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The Razorba? is the first back hair shaver for men. The Razorba? is the patented razor handle wand that holds your favorite razor, ergonomically designed and tested by men with back hair. It solves the problem of back hair by letting you shave at your convenience. It works with any standard razors (not included). It's quick and easy to insert or remove a razor. To use, simply insert a razor into the Razorba?, apply shaving cream and shave. With the Razorba? you get: fast & convenient back hair shaving, it's do it yourself, no pain, and no embarrassment. The Razorba? really works. This award winning revolutionary product invented the back hair shaver. It has been featured in: Maxim Magazine, USA Today, Stuff Magazine, MTV, Chicago Tribune and many other newspapers, magazines and television shows around the world. Blades dull, foils will fail, always choose a shaver with replaceable blades and foil. Otherwise, you will be stuck with an expensive disposable battery operated shaver. Using the Razorba?, you are always guaranteed a great shave, because the razor can be removed anytime you like. And you choose the blade. Use the very best Gillette or an inexpensive disposable. Laser treatment is expensive, requires multiple treatments, and won't thwart new hair growth(CNN). Waxing hurts! It rips the hair out. Eyebrows are one thing, but the surface area of your back is great and so is the pain. Chemicals/Creams dissolve the hair follicle. Skin irritation and scarring can occur. Shaving is easy & effective. But similar to the other methods requires a volunteer to help you. Combine the accessibility of reaching your own back, convenience of anytime and anywhere, with the best method of back hair removal-- shaving, and the solution is the Razorba?.

  • The award winning, and patented Razorba has been solving the back hair problem since 2003.
  • Ergonomically designed to allow easy shaving of your back hair.
  • Obtain the most comfortable and close shave by using your favorite brand of razor.
  • Unlike other brands, blades can be replaced. Simply, pop off razor to replace dull blades.
  • Strong and resilient. The Razorba is made of impact resistant materials.

Customer Reviews:

  • Amazingly helpful!
    It works. It's easy and fast after you get the hang of it. I have been using it for 3 months now and I use it before going to the pool. The fit is great. But I have had no problems with Gillette Mach 3, Bics and some other disposables I tried....more info
  • thank you!
    Well finally!! Someone has made a product that men really need. For more years than I care to remember I have been suffering the sort of rash that only someone who duct tapes a bic disposable on to the BBQ spatula to shave with can understand. I have recommended this to so many of my friends who's wives & girlfriends are so grateful to me for not having to do "that chore" again. After all there is only so far you can push the "if you really love me" blackmail thing. In fact the only friend I have who didn't want one was my friend Phil who insists if a jobs worth doing then its got to be done with hot wax by his boyfriend Dalton. Oh well live & let live Phil....more info
  • It does what it is supposed to do. FULL review.
    I have tried shaving my back with the Razorba. While it worked great the first time, I ended up getting a bunch of ingrown hairs and razor bumps on my neck, shoulders and back. When I tried to shave my back a few days later, the razor cut into all the bumps caused by the first session and it was a horrible experience.

    I do not blame the Razorba for my experience. I cannot shave my face with a razor blade either, unless my neck gets really cut up and irritated. I use a cheap Remington foil shaver to shave my face (about $30 on Amazon) and it works beautifully. It was amazing to be able to shave everyday without cutting my skin up.

    Instead of the Razorba, I use the Mangroomer to tend to back hair. The Mangroomer is an amazing product available on Amazon for about $40. Unfortunately, it does not shave the hair away completely. It leaves stubble similar to what you'd see after shaving a day or so ago.

    What I do now is attach my cheap Remington to the Razorba head (instead of a razor blade) with two zip ties and shave my back with it. This is a great way to get a smooth feel to the area you want to rid hair from if using an actual razor blade won't work for you. The Mangroomer removes the hair enough so the foil shaver is functional (foil shavers only shave stubble - don't try them on longer growth. They pull!) and the foil shaver makes everything smooth.

    The bottom line here is that the Razorba does what it supposed to do. It is a device that holds a razor blade at the correct angle to shave your back with. Unfortunately, my skin doesn't take to razors very well, but I still make use of the Razorba with my Remington foil shaver after using the Mangroomer. The $30 isn't a bad price even for the way I use it....more info
  • i can not reach
    i am not able to reach my backs hairy sides. i am a little disappointed and i waited 2 weeks to receive. i can not recommend....more info
  • Amazing
    This, quite simply is the best solution to my back hair problem. I tried to do it myself, and the vidal and manG, and this is the best hands down!...more info
  • Great Product!!
    Just got mine today and in less than 5 minutes solved my back hair problem. THANK YOU....more info
  • very happy with this
    little skeptical at first but after using it I wish I had bought this a long time ago. Much better and easier than using nair. Very happy with it...more info
  • Nice!
    My husband loves his razorba. He uses a Mach 3. The Mach cost over $1 billion to make, add in a Raz and you have the best back hair solution possible. He's recommended it to over a dozen of his friends....more info
  • Great product
    I've been using the product for over two years now and it works great. I think the guy complaining must be a competitor, because I've never had any problem. ...more info
  • It has made my life a lot easier
    I don't like hair on my back, yet I have lots of it. Over the years, I tried shaving, Nair, even had waxing once (never again because of the pain). With the Razorba, it contours well to my back and I usually begin in the shower, and "touch up" in front of the bathroom mirror.

