Fusionbrands Poach Pods, Set of 2, Green

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Product Description

Includes Harold Imports 8004 Harold Imports Fusionbrands Poach Pods Set Of 2 Green.

  • Modern silicone egg cooking tool
  • Heat resistant to 675F
  • Non stick silicone
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Food safe and FDA compliant

Customer Reviews:

  • Easy to use
    Poach Pods are easy to use and the eggs come out easily. I would recommend this product to my friends....more info
  • soft boiled egg lover- these are GREAT!
    My wife and I enjoy soft boiled eggs. I used to put the eggs out overnight, bring water to boil, boil the eggs for 3.5 minutes and top the eggs in those little egg cups. Problem was, the toppers did not make a large enough hole for a standard spoon. You're supposed to use a smaller spoon, just for this purpose. Great, another single purpose utensil! And the egg shells did not crack open easily nor neatly.

    Enter this product. Boil water. Spray pods w/veg oil. Start timer at 5 minutes. Crack open eggs over pods. Cover. Turn down heat to simmer. When timer rings, remove pods with slotted spoon. Run regular spoon, the one you're gonna eat with, around edges of egg in pod. Dump into bowl. Eat.

    Later, wash out pod, place upside down in dishwasher.

    IOW, follow the directions, and it works perfectly, cleans easily and is far better than the old way of soft boiling eggs.

    BTW, I believe the pods are 3 cornered, not 4 cornered, to encourage you to follow the directions and use a slotted spoon, rather than your hands. MUCH safer that way.

    SIMPLE product, SIMPLE process. Rarely am I so fully satisfied with a product of any description.

