Petmate Deluxe Fresh Flow Pet Fountain, Medium, Black

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Product Description

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The Deluxe Fresh Flow Stainless Steel Pet Fountain provides your pet with the freshest water to ensure good health. The Deluxe Fresh Flow Stainless Steel Pet Fountain has a silent pump and filters water using replaceable charcoal filters. Deluxe Fresh Flow Pet Fountain Color: Black.- Ultra Quiet- Cools Naturally - Reduces Bacteria- Adds Oxygen for good taste- Optional Extra Replacement Filters- Filters Water Continually (UL approved submersible pump & filter included)The Deluxe Fresh Flow Stainless Steel Pet Fountain cools and adds oxygen naturally, reducing bacteria, gentle flowing stream encourages your pet to drink.Dimensions: 13.5"L x 9"W x 7"H

  • Whisper-quiet purifying pet fountain for multiple dogs or cats
  • Provides naturally cool, fresh, oxygenated water
  • Sleek, modern style fits any kitchen d®¶cor
  • Assembles easily in minutes with no tools necessary
  • Includes replaceable filter, in-line on/off switch, and flow-control lever

Customer Reviews:

  • Not Great
    I purchased this product based on reviews, however I was not satisfied. It was incredibly loud and the continuous motor sound made it impossible to be anywhere near it. I'm not sure what discouraged my cat from using it, perhaps it was also the sound, but he wanted no part of this drinking fountain....more info
  • Petmate Deluxe Fresh Flow
    This item is not the best on the market. You have to fill it everyday and it gets slimy very quickly. It is very hard to take apart to clean. My cats like it though and the metal tongue does seem to keep the water colder....more info
  • Petmate Deluxe scary?
    I don't know if my little dog is a whimp but this product appears to work as it says it does however there is a low hum that comes out of this thing and my dog refused to go near it. I kept trying to force her to at least check it out but she wanted nothing to do with it....more info
  • Not so good
    This produce is not so good.
    The stainless steel is only on 2 small panels, and one is only for show.
    The motor clogs up too fast.
    It does the job, but it is poorly made....more info
  • Too much cleaning
    I love my cats and tend to buy way too many things they don't need. Once I saw one of these, I couldn't resist the urge to get it.

    - Cleaning. If I knew how often you have to clean this thing, I would have never bought it. There are way too many small spaces to try and get to. I don't know about you, but I simply don't have enough time once a week to frustrate myself in the kitchen.

    - Overflow. At first, it was fine...then it would pump way too much or way too little water. It would leak onto the floor, which then caused my cats to never go near it.

    - Noise. I hate that constant grinding noise. So annoying.

    From my experience, I have found that all the fountains for cats tend to be too hard to clean and end up causing more problems than they are worth. I just go with the giant bottled water and a dish I fill up every morning. So much easier. ...more info
  • Too loud, gets dirty very easily
    I bought this for my two cats. Out of the box, it was very loud. I kept it for a couple of weeks to see if it would get any better, but it continued to be quite loud and became visibly dirty very easily. I sent this back to amazon and bought the Drinkwell Platinum Pet fountain instead. It is completely silent and thus far seems to only require a once per week cleaning. I would strongly recommend that product over this one....more info
  • Petmate water fountain is "ok"
    My cat, wonderful though he is, is needy. I am constantly being meowed at to turn the tub faucet to a drip for him. He will not drink out of a standard bowl. He MUST drink moving water. I don't get it, but it is what it is. I thought this would be the answer to my prayers, but alas--not so lucky. My cat has probably drank out of it on a few occasions, but I think that old habits die hard. My unit did not have the noise problem I have seen cited by others here. It was very quiet, that issue must be a hit or miss. I do wish the reservoir was bigger, because though my cat is only a once-in-a-whiler, evaporation works it's magic in just a couple days and water must be added to maintain the flow. I haven't had any leaks or spills. It seems to work as it should. I just wish I could get the cat on board....more info
  • Petmate Deluxe Fresh Flow Stainless Medium.
    It took my cats a couple of days to decide that they would drink out of this. I think the noise scared them a bit. There is a humming sound tha tyou hear, after awhile you do not even notice it....more info
  • A helpful product
    This is a very good product for the money. It started a lot quieter than it is now. It started almost silent, I was really impressed. About an hour later it started making some noise but after tinkering with the pump for a minute it quieted back down but not like it was when I first turned it on. My kitten got used to it fairly quickly and if I can keep her from playing with the water as it comes down the slide I can get rid of the towel I am keeping handy....more info
  • Too many downsides....
    At first, I thought this was the be all and end all of cat watering solutions, but after more than two years with an earlier but nearly identical product, I'm ready to replace it with something much better (when I figure out what that is). My main issues that make this water essentially worthless (or at least more trouble than it's worth):

    1) The reservoir tank is WAY TOO SMALL!!! I have two large cats, and they can drain the thing dry in just over a day. And when the things gets to dry, it starts making a horrible gurgling noises that would wake the dead (not enough to scare off the cats, though, fortunately).

