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  • Comedy and Tragedy mixed to perfection.
    A perfect mix of comedy and tragedy, they mix so well. It is dark and comic at the same exact time. And it's hardly much different from the films he's done before. It, at least had a sentimental reaction, and to see Carrey doing that for the first time was surreal. Like Mickey Mouse decided to stay overnight at your house and brought his toothbrush and everything. I'm not saying every bit in Cable Guy was revolutionary or spectacular or good even, but it made such a unique, moody impression. Something about it just felt sooo strange. It's like something 2D (the typical pathetic guy stereotype) and making it 3D, there's a lot of depth to follow through on, and it has creepy undertones....more info
  • CABLE GUY Review
    "Stupid Cable Guy! Nearly ruined Jim Carrey's career". Uh, Homer Simpson summed it up so appropriately there. Okay, maybe I'm being a bit too harsh. In all fairness, this was not a bad movie. But for someone like Jim Carrey who had been well-known for his goofball comedies like "Ace Ventura" and "Dumb And Dumber", this dark comedy was a bit too much, too fast for his usual audience. Throw in Matthew Broderick who hasn't been in a good movie since he ditched high school for a day in "Ferris Bueller's Day-Off" and you have the formula for a box-office disaster....more info
  • Amazing Movie
    This movie is Jim Carey's best work by far. My friends and I never stopped laughing at this movie--- and it's a shame that it did so bad in the box office. Wow, Jim Carey is actually FUNNY... although I suppose it's nice to take a break from the normal routine of... well, saying dumb [stuff] all the time. Best scene? It's a tie between the Mideval Times scene and the basketball scene, both of which meritted a rewinding. The entire scenario of the guy who killed his twin brother is hilarious as well. I suggest yopu check it out if you haven't already....more info
    Jim Carrey plays a duranged cable guy (alias Chip Douglas) who becomes obsessed with his newest customer Steven Kovacs (played by Matthew Broderick). Chip was neglected as a child by his parents and was raised by the TV. Now he is very lonely, an outcast who really just wants a friend. However he takes this way over the edge with the vulnerable Steve, who has just broken up with his girlfriend. Carrey is great, a comical genius, and also quite creepy as the crazy cable guy. Broderick idealy fits the character of Steven, being the laid-back one that gets pushed to the edge by the cable guy's antics.
    I enjoyed this movie a lot, it was side-splitting funny and seriously dramatic at the same time. Fine directing from Ben Stiller, in addition to his funny cameo's in the movie as the alleged murderer on trial. All in all this is a great movie, a unique comedy, despite the fact that it wasn't recieved well in the box office. Dark comedies like this usually aren't. It may be an acquired taste, but it's a taste that's well worth a try!...more info
  • ben's directing debut
    This is another good role for Jim carey. It's not his usuall regular comedy. It is more of a dark comedy. Matthew Broderick has just moved into a new apartment and is waiting for the cable guy to come. When jim comes, they talk for a few minutes and jim invites him to hang out. It later seems jim is obsessed with hanging out with matthew. Eventually, matthew says he is a nice guy but doesnt want to be his friend. Then jim, starts screwing with his life...more info
  • I laughed... sorry?
    So I've heard this movie wasn't such a booming success... and I've never really been clear why.

    I really see no difference between Carrey's performance in this and say, Dumb and Dumber. It's the same awesome slapstick as always. If any other person had tried to pull it off I think I might agree with more of the negative reviews here. But that doesn't seem to be the case.

    If you don't like this movie because of 'lack of plot' then shame on you. Comedies pretty much don't need plot because, for the most part, a story isn't required for something to be funny. You just need an excuse to show some people act crazy for an hour and a half.

