The War on the Middle Class

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"Prominent CNN host and commentator Lou Dobbs unleashes his manifesto on the vanishing American dream Through his nightly CNN show, Lou Dobbs Tonight, his syndicated radio program, and his monthly magazine column, Lou Dobbs has become one of America-s most visible, popular, and respected voices on business and financial matters. Now, with War on the Middle Class, Dobbs takes an impassioned and rousing stance on the all-out class war that is turning the American dream into a nightmare. The middle class has never been so vulnerable. Its every feature is under assault by politicians and the lobbyists who court them, big-business corporations that are sending their jobs overseas, and a media that relies on sensationalism instead of facts when reporting the news. In a sweeping analysis, Dobbs looks at every aspect of the decline of the middle class-from a lack of political representation to America-s corrupt health-care system-to demonstrate how the gap between America-s newest haves and have-nots is no longer merely financial, but instead includes the erosion of education, employment, government, and community. Dobbs proposes a series of measures to resolve each issue and incite people, whose future is being mortgaged to benefit a powerful few, to preserve their rights and dreams. War on the Middle Class is provocative, incendiary, and bound to be widely discussed-the perfect book to establish the terms of debate in this year-s midterm elections. "

Customer Reviews:

    Lou Dobbs in a nutshell:

    1) Right-wing Conservative Republican
    2) Fanatic
    3) Idealogue
    4) Rabble-Rouser
    5) Zealot
    6) Racist
    7) Demagogue
    8) Bigot
    9) Polemicist
    10) Resenter

    I don't say more....more info
  • The War rages on
    The War is something everyone needs to hear about. Lou Dobbs could spend less time promoting his show and more time spelling out the mechanics of "How to Fight Back."...more info
  • Truthful
    Great book. Wish Dobbs would get togther on common ground with Kuttner to publish a book together....more info
  • W's Business Friends
    Lou Dobbs is a little overboard in his presentation of how the "Republicans" (my family was part of what the Republicans used to be) and Democrats have figured out that their survival is dependent only on doing what big business wants. He's no historian...but he is right. I don't think that people are moved to action because his argument is too unfocused....more info
  • A 'Must Read'
    For all those who rated this 5 stars, their assessments are right on. If you are part of the middle class (among which I count myself) you no doubt feel frustrated. This book lends clarity and great insight into what is happening in big business and government in America. While you may not agree with his opinions, Dobbs shoots straight, leaning neither left nor right in discussing all of today's relevant issues. Skip MSNBC and Fox broadcasts this week; read this book instead. Great job Dobbs....more info
  • Truthful account of America's losses
    Very well written account of one opinion on the reasons the middle class is losing out in America. They are only pawns for government and big business to keep quiet and pay the price in taxes and loss of jobs and income. Mr. Dobbs is correct in his predictions as evidenced by the fleecing of comapnies by the exorbitant CEO pay and pupit boards. I am not sure Mr. Dobbs' remedies to "fight back" will work. I think a more "revolutionary change" in governance both in Washington, D.C. and on the corporation level needs to be instituted. Boo! to the critics of Mr. Dobbs for "telling it like it is"!...more info
  • Dobbbs Hits Nail on the Head - Too Bad He Missed CEO's
    This is an insightful analysis of what Transnational Corporations are doing to the middle class, with the collusion of high government officials. Nobody can seriously consider what is happening to manufacturing jobs in North America and believe we live in a democracy, especially after the recent multi-billion dollar elections in November. He who pays the piper calls the tune. America, and the industrialized world, is an oligarchy. The wealthy elite pay for presidents and prime ministers (Haliburton and Bush&Cheney), and those officials do what they're told. That's why China has unfettered access to North American markets while they restrict our access to theirs, artificially depress the value of their currency, and maintain their iron grip over the fundamentally enslaved workers whose only union is government run! Not only are our jobs fleeing the continent by the hundreds of thousands, those workers who retain manufacturing and other employment are being intimidated into taking wage and benefit cuts, especially health care coverage in America. The result is astronomical profits for these transnational corporations that then pay out $400 million-plus severance bonuses to their CEO's! That money comes straight out of the pockets of Mr.& Mrs. Average Joe. Mr. Dobbs is trying desperately to stop this financial rape of the middle class; I wonder if middle class America is listening?...more info
  • A polemic against the wealthy's exploitation of the poor and middle class
    A polemic against the wealthy's exploitation of the poor and middle class
    CNN anchor Lou Dobbs does not mince words in this provocative book about the political and business forces that are squeezing the U.S. middle class. He documents an array of government-sponsored abuses, including higher taxes, rising national debt, lost jobs and weaker representative government. Both Republicans and Democrats, he says, are guilty of elevating the needs of corporations over those of U.S. citizens. This is a disturbing message, and Dobbs deserves recognition for his dogged reporting, even though his viewers will recognize his usual rants and scapegoats, such as undocumented immigrants. We consider this important reading for anyone interested in learning about what Dobbs calls, "the greatest robbery in U.S. history." Politicians, lobbyists and corporate leaders may not be happy with what it has to say, but the book will explain why ordinary workers have such a hard time getting ahead.
    ...more info
  • dynamic insight
    Lou Dobbs provides an unbiased insight into what is going on in America. Governmental policy today is extremely one-sided and as the rich get richer, the heart of America is being cut out and we are desperately in need of a "transplant." I teach at the college level and I attempt to open the eyes of my students and instill in them a "systems thinking" view. We need books like this to help us look at the bigger picture as opposed to a focus on short-term fixes. I hope that Lou will continue with this type writing; no axe to grind, or as they used to say on Dragnet, "Just the facts, Ma'am....more info
  • We Have Seen THe Enemy, And The Enemy Is Us
    Lou Dobbs, in no uncertain terms, lists what we all know to be true regarding our government no longer being, of the people, for the people , and by the people. However, the value in this book is that Mr. Dobbs also lists very practical steps to regain the true values upon which our country was founded and grew to allow all to have hope in the American Dream.
    We are at a turning point in our history and it is the responsibity of each citizen to be accountable in bringing about changes that are relevent in our daily lives and not simply be afterthoughts of our out-of-touch government, big business, and special interests. ...more info
  • War on the Middle Class
    This book is excellent and a must read for anyone who is going to vote in the 2008 elections. Lou Dobbs provides the reader with ample information on the current state of our nation. His views on the status of the middle class give us a lot to ponder as we look towards our nation's future.

