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This Majestic Triple Crown Filter Queen is in like new condition. Buy this an save! This is in like new condition and the new ones cost between 2500 dollars and 3000 dollars! Filter Queens are amazing. They are years ahead of the competition when it comes to filtration. They are very powerful and great cleaners. This comes with 2 extra filter cones and a new charcoal filter (already installed). It comes with brand new on board tools (see picture). It also has the 2 speed hi/low switch so you can use your vacuum as a air filter. It has been cleaned, serviced and reconditioned and qualifies for our 5 year written motor warranty through our shop. We ship Fast! We have sold over 10,000 vacuum cleaners on the internet and most vacuums ship the same day the order is received!

 Customer Reviews:

  • Filter Queen or FilterQueen Majestic - Simply the best Vacuum Cleaner
    FilterQueen Vacuum Cleaners are the best that I've seen.

    I personally have owned two, a 95X Majestic from 1990 which is still in perfect shape and the new Majestic 360 model. My mother had owned a Model 33 from the 1970's (still working for a friend) and a 75th anniversary edition (1928-2003) which is nearly identical to the current model and 360.

    The newer models (75th Anniversary, 360) are lighter in weight and have improved hoses and accessories such as the power head. Otherwise they are very similar and use the same filter cones from year to year.
    In day to day use, they clean things well with high suction, a minimum of noise and no expelled dust. The suction is so high that a "High-Low" switch is provided to prevent sucking drapes and carpeting into the nozzle!

    The only low point is emptying out the dust, which is usually needed every month or so. There is no convenient bag or cup. Instead, you must unclamp the bottom container and remove the power top (easy) then remove the old filter cone(s) and dump the old pre-filter and dirt into a garbage can (messy).

    New FilterQueen products are not available in stores or online. They are only available from FilterQueen salespeople that come to your house and demonstrate the product in your own home. My FilterQueen saleslady was very professional.
    Many are uncomfortable with this old-fashioned personal sales system, but this is how they've been doing it all along. (for almost 80 years!)

    These vacuum cleaners are some of the most expensive canister vacuums made. However, I feel that their extreme durability, high suction, incredible filtering ability and low cost of ownership (supplies, maintenance) make them a good value.
    They are solidly constructed in the USA, a rarity in these days of flimsy plastic appliances from China.

    They are so durable that I would not hesitate to recommend buying a used or even a broken FilterQueen. Service and Parts are available at Vacuum Cleaner repair shops or from online websites....more info