Supernatural Childbirth

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Pregnancy and childbirth are often depicted as a time of sickness and mood swings for women followed by twelve to twenty hours of pain and hard labor. Many women have been told they can never conceive. Others have suffered the pain of conceiving and miscarrying. Have you had enough of this picture?

Supernatural Childbirth is a practical and realistic look at God's promises for conception, pregnancy and delivery. This is not "pie-in-the-sky"-This is a personal testimony of how one couple overcame defeat and triumphed in God's plan! Jackie Mize had been told she could never have children. However, by unlocking powerful truths and dynamic faith principles she and her husband, Terry found in the Bible, they now have four miracle children! This exciting book shares with you these truths and faith principles. You will learn these things:
* How to put faith principles into action for your very own supernatural childbirth
* How you can be a living example of God's promises in action
* How to deal with fear during pregnancy and delivery
* How and when to use your faith for pregnancy and delivery
Also included in Supernatural Childbirth:
* Faith-inspiring testimonies from women who have followed these principles and experienced their
own supernatural childbirth
* Confessions and prayers for a supernatural
conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and all-circumstances surrounding each stage
* A powerful teaching section by Terry Mize ex-planning the curse on Eve in the Garden of Eden

Customer Reviews:

  • A real blessing
    The author does a great job of explaining her experience and how to remain positive during your pregnancy. I think this book is great and read the confessions every night....more info
  • great testimonies, must-read for first-time moms, especially for natural childbirth
    a wonderful faith-building book of Scripture and testimonies about the wonderful (not awful, scary, horrible, etc. that is commonly discussed among mothers in our culture today) gift of childbirth. thank you jackie mize for sharing this book with other moms....more info
    With a title like Supernatural Childbirth, you'd probably expect Jackie Mize's book to be about the Virgin Mary. Instead, it's about her own experience carrying and delivering babies after she was told that she was unable to have children. This is a very short book, 120 pages, and includes an introduction and epilogue by Terry Mize, "confessions", a salvation prayer, and the pi®®ce de r®¶sistance, a foreword by the inimitable Lindsay Roberts.

    Supernatural Childbirth is Word of Faith to the extreme. Mize is of a very charismatic bent, and her target audience includes some of the flakiest people in Christendom. Wow. She uses the King James Version of the Bible exclusively, which in this day an age is ridiculous and inexcusable. She treats the Word of God like it's magic.

    Nevertheless, this book is not completely without merit. What Mize has going for her is a good, not-pushy tone. She writes with a "this is what worked for me, feel free to try it" attitude. Mize is tremendously, egregiously off on some points. Most of these, however, are secondary to the point she's trying to make. But on her larger points, she mostly does all right. Anyone who is worried or fearful about their pregnancy can find encouragement here. Mize is right that faith must be built over time. And an attitude of faith is obviously better than an attitude of worry. As Mize herself says, a cow eats the hay and spits out the sticks. Well, there are plenty of sticks here. A discerning, analytical Christian can sort through this, take the good and leave the bad.

    If you can avoid throwing out the baby with the deep, dark bathwater, Supernatural Childbirth might well be worth your time. Otherwise, don't bother; it'll just make you angry.
    ...more info
  • absolutely love it
    I finifshed reading this book in about 2 was so hard to put down as it it was filled with such amazing truths about receiving God's promises about preganacy, childbirth and everything else.I'm learning daily to confess God's words and make my thinking and words line up with HIS.Works wonders, I find....more info
  • Painfree is so much better!! :)
    My first child I had a miscarriage, my second a 23 hour extremely painful birth which ended with 4 degree tears & even more recovery pain that took weeks. And then 7 months later another pregnancy where I was sick 8 out of the 10 months I was pregnant (he was 3 weeks late so it really was 10 months :) and though the birth was shorter, 3 hours, it was the most intensely painful 3 hours I had ever experienced--contraction on top of contraction with no rest. And while my beautiful children were so worth it, the thought of another pregnancy or birth was terrifying to me. A year later I became pregnant again in spite of using protection constantly (it was just God's will :) and this time I had horrible nausea, much worse than any of the others. I later discovered why, I was pregnant with twins!! :D While this was ultra exciting I was also so fearful, I had never heard anything but horror stories in deliveries of twins. My first two births had been drug free, and though incredibly painful, I still wanted this one to be drug free too.

    A friend at church gave me a tape of a lady talking about this book, all of the scriptures, and her personal experience. I listened to the cassette tape several times, wrote down all the scriptures and prayed over them every other day from the 5th month on. I prayed especially hard that they would not be born prematurely and would be born on God's appointed day for them. And also believing God for a painfree birth. It was the most wonderful pregnancy I ever had and I praise God so much for it! And I am so grateful to my friend for introducing this to me. At 5 months pregnant I was already beginning to be quite large, in fact I was as large as my sister-in-law who was 8 1/2 months along--and she wasn't tiny. It was getting to the point where I could not walk, and I had been a very active person. I didn't want to gain a lot of weight like I had with my first so I started taking communion at home each day and praying over the pregnancy and childbirth scriptures. After three days I could walk!!

    After that I walked a 1/2 mile in the morning and 1/2 mile at night till I was 7 months along--then I swam in a friends pool. It was great, I felt so light!! Praying over the scriptures was awesome, God's word works. After I started that I never had any nausea, backaches, leg cramps, swelling, hearburn, no new stretch marks and I slept great (other than a couple night trips to pee :). It was a total miracle! The best pregnancy I had ever gotten to have, because before I had all of those symptoms in abundance except heartburn wasn't real bad with the others--but I had none with these!

    When I was 8 months along the doctor said I had dilated to a 4 and would have the babies any time now. I cried driving home, they would be a month early, and it made me so sad. I just heard God whisper to me "Trust Me". So I did, and I just kept praying the scriptures. Whenever I would have a moment of doubt or fear my husband was such a strength, he would just remind me what God's word said and help strengthen my faith with his strength. The last appointment I went in on Tuesday, I told the doctor I felt like it would be Sunday so for him to be ready. I bet he thought that was weird, but I gave him a heads up anyway. :) I was going twice a week, once for a sonogram and once for fetal monitoring. On Friday I called and canceled my appointment and told them I felt like they were arriving on Sunday so if they didn't come then I'd come in Monday.