    I won't be soft boiling eggs anymore. Might buy more pods, for when we have guests. Or don't run the dishwasher every night....more info
  • Very pleased.
    The video is what really sold me on these pods. Seems like it takes
    a little longer to get the eggs just right but overall very pleased
    with the small mess and easy clean up....more info
  • Works Okay
    Poaching has, for some reason, been something of a quest. Pans made for poaching stick no matter what and water condenses inside the lid, watering the finished egg. Floating an egg in vinegar-infused water in a sauce pot works okay, but creates a thorough mess, and the amount of chlorine and other chemicals and minerals present in tap water alters cooking time and taste-quality to the point of being somewhat unreliable. Was looking forward to these silicon poaching cups to solve all three problematic areas .... mess, condensation and unreliability. Well ... they do, sort of. Despite liberal application of spray-cooking oil my eggs have consistently stuck to the silicon ... not 'badly' but enough that getting them out of the pod breaks them up. Now, this just may be me, and others are pleased with the silicon's performance, but at $9 for two it's a bit of a disappointment, like many specialty tools. If these were $2 for two I'd just nod and say Okay, so what. But at $9 I'll keep trying to make this investment work. Maybe they'll be just the thing for you....more info
  • Correction.
    I have not used this product, but I would like to point out an error - this product actually coddles the eggs, it does not poach them. To poach an egg, you cook it directly in the water, whereas coddling involves putting the egg in a greased container (like the Poach Pod) and cooking the egg in its container in the water. I personally think the benefit of poaching an egg is that you don't have to add extra fat, like you do with frying, scrambling, or coddling eggs, so for people who want to eat more healthily by poaching their eggs, this product does not help them do that. It looks like a great coddling device, though. ...more info
  • poach pods
    Really easy to use and cooked eggs are easy to get out. Takes a lot of the fuss out of making poached eggs....more info
  • I use them everyday!
    I love these and ordered 4 more. So easy to use. They wash easily too....more info
  • Great product
    These are great for one or two poached eggs. Be sure to spray the insides with PAM first and you won't have a problem....more info
  • Yeah, they work nice, but...
    Follow the directions and they work fine. The eggs have a great shape. I've tried just about every poaching gadget on the market. Some of them, I've ended up throwing out or giving away. In my opinion, a tad of white vinegar and dropping the eggs into boiling water works about as good as any of these, making for an easier clean up and less clutter in the kitchen. ...more info
  • Works nicely
    I found these to be very useful. I read the directions before using them and sprayed a little olive oil from my Mr. Misto onto them first. I had no problems with the egg sticking to them much and the little bit that did came right off with a spoon. It says to loosen the edges first with a spoon and then invert them. It works pretty good. I've tried other egg poachers which have plastic cups and use steam. They were a sticking nightmare even with the use of oil and they were much much harder to use and clean. I can pop these babies into the dishwasher and they get completely clean and of course the pan only had boiling water in it so it doesn't even get dirty as long as you don't miss the cup when cracking the egg into it. (did that once!). I would buy them again. Only negative is that they are a little costly for what they are but I guess silicon is expensive. ...more info
  • Absolutely Perfect!
    The poached eggs are absolutely perfect every time! Follow the directions - use nonstick spray in the pod and cook the eggs in a covered pan over low heat. I wish I had these twenty years ago....more info
  • Looks great, but tastes kinda funny
    First of all, these things work well. They make poaching eggs quite easy, as long as you make sure to oil the pods. I poured a few drops of oil into each pod, then used my finger to coat the walls; this resulted in the cooked egg coming out clean, no sticking.
    The only reason i rated this 3 stars is because my eggs taste just like the way the pods smell. Maybe its a one time thing, who knows, but i made sure to wash them beforehand.
    So as far as function goes, ill give it 4 1/2 stars, but because of the taste of the eggs, i have to knock down some points....more info
  • Love these pods
    These egg poacher pods are terrific, and the eggs come out tender and perfect. Very easy to use and clean. We just got another set for poached eggs for dinner, too....more info
  • Poacher
    I first saw this in use by my daughter-in-law and immediately wanted a set for my wife and myself. It wasn't easy to find and at roughly $10 isn't exactly cheap. But it's a quality product and cooks eggs to perfection in boiling water. Easy to clean up, too. Amazon made buying it easy....more info
    Amazing "poached" eggs! Highly recommended! More amazing- how reviewers would choose to ignore the included and securely attached instruction tag, and then complain about poor results! This product is the first application of silicone used as a cooking or baking vessel, that makes sense. Though, like many other so-called "poachers", it actually produces totally acceptable, consistent steamed eggs when instructions are followed. (To poach- is to cook by simmering in a small amount of liquid) When recommended cooking spray is used, there are NO sticking egg bits and removal of cooked eggs and clean-up couldn't be easier. If you are among those who are compelled to put everything into a dishwasher, instructions say: "When placing in a dishwasher put a top rack prong through one hole in the pod to keep pod in place while washing." The Poach Pods are an inexpensive, store-anywhere, problem-free means to prepare food magazine "poached" eggs....more info
  • Neat gadget
    Easy to use and easy to clean. Just spray with nonstick spray, break egg into it, put in pan of simmering water, cover, and cook to your desired level of doneness--5 minutes works for me. Floats on top of the water. Much easier than getting out the egg poacher with all its pieces. Bought 3 sets and sometimes poach 6 eggs at one time. ...more info
  • Great invention!
    This is a GREAT invention! So simple, but works so well. Makes great poached eggs, very quickly. I spray a little cooking spray inside each one before cooking, and the eggs slide right out. I love these things so much, I may buy another set!...more info
  • Poached egg edges not as smooth as I had expected
    While it is a handy device, and undoubtedly less fussy to use than other poaching products/tools, it is not perfect. Because bits of egg stay stuck to the sides of the pod after either flipping them out or using a flexible spoon/spatula...
    - the resulting shape is not as smooth or "clean" as I'd like (acceptable for daily use but not good enough for entertaining)
    - cleanup isn't any easier than cleaning custard cups or ramekins if you choose to handwash.