    This movie is awesome. Carrey slapped it out old school as always because he's a comedy robot on stilts....more info
  • Becareful who you chit chat with......
    .....he might just be the Boogeyman! Who hasn't thought the cable guy was a hunk and struck up idle conversation to find out more about him? Or talked to the plumber or maintenance guy. Pity poor Matthew Broderick (War Games) who thought he was just being polite but then gets forced into a friendship that is much more than he bargained for. I am a lover of dark comedies and this really fills the bill on that count. The only recent black comedy that does as well is Death to Smoochy. I am surprised by Jim Carrey's performance which is so powerful it carries the film. What he won't do (or undo) for a friend. I've recently been viewing Jim's work from The Mask to The Majestic and am impressed with his talent. This film is a great showcase for his talent and perhaps just a bit too "dark" for some viewers. Maybe mothers should take heed and "kill the babysitter" (TV) so their sons won't grow up like that! I'm gonna be careful the next time my cable guy has to stop by. The hunk could be another CABLE GUY....more info
  • Worth Another Look: The Cable Guy
    It has been almost ten years since the theatrical release of The Cable Guy, a movie in which actor Jim Carrey plays a psychotically disturbed cable television installer. This movie was by no means a huge success in terms of box office sales or critical acclaim. It's one of those movies that people either tend to love or hate. At the time it was released, this movie must have been an unpleasant surprise to some of those who were familiar with Carrey's work up to this point. They may have felt let down by the fact that this film was not typical of what they had come to expect of Carrey. The audience may have been confused and disappointed because they were expecting another slapstick type movie, which is primarily what Carey was famous for at this point in time Instead, what they got was a much darker comedy about a brooding, maladjusted cable installer who not only has an outrageously disturbing sense of humor and irony, but who is also capable of doing some seriously deranged things when he doesn't get his way. While no actor can claim universal appeal, few would deny that over the past several years Carrey has gained a considerable amount of respect, from both critics and audiences worldwide. For any fan of Jim Carrey's recent work, The Cable Guy is definitely worth another look, for several noteworthy reasons.
    In the early nineties, Jim Carrey made a huge splash on the comedy movie scene with several blockbuster hits, including Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, the Mask, and Dumb & Dumber. While these movies certainly showcased Carrey's seemingly effortless ability to play one-dimensional, slapstick, physical comedy type characters, there was very little depth or variance in any of these characters. It seemed that Carrey was definitely on the road to becoming typecast as an actor, destined to play the same stereotypical roles over and over again. Both the average American movie-goer and many film critics seemed to be content to have Carrey neatly categorized into such a limited role, and that may have been what led to the lack of commercial and critical success of The Cable Guy. The audience at that time simply did not seem to be ready to see Carrey play the role of a neurotic, potentially violent, and always unpredictable character. If only that original audience could have seen into the future, they certainly would have been able to understand the value of Carrey's ability to infuse so much diversity and depth into the characters he portrays.
    Also, one of the most intriguing aspects of The Cable Guy is that both the plot and the sub-plot, while never straying from the primary goal of creating laughter, manage to make a disturbing critique of the role that television plays in modern American society. In the middle of the movie, a flashback scene is used to show how Carrey's character (who never had a proper name in the movie) was raised by his single mother. His mother, who was always either at work or out drinking and dating, did not spend very much time with her son. When Carey's character asked for a brother to play with, his mother's response was "Well, that's why mommy's goin' to happy hour! Now listen, you just sit there with Mr. Babysitter and he'll take real good care of you." In the absence of a real father, "Mr. Babysitter" (the television set) assumed the position of the dominant male role-model, sending the child years of mixed signals in the form of overly idealistic sitcoms, shocking and disturbing talk shows, and violent movies. This aspect of the movie sends the viewer a poignant message about the potential effects of the unsupervised and excessive viewing habits that are all too common among America's youth today. Also, closely related to the main theme and intricately woven into the script at strategic locations, there is an underlying sub-theme present in the film. This theme takes the form of a continuing news story about adult twin brothers who were child stars years earlier, before "Hollywood chewed them up and spit them out," as one of the newscasts put it. Apparently, one of the brothers had murdered his twin in a fit of rage, and the tragic story was made into a really lame television movie before the trial was even over. This fictional news story is somewhat reminiscent of the true story of the Menendez brothers, who brutally murdered their parents, and subsequently had their sensationalized story paraded all over the national news and tabloid media (the same type of made-for-T.V. movie aired during the Menendez trial). It is no coincidence that the Menendez trial was taking place the same year that this movie was filmed! The story in the movie is a satire of the way that the news media can sensationalize the horrific violence of real life and turn tragedies into entertainment, keeping millions of insatiable American viewers mesmerized.
    Finally, The Cable Guy seemed to be a pivotal point in Carrey's career, paving the way for him to portray much more sophisticated characters. Some of the more notable movies in which Carrey plays deeper characters are: The Truman Show, Man on The Moon, and The Majestic. Few critics or movie-goers doubt Carrey's acting prowess these days. A lot of the intensity he is able to portray in these later films is clearly showcased in the climactic scene of The Cable Guy. In this scene, Carrey's character, hanging from a tower above the enormous satellite dish which receives cable television for the entire city, boldly declares, "It's too late for me. But there are a lot of little cable boys and girls out there who still have a chance...somebody has to kill the babysitter!" He then jumps from the tower in a suicidal attempt to land on the receiving mechanism of the dish, disrupting the cable service of the entire town. It is doubtful whether Chris Farley, who was originally intended to be cast as the Cable Guy, could have managed to convey even a fraction of the dramatic intensity Carrey pulled off in this crucial scene.
    In conclusion, any fan of Jim Carrey's recent work should definitely take another look at The Cable Guy. It can be entertaining to see a retrospective of a currently successful actor like Jim Carrey. When The Cable Guy is viewed in the context of all of Carrey's leading roles, it can be more fully appreciated. Furthermore, it can also be refreshing to reevaluate the movie's content to see if its biting social commentary has withstood the test of time. Of course, one can always just watch this movie for the simple pleasure of being amused by the many over-the-top antics and crazy improvisations Carrey has always been renowned for!
    ...more info
  • Underappreciated Carrey
    Jim Carrey is, nowadays, the man of the hour. Blockbuster movies: check. Drama film success: check. Teenage fan base: check. Whether he's thwarting transvestite enenmies as a pet detective or slipping into a mask and into Cameron Diaz's pants, Carrey's got the style, wit, and physical humor one needs to get rich. Which is why Jim surprised us all with this very dark venture into psycology and television, "The Cable Guy". Sure the film is at times, plain Jim Carrey (overacted melodramatics for laughs), but nside is a wonderful descent into the cable guy's infested mind: his mother's abandonment; his knowledge that "Sleepless in Seattle" always gets the chicks; his memory of all the words to Jefferson Airplane hits; and why he ultamatly befriends and stalks Matthew Broderick. It's also cool to know that Mr. Ben Stiller directed it, who goes on to play a part in a recent dark/humor film, "The Royal Tennenbaums". And sure, most of the film is an excuse for Carrey to show himself off, and that he does. Credit also goes to Jack Black and Owen Wilson for turning in good performances.
    "The Cable Guy" is a social commentary flick; it's own self parodying makes evidence of that(Carrey, at the end: "Think about it: this sure is a great place for an ending"). It has more ups than downs, and holds it's own. Credit to Carrey also for pulling off a believable lisp throughout....more info
  • SoSo
    Carrey has good moments offset with bad ones

    Good: The whole Medieval Times sketch
    Bad: The karaoke party
    Good: The basketball game
    Bad: The ending

    Ben Stiller's style of comedy mars the movie. For instance, the whole subplot of Menendez-style brothers is insipid. It'd've been funnier to do a OJ-media-hype parody. What's so funny about the Menendez brothers?

    Loved Garafaolo & the comedian who played the king at Medieval Times, and I think Broderick is a natural at dark comedy (see Election). I loved Carrey on Living Color, Ace Ventura & Dumb n Dumber - he's a broad comic, not an actor, and certainly not able to carry dark comedy....more info
  • Incorrect aspect ratio listed
    Amazon's listed aspect ratio is 2.35:1 anamorphic. However, the aspect ratio shown on the back of the DVD case is 1.33:1. ...more info
  • A very good, if strange, comedy/drama
    I really enjoyed this movie, even though it is not your typical comedy. Much of the humor is peculiar and off the wall. Actually, "The Cable Guy" is more of a black-comedy, with several serious themes. The storyline apparently isn't for everyone, judging by the mostly negative reviews it got from the professional movie critics. Jim Carrey is amazing as the hyperactive, overly aggressive "Cable Guy", and Matt Broderick does a good job portraying the harassed victim....more info
  • Carey's Darkest Humor So Far
    Ben Stiller's film on social alienation and psychotic possessive-obsessive behavior. A very dark comedy not too different from Steve Martin's earlier film, 'The Lonely Guy' with perhaps a little more erotic innuendo. A film enjoyed probably by those who really have an appreciation for satire and dark humor.

    Carrey plays a lonely cable guy who has no life outside of his routine job. After installing cable for a man who just broke up with his girlfriend (Matthew Broderick), he becomes obessessed in having him as a friend at any cost. Broderick's character is clearly weary of the cable weirdo but at first tries to be polite, almost pitying him for having such a pathetic existence. Things start getting too close for comfort until Carey's character goes completely mad. One of the best scenes is when they're fighting a duel in a medieval show circus and Carrey is madly singing the fighting music from the original Star Trek series; analogizing their duel to one between Spock and Kirk where they'rer fighting with fancy pike-axes. Hillarious!