    2) The relatively low lip on the drinking area means that it is easy for the cats to splash the water all around the waterer (and hidden underneath it as well, which is just lovely for hardwood floors).

    3) The filter is not only too small, needing to be replaced way too often, but in my experience it actually promotes bacterial growth in the water. When I've used the filters, within a few days I would start to see red scum forming at the waterlines - no amount of bleaching, sterilizing, or sanitizing between filter changes prevents this from happening after each new filter, so I finally stopped using the filters all together and the problem went away.

    4) The waterer is VERY difficult to clean thoroughly. If any kind of residue build-up or bacterial growth forms (see "scum" problem above), breaking down the housing and pump and cleaning it thoroughly requires at least half an hour, a toothbrush and a dozen Q-tips to get into all the nooks, crannies and crevices unreachable any other way (especially within the pump itself). And the geniuses who designed the reservoir tank made the opening so small that there are literally places within the tank you simply cannot reach without creating your own special tool (I had to bend a small bottle brush to get it to work).

    5) Because the pump is placed in-line BEFORE the filter, any cat-hair, dust bunnies, shredded TP (from my darling cats) or whatever gets jammed in the pump grill before it ever meets up with the filter, which means that the pump grill itself needs to be cleaned every few days (which, by the way, requires that you to completely break down the waterer).

    Too be frank, it's far less trouble for me to simply fill a large bowl with water and replace it every day, than to use this waterer for my cats. I've been looking at other systems with much larger reservoirs and better filtration systems, but have yet to make a choice - if you have any advice, I'd welcome it. And if you think this waterer is going to do a better job of hydrating your cats, provide you with more convenience, and less worries... Well then, good luck with that.
    ...more info
  • great idea... shame it didn't work for us
    Great idea... our animals (two dogs and two cats) refused to drink out of it while the water was running.
    Not sure if they just didn't like the quiet hum of the machine... who knows.

    All this did in our garage was collect fur in the filter. We caught the dog avoiding this water dish and preffering to drink from a puddle outside...

    It might work for you... our pets just didn't like it :(...more info
  • cat's love it
    The item works well, the cats love it. Before one of the cats would drink out of the bowl once and not go back again due to his own contamination of the water. Now he doesn't even notice and is well hydrated. The only small disappointment was the box had a hole in it, not pretty for a gift. It did arrive on time as scheduled though....more info
  • too loud
    it is a beautiful piece and works well but way too loud,i couldnt keep it in my kitchen...more info
  • petmate water fountain is the best
    Very pleased with this item. Petmate has modified the motor, which is great, easy to clean and quiet running. Unit itself is very sharp and modern. It seems the stainless steel on the inside where the water runs down, also stays a lot cleaner. Great Fountain...more info
  • Nice, but too small of reservoir
    I've had this product for several weeks now. Overall it works fine, it's better than refilling a couple bowls every morning when the 2 cats get fed. However I purchased this product in addition to the Cat Feeder-CSF-3 from SuperFeeder (LOVE IT!) so that I could be away for several days at a time if need be and they would be properly fed & watered.

    The water reservoir on the fresh flow is too small - it'll barely make it 2 days before it needs to be refilled. I wish I'd Drinkwell platinum before I purchased this as it has a 1 gallon reservoir.

    Overall though I'm happy. I've not seen any of the other issues that some have - no water seepage, and it's extremely quiet. The cats love it and are getting fresh water....more info
  • Petmate vs. Drinkwell
    I had this fountain for two years. One day it started to leak all over the stainless steel "ramp" where the water flows. I ended up replacing it with a Drinkwell Platinum fountain, and I don't think I can ever go back to Petmate.

    The cons of the Petmate:

    1) The Petmate is HARD to clean. Nooks and crannies galore. I even resorted to buying the Drinkwell brushes to clean this thing. This is the number one reason why I will never buy this fountain again. I was even using toothpicks to get the slime out of the grooves where the filter sits. You won't know how much slime is in the fountain because it's black, but if you just run a toothpick around it, you'll pick up huge gobs of pink slime.

    2) You have to refill this every day, otherwise it'll go dry and you'll burn out the motor. If I was going anywhere overnight, I just unplugged it. I only had one cat drinking out of it.

