AMCOR MF8000E 8,000 BTU NanoMax Portable Air Conditioner

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Product Description

Bring the cool air with you where you need it when moving from room to room this summer. Featuring an innovative AutoDrain NanoMist technology and a new compact space-saving design, this 8000 BTU portable A/C unit from Amcor comes with a built-in handle and cord wrap and an ergonomic remote control as well as a 12 hour timer. Dimensions (WxDxH):12 x 15 x 30 inches Weight: 49 lbs

  • 110v - 60 hz
  • 110V?60 Hz
  • Ideal For Rooms 200?300 Sq Ft
  • Manual controls
  • ?12-Hour Timer
Customer Reviews:
  • This unit works wonderfully!!
    Highly Recommended!! Inexpensive and powerful.
    Simple to setup. just 4 pieces to put together. As with ANY air conditioner, the hot air must vent so the window connection was simple and i can easily move it from room to room since all windows are same size. This unit works better than the 10,000 unit. Only issue - squirrels, came in through window vent (unit was NOT on). had to get mesh screening to cover window connection....more info
  • Excellent product!

    This unit was easy to install(and I have zero handyman skills) and does exactly what was promised. During heatwaves with temperatures of 85 degrees and higher, this unit kept my 250 square foot bedroom at a comfortable 74 degrees.(I could have set it lower but I found this temperature to be comfortable)
    Have used it heavily for over a month and have not had to drain it once.

    I am very very satisfied with this product...more info
  • great product
    It came right on time and it was a lifesaver. I don't have to put it in the window so I am happy. It works great and I have no complaints. ...more info
  • You still need a window for this!!!!
    If you are buying this because you have no window to vent from, DON'T!!! You will still need a window and it doesn't make sense. There is a big giant size hose to vent out of a window. This thing is really not portable in my opinion. Sent it back....more info
  • Nice product, works great!
    Product works great, no problems. It is bulky since it needs to vent out the window of course. But I bought it specifically so I wouldn't have to insert your normal A/C bulky window-unit in my window. No problems. Manufacturer is very friendly when you call with any questions. ...more info
  • Makes Living in Hellish Conditions Bearable
    I live in the South, and it's not even summer yet, but it's close to 90 degrees here. Because I live in a loft, the upstairs bedroom is even hotter. Before I got the Air Conditioner, it would be over 100 degrees in the upstairs bedroom and bathroom before 12:00 p.m., and in the 80's at night. Right now the room stays at around 81 degrees during the day and is cool at night - so I can sleep!! I'm noticing that because it's so hot in the daytime, the air compressor stays on all day!! The fan doesn't come on until the temperature has cooled or the air compressor needs a break, which isn't very often. It's a good idea to have a small fan in the room to circulate some of the air as this helps the air compressor. I've also not had to change the water in the unit since I've had it - about 2 months. Overall, I think that if you have a small living area where a window unit is not allowed or not practical, this is the best solution...Of course, we're not in the throes of summer yet, so I'll be sure to edit my review if anything changes....more info
  • Assembly Not Intuitive - no assembly manual with unit!
    Well, there was not clear instructions. I have extra parts that the instruction sheet never refers to. I have an adjustable "slide" bar that that doesn't adjust or slide. I called the Amcor customer support, and it was clear that the representative knew nothing of the product. They stated it would be 2 business days for a reply. I would expect some manual, and product feedback form, etc. All I received was one sheet......

    So, if you are the type of person that gets frustrated trying to put together your childs bike and there are no instructions, you may want to pass on this purchase.

    I still have not turned the unit on....more info
  • Does The Job
    We bought the unit to cool a room in the attic and it works well. Easy to install....more info
  • Not as enthusiastic as others
    I can't say I've had as good an experience as others reported here...the main problem I've discovered is that the compressor only cycles on for about seven minutes at a time, followed by fifteen minutes during which the machine simply operates as a fan and blows in hot air from outside. Company info on their web site indicates that this is being done to prevent the compressor from overheating--unfortunately, this results in the compressor remaining cool while my small studio apartment (only 200 sq feet) remains too hot. I don't know if other units have similar limitations, but I would hesitate to recommend this product on the basis of my own experience. Hope this is helpful to anyone looking to make a buying decision... ...more info
  • Lots of Great Features
    I purchased this unit out of desperation in the midst of a heat-wave. I read a lot of reviews and settled on this guy, and I'm not disappointed. My living room isn't huge (approx. 12'x16'), but it cools it down effectively.