    Regarding its quality, I have dropped it many times and it split, but I was able to snap it right back together, and it has held up very well.

    I recommend that for back hair, first use electric clippers to remove as much of the "length" of the hairs that you can, as that way, you'll simply have "stubble" to deal with. Shave against the grain, as it lasts a little longer. ...more info
  • Good product
    I initially saw this product reviewed in Maxim, bought one from official site. I must say it works great. I read a comment that all the reviews were done in the same day. I think not. In the packaging in did mention they would appreciate a review on Amazon. Two Thumbs WAY up for the Razorba....more info
  • Effective but cheap feel
    While this is a good product and quite effective, it does have a cheap feel to it. Very light weight and hollow construction. Normal Bic razors seen to work well with it. If you stick with it your skills will improve....more info
  • Something tht actually works.
    I'm a very simple person. I like things that work as advertized. This device works. You don't have to be a contortionist. You don't have to be particularly skilled. There is no learning curve. You insert the razor and go. I like it. I recommend it....more info
  • Razorba is the best in its class!
    I've tried it all. Waxing, laser, razorba, mangroomer.
    Razorba is the best. They invented the back hair shaver. Razorba is easy to use, fast, close shave and you can do it wet in the shower.
    The mangroomer is just that a groomer, it didn't do much as a shaver, mostly combed/thinned the hair, the shave is horrible, flimsy, the power was weak, and it stopped working after 3 uses. Returned it.
    Razorba is the way to go for shaving back hair.
    ...more info
  • Don't they have robots for this yet?
    Seriously hasn't NASA perfected a back hair robot for the astronauts? How else would they remove back hair with their space suits on? And if NASA hasn't I'm sure the Japanese have. Seriously, those guys have robots for everything. They have robot waiters now, and robot nannies, robot film critics and even robot geisha girls. It all started in the 60's when they invented a giant robot to help fight crime. Now you go to Japan, it's all robots.

    I've read that this is because the population is aging and that Japanese people can't have children because they wear their pants too tight. For a while they dealt with this by just kidnapping children from other countries and passing them off as their own but the UN got suspicious when so many Japanese families started featuring 6 foot blondes who wouldn't eat seaweed.

    Anyhoo, Seriously, this is also not ideal because it really requires a partner to use properly and my problem is that because of my back hair I DON'T have a partner. So it's Snatch-22.

    Seriously, if I HAVE to have back hair then I'll just make lemons out of lemonade, as we've learned from so many Oprah episodes. I'll make the best of my back hair by maybe putting it in corn rows or dreads. Or I could dye it red and do a Pippi Longstocking motif.