    Nick Simzak...more info
  • Good but short on solutions
    Lou did a good job identifying the bandits but was short on solutions. The book is a good read and really makes you angry. I say throw the bums out....more info
  • Great Ideas and points, but many flaws
    This book brings up a lot of good points about the state of our nation and our future. It is very scathing, bold, and direct. He makes sure not be pigeonhold as liberal or conservative, but most of his opinions are liberal. The premise of the book is that every big institution, including the government and corporations, are all waging war on the middle class. His main points are the high cost of healthcare, declining education, outsourcing of jobs, failure to secure borders, and the corrupt bankrupcy law of 2005.

    He has a lot of good research in it and many of the points brought up urgently need to be addresses or else our country will continue the inevitable period of decline associated with every civilization. He is direct and simple and while this is good in some parts, in other parts he treats issues superficially. He also becomes an almost xenophobic demagogue when talking about illegal immigration.

    His treatment of some complex issues is very superficial. The best example of this is with globiilization and outsourcing. It is a problem that our jobs are being outsourced, but there is a lot involved in the debate about globilizaton that is not mentioned. For instance, he says that companies are only moving to third world countries because it's cheap. This is not entirely true, as many companies have moved to India and China because of higher productivity and less health care costs, not wages alone. America is also running low on people trained in math and science, so moving overseas is sometimes the only option for companies. He suggests putting up walls on globilization, while many people suggests that it is much better if we try to adapt to the new platform.

    Some of his solutions are unreasonable and he fails to justify them. For instance, to prevent smuggling, he suggests that all containers be inspected. Only 5 percent of our containers are inspected currently. Full inspection would take a lot of manpower and he fails to suggest how it could be accomplished. His solution for immigration is simply making it harder to enter our country. He fails to acknowledge the problem that we need more scientists and engineers and letting people in with that training or intention to get that training would strengthen our country. He blames illegal immigration on big business, when the issue is much more complex that he wants to acknowledge.