    Not a comedy for everyone. I would recommend it only to those who aren't excessively homophobic or too prudish for such a theme and plot....more info
  • Totally Underrated
    I'think this movie is totally underrated, for some reasons maybe, who know. But since you've seen it, you know this is really a good movie and the first time Jim Carrey show some dark side in his comedies. I think this action-packed flick deserve 5 stars for its outstanding funny compared to other common comedies, and of course Carrey deserve 5 stars for his natural comedy talent....more info
  • this movie stunk
    there is a reason you can find this DVD in the $[cheap] bin......more info
  • Why is this film an "acquired" taste?,

    Jim Carrey is Jim Carrey. He always will be this guy will never change. So why do so many people slate this movie? We currently sell it at work, and I've gone to buy it a couple of times, only to be put off by someone telling me "it's not the Jim Carrey we know & love". HOW exactly? Is he not funny? Is he not as rubber faced as ever? Sure a couple of his more recent movies haven't got good reviews, but who's to say you won't like them as soon as you soon see them? Personally, Liar Liar & Bruce Almighty will always be my favourites. Liar Liar is hilarious.

    What will happen if you slip the cable guy $50? You'll get all the film channels (including the dirty ones) for free. And if you're unlucky, you'll also get a new friend. Enter the very lonely, eccentric, Jim Carrey as a loveable cable guy, who speaks with a lisp, and is desperate for a friend. He latches onto Matthew Broderick when he mistakenly asks him his name. He then discovers that Jim's character (does he ever give his REAL name? There's Chip, there's Larry - lets call him Chip) will not leave him alone. They're now friends for life.

    Friends for life can mean different things. It can mean supporting someone through the good times & the bad. But it can also mean phoning someone 11 times and leaving 11 messages on their machine; cutting off their cable cos they won't answer their phone; landing them in jail and being irritating. Jim does this role to perfection, pulling the funniest faces which you just can't help but smile at, playing basketball (which he can't actually PLAY!), and ab-libbing. One of the latter's examples is during the scene at Medieval Times (look out for Janeane Garofalo!) where Chip asks for Steven's (Matthew Broderick) chicken skin and then performs his Silence of the Lambs impression was all improvised. During one take, Jim asked for the chicken skin out of nowhere. After doing the "Silence of the Lambs" bit, director Ben Stiller loved it and wanted to keep it in the film even though it wasn't in the script. If you look at Matthew's face during this scene, you can tell he is cracking up. His reaction is a genuine laugh.

    I had no idea before watching this film that Ben Stiller was a director first, before he became an actor and churned out a million movies a year. (Even if he does include himself in this film - see if you can spot him.) Look out for Owen Wilson too, who stars as an arrogant jerk who gets him comeuppance.

    The movie is very funny, but the most memorable scene is Jim's outrageous performance of "Don't You Want Somebody to Love". You'll never hear this song again, without seeing his outrageous, OTT performance. It will definitely put a smile on your face.

    For many people, you're either gonna love or hate this movie. If you love Jim, and hate this movie, stop reading this review. And don't even give me a negative vote. You can't call yourself a Jim Carrey film and hate this film! ...more info
  • Refreshing
    Oh this movie a bad review because you thought Jim Carrey was "out of his element" is insane. If I recall correctly, Robin Williams got praise for his roles in Insomnia and One Hour Photo, among other actors who made a genre leap. How could you say this movie was bad because it wasn't Ace Ventura? They aren't even the same type of movie, so of course they'll be different.

    I watch this movie every time it's on TV, and I have it on tape. For about half a year this was my hands down favorite movie, and this was during 8th grade. I still enjoy it as much as I did then. Solid acting all around, good script, and whether you think so or not this may be Jim Carrey's best movie.

    Face it, if Chris Nolan had directed this movie you would have loved it. Give Stiller credit for making arguably the best movie of 1996. And as a final note, lets pray that for now on all actors stay in their respective genres. So much easier to keep track of that way, right? Enjoy Ace Ventura, guys....more info