    Sure enough Sunday afternoon the contractions started, they were 38 weeks to the day. They were coming very gently and with no pain, I could just feel the stretching. I went in at 3pm and I was dilated to a 6 1/2. After a few hours it had went up to an 8 but then by 10pm I had never moved past an 8. No pain, just stretching. I was bouncing on the beach ball they had in there, walking around, jumping up and out of the bed for bathroom breaks--the nurses were so incredibly amazed that I could get around so easily with carrying twins. I was huge, my friend called me a triple decker, but praise God I was still able to move around easily. :) The twins literally sat in my lap once I hit the 6 1/2 month mark, and then it grew out from there. Which makes it all the more amazing that I didn't get any new stretch marks!! :) Anyway, at 10pm the doctor asked if I would like my water broken so I did--I figured if they were to be born on Sunday we didn't have much time left! :) 30 minutes after that the stretching got stronger and my friend, my husband and I started praying in tongues. It just seemed like a few minutes after doing that the first baby started coming down! I hollered to get the doctor fast!! I had such a strong desire to push, he asked me to wait till the pedi got there. I said NO I need to push!! He said ok then, but let me get my gloves on and get ready first!! The only uncomfortable part was as she moved through those bones, I just do not like that feeling. Ugh. I still shudder, I can remember that feeling with every one of my kids. But that was the only uncomfortable or remotely uncomfortable part, whohoo! Calleigh Jorja was born in two pushes, then six minutes later Cadence Bethany was born breech with three pushes. All without medication, all painfree!! Oh, I highly, highly recommend it!! It was just so wonderful. :)

    They were born August 28, 2005--the night Katrina hit landfall. Calleigh weighed 7 lbs 1oz and Cadence weighed 7 lbs even. They'll be 3 years old this Thursday, it is so awesome. Isn't that a wonderful miracle of God? Born healthy and a nice weight, and a wonderful pain free birth too! Next time I am going to pray for painfree afterpains, those were killer but thankfully they were over in a couple of days. After 3 days I was walking around, carrying them around and acting like nothing had ever happened! It was just so awesome, God is so good.

    It kind of upsets me when people try to explain away the good things God has provided for us. Or they try to use their personal experience to negate the word of God. I mean, if that was a valid argument people could just say Well, not everyone is saved so God doesn't want to save anyone!! That is just ignorant to me. They suppose that just because it didn't work for them it couldn't work for anyone else. God's word won't work if you have unbelief, and it won't work if you don't any faith or belief for it. The two work against each other, faith and unbelief, and unbelief can cancel a persons God given faith. Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. (Romans 10:17) Matthew 17:19-22 clearly shows that praying and fasting is the remedy to unbelief. So that is why saying those scriptures and praying over them everyday works. If you waited till the day before you went to give birth to try it I would imagine it would be harder to quelch the unbelief and let the faith be pure enough to let God's word work! So combine hearing the word, praying the word, and fasting and watch the results of the word of God work in your life too!! Now, I will say when pregnant you are not supposed to fast food or water as that has been known to throw people into pre-term labor. Dehydration and lack of omega-3 essetial fatty acids are two of the main causes of pre-term labor. So if you want to fast while pregnant fast something important to you such as Tv, computer, ect. would be my recomendation and spend that time that you would have spent otherwise doing those things with the Lord. Anyway, I hope this testimony blesses someone's life and helps them see that God is the same--yesterday, today and forever and that he is no respecter of persons. What He will do for me He will do for anyone. :) You just have to believe and purify that belief by squelching the doubt, fear, and unbelief!! :) ...more info
  • Supernatural childbirth
    Splendid book. Introduces a totally new concept - Going through pregnancy and childbirth without pain, through exercising your faith based on bible principles....more info
  • A Must-Have for Expectant Christian Moms
    I bought this book when I was pregnant with my second child and on bedrest for preterm labor. Having just suffered two miscarriages, I was filled with fear and felt robbed of the joy of pregnancy. This book helped me release my fears and trust in God's plan. By using the scripture references and daily prayers included in this book I grew confident of my ability to deliver a full-term, healthy baby. My faith increased and I connected with my child in my womb.

    Although my first child was delivered after a 20 hour labor (with benefit of drugs and an epidural), I began to look forward to labor. This book affirmed that God didn't intend for my labor to be difficult. While it wasn't pain-free by any means my labor was perfect. It was only 4 hours, I felt in control the whole time, and I delivered a healthy baby girl without any drugs at all - on my due date no less!

    I recommend this book to anyone who is pregnant or is planning to conceive....more info