    All in all, the book raises many good points and the problems that he mentions need to be addressed. The main flaw is his simple approach that fails to mention many points brought up in the debate about the issues. A lot of his research says the same thing over and over again to the point that it is annoying to read. It is a quick and easy read but its effectiveness is questionable at best. ...more info
  • Very relevant to today's problems
    Lou Dobbs is straight on in his assessment of today's financial problems and how they are rooted in Washington....more info
  • War on the Middle Class
    This book has revealed and reminded me why we are Americans, why we are the greatest country in the world, and why if we don't wake up and smell the coffee, we will become like lemmings. I encourage you that if you don't get this book, then at the very least find and read the Constituiton and The Declaration of Independence. You will see what we have become and if we don't change, where we are going....more info
  • Lou Dobbs, american hero !!
    One of the best books I have ever read, Great man, WE NEED A PRESIDENT LIKE HIM. Thanks Lou, you are one of the good ones. I will continue to listen to this for years....more info
  • Does Lou Really Care About the Middle Class?
    During the Presidential-election campaigns, I watched a lot of Lou Dobbs. I was solidly for Barack Obama, but I was interested in the points to be made by those who opposed him. Dobbs, of course, tells us that he is a political "Independent," which is fine, but does that really give us anything to stand for? Is that really a direction that will lead us to solutions to our major problems? Is that really a way to implement change or is it more a way just to get people fired up?

    To find out more the interworkings of Lou Dobbs, I read his book, "War on the Middle Class." I came away feeling that he is basically a self-centered entertainer more than anything else. But that, alone, does not make the book a bad read.

    Dobbs, of course, primarily bases who he is by attacking people, groups and concepts. To its credit, the book does a great job building reasons to dislike Washington lobbyists, those who have promoted our haves-and-have-nots society, greedy CEOs, our huge federal debt, corporations dodging taxes, and the problems with our health care system. The flow of the arguments on these subjects is good, as is the information, much of it very detailed.

    But in other areas, I find Dobbs less convincing and shallow, e.g., reforming education, curbing "illegal" immigration, outsourcing jobs overseas, NAFTA/CAFTA, and his urging Americans to consider being politically Independent, rather than a member of one of the two major parties. He also says that "our federal government has become...dysfunctional," which does not lead us with much to build on.

    A major problem with Dobbs' credibility is that he is such a part of the establishment, himself. He must be worth a ton of money. He hawks his books on his TV and radio shows to no end. He obviously plays to his audience to try to increase his ratings. The phony polls that he runs on his show have obvious self-serving answers, and most of the e-mails he reads are simply patronizing. "Lou, you are the greatest." "Lou, everyone else is dumb except you." That kind of stuff.

    Dobbs will be successful if he gets enough folks revved up about enough stuff, and that he gets the credit for doing the revving. The problem here, of course, is that this is all about Lou, not really about "us." And he has some real boners in the book, in my opinion. One is his defense of Arthur Anderson as a firm in its role in the Enron scandal. Another is when he raves about the talents of our founding fathers, while ignoring, for the most part, their lack of standards for racial and gender equality at the time. He tells us that he "grew up truly believing that the United States was a classless society...." Where and when could he have gained that impression? And, on our huge federal debt, he blames Clinton and George W., but fails to point out that Reagan was the one who really got the debt rolling in the early 80's, with his supply side "voodoo economics."

    In one chapter of the book, entitled, "The Politics of Deceit," he tries to make the point that our political system, with its two major parties, has failed. He says, "I can't take seriously anyone who takes either the Republican Party or Democratic Party seriously...." He points out that the approval rating of Congress is only 23 percent (at the time the book was being written). He notes the very high rate by which incumbents are reelected. He points out that the Congress doesn't work many days of the year, that most are lawyers, and that they take money and trips from lobbyists with regularity. But what does this lead us with? What is new with any of this? Is this criticism primarily for entertainment purposes? Where is the beef?

    In another chapter, this one entitled, "He says, she says," there must be one hundred "I's" in it. "I sincerely believe...." I hate political correctness...." "I believe that corporate America...." "I take a position...." "I believe that every journalist...." I don't think the chapter adds much to the discussion. Again, it appears to be all about Lou.

    And I could go into detail why I find many of Dobbs' positions shallow and grandstanding, but I'll end by looking at his last chapter, which purports to tell "us" about "Taking Back America." He's built his case to this point: American has problems, the rich are getting richer, and the middle class is taking it on the chin. Now is the time to bring it all together and to give us some beef. I think he fails.

