess I'll see what collects on the filters and decide. So far it appears to be doing something, at least....more info
  • Perfect, Sensors really work!
    Man, this product its awesome, I just hit my bed many times to make dust, and the machine triggers to turbo mode by itself. That just made me write this review. The odor sensor also work, when the maid cleans in the morning, she use some stuff to clean, and the purifier instantly detects it.

    Im very happy with this product, no more allergies!

    ...more info
  • Rabbit Air Model 421A
    So VERY impressed with this air cleaner! The unit arrived about two or three days after we ordered it. Very easy set up, clear directions, easy to use. Within hours, it totally eliminated all litterbox odors. Runs very quietly, so that we rarely even notice that it is on. So far we are very pleased with it, and would highly recommend it to anyone with pets and/or allergies.

    ...more info
  • Amazing performance for the price!
    Purchased this unit to replace a failed ionic air cleaner (Ionic Pro). It is whisper quiet unless the fan switches to high-speed (only when the sensors or you tell it to).

    The remarkable thing about this device is its ability to monitor the air for impurities (particle and odor) and adjust the fan speed to compensate. The unit sits in our bedroom, a good 20 feet from the bathroom. My daughter applied baby powder while in the bathroom and in less than 5 minutes the Rabbit Air detected the particles in the air and increased the fan speed (and no, there wasn't a huge cloud of powder floating in the air - you could smell it but not see it). It also performed at the same distance when my wife applied perfume - the odor sensor detected the change and up went the fan speed (it can't determine good odors from bad - it only senses changes from a baseline sample it takes at power-on and subsequent samples after operating for some time).

    The construction/design is high-quality, the filter media is high-quality, and the performance is high-quality. After having one for only a week, I ordered a second. My goal is to replace all of my ionic cleaners with these units before the end of the year.

    If you are looking for a new air purifier - stop here. Buy it. You won't be disappointed....more info
  • As advertised, it does what is promised
    This filter is totally automatic and works as advertised. We do not have much of a problem for it to address in the living quarters so I brought it into the basement for a mildew smell to test it. With two dehumidifiers running full time we continued to have a smell and my wife's eyes watered when she had to go to the basement. After running this sucker for a couple of weeks (the basement is approximately 1000 sq. ft. which is beyond the machine's rating) the smell is gone and significantly, the wife can go into the basement for 15 minutes without an allergic reaction. The wife thought it "pretty" too.("Wimmin" :-)...more info
  • a great product
    I live in a small basement apartment with two cats one window (which isn't even in the living room) and a roommate with very bad asthma and allergies. The air quality was making me, my roommate and my girlfriend sick constantly, not to mention the two cats adding to the allergens and dander. I love my cats and could never part with them, so i bought this as a last resort. As soon as I plugged it in i felt a difference. I works amazing! within less than a day my roommate is completely fine and i can hardly believe it. its like having open windows in the living room, in which there are no windows whatsoever. A friend of mine has two of these in his larger apartment with two cats and a boxer, not to mention an apartment full of smokers and his place is fine too. This product is worth every penny. Its also very quiet, unless on full blast but even then its not like you can't think or watch tv with it on. buy this product. Easy to clean. remote control....more info
  • Very nice and highly effective
    We purchased this item because of the other high ratings we saw here on Amazon. Those other guys were right. It's very quiet and sucks up a lot of airborn dust. My wife's allergies seem to be much better since we set this unit up....more info
  • Ordered one and it was so great, bought a second!
    The title says it all... We both work at home quite often and our house, bless its almost 100 year old frame, is not the best at air circulation. In addition, our four children are of the four legged and furry variety who tend to leave fuzzy reminisce of themselves everywhere.

    With allergy season approaching we bellied up to the air purifier bar and ordered up a nice Rabbit Air BioGS for our home office which shares an open space with the home theater room. The BioGS worked as advertised as we were breathing easier and the air just seemed to smell a bit better.

    So we took the plunge again and purchased another for the bedroom. What a difference our nights sleep has had since! I finally wake up without the feeling as though someone stuffed cotton up my sinuses, amazing.

    They both continue to work quite nicely, are easy to set up, and we are very happy with our purchase.

