Bed Head BH400 1875 Watt Fiber Optic Tourmaline Active Ionic Dryer

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  • Tourmaline Ionic Technology delivers maximum hair-conditioning
  • Soft finger diffuser attachment
  • 2 heats
  • 2 speed settings
  • Cold shot button
Customer Reviews:
  • Great dryer
    I recently purchased this Bed Head hair dryer. I have used the liquid line for some time now and have always been impressed so I figured that when my old Conair dryer broke this would be a perfect fit.I have to say it lived up to all my expectations. The dryer is very comfortable to hold and dries my hair quickly. I recommend this dryer to all my friends...more info
  • Great Hair Dryer
    I loved the Bed Head name and the Dryer lived up to all my expectations.
    Dried hair faster and cut down on the time it takes me to get ready in the morning.

    I would highly recommend this to all my friends! A+++...more info
  • Looks Nice but.... It's a Bad Hair Dryer
    I bought this hair dryer to replace my T3 Tourmaline that shorted out, so I will not compare this to my $200 hair dryer I had. I purchased this at Target for $40.00 not only for the price, but because of the Bed Head name.

    This is a very heavy hair dryer. Where they put the ion indicator switch is very bothersome. My finger always hits it and turns the negative ions off when drying hair. If it wasn't for the blue light going off, I would never know that I accidentally turned it off. I have long thick hair and I don't notice any difference at all with my hair being dried faster than if I was using a $20.00 hair dryer.

    Also, the hair dryer does shut itself off about 3 minutes into using it. This happens 90% of the time when using it. There is a big tag on the cord stating if the hair dryer shuts itself off then unplug it and wait 5 minutes to cool and use again. I use a hair dryer to get my hair dried and fast. I don't want to wait 5 minutes after I've already started drying my hair to resume drying again.

    This hair dryer is going back to the store when my new T3 gets shipped....more info
  • Great quality and lightweight ionic dryer!
    The price cannot be beat, considering that the hair dryer is tourmaline ionic and of the Bed Head line. With the promotional discount, I got this originally priced at $114.99 dryer for less than $40. The fiber optic indicator lights really make the dryer look cool and fun. And the negative ionic setting truly helps to quicken the drying process. I use the dryer on the lower heat setting and can finish drying my hair in less than 10 minutes. Not really a hair fanatic and I admit that while my mom is a hair stylist, this is my first hair dryer. But I have used professional hair "stuff" and this is right in line with those. Get it today!...more info