  • Jim Carrey at his worst
    After the Mask, Ace Ventura, and Bruce Almighty I didn't think Carrey was capable of doing a bad movie, but after thoughtlessly renting this movie I was prooven wrong. Carrey plays a psycho phony cable guy with a terrible lisp and does his usual routine of acting like a complete screwball, but this time it just wasn't funny. Because of dry dialogue and script and co-stars such as Matthew Broderick who only belong in serious movies this movie just bored me, and when it was done I felt kind of depressed having spent an hour and a half watching this monstrosity. Carrey fans steer clear of this dissapointment....more info
  • I loved this :->
    Why did it take me so long to get around to watching this??? I really loved it. I had heard so many mixed reviews about it, I was sure I wouldn't like it, yet I saw this last night and really loved it.
    As a fan of Jim Carey, it was a refreshing change to see him play a darker character (while still being comedic). Mathew Broderick who is always fantastic in anything he does, plays Steven Kovacs who is waiting for the cable guy to come and install cable to his new pad. Jim plays said cable guy and his power over people is that he gives them free cable. He does this for Steven and so makes him become his friend.
    I found the ending sad (not as in crying sad) as Jims character explains why he's the way he is. This really is a great movie (look out for the always together duo of Stiller and Wilson, George Segal, Eric Roberts, Andy Dick and Jack Black to name a few). Apparently Jim wasn't the first choice for the movie, but to me he is the only person I can imagine in this amazing role. I highly recomend this if you like black comedies and if you are a Jim Carey fan. It's great....more info
  • The overacting guy.
    "Spoof" of legitimate thrillers such as *Bad Influence* or even *Single White Female*, movies in which a sudden and unlooked-for friendship becomes a little too close for comfort for the saner person in the relationship. In *The Cable Guy*, the saner half is played by Matthew Broderick, a young urban professional who has recently been kicked out of his fiancee's apartment and is now living alone. He decides to install cable in his new place. Enter Jim Carrey as the Cable Guy, who for most of the movie uses the nom de plume "Chip Douglas", taken from the 60's TV show *My Three Sons*. It's revealed in a flashback that Chip was -- big shock -- neglected as a child, and was basically raised by the boob tube. Like, by the way, EVERYBODY ELSE born during and after the 50's, but whatever. If we settle for director Ben Stiller's lazy psychological guesswork, then I suppose we're all "cable guys". At any rate, Chip, sensing vulnerability from Broderick's character, latches onto the poor sap like a bad case of athlete's foot -- at first aggressively asserting his "friendship", and then aggressively wreaking vengeance on Broderick once the latter tells him to get lost. This is not a terrible movie by default, but Jim Carrey makes it one with his insufferably out-of-control performance. From the instant Chip appears, he's not the least bit believable, even as a joke. (If jokes weren't believable, they wouldn't be funny.) When this movie came out, much was made of Carrey's $20 million-per-movie asking price: while that shouldn't have anything to do with what we see onscreen in this movie, one can't help but wonder if Carrey's "cost" -- which was probably half this film's budget -- dictated the manner in which he's allowed to run riot, here. I mean, what? -- was little Ben Stiller going to tell this guy to calm down? Much like the characters in the movie, the cast and crew of *The Cable Guy* seem burdened with an overbearing personality who, in the last analysis, simply won't shut the hell up. Oh, and by the way: when Stiller blessedly gets the camera OFF Carrey, the best he can do is make tired comments about media saturation, sensationalist TV, etc. I don't need Ben Stiller to tell me that television is crass....more info
  • A Jim Carrey Film for Those Who Don't Really Like Jim Carrey Films
    Like others here, it's hard not to comment about this film's reputation as a "flop," or as the "film that almost ruined Carrey's career." So many people dislike this film, and my guess it's those who a) pretentiously avoid Jim Carrey at all costs or b) love his other films and were utterly disappointed that this wasn't like Ace Ventura or Dumb and Dumber. Well, too bad for them. This is a fantastic film, and only gets better with time. Not only does it have a terrific cast, the theme is surprisingly poignant for a comedy. After all, who hasn't known someone who was socially dysfunctional--someone who always tried to hard to fit in, yet completely missed the boat on proper social cues? It makes a terrific subject for comedy, and in the case of the Cable Guy, it's superbly handled. Still ranks as my favorite film from Stiller, Carrey, and Broderick. The hilarious dialogue still has me quoting it aloud. The basketball and Medieval Times scenes will stay with me, possibly forever....more info
  • I can't believe I sat through this.
    The Cable Guy starring Jim Carrey could possibly be his worst film of all-time. He is absolutely horrible in this and so is Matthew Broderick. Their strange chemistry is completely off and even the funny Jeanne Garfalo looks like she hated filming this dark comedy. The only funny scene is when Carrey sings the Jefferson Airplane song, Somebody to Love. I hate to say it but this one is a stinker!...more info
  • Funny for a thriller
    This movie sure is funny for a thriller, why I even saw Jack Black, and the part where they were playing basketball, and playing swordfights on horses, I even saw the script of "The Cable Guy" on "The Simpsons" where Homer kept riping it, because it was awful....more info
  • Highly Underrated Film
    This movie often gets a bad rap. Probably in part because it was Jim Carrey's first $20 million paycheck, so the expectations were high. Jim Carrey is at his comedic best as a lonely cable guy who is looking for a friend, and Matthew Broderick soon becomes the (unfortunate) object of his friendship. With appearances by Jack Black, director Ben Stiller and his friend Owen Wilson, this film is one that I watch over and over again. The scene in the Gym ("don't want to pull a hammy") and the trip to Medievil Times are highlights in a film full of quoteable scenes. One of Carrey's best, and that is saying something!...more info
  • The 20 Million Dollar Man
    I wonder how THE CABLE GUY would've fared if it had been released without all the publicity about Jim Carrey's $20 million paycheck. What film could live up to that kind of hype: $20 million's worth of comedy? Has any comedy movie ever been THAT funny?

    On top of that, THE CABLE GUY is a very dark film. Carrey's "Chip Douglas" character is often more creepy than funny, whether appearing in Matthew Broderick's nightmare as a demon-eyed stalker or holding an eerie stare while chatting on the phone as a spider crawls across his face. Still, Carrey is very good.

    Some of the better laughs are left to the background, particularly a running gag about the TV trial of a child star (Ben Stiller, the film's director) accused of murdering his twin. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the story gets darker and more serious as Carrey's character sets out to destroy Broderick's life.

    Lots of references to our TV culture. So many in fact that it becomes disturbing how similar our upbringing shares with...the creepy Cable Guy....more info
  • Oddly put together, but worth a look
    I've been a fan of Jim Carrey for many years. Honestly I was initially embarrassed when this movie first came out, because the clips and previews I'd seen of it portrayed a lispy, under-bitten, very dorky Carrey in a movie I wasn't quite sure what the heck was going on with it. However, after recently viewing the movie with a critical eye and more open mind, that embarrassment has declined.

    Overall I find this film to be 'laugh-out-loud-abley' humorous with a unique, interesting plot. The humor in this film, to me, was saturated in the subtle. The 'over the top' scenes involving the Cable Guy (basketball, Medieval restaurant battle, karaoke, mustached C.G.) at times went on too long, and were too slapstick for me. But Carrey and Broderick's facial work/expressions in key scenes (Steven signing the Cable Guy's forms when they first meet, the spider creeping across the Cable Guy's face) were hilarious. Broderick does an excellent job with his deadpan, unenthused attitude toward Carrey's outrageous, clever demeanor. It is an unusual casting in my opinion first off, but it does actually work as the movie progresses.

    Additionally unusual was the tone. It tried to be dark and creepy at times, but all the humor inter-spliced made the film kind of confusing as to what it was trying to pull off.

    The acting was pretty well done by all involved. Not only was Carrey humorous, but he seemed to nail his character very well. There were a lot of subtle expressions and spoken words that was consistent with the character throughout - a man raised poorly only by cable programs, who had little human socialization skills, desperate for a friend, and will stop at nothing to get one. Again, with the exception of a few scenes, subtlety was Carrey's strong point here, which was surprising from how I expected him to act. With Broderick, again, his placid expressions and demeanor was a great opposite to Carrey.

    Ben Stiller did a good job with a lot of the humor involved in his directing. The scenes with himself in it were random and good. Jack Black did a nice job playing Steven's suspicious and quirky friend. Another very funny scene was Eric Roberts' cameo - see it to believe it! So, even though the 'darker' side to this film clashed strangely with its humorous side, it's worth watching for the subtle yet hilarious humor, decent character development, and the memorable smaller characters.
    ...more info
  • Near perfect and extremely underrated movie
    This movie is near perfect in every way. Every actor delivers in this film, and the darkness in the comedy is amazing.