    "You and I must work to change a social order that is in disrepair," he says. He urges us to read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence as an intellectual base. Then, he tells us that if we continue to be too busy and preoccupied, "We get the government we deserve." He urges us to register Independent. He praises referendums and initiatives on ballots. He says the minimum wage should be raised to a "living wage," and that we must secure our borders from more illegals. He says that we have only room for one language in our country, he wants bonuses for the better teachers, and he believes that "the people of this country should have access to adequate health care." He is all over the place. But he never tells us how in the world "we" are going to pull any of this off.

    He's a man on the podium leading us on. He's at the head of the parade. But do we really believe that he has a role to play in all this, that he really has any chips on the table? No, to me, it's more like he is just playing us for the fools he thinks we are?

    I didn't go into reading the book a Lou Dobbs' fan. I don't come out a convert. The value of the book comes in the statistics and information in the areas that make the most sense for reform at the federal level. But, to me, the guy to implement most of these changes and pull much of this off has just been elected to the White House, via our "dysfunctional" political system and via one of the two major political parties. I don't see that Lou Dobbs has a role to play in much of any of that. I think he is more of any entertainer, and a self-centered one at that. He tells us that the "hardworking, taxpaying, middle-class Americans and their families" are the primary victims of the War on the Middle Class. But I don't think that, deep down, he is convinces "us" that he really gives a hoot. I think he convinces us that his is more about making more money and increasing his rating.
    ...more info
  • I hate Lou Dobbs
    This man should not call himself a journalist. Yet another screed by Dobbs to sell books. I wonder if this man really believes what he writes? It seems that this book -- and all Dobb's other books could have been written on the results of a focus group of "angry white middle/working class americans." Can't recommend it in any way. ...more info
  • A 'Must Read'
    For all those who rated this 5 stars, their assessments are right on. If you are part of the middle class (among which I count myself) you no doubt feel frustrated. This book lends clarity and great insight into what is happening in big business and government in America. While you may not agree with his opinions, Dobbs shoots straight, leaning neither left nor right in discussing all of today's relevant issues. Skip MSNBC and Fox broadcasts this week; read this book instead. Great job Dobbs....more info
  • Populism is vacuous
    Populism has a long rich history, it thrives on opposition to change and distrust of all things big, such as Big Business, Big Government or Big Media. It is less a list of concrete policy proposals than a set of grievances. It gives a voice to the disaffected, mainly those who feel, justifiably or not, that economic change threatens their livelihood. Many of these folks aren't interested in hearing about the trade offs involved in public policy decisions or broad macro economic trends that may be at odds with what they see, or think they see, in their everyday life. They want someone who will tell them what they want to hear. It is this strand of views that Lou Dobbs is attempting to tap into in his book "War on the Middle Class."

    As the title of the book implies, Dobbs claims those he considers to be the "elite" are mounting a campaign to destroy the livelihood of a broad swath of the American population. While populist politicians are quite often disingenuous, and Dobbs certainly has his disingenuous moments, he is just honest enough that all sorts of contradictory streams show up in the book.

    Even though Dobbs is selective with the data he presents, what he does present doesn't really support his assertion on page 36 that "the rich are getting richer, the poor poorer and the middle class is shrinking." In fact, Dobbs cites evidence to the contrary elsewhere, such as on page 19 where he says "median family income has gone up 18 percent in the last 25 years." Given that median family income measures the well-being of the family exactly in the middle of the income distribution, if most people were becoming worse off, it should have gone down.

    On closer examination, Dobbs appears to be talking about those employed in manufacturing and those in white-collar jobs who are vulnerable to outsourcing. However, the share of people employed in manufacturing was never a majority of the work force and was shrinking even during periods considered to be prosperous. As for outsourcing, while the fear is real, the share of workers actually displaced by it is low.