    I own and use several silicone kitchen tools, I was surprised that the non-stick feature fails with these poach pods. I consider myself a very experienced cook, and am 100% certain I followed the directions exactly when I used the pods several times....more info
  • poach pods
    easy to use-be sure and follow directions to spray them with cooking oil and cook with lid on-makes perfect poached eggs....more info
  • Great Eggs.. it works!
    To Mr. "silicone does not work for this product" i assume you have not tried this product, or read the instructions on it's use. It clearly states to use a lid on the pot of boiling water. Yes silicone is great at keeping heat at bay, but the lid acts as a steamer, cooking the egg all the way round (top included).

    I bought this product as an easy way to make my fav dish (w/o having to spend allot of $) It works great, is very easy to use and clean. No problem getting the eggs out, and they only come out when you scoup them out. So you don't have to worrky about loosing your eggs on the way to the plate :D. Plus they look great! 5 stars in my book!!...more info
  • Perfect every time
    Having tried at least a half dozen other egg poachers, I was sceptical about this one. Happily I was very wrong. These work perfectly every time and are extremely easy to use. The only caveat is that you need a fairly deep skillet -- or a saucepan -- in order to put the lid on over the rather high sides of the poachers....more info
  • Doesn't work as advertised...
    I received 4 of these for Christmas this year and tested them out this morning.

    I was poaching 4 eggs for some Eggs Benedict.

    I did exactly as the instructions indicated. I cracked an egg into each of the Poach Pods and placed them on top of some boiling water in a pot.

    They seem to take forever, even in briskly boiling water. After 15 minutes of trying to get the tops to whiten, I tried to remove one of the eggs from a Poach Pod. It stuck and wouldn't come out, even with the help of a spoon.

    The top was completed undercooked while the bottom was nearly burnt.

    You get what you pay for, I guess.

    I'll just poach eggs the old fashioned way from now on....more info
  • Love them, but just one thing...
    I purchased these as a gift for my husband for Christmas because he loves poached eggs, but never liked making them. He loves these things, and says we should get a couple more so he can cook more at a time! The only thing I personally don't like (since he cooks, I clean) is that these do not come clean in the dishwasher. Otherwise, they work great!...more info
  • great results
    Although I have no trouble making poached eggs using the whirlpool method . I am always open to new things. 5 min produced the perfect egg , perfect shape and was easy as pie. I swipe the inside with Land O Lake buttery spread. The eggs came out without any proding and left the pod clean . I have found that washing too much can be bad for almost any non stick or seasoned cooking utensil, Cast Iron comes to mind here.Just rinse and wipe. Do they work ? YES . ...more info
  • So Simple and So Great
    I use these all the time. Simple. No fuss. Great results. Easy clean up. For best results use a small bit of butter or margarine to coat the pods. That works much better than oil or oil spray which just collects at the bottom of the pod. I've got it down to a science. I like my yolk soft, but not too soft. It takes exactly 5 minutes and 30 seconds!...more info
  • Great Eggs!
    Wasn't sure how these were going to be, but after reading reviews I thought I'd take the chance. These pods are really great! I spray a little pam in them and make sure sides are coated, and from there on it's very simple....more info
  • Great eggs
    Since purshasing ,I have used often with purfect poached eggs every time.Shipping was fast,I am happy with this item. G.B....more info
  • Perfect Poached Eggs
    I can only say good things about this poaching product. I rub a very small amount of butter on the pod, add the egg, and place in simmering water for about 6 minutes. The eggs easily slip out of the pod. Perfect every time....more info
  • Easy, Easy, Easy!
    These work like a charm! Follow the directions & you'll have perfect poached eggs. Cleanup is just a swish through soapy water. The pan just boiled water - no gloppy egg stuff hanging on! Love them!...more info
  • terrific product
    Unfortufornately, I paid almost $16 for this product at an upscale grocery store, but I consider it worth every penny. It's easy, quick, quiet and makes perfect poached egs with very little effort. Best -- it takes almost no storage space....more info
  • If you buy these...I have a bridge for you!
    This is the worst product I have ever used, and reflects the lack of ethics of the distributor on various levels. When I finally saw this product, I was SHOCKED by the amount of time I waited to receive it, AND the ridiculous handling charges. These are two thin litle "skins" and using a standard stationery envelope is actually too big for them. When an egg is cracked into them, for heaven's sake, don't let a draft hit them, or they tip over, and the whole egg goes on the counter and is wasted. Then if you CAN get them into the already steaming pot (per their instructions) without getting a steam burn, you are indeed quick and agile! We won't even talk about getting them out of the pot, then out of the pod "skin"! One of them tipped over while putting the pod in the pot, and when it was said and done...tasted better than the one in the pod, which gave the food a weird taste. Used 6 eggs total to give the product a fair shake! (Got one fair from it!)