    Jim Carrey and Matthew Broderick make an amazing duo. I've never understood why this movie got passed over by so many people. I think because at the time Jim Carrey was the guy everyone wanted to be their buddy, and suddenly he came out as the bad guy and was brilliant at it, but no one wanted to see him that way.

    The jabs this movie takes at our society as a whole and the way we are with television are also blatant and brilliant. The ending is quite obvious, but that's the whole point.

    Plus, it has both Jack Black and Kyle Gass from Tenacious D, both David Cross and Bob Odenkirk from Mr. Show, Andy Dick, Janine Garafolo, and Ben Stiller as killer twins that everyone's obsessed with on the news.

    Jim Carrey brings so much deep-down pain to his character and so much energy to the screen. When he sings "Somebody to Love" it's equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking... or am I just an obsessive fan? Oh well... check it out because this movie is awesome....more info
  • The Cable Guy
    This book has enspired many, encluding me, readers that love Jim Carrey as an actor. Eventhough this is just a book, doesn't mean Jim Carrey has lost his style. In this book, he played an amazing role as a cable guy. This is the only book that I have read that made me realize that if you have old friends that are now weird, doesn't mean you can't still be friends. I hope that this book will teach other students or readers, like me, love this book....more info
  • This could have been great
    You know that friend you have that no one likes? The one you hang around with because you feel sorry for them, and you want them to stay away from you but you don't have the heart to tell them? Well, imagine if you did tell them to stay away from you. And imagine if they didn't listen. That is the perfect premise for the perfect black comedy. How could anybody screw this up? There are two ways. First, cast the likable and funny Jim Carrey in the role of a dark character. Second, downplay the "black" aspect and emphasize the "comedy" aspect. A black comedy should play as a horror movie, and the comedy will naturally develop from there. Instead, this movie grossly plays on the comedy aspect, adding cheap jokes by the gallon. Now, I don't mind cheap jokes at all. One of my favorite movies of all times is Tommy Boy. However, this movie doesn't even succeed in that department. My advice: Don't see it if you're a fan of either black or slapstick comedies. This movie insults both of them....more info
  • down, down, down ... the red knights goin' down
    Depsite being shunned by mainstream media because Ben Stiller paid Jim Carrey 20 million bucks, this classic dark comedy highlights Carrey's comedy genius. Playing strung-out wanna-be TV repairman, chip douglas, carrey carries the pathetic role perfectly. He is so needy and basic in this film, it hurts. From showing up at the gym uninvited, to wanting to show steven the mega-antenna and 'how it all works,' to throwing 'the best damn karaoke jam ... ever!" ... chip douglas is a pitiful character, but only because carrey played him that way. The scene where he puts the chicken skin on his face....impromptu. Don't listen to the pundits, this is some of Jim Carrey's best work. A great addition to any library....more info
  • good movie
    If you're a fan of Jim Carrey, you may be disappointed and I don't blame you. This is unlike any other movie I've seen him in.But overall it is a good movie about a psycho cable installer (Carrey) who obsesses over his newest customer (Broderick). The cable installer, Chip, gains more control over Steven (Broderick's) personal life as the movie progresses. It has some hillarious scenes and is also a bit disturbing, but funny at the same time. I like it....more info
  • Emotionally Entertaining and Multifaceted
    Directed by Ben Stiller, "The Cable Guy" is an underrated film with many layers. Matthew Broderick's cable-challenged character Steven, and his crazy friend Rick, played by Jack Black, are trying solve his problematic relationship with his girlfriend. Jim Carrey stars as Chip the not so mentally stable Cable Guy, who puts in one of the most incredible, gut-wrenching performances of his entire career. His uncanny performance of "Somebody To Love" is like watching John Belushi's SNL duet with Joe Cocker.
    ...more info
  • Awesome...
    Jim Carrey does an AMAZING job with this frist rate, sweet, awesome comedy. Its one of the few movies that doesnt constantly remind me of Jims "ace ventura" over-acting zany stigma. Here he is no less brilliant but slightly more self-aware and controlled. Seeming to open the gate precisely with the right amount, and at the right time, of appropriate servings of hilarious awesomeness. The chemistry he shares with Matthew Broderick is great, and Jack Black has a sweet supporting role too. I already own this dvd but they really need to get on the ball and make a special edition with commentaries and other features. I actually doubt this will happen but damn if I wouldnt buy three in case I broke two of em....more info
  • You will love this even if you are not a Jim Carrey fan!
    Let me start off by saying that I am not a Jim Carrey fan. I don't particularly care for his brand of physical, over the top comedy antics. Well this is nothing like his other films and that's a good thing! If he did more roles like this instead of more of the same, he would have an even bigger fan base. Here, Carrey plays it cool. And I'm a big fan of subtlety in comedy. Watching him drive the good-natured Matthew Broderick crazy is just plain hilarious. This has a sort of Fatal Attraction feel to it. The cable guy wants Steven (Broderick) to be his best friend. And he'll go to any lengths to prove it. But after Steven tells the Cable guy that he no long has room for another friend, Carrey begins to sabatoge Steven's life in retaliation. Sound familiar? I guess that is where the darkness people refer to comes through in this film. I enjoy dark comedies like this and Death Becomes Her, also recommended. I feel when you have brilliant writing and the right comedic timing, the comedy will shine through without all the physical craziness that some comedians force onto us. I guess it depends on your taste. However I highly recommend this even if Jim Carrey is not your cup of tea. I would even say it's his most intelligent comedic performance to date....more info
  • AWESOMAGE ! ! !
    I LOVE THIS MOVIE ! ! ! I think that Jim Carrey did a great job in this movie ! One of the best movies EVA ! ! ! ...more info
  • Wierd but funny
    This is a f'ed up movie but its pretty funny if your a big JC fan then buy this...more info
  • Vastly underrated dark comedy
    Too, too bad that this marvelously wicked comedy didn't get the respect it deserves when it was originally released. Ben Stiller captured a unique modern nightmare: having the strained small talk we exchange with the cable guy, plumber or repairman inadvertantly turn into an invitation for a full-fledged friendship. Jim Carey's performance is a tour de force that works on multiple levels. Carey's notrious and spectacular over-the-top antics are beautifully combined with subtle emotional nuances. One moment it's so funny that you cry; the next it's so sad that you laugh. Carey conveys much more depth here than you've seen in his other roles without moderating his comic genius. Matthew Broderick plays the perfect straight man. Frequently the funniest moments are his horrified reactions to Carey's outrageousness. Look for hilarious cameos by Owen Wilson and the guy from "High Fidelity."...more info
  • Not Jim Carrey's Best
    I would try renting this first or maybe finding it on TV. If your a true Carrey fan like me,you won't find Jim Carrey acting like he did in The Mask,Ace Ventura,Bruce Almighty,or any other of his good ones. Just drop this one from the list....more info
  • The Cable Guy
    When I saw this movie when it was new, I thought it was one of the funniest movies I'd ever seen. This is still my opinion. But my buddy, Gary, didn't like it. He was expecting Jim Carrey's usual lite, goofball comedy. The film was too dark and disturbing for him. Jim Carrey's portrayal of the psychotically unballanced Chip Douglas is a riot. If you like 'Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas', I think you'll appreciate The Cable Guy....more info
  • You need to see it more than once to appreciate it.
    Don't write this one off, give it time and you will soon discover it is a great movie. I just wish the damned DVD was better!...more info
  • Someone has to kill the babysitter
    The Cable Guy is a better film than it pretends to be. It's important to remember that it was made before Carrey began to show its dramatic side in excellent films like The Truman Show, Man On The Moon and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The Cable Guy was thrown into the pile of low-brow oddball comedies he was famous for like Ace Ventura and Dumb & Dumber. As such, it just wasn't funny enough; and it was way too dark to appeal to Carrey's young and comedy loving films. I can certainly say that at the age of 12, it sure didn't appeal to me. That's because The Cable Guy's biggest problem is that it's not quite sure what kind of film it's supposed to be; it wobbles from oddball comedy to psychological thriller, never really achieving focus in any one genre, never really being realized enough to be able to consider it a genre-transcending, solitary creation.