  • Pain-Free! It can be!
    A very special thanks to Terrie & Jackie Mize for writting this book! When I was a teenager I heard a testimony of a woman asking God for a "pain -free delivery", and decided that was what I would have. But how? This book answered all those questions! Along with confirming things I knew in my spirit, but didn't know where in the Bible they could be found! Grab on to what they are sharing, and know it can be yours too! Give this book to everyone you know who wants children (or more children), it will be the best thing you could do for them!...more info
  • supernatural childbirth
    I would recommend this book to anyone that wants to have a God-based pregnancy. From the very first time that I picked up this book, I have been amazed. Even before I became a teen, my mother would tell me stories about how she stood on the Word of God and had such easy labor. And I knew even then, that I could too by standing on the Word of God. Then one day, I picked up SUPERNATURAL CHILDBIRTH and found that the things my mother had talked about Jackie Mize wrote about. I am 23 years old and just found out that I am pregnant. I know that because of this book (which I have already read 4 or 5 times) will be by my side the whole way through my pregnancy....more info
  • Supernatural Childbirth
    This book is wonderful and easy to read. The insight on what our faith in God can do for us can be used in any aspect of our lives, not just childbirth. I just never thought to ask God for easy, pain free childbirth. All the biblical based references assure you that God never intended anything other than a joyeous time when giving birth. We speak and believe we will go through pain, but this law does not exist if you have faith in Christ and the fact that he took all pain and suffering upon himself. Very good reading, even for a non-Christian....more info
    I thank God for Ms. Mize. My daughter is now 5 yrs. old, but I will never forget the faith this book inspired me to have with her birth. It was a little beyond me to believe for "no pain" at all, but because of the priniciples in this book and the scriptures that Ms. Mize researched and made reference to, I had the faith to believe for "only as much pain as I could stand" and a short labor. During my labor, the doctors kept checking the monitor that I was hooked up to and after about 3 1/2 hrs. decided that my contractions were not strong enough and were going to give me pitocin because my baby's heart rate would decrease with each contraction. I started to get disappointed, but then refused to give up on what God promised in the scriptures I had found in this book. Just as they were about to hook up the IV for the pictocin, my midwife rushed in, did an internal, and told them to stop! I was 8 centimeters dialated and had my duaghter a half hour later. Thats how light my contractions were! They thought nothing was happening!
    I was in labor with my first child for 4 hrs. and pushed for 7 min.
    My sister, who was in labor for 10 hrs. with one child and 12 hrs with the other says I had my baby like a cat!...more info
  • A Faith-Building Treasure for All Christian Parents-to-Be
    My husband bought me SUPERNATURAL CHILDBIRTH shortly before we started our family, and it has been a tremendous blessing to us both! This God-inspired book transformed my whole outlook on pregnancy and childbirth! Based on the exciting promises found in the Bible, Jackie Mize shares her miraculous experiences and as well as those of other women who have put God's Word to work in their lives. This book also contains a myriad of Scripture verses and prayers that specifically relate to fertility issues, conception, pregnancy, and supernatural childbirth! The best way I can describe this book is that it is a faith-building, must-have for all Christians who want to or already are experiencing the miracle of parenthood! It will forever change your view of childbirth and will also tremendously bless your prayer life and daily walk with Jesus!...more info
  • Supernatural Childbirth
    The author of this book, Jackie Mize, is my mother-in-law so naturally, I had to read it. And I am so glad I did! I now have a healthy 5-month old son to show for it and I had a truly supernatural pregnancy and childbirth experience. I highly recommend this book to women desiring to have babies God's way! God always has a better way! (...)...more info
  • Excellent Tool for Expectant Moms & Those Who Want To Be
    Jackie's book was extremely helpful to me throughout my pregnancy and childbirth. I experienced some discomfort, but nothing like the horror stories that had kept me from having children for years! My entire pregnancy and childbirth was a very wonderful experience in every way, and I attribute that to 1) the information in this book and 2) my Bradley class--I highly recommend both to every expectant mom and dad. Along with my daily physical exercises, keeping track of what I ate, and mental preparation through research and discussion, I also had daily spiritual "exercises" in meditating on these verses. The natural and the supernatural working together can accomplish powerful results! My husband was extremely supportive of both the book and the Bradley class--the father's enthusiastic involvement as coach is a huge key to a wonderful experience. Someone gave me the cassette tape of the same title and I listened to it over and over throughout pregnancy. The information is the same, but sometimes it's nice to hear a human voice--in this case, with a strong Oklahoma accent! Jackie and her husband Terry Mize have a ministry in Tulsa which still carries the tape. This book is in my lifetime top 20!...more info
  • Absolutely Amazing!
    I absoluteyly loved this book. I even went on a search to find the authors to order the cassette tape to go with it. No luck though. I read this book before becoming pregnant in June of 2000 and I read it as I was losing that baby. I feel that this book has such an annointing on it that it used to lay at the head of my bed. Our young marrieds group gives this book out to all our newly expectant moms. So I have given my share away also. My husband and I have been through 11 years of infertility. We have one daughter who is 3. She was conceived after seven years. We have also lost two babies early in our pregnancies. This book is such a reminder of the promises of God. It is a definite book to have in your library....more info
  • Awesome God!
    A few months ago a friend of mine told me about the book "Supernatural Childbirth." My husband and I have been trying to concieve for 3 and a half years, had been through all of the fertility treatments, tried artificial insemination and the doctors all but told us that we would NOT be able to have children unless we did In Vitro fertilization. When I got the book, it was so good I couldn't put it down. I read the whole thing in a few hours. After that, my husband read it, then a neighbor who had just had a miscarraige! I have told everyone I know about this book! The most wonderful news is that in February of this year, my husband and I both decided to stop all of the fertility treatments and give it to God. Here it is July and I AM PREGNANT! We have such an awesome God and I claim the covenents that he has promised me! I encourage everyone who wants to conceive to read this book!...more info
  • Supernatural childbirth
    Excells any expentancy about something that is known so little and managed by the health bussiness in such way that keeps mothers to be relying more in the room of a hospital(what it looks like) than in the great reality it is.We really needed a publication of this type. It conforts us. Make us, women, to get peace with our creator when it comes to this issue. To be a mother is great!...more info
  • Recommended for All Mothers-To-Be!
    I highly recommend this book to all pregnant women. It is filled with life changing revelations of God's promises for you! Someone gave me this book before I became pregnant with my third child and it helped me to build my faith in a "supernatural childbirth." I was strenthened in my faith in God and His Word like never before. This book has numerous testimonies of what God has done for other women as well as pages of scriptures to strenthen you in your journey. As a result of reading this book and growing in faith, the birth of my third child was totally pain free! It was my fastest labor yet (5 hours total from the first twinge)and all my contractions just felt like cramps. I refer to this as "God's epideral." Like I said previously, I recommend this book to all! It is also a great resourse for those families that are having a difficult time conceiving or have been told that they will never have children. I think it makes a great gift for a mom-to-be, I like to keep several on hand to give to families. It is also a great book for dads as well. It helps to strengthen their faith as well and in turn they are a greater support to their partners. Plan to get this book and be blessed in your pregnancy and child birth-God does want a "supernatural childbirth" for you! If He did it for me, He will do it for you!...more info
  • Excellent book!
    I bought this book after having a miscarriage and I literally could not put it down. It ministered so greatly to my heart and made so much sense that I have since purchased MANY copies and given them away. I now have 2 beautiful daughters and I had wonderful, problem-free pregnancies and deliveries (no morning sickness, etc.) My first child I had 45 minutes after arriving at the hospital and had the 2nd one 25 minutes after arriving-both without needing any medication. This book is so great because it opens your eyes to what God has for you if you stand on His word, believe and pray. Children are a blessing and being able to bring them into this world is a gift from God, not a curse!...more info
  • Motivating, uplifting and eye opening!
    What a wonderful book! It truly inspired me to try things differently the second time around - by letting go and letting God! I had a very difficult time with my first labor, and plan to use the scriptures, prayers and methods in this book to help me with #2. I really felt the love of motherhood and God's love for us from this book! Highly recommend!...more info
  • SuperNatural ChildBirth
    This is an outstanding book. I highly recommend it to all Christian women who are pregnant or think about getting pregnant....more info
  • Inspired My Book
    Christ Centered Childbirth