    And NASA drop your Tang and start working on my back hair robot!!! :)...more info
  • Must have
    I've tried other battery operated shavers for the back and they did not work. The shave wasn't close and the first one they sent me didn't even work. So much for cheap chinese shavers. Calling them electric is a stretch. Very flimsy. I decided to try again and got a razorba, and it has excelled in every aspect. The design is flawless, the shaving is comfortable and as close as waxing. Highly recom...more info
  • love it
    my buddy told me about this thing and at first I was skeptical and decided to give it a try; im so glad i got and so is my girl friend, i mean if you're wooly on the rear side this gizmo will take care of you my friend despite what the naysayers (probably all hairy and too shy to try it) so on a final note, i gave this item my personal thumbs up and rate A+ all the way. It fixed my back hair problem.
    ...more info
  • Razorba Rocks!
    I love this product. Nothing beats the shave of a razor. You can't even tell I needed it. Results are amazing. Razorba rocks....more info
  • Steve
    This product works well if used correctly. I used a mirror and it helps. I found that if you wet your back and add some good shaving cream in small areas works well. When shaving the upper back, push down and then shave upward, dont slide the razor sidways,,,it will cut you. I found that pushing down and then up helps unload the hair as you shave. I also shaved my lower back going from the center of the back to the side worked well. It does take time but it does the job. Back hair grows in different directions. So finding the right direction helps. Trader Joe's sell an excellent shave cream under their Brand name....more info
  • Buy this now!!!!
    For years i was the typical guy that had some hair on my back. Every couple days i would twist and turn in an attempt to rid my back of what hair i could with a razor and my arm. Needless to say i got pretty good at it but often left spots that i had missed and took a long time in doing so. Along came this little beauty and my world lit up. The construction as others have said seems very flimsy but it holds up well. the angle with a razor attached is perfect and what took me 30 minutes now takes me less then 10. Its a great tool indeed. I would highly recommend this to anyone with some back hair they need to get rid of....more info
  • great product!
    after many years of putting up with embarassing back hair, and asking my wife to shave it for me, here is a wonderful product that I can use myself and eliminate the problem, I now use it every two weeks or so while showering to maintain a hairless back - it is sturdy and well designed, I recommend it 100%...more info
  • Awesome Item!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Crazy idea but works. This thing is worth every penny. I wish i got it sooner, Thank You Again....more info
  • Good tool, once you get used to awkward angles.
    This is a good product. The angles are awkward at first, but you get used to it. It really does work. I have a few pieces of advice after using it 5 or 6 times:
    1. The skin on your back might be more sensitive than you think. Instead of using shaving cream or gel, I recommend using hair conditioner, or something really slippery (rinse off your hands before shaving - you need a firm grip). I used shaving gel the first few times and my skin turned out really dry.
    2. Use a one blade razor. I used a 3 blade razor, a Sensor Excel, and my back itched like crazy for days. Then I got "backne" bad! I read somewhere else to try a cheap single blade disposable razor since it won't cut the hair below the skin. I tried it, and it works much better, HOWEVER, see #3,
    3. Make sure your razor is pushed in all the way down in to the receptacle!!! The first time I used the single blade I didn't push it down far enough. It started to rotate, and I made a deep scratch on my back that took a week to heal and left a scar.
    4. The skin on your back won't be used to shaving, so be nice to it. Use some lotion afterwards. If you don't, it will become drier than normal. Lotion will reduce the itchiness.
    5. Use a mirror as much as possible. You will get used to it, and it WILL help.
    Overall the product is worth it, but be careful the first few times!...more info
  • Great Product!
    I basically gave up on the idea of getting rid of my back hair and shoulder hair. After getting the Razorba I am finally cured. Fast delivery, got it in 1 day. If you have back hair give this a try....more info
  • Good product
    If you need to shave close, and have it last for a long time, this is what you should be trying. The electric ones don't allow as clean a shave. You will want the right razor, and then you will be clean and free....more info
  • Pretty Good
    I've used it three times now. There are still some angles that are hard for me to get, but over all it is pretty easy and effective....more info
  • Razorba review
    Much better than all other products I have tried. I use it 2-3 times per week....more info
  • Great product and easy to use.
    I've been using this for a little over a month and like it very much. It is very easy to use. Thanks....more info
  • Pleasantly Surprised and Pleased
    Okay, I have back hair. Not real thick or matted, but very visible. Black and straight and fairly long, in patches shaped like upside-down Ls across each shoulder and down my outer back.

    I've never heard a woman say, "Wow, back hair is hot," so a few years ago I started to do something about it.

    Initially I tried duct-taping a razor to a kitchen spatula in order to extend my reach. It was still very difficult to get reach all areas of my back and get GOOD contact and get the hair off. Eventually I would get a good shave, but it would usually take me well over an hour of stretching and straining, and by the time I was done my bathroom looked like it had been the site of a hairy, bloody war.

    I first saw an ad for the Mangroomer (also available from Amazon) and tried that, but was disappointed. I thought it would be less brutal on my back than sliding a razor around there, but it didn't cut very close at all. Maybe it would work fine for some people; maybe those with fine light-colored back hair. It gets plenty of positive reviews on Amazon. But it didn't work well for me.

    The Razorba worked much better for me. I used it with a Gillette Atra Plus razor blade (two blades plus a lubricating strip, and a pivoting head), aligning the razor as shown on the Razorba website. I got a good shave in MUCH less time than my old spatula, razor and duct tape contraption -- maybe about 15 minutes. It might take you a little longer to get the hang of it -- the fact that I'd had previous "practice" using a much more difficult tool surely helped me. Bottom line, it was a much easier and faster task than I'd expected.


    - I first wetted myself down in the shower, and applied shaving gel. The gel helps a LOT. Hint: If you can't reach all parts of your back to apply the gel, apply it to the wall of your shower and rub your back against it to get it on.

    - For the first pass, I shaved in the shower with the shower off, mostly going over my back by feel. I ran the tub water, and rinsed the razor off frequently.

