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The Stick Marathon Stick. The Stick is a non-motorized device that is composed of a semi-rigid core around which independent, 1 inch spindles freely spin. This instrument was engineered to assist healthcare providers in the deep manipulation of soft tissues such as muscle. Measuring 20 with 10 spindles, this model was made popular by world-class distance runners. Most flexible of the small models, it is preferred for those with lean muscle mass.

Customer Reviews:

  • just right
    not the small(travel) or large version, but just right. the large one is nice but not always good for smaller people and/or women so this is a nice fit-wasnt quite sure by the picture and discription other than inches provided. great product and quality, arrived in a timely manner....more info
  • Best Pain You'll Ever Love! Get one!
    I recently started training for my first marathon, and I learned immediately about "the stick." Apparently, I was one of the few that DIDN'T know about this amazing product. Most people write "love" on one side and "hate" on the other side of the stick. The stick definitely gives you a chance to dig in a massage any muscle, bringing blood flow back to the muscle to heal it. It really is so nice to get a massage after running.

    Just an FYI, the yellow handle stick is great for those beginning out in the sport. It's a little more flexible and the length a tad bit longer than some of the professional lengths. I highly recommend it! ...more info
  • handy gadget!
    i like this self-massager because it is portable and easy to use. It is perfect for those of us whose muscles are usually tender and need just light massage to benefit. ...more info
  • If you run, it's worth every penny!
    I've already recommended it to all my friends who run. I can't afford to get professional massages all the time, but this is 50% as good for way less cost :D Couldn't be happier....more info
  • Terrible products, terrible waste of money.
    I'm a personal trainer as well an athlete training for Ironman triathlon. At a recent event expo, I stopped at the "Stick" exhibit to explain that I was in fact terribly disappointed with their product. He agreed with me!!! But offered that the problem was in the model, that I needed to purchase the larger model to get the proper effects. Ohhh, I need the more expensive one to actually benefit, is that it? He began to demonstrate, causing me to abruptly insist that he stop because it was hurting me. He became extremely agressive in his demonstration and within seconds, actually brutalizing my muscles with this ridiculous gadgetry, inflamming nerves along the back of the leg which spurred severe cramping of the foot and toes!! Do not walk ... run. This is a terrible, worthless product sold by idiot nitwits that think its okay to man-handle people with detriment!!! They and their product have worsened any muscle fatigue or soreness that I had and I would give anything to hit him in the head with that ridiculous "STICK". ...more info
  • Practical and Effective
    I cycle 4 times a week, for at least 2 hours each time. My leg muscles, particularly the hamstrings, get very tight and often sore. "The Stick" has been very effective at loosening up the tightness and reducing soreness. It's a simple gadjet, easy to use, and easier than using my fingers for massage. I use it every day, often more than one session. I can feel the difference when I cycle, much less stiffness and pain....more info
  • this stick saved my shins and I use it everyday before running!
    this stick is great. I run 3-5 times a week at a very fast past and the faster i got I started getting bad shin splints. I bought this stick based on some ppl's recommendations and it truly works. I rested my shins and then massaged them with this stick and my shin splints disappeared. Now I used the stick to massage my entire legs before and after running. it really makes a difference and feels so good. it is really easy to use too - i sometimes use it on my back. even if you dont have shin splints but looking for an easy and effective massage tool - this is it. ...more info
  • Too much flex
    I already own 'The Big Stick' and it's a great product. This one however falls short.
    I picked this one up so I could have something small at work to use since I'm terrible with getting around to using it at home.
    The size is good and all, however there is far too much flex on this thing which does not allow me to get enough pressure on my target areas. The core rod is thinner than the larger models and therefore causes all this flex. I would say stick with something larger. This may be good for light work, but not for heavy tension such as I have....more info
  • the stick
    The Stick Marathon Stick
    I first saw this product when working out with a trainer. He was using it on himself after a strenous workout. We talked about it and I had to get myself one to workout the kinks....more info
  • also great for swimmers
    I am a college swimmer, and my coach has a few of these on deck that are available for use post-practice. The stick is great for working out leg cramps, but I also use it on my shoulders, neck, and back. I find that this particular model of the stick is the best match for massaging body parts other than my legs (esp. shoulders) due to its flexibility. This is a great buy for any athlete....more info


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