    The only minor complaint I have is that the lights are a little bright and I wish they had some way to dim them when you hit the "night mode" but oh well, not even worth dropping a star....more info
  • Great Product
    I've had this product for about 1 month now. We were in a tight financial situation, but my wife and I were both having allergy problems after moving from our 3 bedroom house in Alabama to a 1 bedroom apartment in the Smoky Mountains, with our dog (American Bulldog about 65lbs). (This product is worth every penny) I guess just a small living space with a dog was causing unhealthy air in our small space. Since having this unit, the apartment smells fresh and our allergy problems have improved tremendously. About 3 weeks after using this product my wife's parents visited, and her dad (who is very sensitive to smells and would never allow a dog to live in the house) made the comment that you can't even tell that a dog lives in the apartment. The dust has also been drastically reduced. Also, at first I was skeptical about the smell sensor and the particle sensor on the unit (I thought this is a bunch of bulls**t) but the things actually works. I sat down to polish my shoes and the smell sensor kicked the machine into high and if you spray Febreeze around the house the smell sensor kicks the machine into high. If I shake a pillow in front of the unit the particle sensor kicks the machine into high. So in conclusion, if you have been considering an air purifier, this is the unit you want....more info
  • Wow! This air purifier is NO JOKE! Priced accordingly.
    I was pleased to see that they wrapped the retail box with a shipping box and bubblewrap. All too often you get the retail box completely destroyed in shipping, and subsequently damaged goods.

    It took me about 10 minutes to open the box, unwrap the filters and plug it in. I was going slow, so you could have yours up in less time. Just one look at the filters and you KNOW this thing is no joke.

    The remote is nice. Minimal, small, and just a bit slow to respond. (There will be no quick action button-mashing here.) I DID NOTICE THAT IF YOU LOSE THE REMOTE YOU WILL BE SCREWED. All of the functions are selected via the remote! The only button on the unit itself is the on/off button. BUT! You can purchase a spare remote for $13 through Rabbit Air's website. Not bad.

    Quiet! Quiet! Quiet! I can't stress how QUIET this thing is. I cranked it up to the highest fan setting and found that it was quiet enough to sleep with. All other settings are really quiet. I had to put a piece of ribbon in front of the vent in order to check if the lowest setting was even working - it's that quiet!

    I agree with one of the other reviewers: the negative ion setting is a default setting that comes on every time you change something. No biggie for me since I leave it on, but I figured this was a little weird to make as a default.

    Lightweight unit. If you have trouble picking up a sack of sugar or a really obese cat, you might have trouble with this. Other than that, I feel that this is the lightest air purifier (of its size and function) that I have ever seen.

    I like that you can shove it right up against the wall (product pictures coming soon.) The air goes in the front and gets blown out the top toward the back.

    Nice display, too. Only a little goofy looking in their choice of colorful icons, but I have seen far worse. Actually, I have seen some units that don't have any display what-so-ever, so this one is nice in that department. The (Replacement HEPA Filter - Flu Prevention) for Rabbit Air BioGP Air Purifier is nicely priced and lasts between 1.5 years and 3 years, depending on usage.

    Anyway, I highly recommend this air purifier over ALL of the rest....more info
  • Clean Air and Very Quiet
    When I first turned on the Rabbit Air BioGP to the auto setting, I thought it was not working because I did not hear anything. I placed my ear next to the unit and heard a faint sound from the fan. Yep, it really was working. This unit is quieter on high fan setting than most other units set on the lowest fan setting. For this reason alone, it is well worth buying. After having it on for only one hour I noticed a difference in air quality. The air smelled similar to clean mountain air, but I attribute this mostly to the ion setting. The price is in line with any high quality air purifier. Some reviewers complained about the front panel being too bright. I found that it is actually dimmer than many night lights.

    Features: There are 3 filters: one washable pre-filter, a HEPA filter and a washable charcoal filter. The settings are numerous. Auto uses the lowest Night fan speed. Turbo uses the highest fan speed for 10 minutes then goes back to Auto. Pollen switches back and forth from medium to Auto fan speed every 10 minutes. There are also 4 manual fan speeds plus a Night setting which uses the lowest and quietest fan speed. There are 2 sensors. One sensor detects odors and the other particulates. All of these settings are controlled by a very small remote that can be stored on the unit. The front lighted panel shows you what it going on. For example if the sensors detect anything the bars increase in number from green to yellow to red.