    3) There was always fur and crud sitting in the bowl. The motor was just not powerful enough to suck it up.

    The pros of the Petmate:

    1) Quiet. Much quieter than the Drinkwell.

    2) Stylish.

    I'd still buy this again if my cat were averse to drinking from the Drinkwell. With careful cleaning of the motor every week, this fountain lasted for two years before leaking. ...more info
  • Clicking
    Even though my cats were afraid of it at first it works rather well. Unfortunately if it isn't filled all the way, the water reserve fogs and looks unkept. Also when it's not completely full it produces this annoying clicking sound. It has a very small reserve and needs to be refilled often so the clicking can get to be constant. Other than that, it's very nice looking and matches with the stainless items in my kitchen....more info
  • Excellent Price!! Works Great!!
    This fountain cost about HALF of what it would cost at Petco or most other pet supply stores. A tad noisy but this is rather normal. Working great so far. Thank you!...more info
  • love it!
    great product, have not had any problems and my cats love it! It definitley gets them to drink more water too!...more info
  • So far, so good!
    I purchased this just over a month ago and I'm off to a good start. My main reason for buying this is that my cat was not drinking enough water. I was told that she would more than likely drink more if I bought her a fountain-like device like this one. Well, she's definitely drinking more water as she seems amused by this fountain. I've read all of the reviews on here and luckily my Fresh Flow is very quiet. So far it's a success and I will update this review at a later time....hopefully it will be a similar review....more info
  • The Drinkwell Platinum is much better and cleaner product
    We previously we had this model (the Petmate Deluxe Fresh Flow) for about 2 years. The motor ran well and it never broke, so I gave it 2 stars. But it is an older outdated model and our pet store stopped carrying the filters. So I decided to upgrade to a newer product, the Drinkwell Platinum fountain. Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

    I would definitely recommend the Drinkwell and NOT this product. The new Drinkwell has been wonderful because I've definitely seen all three of my cats drinking MUCH more water in the last two weeks than with the Petmate fountain. I can promise you I've found the proof in the litter boxes.

    The Drinkwell's water stream is much stronger and circulates the water better than the Petmate. It gives the water the power to move most of the debris toward the little trap. That keeps the water bowl so much cleaner; where as with the Petmate, the debris would circulate until it either sank to the bottom or stuck to the bowl walls. In addition, the Drinkwell's filter is designed SO much better (6 tightly divided coal sections). The coal in the Petmate's filter fabric was loose which would allow the coal to clump at the bottom, and water would flow up and over, not through the coal (i believe this filter is divided into 2 sections).

    Also, the Drinkwell also holds a lot more water. Both products are dishwasher safe, so regular washing is easy for either. However, I can say the old Petmate has many tiny corners which made it a pain when it came to scrubbing off the mineral deposit build up (but my guess is the new one will be too).

    I would recommend paying the extra $20 and going for the Drinkwell Platinum and staying away from this old model. ...more info
  • Cats need water
    I have been using a Petmate Pet Fountain for over a year now and it definitely helps my cats drink more water. This version, with the stainless steel track is the best one I've purchased. I strongly recommend the deluxe versions of the Petmate, and I especially recommend this one....more info
  • Too loud for me, let alone the cat
    Watch Video Here: It's a good looking device, seems like the cat may have eventually gotten interested in it, but it's incredibly loud. We set it up in our kitchen, and it was like a meat-grinder running 24/7.
    I suppose if you could put it in the garage or somewhere where you couldn't hear it, it would be OK. But I could hear it running overnight, two rooms away in the bedroom when our place was quiet.
    We couldn't handle it and returned it.
    Petmate Deluxe Fresh Flow Pet Fountain Medium, Black/Stainless...more info
  • Don't Waste Money
    This is the most frustrating item ever. The pump is complete garbage. Extremely high maintenance to keep from making loud gurgles and whines.
    The pump on mine broke after 1 day....more info
  • Great drinking fountain for one cat
    Even though we gave him fresh water every day in his stainless steel dish, our cat used to get into our kitchen sink to drink all the time. I bought this product over a month ago based on the reviews on Amazon. Well, he loves it and he no longer gets into the sink except occasionally when he wants to check out what we are playing with in the sink. :-) He also seems to be drinking a lot more now - each refill only lasts two to three days.

    The drinking fountain is very quiet when the pump is set on low - that is really all one needs. Perhaps because our cat doesn't play with the water, we haven't had problems with the pump getting plugged up. However, I can see how it could happen since there is no filter on the intake side of the pump. Still, even if it does happen, I'll simply rig up something with coffee filter paper. No sweat! Great buy! And Waffy (our cat) would agree. :-)...more info