    - Rather than trying to move the razor in one direction only -- stroke, lift, replace, stroke, lift, replace -- I recommend just moving the razor blade up and down without lifting it from your skin. Kinda back and forth, as if you were using it to RUB the hair off. That maintains good contact with your skin the whole time. This is the technique that worked best for ME, anyway. If you keep lifting the blade from the skin and repositioning it, it's harder to keep the angle right.

    - After the first pass, I rinsed off in the shower, then took a look in my batroom mirror. I still had big patches about the size of my hand, below each shoulder blade, that had to be reshaved. I applied more shaving gel as described before, and used the "rub up and down" technique described above to get the rest of that hair off while checking myself in the mirror. It was also easier to shave my shoulders with the aid of a bathroom mirror.

    - If you are having difficulty getting the hair off with your strokes, you MIGHT try this: Take the razor blade out of the razor, turn it around so that it faces the other way, and put it back in the razor that way. Now you're saving action will be a "pushing" rather than a pulling action. That might help you get the hair, by cutting in a different direction with regard to the direction of your hair growth.

    - Be careful and don't push so hard that the razor digs into your skin. This wasn't a real problem for me, as I believe the design of a modern razor blade makes this unlikely. What requires more care: Be careful not to move the razor blade SIDEWAYS across your skin in a slicing motion; you'll cut yourself that way. Do that a lot, and you'll look like you just had sex with Catwoman or something. I got careless and did give myself two raw scrapes that way, the first time. (They were more like scratches than deep cuts.) With more practice, it should be easier to avoid this.

    Two main "passes" as I've just described, plus some minor spot clean up in the mirror, were enough to get all the back hair off with a smooth shave. Again, I was pleased to find that the Razorba did a good job rather quickly and was pretty easy to use -- much easier than any other self-shaving technique I'd tried.

    How often do you need to reshave? This will vary for you, based on the coarseness of your hair, how fast it grows, how "smooth" you want to keep yourself. I think once a month or two should suffice for me.

    ...more info
  • Ok...but could be better
    The Razorba works alright. I have a few issues though: 1. If you are shaving your back with a full crop of hair, it isnt going to work very well, just like trying to shave your face or wherever without trimming things down first. If you are really hairy you will need to either nair anyway or be very very very patient with this thing as it will only shave about a square inch of long hair on its own. Seems like it will be good to use if your hair is very short though. 2. The plastic slot that you put the razor in could be designed better. It is basically a softer plastic tube that grips the handle of a normal disposable razor inside the harder plastic body of the Razorba. This could be improved by putting some sort of screw clamp on the side so your disposable couldnt move. I think this could be done without increasing the cost much since I suspect they make a pretty huge profit margin on these things. The problem with the razor not being held securely is that it can turn slightly in the plastic sleave and cut you, this doesnt really hurt but if you are a bleeder its hard to get it to stop. Another thing that could be improved is to make a hole in the end of the head of the thing opposite where you put the razor for water to flow out of. After you rinse off the razorblade water collects in the head which when you go to do another stroke flies all over your bathroom, but more seriously makes the razor fit less tightly in the soft plastic tube. All in all this product does work but their are a few minor annoyance type issues that coule be fixed easily to make it better....more info
  • Pricey pc. of plastic
    Yeah it works pretty good, but Way, Way, Way OVERPRICED. If they sold it at $10.00 plus shipping that would be somewhat reasonable and they would still be making a very nice profit. $30.00 is a rip off, Surgical tubing holds in the razor, nothing magic there, the rest is a flimsy 2 pc molded handle.

    Once again it works pretty damn well, but the price is a rip off, dont be a sucker....more info
  • Little Flimsy- but works GREAT
    I had an issue reaching just this certain region of my back. Just couldn't quite get this trapezoid-worth of hair in the middle.

    I bought the Razorba and my problem is solved.

    The handle isn't ideally shaped for me- but I'm 6'4" and long so I'm not too average on sizing. I can definitely still reach the areas I need to- I just can't go all the way down my back from over my shoulder, I have to use different angles- but I expected that.

    There's a review about it being flimsy plastic. It's a LITTLE flimsy- but it's PLASTIC. You can drop it I'm sure, but too may drops from high up, if you drop it "right" it might have an issue- but I'm sure it could take a number of 5-6 foot drops. No problems if dropped on carpet.

    I'd like a slightly longer one with a slightly better build, and better packaging. It's cheap packaging is unattractive and promotes shipping damage.

    Anyway- I'd definitely get it again. I can reach what I need to reach, and now I can go out in public without a trapezoid of man-fleece on my back!....more info


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