    Here is what I found after trying different settings. At first I used the Auto setting. This defaults to the lowest fan speed unless the sensors detect poor air quality. If that happens then the fan speed goes up then adjusts back down accordingly. However, after several hours on Auto the sensors only briefly went into the yellow a couple of times. So, I turned up the fan speed to number 3 and both sensors immediately went into the red. Obviously the higher fan speed works better.

    I read several professional reviews and this is what they said. Most of them rate air purifiers, in part, to the amount of air flow the unit can produce and pass through the filters. The more air flow, the more efficient and better job the unit will do. Keeping those reviews in mind and with my own experience, here is my recommendation to get the most out of your Rabbit Air. Use the manual fan setting and turn it up to the highest speed that you feel comfortable with, considering the fan noise. Or, when you leave the house, turn the fan speed all the way on high then turn it down when you get home.

    Bottom line: When used properly, this air purifier will definitely improve your air quality....more info
  • Quiet, powerful, space-saving,
    easy and inexpensive to maintain, and the design is just kewl with the dust and odor sensors. I have an Austin air filter in the upstairs bedroom, but did not have floor space for one in the living room. The Rabbit Air's wall hugging design fits in well, and I think it is really going to help with our dust and pollen allergies....more info
  • JavaLlama
    We purchased two of these units. They are incredibly well engineered. In auto mode, they actually "sniff" the air and adjust fan speed automatically to clean the air. Highly recommended!!! ...more info
  • Great product!
    This is the best air purifier I have ever seen and I love it. I immediately was entranced by the odor and particle detector and it really does work. I have suffered from sinus headaches and infections for the past year since I moved into my apartment and so far, I haven't had any problems since I purchased the rabbitair air purifier. It is great and I recommend it for anyone! Allergy sufferer or not!...more info
  • Very Happy with this Product
    Very happy with this product. I bought one for my miami apartment -was good. Moved to NYC and bought another one 3 months later. . .works really well - quiet.

    I used to have the sharper image one, and some other air purifier. They are not good - i am very happy with this one and recommend it to anyone who wants a clean air room....more info
  • Well engineered and effective
    The Rabbit Air is an extremely well engineered and manufactured Air Purifier. A great deal of thought has gone into the design. The electronics are state-of-the-art if not more. Incoming air is sampled and bar displays indicates the levels of allergens, etc. There are settings to meet all room conditions. A small remote is most convenient. If you don't want to be bothered with settings, there is an automatic mode that works well and is driven by the air samples taken. The claim of Ultra-Quiet is NOT exagerated. You have to strain to hear it on the night time setting and it is super quiet on other settings.Does it do the job? YES!

    I have owned several other air cleaners over the years. None came close to the performance of the Rabbit Air...more info
  • Terrific product
    I have cough variant asthma and live in L.A. and this thing is a fantastic boon to my health. We'd been thinking of moving to a rural clean-air area for years but this helps reduce my cough so much it looks like it might allow the respiratory tract heal, something that only happens when I'm far from here. We're thinking of getting one for the upstairs, too. Terrific that it tells you everything you need to know such as how dirty the air is, when to wash the filters, change the one HEPA filter (lasts 3 years!). This is one of the best purchases we've made....more info
  • Sweet smell of success...
    I have had my Rabbit about two weeks now. I have an old home, built in 1922, and I spend time working on it. I don't know if it is dust or pollen or mold, but recently I was having what I suspect were mild allergic reactions to something. Not terrible, but itchy eyes and a runny nose.
    I was a bit nervous spending this much money on an air filter, I have never owned one before. But the reviews of other peoples success with this model encouraged me to take a chance.
    It was worth it. The unit is quality. Its quiet. And it works. My house smells nice and I have no more itching eyes or allergic complaints. I put it in different rooms from time to time, but the last few days I have not used it at all. My air seems clean!...more info
  • Rabbit Air BioGP
    I bought this product for my sister. She is living in a small apt abt 400sqf w/4 cats and 1 dog.It is like a zoo! The air is not good as everyone can tell. I end up with a running noise everytime i stop by. She suffers from GERD & Nasal Polyp. She has been seeing Otolaryngologist and tried chinese medicine and acupuncture. Nothing is really helping. I heard that people living with animals have the same symptoms. Unfortunately, she would not give up her pets even if she dies from some sort of fatal illness. So I thought an air-purifier would help, at least to clean the air of her apt. I have been shopping around until I found this which has the best reviews. She has been using this product for a month, she coughs a lot less than b4 and feel that the air is a lot fresher. I definately recommend this product to someone who have pets and don't want to give them up. ...more info
  • Rabbit Air BioGP (2 Thumbs Up)
    I just received my air purifier yesterday and had a chance to use it near my bed for one night of sleeping so far. I have mild asthma and I am heavily effected by Ozone (it makes me react badly to it) so part of the reason I bought this brand was it touted "no ozone" It does have an ionizer on it and those produce ozone. However, you can have it turned off at all times if you want. Even with it on my reactions to it are mild, I spoke to a rep at Rabbit Air who have 24/7 phone support and they told me it uses a low power ionizer so its not a smelly and intense Ozone generation. So for those with Asthma and Ozone sensativity you can turn off the ionizer! Also for those who are wondering the size it stands about 20 inches off the floor.