    Above all, the plain attempt to deceive by the distributor, was also clearly evidenced by the shipping and handling fee> A small envelope, and they can be RETURNED for one standard stamp! Don't be fooled. I will never go to this distribulote again due to their obvious lack of integrity! I will also write Amazon, because this crap also affects their name....more info
  • Poached eggs made easy!
    Really great product and very easy to use. The eggs take a little longer to cook than the normal immersion method but they are easier to cook this way, come are a uniform shape and clean up is much easier. ...more info
  • Foolproof
    I love well-made eggs, but could for the life of me make decent eggs other than by hard-boiling. These little pods make it easy to get great eggs, with perfect texture every time. Just follow the simple directions found attached to the pods (remember to cover your saute pan!) and they should turn out well. Perhaps not pretty enough to serve to the Queen of England, but definitely good enough to serve to family. ...more info
  • Fusionbrands Poach Pods are Awesome!
    These work great, make poaching eggs a snap. Major timesaver & super easy to clean too. I also love the design....more info
  • Brilliant little cookers
    I love these little guys: They make fantastic "poached" eggs, they're compact, and they clean up in a snap. I really don't get most of the criticisms; just follow the instructions to the letter and you can't go wrong. Make sure to grease the insides -- the whole surface, not just the bottom. I take a little butter or olive oil and smear it around, very easy. Also, the water should be at a full boil when you add the eggs, and you'll need a pan or pot with space to spare (I have a frying pan with a nice domed lid, which does the trick). The lid is crucial; I can't imagine they work with an uncovered pot. I also don't put my pods in the dishwasher. They wash up easily and dry upside down in minutes.

    The one criticism I actually buy is that they don't really poach eggs -- it's a somewhat different effect. But the result is beautiful, perfectly suitable for eggs benedict (at least for most people), all with minimal mess....more info
  • Easy poached eggs
    very handy way to make poached eggs...eggs aren't drowned in water & your toast isn't soggy---I'd buy these again....more info
  • Straight-forward
    These are practical, easy to use, and simple to clean. All-around great product for making poached eggs easy....more info
  • Two P's in a Pod
    I saw the Poach Pods advertised in one of my magazines, and had to have them. I hadn't had a poached egg in years, but I had one as soon as I received my new pods, and it was wonderful!!!...more info
  • Great little tool in the kitchen!
    I have read other reviews saying the egg sticks to the pod - I've used mine at least 10 times and have never had that happen. I spray them with nonstick spray and if you just run a spoon around the edge, it pops out about half way around. The only trouble I have with it is getting it out of the water. As with other silicone cookware, the flimsy silicone is a little bit hard to work with, but using a slotted spoon works fine for me. The long and short of it is that these are much easier than the alternative for cooking poached eggs. One tip, though: If you're making eggs for two people (my husband and I usually each have 2) buy 4 pods because it takes 5 minutes to cook the eggs and you end up eating alone :)...more info
  • Another Poach Pod fan!
    A few months ago, I switched over completely to just eating egg whites and not the yolks, and poaching just the egg whites is almost impossible. When I saw these, I figured it was worth a try.