    I am the author of Christ Centered Childbirth, and this book inspired me so much that after my thrid child, I was moved to add to the work Jackie Started. I very much appreciate all that she has offered us. With a measure of discernment, the reader can gain much from her steadfast faith in the perfect design of the woman's ability to give birth....more info
  • Great purchase ~
    I bought this book for my niece a few months before her baby's due date and she loved it!! She'd talk about it all the time and was so uplifted by the stories. Great purchase! ...more info
  • Extremely faith promoting book
    This book starts from the premise in the Bible that nothing is too hard for the Lord. I had never "interpreted" some of the scriptures the way the author did, but I don't think it is harmful to view them that way. The book is loaded with scriptures. I had expected more mundane advice and certainly nothing that expected the incredible. She gives her own experiences as well as including stories from some who had tried this and it had worked. My opinion is that we, mortals, know very little and much more is possible than we judge possible. But it takes faith and, very definitely, humility to tap into the "impossible."

    This lady has incredible faith. I learned a lot from this book. I took many of the scripture references and taped them, along with some affirmations. I play the tape over and over again to get the words into my head. No baby as yet, but Amazon wanted a review and I didn't think about waiting several months or a year to write it.

    I don't think that those people who tried and "failed" ought to judge themselves or the book. There is a difference between faith to be saved and faith to be healed in a way that our society and traditions say, no, shout is impossible. There is condemnation for one, but not for the other. I think it takes a lot to look in one's soul and see the fine points where we lack faith.

    This book is definitely worth trying. There is nothing anti-Christ nor dark about this book....more info
  • God used this book to break MANY CURSES off of my LIfe!
    This is a Book that God used to break the spirit of fear off of my life concerning birthing children, This book helped me to first prepare spiritually so i could then prepare naturally and by having this book it not only spoke to my spirit man but also showed me how to do it myself hence provided me with the tools i needed to go into the Hospital, beleive and then receive. My testimony is too long to tell but it was nothing but Miracles and because of that I am soon to write my own book but in brief with my first child due to having read this book i was dialated to 5cm and did not know the doctor had to send me straight to the hospital due to being able to feel the baby's head and was in amazment that i had NO pain whatsoever, and with my second child again i did not know i was in my delievery and when i showed up at the hospital i was already dialated to 10cm where all they asked me to do was to please wait so they could get a doctor. This book is something that will draw you closer in your walk with God regardless of your outcome, it's something you do have to work your own faith with. The principles i learned in this book i applied to not only having my children but in many other areas of my life and due to having done so this is why i said God used this book to break many curses off of my life. Point blank you will only gain by reading this book if you approach it with a humble heart. Blessings and lookout for my book soon to follow. Sepia Gladden ...more info
  • Life Changing Pregnany Book
    My husband and I are planning on starting a family soon, and a friend of my read this books during her pregnancy and recommended it to us. It's packed full of logical information and guidance from Scripture about pregnancy. It puts pregnancy and childbirth in a whole new light. This book is a must for anyone who is pregnant or planning on having children!...more info
  • Takes scripture out of context, makes dangerous conclusions
    Supernatural Childbirth is a book I really struggled with.

    I struggle with the book because I want so badly to believe the author's conclusions. However, I can find no confirmation in scripture that the author's conclusions are correct.

    Let me start by saying that I do not presume to question the truth of the author's own personal experiences with conceiving and child bearing. Nor do I doubt the testimonies of the women included. I do not doubt her sincerity in her belief. I will even go so far as to say that I believe it's possible that God worked the way He did in the author's life for exactly the reasons she thinks He did. However, I draw the line at the author's use of her personal story as a prescription for all Godly child bearing. She boldly claims "If it will work for us, it will work for you." Later in the same passage she claims that she won't even argue about it, and that she's right because her claims are supported by scripture. I do not believe that any interpreter has the monopoly on understanding the meaning in purpose in Holy scripture.

    The author, Jackie Mize, is the mother of 4 living children and 1 miscarried child. After her first miscarriage, she sought comfort in the Word and came to the conclusion that it was God's will for her to have children and she could triumph over any physical failures in conceiving or carrying a baby by claiming various passages in scripture as promises for her life and fertility and commanding her body to obey. She went on to have 4 successful pregnancies and 3 pain-free deliveries.

    She uses the term "Supernatural" in this way:

    "When I refer to supernatural childbirth, I'm talking strictly about being able to conceive and to have babies with a pregnancy free from nausea, morning sickness, pain, moodiness, depression and without fear of any kind; then going through the entire labor without pain, and through the delivery without stitches and anesthetic. I'm talking about using the Word of God to overcome, change and make things better."

    I will confess my own bias and say that I am not a charismatic believer. The spirit has never moved me in that way and the walk He has called me to is different in mode than the walk of those He has gifted more charismatically. As it is with anything unknown, I was initially leery of the author's assertions based on ignorance alone.

    However, it is my sincere belief after lengthy consideration that my objections are founded on spiritual truths and not on prejudices.

    The fundamental problem with Ms. Mize's basic thesis is the underlying assumption that it is God's will that every woman who wants a child would have one. Translated: it is God's will that we should have whatever we want. In one support of her claim, the author writes,

    "...Every barren woman in the Bible who was godly and believed Your Word became pregnant; You opened her womb and blessed her."

    This begs the question: what then of the woman who wants children but has none?

    The hermeneutic problem with the author's proof-text approach is that it is based on the logical fallacy of an argument from silence. It assumes that Sarah, Rebekah, Leah, Rachel, Hannah, Manoah's Wife, the Sunammite Woman, and Elisabeth are an exhaustive list of every barren woman in Israel when there is absolutely no text to support that, nor does assuming so make any logical sense. If one assumed that, one would also have to assume that every person, miracle and teaching in the Bible was exhaustive. Else, how would the distinction between what is exhaustive and what is selective be made? I am positive that in the whole of the spans of time covered by the scripture there were more godly citizens, miracles, encounters with God, testimonies, and teachings that we will ever know. God's power throughout history is not limited to what is contained in 1500 pages of text.