    -The charcoal/pre filters are washable in sink or dishwasher
    -The HEPA filter is coated with antiviral/antibacterial agent to last longer
    -1.5 year filter life with continuous use.
    -5 year Warranty
    -Very clear high tech looking front display
    -Body painted with anti electro-static coating to prevent dust build up
    -HEPA filter has a gasket on bottom edge perimeter to prevent air leakage
    -The Odor and Particle sensors on front actually function accurately. I would have thought it was a cheap gimmick but they actually work! Its a nice extra feature you don't see elsewhere. (when you buy one spray some air freshener or puff powder somewhere in middle of room and watch the odor/particle lights crank up shortly afterward)

    Cons: (small gripes, but not enough for me to effect 5 star rating, but if this was a 1 out of 10 scoring system. I'd give it a 9 or 9.5)
    -I dont have a problem with this but some people say front panel is to bright to have in bedroom. If you like perfect blank room then find a way to cover the display. No way to shut off front display other then power off.
    -The unit requires a remote control to get to all its higher functions. All you can do on the unit itself is turn power on/off. The remote uses over sized watch battery so it wont be something you have laying around the house as a spare backup.
    -The Ionizer turns itself on every time you select a new function on the remote (speeds and settings) So, you need to turn it back off everytime you change its settings (not a big deal)
    -Some people were surprised by its size. But after getting it its about mid thigh high. You can press it up against a wall if you want.. and since its a somewhat thin profile it takes up less floor space then thise giant square or round designs other air purifiers have.

    I am not sure if its worth the price yet. However, so far so good! When you look at the price of the competition and the quality and featurs you get on this. Its a very nice comparable model to put on your shopping radar if you are in the market....more info
  • Worth every penny
    Since moving to Virginia, I spend at least a month every spring feeling like I'm waking up with a bad cold. I had promised myself that this year, I would try a good-quality air purifier. I debated among the Sharp FP-N60CX Plasma Cluster Air Purifier, the Mitsubishi PlasmaPure Quiet HEPA Air Purifier, and this one. In the end, they all had high ratings, and I am sure they'd all have worked well, but I liked the looks of this one. Turns out, it looks even cooler in person. More importantly, I wake up feeling great. Also, it's inaudible on the night setting which is important since it's in my bedroom. The smell sensor really works - drop a new pile of laundry near it and it will go off because of that dryer sheet smell. My room is just so much nicer now and although it can't follow me around and take care of my allergies the rest of the day, it let's me get a good night's sleep, which is all I could ask for. To get into the technical side of it, there are two sensors - one for pollen/dust and one for smells. There are indicators on the front which show the mode the unit is in (such as turbo, pollen, night) as well as levels indicators of smell on one side and pollen on the other. I also need to mention that the distributor, SPARO, is wonderful. I asked them by email before my order shipped to send silver instead of white. They responded quickly that that was no problem. Then I let them know that two buttons on my remote didn't work, and they responded immediately that they were overnighting a new one, which they did. Couldn't be happier with them or the product! You can't go wrong with this....more info
  • Very Good Product!
    I was experiencing severe allergy symptoms so I researched air purifiers on the web for a while and this one seemed to be the best match for me. It's been awesome. On the low setting, there is no detectable sound but you can walk up to it and feel the air flowing so you know it is working.