    I gave each pod a quick spray of Pam, and put two egg whites in each one instead of a whole egg. After placing them in a skillet of "almost, but not quite boiling water" and covering with a lid, a few minutes later they were done perfectly. They slid out without any fuss right onto a piece of toast and breakfast was ready -- delicious! I know I will get a lot of use from these handy gadgets!...more info
  • believe the hype
    Works like a charm, and the shape of the egg when done is perfect for bistro salads or benedicts. Loved it and would buy it again....more info
  • not poached
    The pods do cook the eggs, but the result is not the same as a poached egg. The texture is much tougher even when the yolk is still runny. The white ends up about an inch thick on the bottom, not the thin delicate consistancy of a traditional poached egg....more info
  • cool process. cool-looking poached eggs.
    It works a charm, exactly as described.
    and those doohickies are easily cleaned too....more info
  • Little Wonders
    I read all of the reviews before deciding to buy these 'little wonders'. I used to be a 'purist' and would only poach eggs in water with a little vinegar added. But the poach pods have changed my mind - I think they are the best things I have ever tried for poaching eggs.

    As far as clean up goes - be sure to be liberal when you coat the silicone (I use oil olive spray). If you do that any egg residue cleans right off. I also hook one of the holes over a prong in my dishwasher and then strategically position a small plate or untensil so that the pods won't flip and fill with water during the cycle. Love these little guys!...more info
  • A good product, but get a slotted spoon
    The eggs were perfect after six minutes, so much so that my wife, who'd said she didn't want any, cast a longing glance at mine (served over sauteed zucchini with grated Parmigiano for dinner) and asked for her own. Careful, I burned myself trying to extract them from the water the first time by grabbing the edge. A slotted spoon and a spritz of oil (clearly indicated by the directions) made it flawless. I'm excited to get a couple more and try out some savory and sweet custards.
    ...more info
  • Outstanding Egg Poacher
    Imagine this! Fill a sauce pan with water and set it on a burner until the water boils. Give two quick sprays of Pam (or similar product) into a Poach Pod. Then crack an egg into the Poach Pod and float it in the pan. Cover the pan with its lid so that steam cooks the top of the egg. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Pop some bread in a toaster. Pour a cup of coffee. When the buzzer sounds remove the egg from the Poach Pod and transfer to a bowl. Cover the bowl with the still hot lid while you wash out the Poach Pod. Add a dash of salt and pepper........there you have a perfect breakfast in about 7 minutes!

    My daughter ordered several Poach Pods to give to friends as gifts. She took mine home with her when she finished her visit and left for home!! ...more info
  • Great if you use it right!
    The first time I used this I used a napkin to put oil on the inside. I had a little trouble getting the eggs out. They washed easily as I just turned them inside out and the egg came right off. After that I left them inside out, rubbed with butter, flipped them back, added the eggs and cooked. When done, I ran a table knife around the eggs before removing and they just flipped out. I also found it worked better to have the water boiling first and then turn the heat down. The eggs turn out looking great and it was easy to prepare 4 eggs at once with different degrees of hardness.
    ...more info
  • a bit cumbersome
    To prepare poached eggs as directed, the pods need to go into a pan with a lid. All of my pans are too shallow for this, and I have to use a decently large pot to get the pods to fit and put a lid on. This means a lot of water needs to come to a boil. By that time, I would rather have sunny-side-up. I might try them for flan. ...more info
  • Does what it says
    Want to poach eggs? Don't want to haul out a klunky egg poacher with a bunch of parts that you will need to clean up later? These poach pods are just the thing to have if you like poached eggs quickly and without a lot of fuss. They are easy to use and clean up. The instructions suggest there are other uses for these little pods such as using them to mold food or for baking "flan, frittata or other baked goods" but I haven't tried that. A good product that does what it claims it will do....more info
  • Good egg poacher
    Works well with a deep pan with enough water in it and a lid. Dont try with a shallow frying pan like I did. Easy to clean and store also....more info