    According to Dobbs free trade is a major reason for the decline in manufacturing and, according to him, middle class well-being. However, the impact of trade simply doesn't follow the simple class-based narrative that Dobbs and some others pretend. If the U.S. were to put up barriers on imported cars, for example, both employers and employees in the domestic auto industry would benefit in the short run. The losers would be car buyers and anyone working in an industry whose exports were harmed by a reciprocal action by a trading partner and some argue no one really benefits from protectionism in the long run. Again, Dobbs presents data selectively to suggest Americans are worse off under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). On page 100, he makes an unsourced claim that one million jobs were lost as a direct result of NAFTA. In fact the U.S. economy has added 20+ million jobs since NAFTA was enacted in 1993 and the unemployment rate fell from 6.9 percent to under 5 percent today while inflation adjusted wages have risen across the board. NAFTA may only explain a small share of these positive developments but they clearly have overwhelmed whatever job losses resulted from NAFTA.

    It isn't that Dobbs is necessarily wrong (although he frequently is) in most of his claims, but rather he simply ignores the true complexity of the issues to make easy crowd pleasing statements. In discussing illegal immigration he emphatically rejects the assertion that illegals take jobs Americans won't do and makes the rejoinder that if employers would just pay enough Americans would line up for those jobs in droves. He goes onto a cite a study (on page 140) by a University of California professor who estimated the wages of agricultural laborers could rise 40 percent while only adding $10 per year to average family's grocery bill. The study appears to be based on data from the 1990s and only factors in the wages of those picking fruit, not those downstream in the food distribution process. In any case, even if the U.S. could easily get rid of all the illegal immigrants, it isn't at all clear wages would rise enough for Americans to seek the often difficult work that illegals now do. In some cases wages would be bid up, in other cases the jobs would become mechanized (a possibility raised by the author of the study Dobbs cites) or jobs would just go unfilled. Things that sound too good to be true usually are.

    In the last chapter, Dobbs lays out his "agenda" and it is surprisingly light given the rhetoric that preceded it. While he does endorse tariffs for U.S. based companies that produce products overseas for the U.S. market, there is no call for revocation of NAFTA or the WTO. Even if his proposal was workable, it would only concern a fraction of commerce that crosses U.S. borders. Similarly on immigration, there is no mention of a clear proposal to rid the nation of those currently here illegally. One wonders if Dobbs really believes his populist ideas can be translated into reality.

    While Dobbs has been accused of riding the populist wave to get ratings, he says he is sincere about addressing real concerns on the minds of many people. Both those claims are probably true, but what Dobbs doesn't do is offer solutions that have a track record of effectiveness. Most of the instances where nations resorted to the kind of populist policies Dobbs appears to endorse were third world basket cases. The Europeans certainly opted for more state management of the economy, with some positive and some negative results, however, they are not protectionist. So, in the end, Lou Dobbs may offer an outlet for grievance but not any viable policy suggestions.
    ...more info
  • Finally, Lou Dobbs gets to the heart of the issue, he really gets it!
    After 20 years of experience with the special interests controlling the agendas in Washington DC, it is rewarding to read Lou Dobbs book War on the Middle Class. Lou Dobbs is the 1st with media recognition on a national scale, who figured out why the middle class since the 1970s has been shrinking and given the shaft. Not only does his book develop the historical basis to in justifying his position, but Mr. Dobbs speaks to the how and why leading to the continued perpetuation of the shrinking of the Middle Class, through those special interests of Big Business, and big Washington lobbyists controlling the agenda through financial contributions.

    As well, a guideline with approaches on how to fight back and recapture our deserved place in a society where institutional safeguards are in disarray, both the Democrats and Republicans are "walking corporations" beholding to the money interests and not listening to us who are the foundation of America.

    Mr. Dobbs, you get it, and you are unafraid to muckrake, telling the truth about what is happening to the Middle class in America. It is excellent reading for those of us wondering what happened in the last few decades to the Middle Class, and our entrepreneurial dreams.

