Natural Resveratrol

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Natural Resveratrol

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  • Price/MG is greate
    Well I got this and I hope it works. But the price and MG ratio is great....more info
  • How much resveratrol is actually in this product?
    The figure of 200mg this product claims is extremely deceptive. It tells me nothing about the amount of total resveratrol in the product nor does it tell you how much of this is Trans-resveratrol, the isomer responsible for the health effects of resveratrol in all of the in vitro and human trials. Conversely there is no information on the amount of the cis-resveratrol isomer, which nullifies the effect of Trans-resveratrol. Resveratrol is not an easy supplement to manufacture properly. It is subject to oxidation and degradation by UV exposure. Only one company here protects their supplement from these effects by active packaging. It is not this one. What good is a supplement if it does not arrive in potent active form. When something appears to be too good to be true there is almost always a good explanation. In this case the explanation is being hidden from us....more info
    oh yeah anti aging product for $13.99. if anything this POS increases the size of your sphincters because you're really getting screwed out of 13.99 + hipping.

    ...more info
  • Best value!
    NOW's products are high quality and inexpensive. You won't find this dosage at anything like this price from anyone else....more info
  • Do your research!
    You get what you pay for -- the price is low, but so is the amount of resveratrol! This product has 100 mg per capsule, and of that only 10 mg is what you are looking for when shopping for resveratrol. I took it for ten days without noticing any difference, then went back to read my research again, which recommends at least 150 mg of TRANS-resveratrol per day to realize any benefit. After doubling the dose, I still did not see or feel any difference. I won't be reordering this product -- I've purchased another product with much higher concentration of trans-resv to try when this bottle is finished. It is probably better than NOT taking any, but the magical results did not happen with this product....more info


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