    The notion that God exacts his favor on man based on the man's works is clearly contradicted in scripture. In the author's context, a man's very faith is a work that he improves and builds of his own will and capacity. She writes, "The reason it worked for us is we found it in God's word and kept reading, studying and talking it until it was part of us. And that's what will make it work for you." Essentially, they willed it so. She even assigns value judgments to women, dividing them as "average," "above average" and "below average" in God's kingdom. There is no scriptural evidence that God's economy works this way.

    She also claims "by His stripes we are healed" as a proclamation of power over cancer, migraines, stomach aches and childbearing. She even goes so far as to say "If we're redeemed, we're redeemed; either we are or we're not!" The logical extension of this is that any measure of pain in a person's life is either a failure of Christ's redemptive power, or an indication of an incomplete faith in the believer. Were pain proportionate to faith, Paul, John, Stephen and Christ himself would have ascended to glory pain-free.

    Additionally, the author's basic premise would have to extend to the conclusion that a childless couple is not manifesting God's will, or is following it less well than the couple with children. By this conclusion God's ability to exact His will on earth is limited by the power and faith of mortals. God's performance in the midst of pain and suffering is less perfect than His work in lives where there is no pain.

    If it is genuinely true that there is no place in God's kingdom for pain and suffering, then what of the suffering of Job, David, Christ and the apostles? How beautiful is Job's faith in God in the midst of his struggles! How precious are David's psalms of heartfelt honesty! How urgent are the Apostles' pleadings that we persevere for sake of Christ!

    God's glory is vast, and His power to redeem is unending. God can manifest His glory through pain, through jubilation, and through everything in between. He can redeem any broken body, but it does not follow that redemption is always earthly healing. How arrogant of us to limit God in such a way. If it is the case that His glory will be made manifest more in brokenness than in health, may it never be so that we attempt to stand in His way! We are told that God's ways are not our ways. Therefore how can we claim to know the exhaustive list of the manners, modes and circumstances in which He might choose to make His glory known?

    While I appreciate the author's courage in addressing the issue at all, and the sincerity of her beliefs, and her general encouragement that women should trust God more with their bodies and children, there is little in this book to recommend it to anyone looking to read it for any other purpose than mere curiosity and exposure to alternate ideas.

    Recommended: No...more info
  • A must for all women!
    This book was such a blessing to me during my first pregnancy and delivery. I think every woman, married, single with or without children should read this book. It has clearly defined scriptures to build or strengthen your faith no matter how much faith you have when you start. I read this book over and over during my pregnancy and spoke out loud the appropriate confessions each day leading up to my delivery. I was very blessed and you will be too!...more info
  • Excellent book
    This book is a manual: it gives know-how to the Believer in terms of understanding what God has said regarding Childbirth.

    We would recommend Supernatural Childbirth to everyone....more info
  • A Must Have for the Christian Woman!
    This book is amazing. At first I was skeptical but found it to be very comforting and imperative during a difficult pregnancy and delivery. I now by this book as a baby shower gift/congrats-your-pregnant-gift for all my friends!...more info
  • A MUST read
    I am pregnant with my first child. I am a strong Christian also who wants all that God has for me and to learn to grow deeper in a relationship with Him by trusting Him and His word. I have grown leaps and bounds the past 7 months of pregnancy, overcoming so many issues in my mind, body and spirit. I began reading other pregnancy books and all were negative and instilled fear of "what could be" but this book brought tears of joy to my eyes and to my spirit knowing that God is in control and that I have authority over the devil by the Word. I have learned so much to apply even to my life outside of pregnancy. Though I have not yet delivered, I am very excited about the day my daughter arrives. I recommend this book to all women who want to live in the promises God has for them in conception, pregnancy and childbirth. But you can't just read and hear it, you have to embrace it as your own and live it out by believing!! Blessings to all who read this book....more info
  • This is my Testimony, God is Awesome!
    The following is the testimony I have from my experience in reading the book "Supernatural Childbirth" by Jackie Mize. The book addresses every area a woman who is currently pregnant, miscarried, has been told she cannot have children, may be experiencing. This is a must read for all women of God that are married and have a desire to have children. I could not believe how the Lord Blessed me and too how quickly he Blessed me. The main point of the book is God's promises are for All of His children not just for me Jackie or a few others it is for All, but it is our faith that God honors. Please read my testimony below and know "that with God All things are possible".

    Last year sometime (2005) I went to a Fertility Specialist to see if there was a problem with me having children because we had been trying for a year and nothing happened. After he performed various test he told me that my tubes were blocked and I would not be able to have children the regular way. I was devastated, and wondered as most people do why me? So at the time it seemed if so my only option was IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization). For some reason my spirit just was not in agreement with that but my Husband really wanted me to go through with it so I did. So back in February/March 2006 I went through the process and it is quite intense with all of the daily shots, pills, going to the Doctor every other day so they could take blood, etc. Please see below for a description of the IVF process.

    February 22, 2006 was the day I started the actual invitro process, starting with my daily injections of Menupur in the morning, and Gonal F in the evenings and too going to the Fertility Doctor's office every other day so they could check my hormonal levels and the amount of eggs that were being produced. Then on March 1st I started in addition to the other injections Cetrocide in the evenings, must I add that these injections are done by yourself or someone in your household in my case my Husband did mine, and the injections are injected into your abdominal area, however I believe the Cetrocide was injected into the buttocks. I had an appointment on March 3rd and they said I had produced at that time 20 eggs, I have to admit it was quite uncomfortable walking around with all of those eggs floating around my belly but that is apart of the process. Please note, I cannot at this time remember all of the pills I took or even the specific reasons for the injections of Menupur, Gonal F and Cetrocide, so if you want more details please look up these injections on the internet and too look up the day by day account of what is done during the IVF process, you can find most of this given via Blogs from various women that have gone through the IVF process.