    ...more info
  • A spotlight on corporate greed.
    Lou Dobbs has written a common sense,straight-forward book about the cause of economic woes for the middle class. "America has become a society owned by corporations and a political system dominated by corporate and special interests..." That statement is painfully true when you look at lobbying in Washington and the exorbitant salaries and bonuses of the CEO's. A case in point being the retirement package given to the retiring Chairman of Exxon/Mobil. Other topics in the book are:Illegal Immigration and the cost relating to education and insurance/medical care.Free Trade and "outsourcing".Failure in Education.Health Care and Insurance.All of this ties directly into the increasing burden on the middle class. I recommend this book.It is well-written and an easy read....more info
  • Wake up America
    This is a must read. The more people know about government the sooner they will help us to change it. The working man is getting screwed and Lou exposes are polititions for what they are!!!...more info
  • This was a wake-up call for me
    This book was scarier than any Stephen King novel. I knew that Washington DC was out of touch with everyday citizens, but I was not aware of how deep pockets can make our elected representatives forget who elected them in the first place. Money really does talk, and if you don't have a lot of it, then it is unlikely the US government cares what you have to say. I have been seeing the gap widen between the rich and the poor with my own eyes as I am in the middle class but my brother is a consultant for a high profile firm on the West coast. He gets a lot of tax breaks for investments and gets to stop paying social security taxes after he hits the $90,000 mark every year. I barely have any money to save, much less invest. Read this book, and then check out Lou's show Lou Dobbs Tonight on CNN. ...more info
  • Eye Opening
    I thought this brought to light the realization that America is only about one!...more info
  • War On The Middle Class
    Lou Dobbs tells straight forward how our government is misleading the American public, has taken away American jobs and with free trade has created unbalanced trade (with China). Every chapter brings on more disbelief at how our government operates....more info
  • Lou Dobbs fans ...
    Purchased book for my husband who is a Dobbs fan - he loved it and the ideas/issues presented....more info
  • eye opener
    This book gave a lot of insight into the present workings of our Federal Government and how it both the people and the public offices are being manipulated for the financial gain of multinational companies, as well as special interest groups that only have an interest in their gain with the cost being placed upon the common people. Also pointed are are the inconsistancies within our government as well, such as that most leaders in Congress are Lawyers, After their leaving of office they go onto to be lobbyists for the companies that they were suppose to keep in check while in office, and the major legislation in the past decade. Lou Dobbs gave insight and in-depth reporting that no other major journalists are doing out there in today's media.

    He has shown a stripe of moderatism due to his (as well as mine) mistrust that has developed from the Republican and Democratic Party. Definately a exposition of manipulation, deceit, greed, and the false hope in people that are suppose to be leading this country. He also get's in his two cents as to how the American People that are sliding from the middle class into the lower class can fight back for their jobs and their government....more info
  • Here is something we all need to read and know
    This guy has balls and effective ideas. ...more info
  • Very relevant to today's problems
    Lou Dobbs is straight on in his assessment of today's financial problems and how they are rooted in Washington....more info
  • War on the Middle Class by Lou Dobbs
    This book is insightful (almost too much so)! I have learned so much from this book, things all Americans should know. It makes the American dream a fairy tale, a Grimm one at that. I recommend this book to all and especially during election years....more info
  • Middle Class Hero
    Lou Dobbs is a hero to all working people in the USA. This book will open your eyes & minds to how big business, the Government & special interest money has affected your abilty to work & achieve the American dream. This information will make you made as hell! Lou also has some very simple solutions to changing this situation. It is a must read for every American. It also should be part of all high school required reading dealing with Government, economics & the constitution....more info
  • War on the Middle Class
    I found it easy to understand and very enlightening. It was quite an eye opener. Thanks to Lou Dobbs!!!

    ...more info
  • War on the Middle Class
    Lou Dobbs has done his homework and hits a home run with this straight talking, hard hitting expose of the economic injustices of corporate America. "War on the Middle Class" is a must-read for anyone interested in learning about the failure of government, special interests, and corporate business to take care of its most important resource...the worker....more info
  • Someting for the middle class!
    All I can say is READ IT, or better yet, I bought the book on CD and listened to Lou Dobbs read it.


    Respectfully as Always, Dennis Lloyd...more info
  • Mister Middle Class Defender
    Lou Dobbs is the classiest commentator on television today. He is out there every day of the week fighting for middle class interests. He is a true American Patriot. His view of American economics is circumspect. He is a hard headed realist. He is beyond politics. His book needs to be read by every citizen of the U.S. of A....more info
  • Excellent information on corporate control of United States
    Lou Dobbs, though basicly conservative, does bring to light so much of the corporate lies we have all been led to believe these past 30 years. His exposure of how Big Business has manipulated our society and taken advantage of us all is so disgustingly true. Good read to get your blood pressure up!...more info
  • Excellent Book
    Excellent book with a realistic explanation of how and why there truly is a war on the American Middle Class. Non partisan explanations and examples of how big business & politicians are selling out our children's future in order to benefit now in the short term. Inspired me to do something about it. Plus Lou is the man!...more info
  • Intelligent reasonable arguements for once!
    I like Lou Dobbs for two reasons, both of which are widely apparent in this book. First of all, he is not afraid to say something that violates the dogma of one of the two main parties. He speaks very clearly and passionately about what he knows and is not afraid to back unpopular opinions.