    I mainly use it in one room and it keeps the room comfortable for me. It is about 2 ft tall but is not heavy and is easy to move to other rooms if needed.

    I have not had it long enough to clean the filters but when I installed the filters initially, the instructions were easy to follow and installation was very easy.

    I would recommend this product and would purchase it again if I needed another one....more info
  • So Far So Good
    I just got this air purifier today, so I can't comment on the affectiveness, but I do have to say that so far I'm impressed with it. It was easy to set up, has many different settings,and will automatically monitor the air quality so you can set it and forget it. It senses both the particles in the air and the odors in the air separately which I though was a cool feature. It is extremely quiet on low and I also love the fact that the filters are cleanable so they last longer. I do have to say that the manual was very confusing about how often to replace the filters though, so I went to the RabbitAir website and was able to instant message a representative. Literally within seconds I had my answer. The Hepa filter can technically last up to 3 years depending on your use, but the indicator light will go on after 18 months regardless. As an aside, if you don't replace the filter every 18 months the warranty will be void. The carbon filter can be replaced every 3 to 6 years, again based on how much use it gets. The metal pre-filter never has to be replaced. The unit is very light, although it was a lot bigger than I expected it to be. Overall, this product seems like it is going to be great for my dust and dander allergies!...more info
  • Very impressed

    It is very quiet and does an excellent job of cleaning the air. It adjusts its fan speed as it detects more/less dust etc in the air. This feature works very well and the sensors are quite accurate....more info
  • Great!
    Loving this Air Purifier! This was really the first one I have own so I can't compare it to any others. It is very quite, and takes alot of dust out of the air. The first time I had to replace the filter I was shocked by how much dust I could of been breathing in. Worth picking up, just wish it would of had an energy star label. ...more info
  • Big difference
    We used our FSA balance for two purifiers, the other is a Hunter QuietFlo. This Rabbit Air purifier is great. The house smells a lot fresher. We have a dog and two cats, my husband and I suffer from certain allergies, and we live in the humid south - it's amazing how much dust and odor we were breathing. This machine is quiet and easy to use. The sensors seem to work very well - opening the front or back door, the dog walking past it, cooking smoke or odor - so I leave it on auto most of the time. By comparison, the Hunter QuietFlo (30119) is a lot less expensive, has two filters, and only one control knob. So far, it's captured only smaller particle dust where the Rabbit Air gets small and larger particle dust and some fur. The "no-ozone" is much better. I've tried the purifier from Sharper Image which did not capture much and only made the air smell like ozone - and gave me headaches! I definitely recommend this brand of room air purifier over the others. It's worth the money....more info
  • Great Design Features
    After reading other very positive reviews at Amazon, I bought two of these right out of the gate and I'm not regretting it at all. I actually bought the 780 sq ft. versions. They work great and have helped reduce my sneezing, etc due to sensitity to cat dander and we have two cats. I love the automatic feature where it detects impurities and odors and kicks into gear to filter it out. I also like the mode for allergy season where it alternates between medium and low to filter out allergens in the air. The air in our house is much more 'fresh' since we got them. Visitors have commented on how 'clean' the air smells. I bought one for each floor of our house. I like how light and portable they are so you can move them from room to room if you'd like. If I am going to work in my home office, I'll move it from the bedroom to my office and put it back in the bedroom for the night. The lowest fan setting is almost inaudible. Very quiet. Even the medium setting is not overly loud and doesn't bother me when I'm sleeping. I like how you can have it run in a certain mode for 1,2,3, or 4 hours but then it shuts off. I'd like it if it just went back to auto after the timer is up, but that's a minor design flaw in my opinion. Overall, very pleased with the purchase. The old adage is true; You get what you pay for....more info
  • A Great product that really works!
    My youngest daughter has had mild to severe asthma for 32 years and has had to use an inhaler almost on a daily basis. I bought her this product to use in her new house as she was having severe asthma attacks from dust, mold, pollen, ect. She has been using this product for three (3) months now and she has not had to use her inhaler a single time. We have used several other brands and types of air cleaners in the past twenty years but none have proven as effective as this product. Highly recommeded!...more info
  • love it
    two of us smoke and people come in our home and do not smell the smoke. It also catches a lot of dust ....more info
  • Get sinus relief without drugs
    I've bought Rabbit Air BioGP air purifier after researching online and it completely meet my expectations. I put it in a bedroom and within a couple of days I started noticing a difference. I don't have to clean up my nose every morning as I've been doing for years.
    I tend to sleep better (more deep sleep) now as well. The air in the room feels much fresher now. Also, the purifier makes absolutely no noise (it't called UltraQuiet for a reason) -- which was an important factor for me as well. I highly recommend this air purifier for anyone with small children who suffer the most from all the dirt that collects in the air....more info
  • Great Product
    I bought this for my wife who has severe allegies that was preventing her form sleeping at night because she would get congested and it would wake her up. Since buying the unit she has been sleeping much better.