    On March 5th I went through the egg retrieval process which is interesting because they actually put you under. When I came to I was sitting in a reclining chair incoherent and feeling some pain in my vaginal area from the egg retrieval. I was on bed rest for about 2 days. Oh must I add they also took some sperm from my Husband, he had to go into a room and ejaculate his sperm into a cup, as you can see his retrieval process was much less painful than mine (smile). Then on March 8th they did the egg transfer. Before the egg transfer the Doctor sat us down and told us out of the 20 eggs only 9 were successfully retrieved because for some they could not get around my fibroids to retrieve them. And out the 9 eggs retrieved along with my Husband's sperm 5 embryos were produced and therefore the Doctor suggested that we allow them to transfer 3 embryos, that way we would possibly have triplets, twins, one child or none. This process was not painful at all just a little embarrassing, just imagine you having your yearly pap-smear and your legs are in the stirrups, well it is like that but your legs and body are propped up high in the air for all the world to see and you have your Doctor, a Nurse and a witness along with your spouse standing there all looking at your Vagina with this tube being inserted with the embryo's.

    March 20th was the day that I was going to find out whether I was pregnant or not , I knew before we even went to the Doctor's office for them to draw my blood that I was not pregnant. What they do is draw your blood and call you later to let you know whether or not you are pregnant. I went to work that day and the nurse called me at work and told me I was not pregnant, even though I knew in my heart I was not pregnant it still hurt deeply to hear her say those words, I just sat at my desk and cried, thinking back on it I should not have gone to work that day. After that I was deeply depressed, even to the point where some of my friends expressed great concern for me.

    In May 2006 I confided in an old friend from college, I told her about my failed attempt at IVF and she seemed if so she was angry with me and asked me did I ever read the book she gave me called "Supernatural Childbirth", I told her I did read it but I only read it one time and she told me to read it again and get it in my spirit and have Faith that the Lord will heal my womb and allow me and my Husband to produce a baby without IVF because all barren women in the Bible gave birth and the Blessings they had are the same Blessings you/I have. So I read the book 3 times and meditated on the scriptures, testimonies and confessions, and for once I really felt at peace and believed that the Lord was going to Bless me, I just did not know when, you know how we get impatient sometimes. So at the beginning of July I was suppose to get my period and I did not, I thought oh maybe it is just a couple of days late and I waited and nothing happened so a couple of days turned into a week and I said Oh God is this it, so soon? So I went to Wal-mart to do some shopping and while I was there I purchased an EPT test and did it that night and guess what it was positive, I could not believe it. The next day I went to work and called my Doctor (primary physician, not fertility specialist) and she told me to come in that afternoon and I did and it was confirmed I am pregnant. The Doctor said this is our miracle baby, she and I had tears in our eyes. When I got home I told my Husband and he was so happy he cried too. I called my old college friend who at the time was in a training class in New Orleans and she screamed, cried and praised God. God is awesome! I am so happy my friend told me to read that book again, the author was too told that she could never have children, and so she believed the Doctors, but it was her husband that told her that God has the last word in all things. When I read the book I did not tell my Husband because his faith was not where mines was at the time, he believed what the Doctors were saying. So after I told him I was pregnant I asked him to read the book and after he read the book he apologized to me for encouraging me to do the IVF and said going forward that he will have more faith in what God says vs. what man has to say.

    I pray that the Lord will Bless You just as He has Blessed me. Glory be to God!

    Description of IVF Process
    In order for pregnancy to occur, the egg must be released from the ovary and unite with the sperm. Normally this union, called fertilization, followed by development of an embryo, occurs in the fallopian tube which joins the uterus to the ovary. However, in IVF the egg and sperm are collected from each partner and are united in the laboratory to produce an embryo. This embryo is then transferred back to the uterus for continued growth. The process of IVF involves five major steps:
    1. Monitoring the development of follicles in the woman's ovaries.
    2. Aspiration of the follicle's contents and identification of the eggs.
    3. Obtaining a semen specimen from the male partner.
    4. Processing the eggs and sperm in the laboratory, enabling fertilization and embryo growth to occur.
    5. Transferring the embryo(s) into the uterus.
    To control the timing of egg release and to increase the number of eggs collected, the woman will receive ovarian stimulating hormones selected for her individual situation. To determine that the egg development is satisfactory, she will undergo ultrasound scans of the ovaries to see images of the enlarging follicles which contain the eggs. Hormone levels are also checked by taking a series of blood samples. Using the above information the physician determines when to administer an injection to cause final ripening of the eggs and when to schedule the egg retrieval.
    The egg retrieval is performed using a needle guided by transvaginal ultrasound. During this procedure the follicles in the ovary are visualized by placing an ultrasound probe into the woman's vagina. A needle is then guided into the follicle through the vaginal wall. Fluid from the grape size follicle, which presumably contains the egg, is then withdrawn. This is called follicular aspiration. During this procedure, which may take less than 30 minutes, the patient is given sedation intravenously. Timing is very important for this procedure because unripe eggs may not develop in the laboratory if the retrieval is too early. If the retrieval is too late the eggs may also not develop or may be lost because of release from the ovary. After retrieval, the patient is allowed to rest a short time before going home.
    The fluid obtained during the egg retrieval is taken to the laboratory where the eggs are isolated and mixed with properly processed sperm. This mixture is placed in incubators to allow fertilization to take place. The eggs are observed for fertilization 12-16 hours later, and placed in fresh culture medium for continued growth. Once cell division occurs in the fertilized egg it is then referred to as an embryo.
    Embryos that have developed satisfactorily are placed in the woman's uterus three to five days after egg retrieval. This procedure requires cleansing of the vagina with a solution and then transferring the embryo(s) into the uterus through a small catheter. This is a short, painless procedure not requiring sedation. The patient must lie down for a period of time after the embryo transfer. Continuous rest for a day after the transfer is recommended.