    The Pros:
    - My girlfriend loves the remote. You can change the mode, target temperature, fan speed, and turn it on and off without moving off the couch.
    - I like that it shows you the temperature. I also like that it automatically kicks the compressor on and off as needed.
    - No buckets to empty.

    The Cons:
    - When the other reviews talk about the exhaust tube being big, they're lying. It's FREAKIN' HUGE. Think dryer hose.
    - There's no way (that I've found, at least) to set it to turn off when it hits the target temperature. I still panic over high energy bills, so it's scary to leave it running all the time. I'd like it a lot more if it would not only kill the compressor, but shut down the whole unit when the room becomes cool enough.
    - It's fairly noisy. I don't have a lot of experience with air conditioners, but it's louder than the few units I've been around before. It's not terrible, though, so this is only a half-con. More of a concern, I guess.
    - It's not an Energy Star appliance. That was my biggest hesitation point before I ultimately bought this unit.

    Overall, I'm pretty happy with my purchase. I might come back and change my tune after I've seen a couple months of energy bills, but last month's only went up marginally. I'll keep my fingers crossed....more info
  • portable air conditioner
    This unit has been a life saver as I live in a very old home with no central air and only one bedroom window that I hated to block out the light with a regular window unit. The attaching of the hose and window kit was so simple. I put it together after working a twelve hour shift and went to bed for a good night's sleep, finally. I like the way I can roll it into a closet when cooler days are here although the unit is not huge or ugly. The casters were a good idea as well as the nano-mist dispersion of condensation water. One reviewer spoke of it's noisiness. True it is louder than my quiet fan, but since the sound is relatively consistant, I find it helpful to lull me to sleep as I work nights alot and the daily neighborhood noises (traffic, playing children, construction, and lawn mowers) have been a problem in the past. I priced many similar units in stores and on line. This one is priced affordably, looks good and does the job. Get it....more info
  • Works Well!
    The price is right. The installation is simple. The room is cool! What more could I ask?...more info
  • Works great!
    Much better than my old window units. Because of the portability you can make the most of the 8000 BTUs by directing the air at the right location and level. I also live in the Northeast so there are many days I can just roll it into a closet until the next heat wave. No ugly window unit just sitting there all summer. You may have to cut a piece of plastic if you want a custom window fit but I simply make up the gap of several inches with a small white rag that blends right in -- easy to move to windows of different sizes. Highly recommend this Amcor model!!! Be careful if you select other units as this is a newer technology at these price points so a brand name may not mean much. I never heard of Amcor but the great reviews on this unit swayed me and it has been rock solid. No water to drain. I suspect as you go to higher BTUs with any brand you run the risk of it being more unreliable. ...more info
  • Cheap and Portable
    Portability is definitely an advantage of this AC. And it does cool down the room for a good night's sleep....more info
  • A nice relief from a hot summer
    Overall I am very satisfied with this portable air conditioner.

    The Good:
    -Shipping was extremely fast (2 days for standard shipping).
    -Installation was a breeze.
    -The air that comes out is actually cold, and powerful. The fan produces a terrific draft of cool air.
    -It cools the room quickly.
    -The evaporative draining system is great... no emptying buckets of water constantly!

    The Bad:
    -It does make some noise (no more than a normal window air conditioner would). But I would say the relief from a hot, humid day is well worth the buzzing noise.
    -The exhaust hose was larger than I expected. Which means if you don't place the air conditioner strategically, it can be a huge eye sore in the room.

    However, it does do its job well and I would recommend this unit to anyone needing to cool a room/dorm/small apartment. Enjoy!
    ...more info