Tesla Star MWO Health Machine - better than Rife VIBE - free Ionic Balancer Detox Spa, Kevin Trudeau More Natural Cures Book and Omica Health Super-Z-Lite

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You are looking at the TeslaStar a 'True' Multi-Wave Oscillator. The TeslaStar is true representation of technology Nikola Tesla developed during his research. Look closely at the TeslaStar and notice just above the gas chambers. We have added a Sacred Geometry toroid. Some owners report energy fields that project 25-30 feet from the TeslaStar!!! TeslaStar energy may change your life on a physical, emotional and spiritual level!!! Becoming healthier has never been easier! The TeslaStar is designed to assist you with relieving the 'Stressors' that compromise your energy and overall Wellness. What are Stressors? Stressors are any conditions that diminish your energy and health. There are no frequencies or dials to fool with. All you do is set the timer, sit 2-3 away and the TeslaStar does the rest!!! In 4 -10 minutes per day you can disarm these Stressors. The TeslaStar is the Only REAL Wellness instrument of its kind that resembles the design and intention of the original inventor Nikola Tesla. The TeslaStar effectively sweeps the entire frequency range disarming pathogens in 4-10 minutes. Simultaneously the TeslaStar increases your energy. The TeslaStar is also effective at relieving pain and relieving Stressors anywhere in your body. The TeslaStar is not a pad device and the TeslaStar energies are in EXACT alignment with nature our system will easily out perform ANY of these machines. As a Special Introductory Offer to our Amazon friends we are including an Ionic Balancer Detoxification System. In effect you will have the complete home selfhealing system. This is no normal Ionic foot bath. This is quite possibly the most powerful foot bath on the planet.

  • 'True' Multi-Wave Oscillator
  • 'True' representation of technology of Nikola Tesla
  • 12 noble gas chambers
  • creates ozone, plasma, photonic energy, RF carrier signal, electro magnetic fields and more
  • true life force, primordial energy
Customer Reviews:
  • illegal
    This is an unapproved medical device. In my opinion, Amazon is violating the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act for introducting an unapproved medical device into commerce....more info