    ...more info
  • Her Testimony Is Very Powerful!
    What a wonderful book! Some say it sets you up for a letdown if you experience pain during birth. A thinking woman would know that God will give her the birth He wants, be it with or without pain. A painful birth certainly does not mean you failed during childbirth. But Jackie encourages us to stretch our faith to the limit, to not rule out the dunamis power of the Holy Spirit! He is able. Able to do ANYTHING, and we can rest assured He will give us the birth HE intended if we surrender to Him. Another useful book is Christ Centered Childbirth by Kelly Townsend. Both books helped me immensely during my births! Supernatural childbirth should be read by every pregnant woman, with the understanding that anything can happen and God can be glorified, no matter what happens....more info
  • There is hope...
    This book is a journey to creating hope versus worry. I began my pregnancy with a little worry that continued to grow until a friend introduced me to this book. So many things can go wrong, so many things can happen, however, we are not created to worry and fret. This book walks you through another couples triumphs of conception and delivery and gives you hope and confidence that you too can walk the same path that they did. In fact, the book takes you step by step on that path through a grounded Christian perspective that stands on the word of God. This isn't fluff! It is a real look at what the Bible says concerning conception, threatening miscarriage, and delivery through pratical application of the word of God. This book takes you on a path filled with hope! ...more info
  • Supernatural
    Excellent book. Have read it before but wanted my own copy. A must read for a worry free pregnancy and childbirth....more info
  • When you need a better understanding
    A good friend told me about the book and the blessing she experienced from the childbirth experience. The book was a blessing for me as well. It gave me the spiritual guidance I needed to get through the first ten months and a successful delivery. The delivery was everything Jackie said it would be with God's help. ...more info
  • Christ was obedient unto death, yet He suffered ... and told us to take up our crosses, too.
    I received this book because of my interest in natural childbirth. Unfortunately, I think this book illustrates that you can prove anything by prooftexting (my husband recently heard of a teenager insisting tattoos are okay because Rev. 19:16 says, "He had on His cloak and on His thigh 'King of Kings ...'"), out of context. I give it two stars instead of one because they are people honestly seeking to do God's holy Will.

    The premise: if you just have enough faith, God will do exactly what you want Him to do. No pain, no suffering, no miscarriages, no infertility, just Health & Wealth. My dear friends, "I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me" - IF it is His holy Will. If not, it ain't gonna happen! And sometimes it is within His holy and mysterious plan to allow burdens in our life. "Take up your cross and follow Me." Look what happened when Peter tried to deny that Christ should have to undergo suffering & death - "Get behind me, Satan!" I have had beautiful births, and great faith, but there has been some (manageable) pain and plenty of nausea during pregnancy! I'm a tither, yet those I know who tithe faithfully and believe ardently still have miscarriages.

    Paul said, "I make up in my own body the afflictions which are lacking in the sufferings of Christ" (Col 1:24). Lacking in Christs' sufferings? What can this mean? Only that all that is lacking is our participation, in our own bodies. "Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, for you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance" (Jms 1:2,3). You know what a child who gets everything he wants is - a brat. Even more does our heavenly Father know what we need. Weakness produces trust, while self-reliance destroys faith & hope. Bible promises taken out of context are not a guarantee for painless living.

    The doctrine that if you suffer, it's your fault for not having enough faith is just not true. It's a human novelty, destined to create despair in those whom it inevitably fails. The apostles knew it - all but one were martyrs. Job, Paul, and the early Church fed to lions knew it. Your instinct knows it, too. God bless you....more info
  • An Awesome & Powerful Book!
    For 5 years I had been trying to have a baby. I went through a series of fertility treatments and etc. I thought I was unable to have children. I found out about this book, read it, applied my faith to the confessions, and I had my first baby last year! I am now pregnant with my second!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus! I am so glad Jackie was obedient to the Lord, and shared her testimony with the world through this book!...more info
  • What a wonderful book!
    A friend of mine told me about this book when she was pregnant and I went out right away and bought it. Because it took us such a long time (about 2.5 years) to become pregnant, I had lots of time to read it! I was so encouraged by the scriptures! I was also very encouraged by the success stories at the end of the book. My son is 8 monhs old now. I have told so many friends and family about this book. It was really a blessing!...more info
  • Great prayers for your baby are in the book
    I waited 12 weeks to write this review so I could be more objective. I completely believed Jackie and listened faithfully to her tape, and read and prayed all the scriptures and prayers. I believed about the curse of childbirth pain being lifted. What I found out is that some women DO have painfree births - I've met a few, read many stories on the net (see painfree childbirth websites). But it appears that even with pure beliefs and faith, the majority of women don't.

    I went into labor fully confident in my ability to give birth naturally at a birth center with my midwife, and the prayers of many people. I had thoroughly prepared my heart and mind. I read many birth books. I listened to tapes. I talked to many who had easy births. But mine turned into a nightmare. After 18 hard hours I went to the hospital - my emergency back-up plan required by the midwife. 18 hours after my arrival I had an emergency C-Section.

    My question was why? Did God abandon me? Was it my fault? I knew I had believed it - yet I had 36 hours of labor and the 3 other women at the center gave birth in about 4 hours of arrival (albeit not pain free - but pretty easy compared to me). I kept wondering if God had been with me, and if not for the hospital, would I or my baby have died? I had nightmares for a few weeks afterwards. Only now am I forgetting and saying yes, we'll have another child - C-Section.

    I've come to the conclusion that God WAS with me. He led me to the birth center, where I received excellent care, supplements, & tons of information. I took Bradley classes & learned all about pregnancy and birth. I received invaluable nutrition information & had to track my protein intake, which helped me grow a healthy baby. My appt began and ended on time - one full hour each - unlike the doctor's office I left, where I'd wait 1.5 hours for a 5-min. useless appt.

    God was also with me in helping me set up an emergency plan. He was with me in the hospital - my nurses and dr. were awesome!

    And he took good care of my baby. He was born at 43 weeks, and is perfect. Beautiful in fact.

    I've since read more about the curse & the fall in Derek Prince's "Blessings & Curses." I believe he is more on target than the Mize's in this regard, though they are godly, loving people.

    I didn't want my baby drugged - I did everything possible to prevent that from occuring. Seeing him so drugged saddened me. But God was with us & we both recovered in a few days.

    I'd recommend the book only for the prayers. I always pray before I buy books that I won't waste God's money, and I believed he helped me find this book. However, I am a faithful tither and was shocked when I miscarried last year after I had read what the Mize's say about tithers not miscarrying. I think their theology is off, but it is an encouraging book, so it may help someone.