    Still - The Cable Guy has its many merits, and it's an interesting enough creation to be worth the watch. And it's certainly not a comedy for kids. In fact it's a much more intelligent film, one that deals with the destructive effect television may or may not have had on many of the post-TV era children, but more importantly than that it deals with loneliness, insanity and exploitation. And Carrey's performance - laden though it is with his trademark physical humor, perfectly fit for the role - is good and dark enough to hit that. The Cable Guy is one of Carrey's most fascinating characters, and he's as dark and distressed as he is pathetic and laughable; the entire film in fact is much darker and more disturbing as may be apparent in first sight. A supporting cast filled with familiar comedians and frat-packers - Jack Black, Owen Wilson, George Segal, Andy Dick, Jeneane Garofalo, David Cross - doesn't help in detaching the film from its crippling `comedy' label. Still, they all get the job done; in fact, Mathew Broderick, who plays straight man for Carrey, is probably the most forgettable actor in the film - which is probably for the best, because he plays the ultimate everyman loser, and he too does what he has to do.

    It only occurred to me after re-watching it that The Cable Guy has very much in common with a more recent film that also deals with maddening loneliness and longing for human companionship - One Hour Photo starring Robin Williams. Like that film, The Cable Guy never really reaches the full of its potential, and has a story that's unbalanced and unstructured, and so remains an unsatisfying experience; but like One Hour Photo, The Cable Guy has a stellar enough lead performance and enough good points to be worth the watch. In fact, it's much easier to appreciate it now with a decade's hindsight, now that we've seen a lot more range from Jim Carrey. The film certainly has its moments of brilliance; the Sam Sweet side-plot (with a good and minor cameo from director Ben Stiller) and its conclusion is a wonderful touch, that compliments the ending and its point, and Jim Carrey's karaoke scene - beyond the obvious chuckles you may get from his lisping and catatonic singing - is also a disturbing one, and one shouldn't overlook the choice of a song (Jefferson Airplane's `Somebody To Love'). The Cable Guy is not as good as it might have been but it's a daring creation, certainly the most daring one for Stiller as a director. Not exactly one for the ages but a unique and interesting film that's worth the watch....more info
  • Will Everyone Stop Calling This A "Dark Comedy"?
    While Jim Carrey in "Cable Guy" contains some twisted comedic attributes, the film is deserving of more than the categorical "dark comedy" (say "limited appeal") so routinely attributed to it. The premise of a cable installer devoid of friends manipulating a customer into his life should be absurd enough to remind people to lighten up. There's nothing menacing or dark here unless you are witless and unaware that it's a send-up of those elements. This is far from the one-skit-fleshed-into-a-movie comedy premise so many films are guilty of.

    While I don't want to overstate that this film is some kind of perfect masterpiece, it's certainly a much much better comedy than the off-putting "dark comedy" reputation that precedes it....more info
    Defanatly not Carrey's best role and movie but does has it's moments.
    He is a Cable Guy who didnt get much attention and didnt have many friends as a child and spent most of his life in front of a tv.Poor Mat Brodrick ends up his friend which turns into total chaos for him.It was nothing great but still worth a watch.I strongly recommend for you to hire this as it could not be your style of movie.Jim carrey's fans will appreciate it though.

    But most of them would consider other of his films such as Dumb and Dumber which is 1 of the greatest movies ever!

    All in all it could have been better but like i said it does have its moments.It is worth watching but i dont really know about buying, but that is up for you to decide!...more info

  • Very Funny Movie
    This is one of Jim Carrey's best, although it did not get the best ratings. I think it is because it is such a weird plot that critics didn't feel he did a good job. I however think that this movie is great and the story is very well written and Jack Black is in it. How much better does it get than that....more info
  • Carrey's underrated masterpiece
    "The Cable Guy," as most know by now, was a major departure for Jim Carrey. The rubber-faced goofball of hits like "Dumb And Dumber" and "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" was still present, but he was appearing in a radically different form. With Carrey playing a cable installer fixated on an unsuspecting customer, "The Cable Guy" is easily his darkest movie. However, I've got a soft spot for a good black comedy, and this one is about as black (and as good) as they come.

    Although goofy behavior had been Carrey's trademark since his "In Living Color" days (remember Fire Marshal Bill?), "The Cable Guy" was the first movie in which his madcap antics hinted at something dark beneath the surface. Indeed, by playing such a twisted character, Carrey was finally able to let loose and reveal the full range of his comedic gifts (aren't bad guys always more fun?). In contrast to the likes of "Ace Ventura" and "Dumb And Dumber," which were basically just live-action cartoons (albeit amusing ones), "The Cable Guy" provides Carrey with a creepy, unsettling vehicle where he gets to show some real malevolence. When Carrey plays basketball prison-style while Filter's "Hey Man Nice Shot" plays in the background, it's both hilarious and disturbing at the same time. And even when Carrey hams it up, as when he does a vibrato-heavy rendition of Jefferson Airplane's "Somebody To Love" while a group of freaky friends dances around him, there's an undercurrent of the surreal.

