Nature's Path Organic Frosted Strawberry Toaster Pastries, 12-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)

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  • Organic
  • Zero Trans Fat
  • Low Sodium
  • Vegetarian

Customer Reviews:

  • NO FLAVOR Not as good as Pop Tarts
    I am surprised by all the positive reviews for these. We try to buy a lot of organic food so I thought these would be perfect. First off, it's hard to tell what flavor they are. They certainly dont taste like strawberry, maybe more like apple. And they are much harder than pop tarts. My kids wont eat them at all so now I have a huge case just sitting here....more info
  • Great alternative to poptarts!
    My kids and I love these for a quick breakfast. They are good warmed up or straight from the box, and better ingredients that traditional poptarts.
    ...more info
  • Very tasty!
    The kids love these. They are very tasty and healthier than most toaster pastries....more info
  • Mmmmmmm delicious!!
    I liked pop tarts okay, but hated that they were so processed and probably full of a lot of junk. I was shopping at Costco and saw this little slice of heaven and put it in the cart. I went through 3 boxes of these suckers in 2 weeks. Now, that probably wasn't the healthiest thing to do (they're a lot healthier than pop tarts mind you) but I literally had these sometimes for lunch and dinner but most definitely for breakfast! I had to take a break from getting these because I was in a word, addicted LOL. I recommend these to all!...more info
  • Attention-Getter
    I bought these for my husband and he loves them. When he makes them at work, people gravitate towards his office wondering what the amazing aroma is. Very tasty and good for you....more info
  • contains MSG!
    whey protein isolate... rice extract... two sources of MSG. skip this and all of 'natures path' products. theyre tainted.
    if you think that organic means safe, think again. monosodium glutamate can be considered "organic" or "natural".
    watch these trickster ingredients, friends. if youve made the leap to organic, you have to dump the MSG from your diet too. get researching if you dont know about monosodium glutamate....more info
  • Toaster Pastries
    Toaster Pastries

    I bought this Pastries before at a Wal Mart and they don't sell this any more. Call the company any they said that you'll sell the pastries. It is still good but not packed the same and a bit to sweet.

    Leona Toups...more info
  • Great for veggie single guys
    These Toaster Pastries are great. Easy to prepare and feed you well in a pinch. Subscribe to it and really simplify your eating aspects of life. Great for any time of day....more info
  • YUM
    My boys are junk food junkies, but we're trying to keep it more natural & organic these days - they love these!...more info
  • Oh, so very, very Good!
    First, let me say that I do NOT like regular Pop-Tarts. I've tried them, and they tasted like overly-sweetened cardboard with a definite strange aftertaste. I'd only eat one again if there was absolutely nothing else in the house.

    I tried Nature's Path Organic Frosted Strawberry Toaster Pasteries simply because "he" threw it into the shopping cart, insisting it had to be good. Oh, well... whatever. At least, it's organic and actually has some real fruit in it.

    OK, I weakened during a mid-morning slump and I needed something to go along with my mega-cup of coffee. To my absolute astonishment, it was not just good, but VERY, VERY GOOD!

    This product tasted to me like something from a bakery. The crust was flaky, soft yet a bit crispy. There is absolutely no chemical after-taste. And, there is fruit inside. Yes, I was astonished. It was not like a slab of stale jello, but real, tasty strawberry with a nice, natural taste. Furthermore, it was not overly sweet.

    Not only was I amazed, I will purchase this product over and over again.
    Once you try it, you will as well!

    Very highly recommended....more info
  • Not Fresh - Made me think twice about buying bulk.
    I purchased this item after my children enjoyed this exact favor + blueberry purchased from Costco. But they said this item sent from Amazon tasted different - not fresh. Now I have four more boxed that I have no idea what to do with. ...more info
  • Yummy!
    These pastries taste great! As good as as Pop-Tarts. They're organic and whole wheat (And I'm NOT fond of whole wheat, so they've got to be good). Only problem: Some of the box bottoms weren't glued shut. No biggie, though, each two-pack is wrapped. ...more info
  • Warm, yummy & healthy (or at least not UNhealthy)
    My husband and I both strongly prefer to eat natural foods, avoiding as many artificial ingredients/additives/chemical concoctions as we can. Sometimes, though, this means forgoing the bad-for-you-yet-tasty treats we grew up eating and enjoying. However, these taste SO much better than Pop Tarts that there's absolutely no sacrifice involved. (Not to mention that the AROMA of these while they're heating up is incredible. In a matter of days, you may find yourself conditioned to drool at the mere sound of the toaster lever clicking into place...Pavlov would be proud.)

    The only downside (and I hope Nature's Path pays attention to this) is that the pastries are packaged in PAIRS--making it altogether too tempting to eat both. Better if the box just had ONE re-sealable pack inside; that way, you could simply open it, take the one you want, and close the package back up. With the current packaging, re-sealing isn't a viable option, and so you're kind of "forced" to eat both pastries. (I mean, you wouldn't want to let one go stale...what a waste!)...more info