    I noticed that most of these reviews were written by women who had yet to give birth. Did anyone come back to give a review saying "it's true!"???...more info
  • Through The TRUTHS Shared in This Book, 4 Miracle Children Have Been Born To My Sister In Law(3) and Myself (1)!
    I was first introduced to Jackie Mize's ministry by a tape cassete a sister in Christ gave me.
    I listened to it, and gave it to my sister in law Sue Yin.

    Doctors had told Sue Yin there was NO WAY she could ever get pregnant because she was 'deformed' inside.
    They even scheduled her for a hysterectomy.
    Her hysterectomy was called off-because they found HER TO BE PREGNANT! She now has 3 sons.

    Years passed.
    I weakened in my faith as miscarriage after miscarriage took my children from me. (After 5 miscarriages I was numb from heartache I stopped counting them I wouldn't even pray for children anymore, I just prayed, please GOD, NO MORE MISCARRIAGES!)...

    Doctors had told me NOT to get pregnant after a dnc following a miscarriage because I might die...

    Then I found this book...HOW I THANKED GOD for this surprise! I didn't know it had been made into a book.
    GOD used it to build up my faith to TRUST in HIS WORD again.

    To GOD be all the Glory! I had NO MORE MISSCARRIAGES!
    AND my husband, and family have been blessed with a beautiful and healthy! baby boy. Joseph Elisha is 1 year and 5 months old.

    I thank GOD HE cares, hears, and answers prayers.
    I thank GOD HE brought Jackie Mize (a sister in Christ) who had studied HIS WORD and TRUSTED HIM and found HIM FAITHFUL to share HIS blessings with us.

    for those looking for the tape cassette:
    Go to Jackie Mize's husbands' website:
    you WILL find it!

    Do yourself a favor...Do someone you love a favor...
    Do anyone who wants to be a parent a favor:
    Get This Book!
    And to those who say this book ISN'T Scriptural,
    "ye know not what spirit ye are of."...more info
  • What a blessing!!!
    Thank you for this book! It is truly wonderful! I believe it will bless any woman, trying to get pregnant, currently pregnant, or who has had children already. It can be applied to life too! If you confess with your mouth the Word of God and believe it in your heart, anything is possible in pregnancy and in any life situation! I will surely be passing this book on to others!!...more info
  • Be careful what you pray for!
    I learned so much from this book. With my first child, I was in labor for 13 hours (including 3 hours of pushing), and resorted to an epidural after my midwife insisted that we use pitocin to "speed things up." I also had an internal tear that required several stitches, which I believe could have been avoided had we allowed things to progress more naturally.

    I read this book when I was pregnant with my second child, and what I learned made such a huge difference! I prayed for "no medical intervention" (thinking I didn't want pitocin or an epidural) and labor that lasted less than two hours. What I got: One hour and 50 minutes after my first contraction, the baby was born on my bathroom floor before the paramedics even arrived--my husband had to "catch" the baby! For whatever reason, I just didn't grasp the concept that God would answer my prayers so faithfully. I didn't begin to get my things together to go to the hospital until contractions were 5 minutes apart. It wasn't long after that when my water broke, and less than 20 minutes later, after I was literally floored by the strong yet not-too-painful contractions (didn't even make it to my bed), my husband is following the 911-operator's instructions and cupping his hands as if to catch a football. And this man never took a day of biology class in his life because he's so disgusted at the sight of blood! Now I think it's funny--and awesome--that God literally provided for "no medical intervention" in response to my prayers--I just didn't expect that there would not even be any medical personnel present!

    My advice: be careful what you pray for. ;)...more info
  • Great!!! A must read
    I am reading this book and I am loving all the info inside. I am applying the principles to my life. God will do the best. If you are a Christian and plan on becoming pregnant or are pregnant, you should read this book....more info
  • Got us through infertility and pregnancy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This book helped us so much when we were trying to have a baby!!! I recommend it highly. We now have healthy twins!
    Thank you for this book. ...more info
  • i need the tape for this book
    Actually is not a review,i just need a tape on supernatural child birth pls,is it avalible thanks waiting on your reply....more info
  • I loved this book
    A friend bought me this book. Unlike what some have said Jesus died for our sins, and our curses, all of them not just some of them. So yes you can have a Supernatural childbirth. I had a great pregnancy and delivery with my son. I arrived at the hospital at 7:20am sat in the waiting room for over 30 minutes. When they finally checked me after 8am; I was at 9 cm. My son was born at 9:05am on April 5th 2004. I pushed for less than 10 minutes. It was pain free and the most beautiful thing I have ever experinced in my life. Not eveyone will have the same experince that I did, but reading this book can build your faith in more ways than you can imagine. Through CHRIST JESUS all things are possible even a fast pain free labor.
    Tricia Barker
    Makakilo, Hawaii...more info
  • Word of Faith Theology
    I would not recommend this book. Jackie believes in the Word of Faith doctrine. As a Christian we can ask God to protect us and give us a healthy childbearing experience, but we CANNOT command it of him or of ouselves. We need to ask that his will be done and not tell him what his will should be. For more information see ...more info
  • Loved the book but get the tape!
    I was sent this book and the tape when I found out I was pregnant. It was an awesome encouragement to me. Jackie's main emphasis is a healthy baby and healthy mom-not a painfree delivery. We are encouraged to believe God according to our faith and the promises in Scripture.

    I noticed a change as I began speaking to my body, especially with morning sickness. My husband prayed over me each night that my body would prepare for labor as God intended.

    I had an incredible experience that was everything I believed God for. I had a drug free, fear free experience but best of all, a healthy baby. I highly recommend this book and really recommend the tape. It is encouraging to listen to throughout your pregnancy (...)...more info
  • Poorly disguised prosperity doctrine
    Contrary to all other reviews published, I found this book to be most unhelpful. It basically talked about childbirth & conception as commodities that God 'wants' us to have. While I'm sure that God is good & blesses us richly, this book simply is western capitalism revisited in another form. I'm really glad that others found the book inspiring, but to me it seemed very much along the lines of 'God is a vending machine, there to give you everything you want'. There was no suggestion that sometimes there is no earthly resolution. If you believe in the God who answers all prayers with a yes, buy this book. If you believe that God is a loving, merciful & suffering God who connects with people in their suffering but does not always give us what we want, then read the book of Job instead....more info