    In an equally dramatic departure from Carrey's norm, "The Cable Guy" even had a message mixed in with all its weirdness. It turns out Carrey's nameless cable installer, who gets his pseudonyms from old TV shows, was left by his mother to be raised by the TV, and has attachment issues stemming from his inability to relate to others. The plot is set against the backdrop of a former child star's trial for killing his twin brother, and director Ben Stiller (who also plays the murderous brother) takes several opportunities for pointed satire of our TV-addled culture. It's not until the end that the subject is addressed at length, but the pernicious effects of TV are a prominent theme of the movie. When the cable guy laments in his closing monologue that he learned about the facts of life from watching "The Facts Of Life," it's strangely poignant.

    And how about a hand for Matthew Broderick as Steven Kovacs, the unfortunate object of Carrey's fixation? It's hard to believe this guy almost faded into obscurity in the five years or so after "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." If not for his classic turn in "Election," I'd say Steven was the role Broderick was born to play. At first Steven just regards the cable guy as a nuisance, but his annoyance over his new friend's increasingly creepy behavior grows as the film wears on until it turns to outright fear and desperation, and Broderick captures it perfectly. Few, if any actors, make a better hapless guy than Broderick, which is especially ironic given that he became a star playing the uber-cool Ferris Bueller.

    Watching this movie, it's hard to believe it was such a letdown at the box office. I firmly believe entertainers should be rewarded for taking risks, but apparently Carrey's fans weren't quite ready for him to play such a troubled character in such a dark movie. That's too bad, because those who haven't seen this movie are really missing out. "The Cable Guy" doesn't go down as easy as Carrey's other comedies, but it's a lot more rewarding in the end....more info

  • Many Laughs
    This movie rocks. I love that Jim Carrey is the demented Cable Guy. Jim Carrey ( up till this movie) was only known for 'wacky' - goofy comedy. And this movie is leaps and bounds above that crap. If you want lame - childish - Pet Ventura junk then stay away. But if you can appreciate smart humor and good writing then this is a blast. The whole concept of Cable Guy is based on a man who will do anything to be liked - even though everything he does is over the top and annoying. The two scenes that always kill me: 1) he dresses up like Freddie Mercury and beats up Owen Wilson in the bathroom. 2) He mauls the dude in the basketball game in slo-mo, then eventually dunks the ball and breaks the glass after hanging on the rim and falls STRAIGHT down....more info
  • Only TRUE JC fans appreciate this.
    I have followed Jim Carrey from his days on In Living Color. He is an comedic artist. This movie was dark and friggin' hilarious. Jim really gets into his characters and makes them believable. Matthew Broderick was very good as the sober Steven whose life was turned upside down by this lunatic. The bathroom beating was my favorite. Good cameos by Stiller and the then little-known Owen Wilson. It was topped off by an excellent ending in the helicoptor. It is my opinion that true JC fans will still appreciate this movie even if it's not their favorite....more info
    I know this movie has gotten a bad rap, but it is a good movie, and not too dark, but more of a horror spoof. Jim Carrey played Chip GREAT, and Matthew Boderick wasn't all that good next to Jim Carrey. But the movie itself was awesome....more info
  • You know what the trouble about real life is? There's no danger music
    (To be read with the pompous tone of James Lipton) Upon initial release, The Cable Guy was met with a barrage of bad reviews. People were expecting the rubber faced whacky comedian of Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, but this was a much darker brew. Much, much darker. Plus, there was a backlash when it was revealed that Carrey was paid twenty million for his role--at the time an unheard of amount. As time wore on it garnered a substantial cult following, and Chip Douglas (if that is his real name, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't, because The Cable Guy acquired all of his aliases from old TV programs, and Chip Douglas was a character on My Three Sons) got the last laugh.

    The importance of tone in the success or failure of a dramatic work, whether for television, stage, or the silver screen, cannot be over estimated. In a saxophone section the Baritone, Alto, and Tenor Saxes should all have unique sounds, but their tones must also blend. Sometimes one or more players in an ensemble will have a radically different tone that makes them stand out, the classic example being Michael Richards as Cosmo Kramer on Seinfeld--he holds the patent on The Whacky Neighbor archetype. Another example would be Will & Grace with one comic tone while Jack & Karen, somehow still inhabiting the same universe, are using a much broader and even cartoonish tone. Carrey's Cable Guy is way over the top, but he nonetheless manages to maintain his balance on this amazing tight wire act. Notice how his character has a lisp, for instance, and he maintains it throughout. This is very difficult for your average actor, but Carrey carries it off without a hith-th-th.

    Another important consideration is dynamics. If you start out loud, then you have nowhere to go. From the moment Carrey delivered his first line, "Caaable Guuuy!" I was concerned for him. Was he setting a trap for himself? Pace yourself, but brace yourself: Carrey starts at forte and crescendos to fortissississississimo. Matthew Broderick et al are like a comfortable realistic backdrop that sets off the histrionics of Carrey's Cable Guy nicely. Even Jack Black gives a most understated performance as rival best friend Rick. Janeane Garofalo in a small but effective cameo as Medieval Times Waitress also manages to keep her eye rolls in check.

    Steven: Can I get a knife or fork?
    Wench: There were no utensils in medieval times, hence there are no utensils AT Medieval Times. Would you like a refill on that Pepsi?
    Steven: There were no utensils but there was Pepsi?
    Wench: Dude, I got a lot of tables.

    Garofalo gives just enough attitude to let you know what she thinks of an establishment that doesn't provide utensils (since that wouldn't be in keeping with the Medieval Times theme, yet serves Pepsi) without imperiling her waitress job. Total authenticity. I've seen this waitress in real life many times--in fact she has just this moment served me a doppio espresso at Starbuck's!

    Yes, The Medieval Times restaurant scene! One of several brilliant, super fantastic scenes in The Cable Guy. Without giving away too much, I must say that during the fight Jim Carrey and Matthew Broderick use weapons similar to those used in the "Star Trek" (1966) episode entitled "Amok Time". In that episode Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock are forced to battle for the amusement of on looking aliens. What is so fantastically brilliant about this scene in The Cable Guy is that Jim Carrey is so into it that he starts to sing the music, and when the actual music from that episode enters on the sound track he is perfectly in tune--perfectly in sync with it. There is also an earlier reference to The Silence of the Lambs that Jim Carrey totally improvised (cracking up Matthew Broderick) that director Ben Stiller wisely left in the final "cut." Andy Dick also has a most amusing cameo as the host of Medieval Times.