    Only complaint I have is the LED display is rather bright. We have to cover the display with a towel at night.

    Other than that...great product!...more info
  • The best
    I was a bit skeptical about this humidifier thinking nothing is this good. But, because of all the rave reviews I bought it. It has definitely lived up to all the great reviews. It's very "high-tech". It's both an air purifier and odor remover. There are several options, the pollen mode, ionizer on and off, night mode (virtually no sound), fan mode (1-4) and the auto mode. I bought the 788 sq ft capacity model and placed it upstairs (800 sq. ft) where I do all my cooking and where everybody hangs out. No cooking smell anymore. Dust has definitely been reduced. I really really like the auto mode because it doesn't waste electricity. It kicks in when it needs to (read the booklet on how to set it at baseline). When I move it to the kids' room, I turn the fan full blast for an hour until the air and odor indicator appears "clean" then I switch to auto mode. This is necessary to let the humidifier know what is clean and the auto mode is based on those readings. I'm buying another one for downstairs....more info
    The delivery was extremely fast. I am a 62 year old grandmother and I was able to assemble it and get it going, very easy. After running it on auto for two hours I realized I was breathing in fresh air. I never knew I was missing fresh air. Very pleased with the product and the courteous service I received both from Amazon and Sparo. ...more info
  • Look No Further
    Hello Folks,

    Let me tell you, if you are looking for a product the does what it says it does, then look no further. Wow, this product is awesome and let me tell you why. I received this product yesterday and couldn't wait to plug it in. Almost immediately you notice a difference in the quality of air.

    My wife and I suffer from allergies. My wife always has a dry cough at night from our bedroom and we're both always good for a few sneezes. Incredibly, we have not sneezed at all since plugging in this machine. I can see my allergies disappearing for good with this machine and can't wait to see how we'll feel a week from now. Airborne allergens, say hello to the Bio Fresh, you're new worst enemy.

    As for quietness, this machine takes the cake. At the lowest setting you can't even hear anything. At higher settings, still extremely quiet allowing for a peaceful night sleep.

    In closing, I would just like to say that this machine works awesome and I strongly recommend it to anyone, but especially to allergy sufferers like myself.


    ...more info
  • Quietest Unit on the Market
    Clean air and great sleep - what a deal!

    Several years ago I purchased a GE HEPA Air Purifier from Wal-Mart for about $100. I have some moderate dust mite allergies and, being a college student with roommates, I this was the best option to contol the dust (the house certainly wasn't going to be cleaned regularly!) The GE unit was very noisy. I simply assumed that all purifiers were noisy. I assumed that this was something I had to learn to deal with. I'm a light sleeper. After a few days of no sleep with the GE Purifier, I began only to run it when I was gone at class or work.

    I've since graduated and decided to try an upgrade. The market has a ton of expensive unit. This one I'd say is "middle priced." But don't let that get you down. This unit has VALUE. You can drop a benjamin for a noisy unit from Wal-Mart. Or, you can bite the bullet and make a WORTHWHILE INVESTMENT. The HEPA filter that comes with the unit is hefty. The unit itself is very stylish. The remote is great (it can be stored on top of the unit too so you don't loose it).

    I found the most frustrating part of shopping for an air purifier is a lack decibel ratings. I did the research for you - this is the quietest unit on the market. Silent mode really is silent! Low mode is almost inaudible. I would equate the medium mode to sounding like like air coming blowing from any AC vent in your home. High mode is noticeable, but hey, it's moving a lot of air on high mode.

    The automatic function is great. It senses air quality and adjusts. It's one of those "set it and forget it" products. Today is the first day of using the unit so I can't comment on long-term efficacy. From the looks of it though, this is going to be a great product with low maintenance. I'm the king of buyer's remorse. I'm also fresh out of college and not loaded with cash. I feel no regret in purchasing this product. If you're skeptical of my strong recommmendaiton, don't be. I so emphatically support this product because it's one of the few products out there (besides an apple computer) that lives up to its promise. The biofresh is an awesome product....more info
  • Amazing unit
    All I can say is I'm extremely pleased with this unit.
    I got the Anti-Flu HEPA filter for it which is one of the largest HEPA filters I have ever seen.

    Watching the sensors operate is educational. We learned a lot about air quality just by watching the sensors. We use it in a dance studio where a lot of people are doing a lot of breathing. A woman walking past with heavy perfume set off the odor filter.

    Simply shaking a blanket near the thing set its particle sensor on overload for a good 10 minutes.

    It's very sensitive and very good, the difference in air quality
    is very noticeable and seems to help a bit with people who cat allergies...maybe the cat dander is getting sucked in?

    As a funny little aside - my wife likes to light incense in the bedroom some nights and we forgot we had it running. The machine went on high alert, both sensors went up to red level and it successfully removed both the odor and the smoke of the incense...much to our chagrin.

    This is a good machine to have....more info
  • Well worth it
    After dealing with asthma/allergy issues...both myself and one of my cats...we decided to purchase the Rabbit Air Purifier. I could not be happier. I could immediately tell the difference, both in myself and with my cat's asthma. The unit is extremely lightweight and easy to move between rooms (we move it from our downstairs living area to an upstairs bedroom at night); as well as being extremely quiet. I highly recommend this product to anybody suffereing from asthma or allergies. ...more info
    My son who's been suffering from allergies and congestion for 3 years, simply does not suffer anymore. I don't know if it's just a coincidence, but he hasn't been getting sick as much nor having sinus problems. I'm considering biting the bullet and purchasing another for my daughter's bedroom because she now has sinus problems as well. The unit emits a very fresh air almost like the air from a rainforest. It's completely silent running on low. When it detects impurities, it kicks into high gear but sounds just like a fan running. It's very easy to use, so portable (light in weight) and unobtrusive because of it's width. This was a great investment and we look forward to purchasing another....more info
  • You will be amazed by the difference
    We recently purchased the Bio Fresh Air Purifier through Sparo products which we received within a few days. At the same time we purchased the LifeWise Ultra Air Purifier at Radio Shack. We decided to put the Bio Fresh down in a room in the basement where it was most needed not to mention the LifeWise Ultra Air Purifier was not recommended for the space. We put the LifeWise Ultra Air Purifier in our bedroom. It wasn't two weeks before we started hearing a very annoying ticking sound in the LifeWise Ultra Air Purifier so we took it back to Radio Shack and exchanged it for a new one. In the mean time the Bio Fresh was working like a charm and the mildew smell was almost gone. Unfortunately we had since decided to move so we weren't down in the room as much. It took about two and a half weeks before we started hearing a humming sound in the new LifeWise Ultra Air Purifier, it went from low to louder to low again (hard to sleep with that). So we took it back to Radio Shack and got our money back. We put the Bio Fresh in our bedroom and it is so quiet. I love the remote control that came with it and it's so sleek looking. The Bio Fresh is so quiet that, I have a constant ringing in my ears and I actually had to turn up the fan to hear it in order to help drown out the ringing. Oh yah the Bio Fresh reads the particles and odor in a room when you first turn it on (it's really cool), that when we put it in our room, the same day we took the other one back, the reading wasn't the best. But it didn't take long before the Bio Fresh took care of it. And the best part we have two dogs and they sleep in the bedroom with us in a kennel and before my husband used to snore so loud and now he doesn't snore as much or as loud as he use to. I surfed the net for hours trying to find the best air purifier for the money and the Bio Fresh is soooo worth the price. I am so happy with the Bio Fresh and the service that when we get settled into our new place we will be purchasing another Bio Fresh from Sparo products....more info