    The Karaoke scene is also a standout:

    Chip Douglas: You might recognize this song as performed by Jefferson Airplane, in a little rockumentary called "Gimme Shelter," about the Rolling Stones and their nightmare at Altamont. That night the Oakland chapter of the Hell's Angels had their way. Tonight, it's my turn.

    And have his way, he does. He launches into a jaw dropping version of Grace Slick's "Somebody to Love" that works on so many levels. Of course it expertly skewers the whole Karaoke scene, but it shows also his over-the-top commitment to his performance, and how that zeal translates into troubling stalker tendencies. It shows his vulnerable side as well. It also hammers home the point that tone is paramount, as well as delivers a practical hands-on demonstration in how to achieve that Grace Slick vibrato!

    The Cable Guy also works on multiple levels. It is a great dark comedy, and also kind of a thrilling thriller. Is it a dramedy or a comma? No, it transcends mere punctuation. There are philosophical questions posed, as well as psychological ones. There is a whole Love/Hate thing with television that pays tribute to the classic TV programs we grew up with, but also asks what kind of effect using TV as a babysitter or a substitute for actual human contact has had. Are we becoming more isolated as our technology improves? Can you keep a best friend on video tape? What Brave New World is this?

    Chip Douglas: The future is now! Soon every American home will integrate their television, phone and computer. You'll be able to visit the Louvre on one channel, or watch female wrestling on another. You can do your shopping at home, or play Mortal Kombat with a friend from Vietnam. There's no end to the possibilities!

    I emphatically and whole heartedly award The Cable Guy an unequivocal five stars! My highest possible rating.

    Chip Douglas: What a place for an ending, huh? It's like that movie 'Goldeneye'!

    Wedding Crashers - Unrated (Widescreen New Line Platinum Series) (2005) .... Owen Wilson was John Beckwith
    School of Rock (Widescreen Edition) (2003) .... Jack Black was Dewey Finn
    High Fidelity (2000) .... Jack Black was Barry
    Man on the Moon (1999) .... Jim Carrey was Andy Kaufman (also Tony Clifton)
    Mystery Men (1999) .... Janeane Garofalo was The Bowler (Ben Stiller was Mr. Furious)
    Election (1999) .... Matthew Broderick was Jim McAllister
    Dumb and Dumber (1994) .... Jim Carrey was Lloyd Christmas
    Reality Bites (1994) .... Ben Stiller was Michael Grates (Janeane Garofalo was Vickie Miner)
    Fresh Horses (1988) .... Ben Stiller was Tipton
    Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986) .... Matthew Broderick was Ferris Bueller

    Chip Douglas: This concludes our broadcast day. Click.
    ...more info
  • A must-have for Jim Carrey fans!
    It's no ground-breaking movie. The Cable Guy, however, is absolutely hilarious. Jim Carrey plays a demented cable guy who installs cable for free to Matthew Broderick. At first, Broderick thinks this is great until he realizes this new friend of his is completely nuts and overly intrusive in his personal affairs. As you may have guessed, Carrey is a riot in this. One of my favorite parts is when Carrey puts Broderick on hold on the phone, only he's not really on hold. I use this trick at work all the time. If you've ever had a "friend" who borders more on stalker than true friend, this movie is for you. And even if not, you'll find plenty to laugh about in this silly little flick. Enjoy!...more info
  • More adult oriented comedy than his previous, more succesful ones
    I laughed so hard and really admired Carrey's performance. I didn't like the Ace Ventura movies although I liked the Mask. Carrey created a dark, lonely man who causes trouble for Matthew Broderick's character. Without going into details I found this to be very entertaining. There is the classic Star Trek episode battle parady. There's nothing graphic, but the themes are very adult so I would only recommend that older teens see it. Very underrated and it deserved better box office results....more info
  • I just wanna hang out...NO BIG DEAL!!!!!!!!
    Classic, man, truelly is. the story of a lonely cable guy who just wants a freind. If you like Jim Carrey, or Matthew Broderic, watch this!...more info
  • So FuNnY!
    This is one of my favorite movies....more info
  • Hilarious Dark Comedy
    I know that a lot of people did not like this movie and that it recieved some harsh criticism. However, I felt like this was one of the funniest movies in a long time and still consider it hilarious. Jim Carey plays Chip Douglas, an unstable man that has been raised on television and currently works for a cable company. The dialogue and contrasting styles of Jim Carey and Matthew Broderick are great. Broderick wants to find love and success in his work, but finds that Carey wants to be buddies with him following a routine cable service.

    What makes this movie a winner in my mind is that it is a dark comedy aimed at showing how much television exploits the average American person's mind. Some of the funniest scenes are of Ben Stiller and his court case that appear on television, and the depiction of the average person's craving to follow a murder case. It is disturbing at times, but this is not a movie that takes itself too seriously.

    Finally, Carey plays his role as a cable guy to perfection, and some of the funniest parts of the movie are just his zany antics. For instance, he takes Broderick to see Medievel Times (it is obvious that Carey has been there many times) and they wind up having their names chosen as the two to perform a jousting competition to the many in attendance. I think it's a fun movie, but it is a movie that uses dark comedy to achieve its points....more info

  • Hillarious
    Jim Carrey rules. this movie is so funny it will make you laugh untile you cry. it's worth watching...more info
  • I can't stand Jim Carrey!
    Never was a fan of Ace Ventura or the Mask. A bit too silly for me. I was skeptical of this Carrey vehicle only to find out that it's not. This movie is way more clever and funny then it was given credit for, this is a nice departure for Carrey and it's almost always (Godzilla 97 excepted) good to see Broderick in anything. If you don't usually like Carrey, give this one a try, it may surprise you....more info
  • Reviewer: Big Zach! NOT A KIDS REVIEW! although I am a kid!
    Hilarious! I love this movie! It is one of Jim Carreys greatest performances. It is so funny every time I see it I crack up. It is one of my favorite comedys one of the funniest movies Ive ever seen. Mathew Broderick did great in it also, and so did Leslie Mann(super hot!) This movie is a very dark comedy I heard it did not do so well. I dont know why Ben Stiller did an excellent job directing it. ...more info
  • Zany fun
    Jim Carrey is an obsessive, lonely cable installer who befriends a man named Steve (Broderick) who takes him for a ride on the Superinformation highway & then some. Fuuny stuff. Especially the "Medieval Times" scene....more info
  • A very good movie!!!
    I love this movie, I highly recommend it to anyone who likes Jim Carrey!!...more info


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