    The second thing I like is that he does not smear, nor slander nor sully the names or reputations of lots of people to gain attention. He justly nails special interest groups but then that is what's called free speech. You're welcome to disagree but not debase. Just like Lou.

    Lastly, I find him completely correct on criminal immigration. Lou is often misquoted to appear to be anti-immigrant. That is wrong! Rather he is pro immigrant but against the floods of illegal criminals swarming our borders as well as the American slave drivers who hire them and the corrupt governments of Latin America who use them as a safety valve.

    Also Lou admits to a bias which is refreshing!

    I would recommend watching Lou Dobbs nightly for the clearest view of the news you're likely to get! ...more info
  • Middle class is the target......
    Lou tells it like it is, if you doubt it read the book !

    Middle class will be an extinct species.........more info
  • The cynic's thoughts are confirmed
    If you're a cynic about where we are in America, this book is up your alley. As I am certainly a cynic and a card-carrying member of the ever-squeezed middle class, this book hit home for me, confirming what I've believed while supplying facts that show that no matter how much our politicians and many in the media want to paint people like me as "negative", we really are in a bad state right now and our government has a lot to do with it.

    If you're not a cynic, and like our political leaders, CEOs and many in the media believe that things are just fine and dandy, this book will hopefully be a wake-up call - but I wouldn't hold my breath on that.

    At the heart of it all is the reality that our government is bought and paid for by big business. He mentions that some consider lobbyists the fourth branch of government, and as you read the book, you get the feeling that's not just an inside joke. This is why we have things like rampant outsourcing, a bankruptcy law whose rationale has no basis whatsoever in reality and serves only to line the pockets of the banks who have paid for campaigns left and right, corporations paying little to no taxes during times of prosperity and getting away with it, CEOs making millions while their companies lose even more money and lay off workers, and illegal immigration remaining unchecked as it provides a source of very cheap labor to big companies so that CEOs can further line their pockets. All of this is an attack on the vast majority of Americans, who certainly haven't shared in the prosperity of the post-dot-com bust.

    The loser in all of this? Your average American, about 80 percent of the population. Dobbs shows how the government we have now is not on of the people, by the people or for the people, but rather, "the best government money can buy" as it is bought and paid for by corporations who practically make the laws nowadays. It is no accident that many Americans consider the government to be out of touch with citizens; this book demonstrates how it got there. And reading it, one also comes to understand that our present-day problems in the economy - things like constantly rising home foreclosures, a record federal budget deficit, fast-rising health care costs that are bankrupting families with anything more than a minor illness or injury, and middle-class Americans being squeezed left and right - are no accident.

    The real kicker comes near the end. In the book at the end is a copy of the text of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and its Amendments. He says we all should read them, and I did after finishing the book. As I read the Declaration of Independence, I couldn't help but echo what he said earlier about how the principles in America right now don't resemble this at all....more info
  • Middle-Class War vs. U.S. Government
    Outstanding book. Informative and educational. Everybody needs to know this!!! You need to know this before the next election in November, 2008, no matter what your party affiliation may be, but especially if you are an American!!! And even more especially, you need to know this when you write or talk to your representatives (and senators) in Congress, or The President and his staff, or the Supreme Court (state or federal), or any other governmental department at the federal, state, or local level!!! Let me put it another way and in other words--you cannot afford to be without this book--you need this book--if you don't read books, read this one, it may save your life, or at least your livelihood....more info
  • Disappointing
    This audio CD seemed more like someone reading the Statistical Abstract of the United States than an insightful critique of industrial political establishment. Mr. Dobbs presents way too many facts that become tiresome after awhile. On the plus side, Dobbs makes his positions unequivocal but every chapter seems nothing more than a regurgitation of the previous chapter's points. The entire thrust of the CD was succinctly summarized in his introduction and I should have stopped there....more info
  • Great book with good details
    This is a book that outlines exactly what everyone already knows which is how the middle class is growing smaller. If you are looking for a book that she is going to try and show both sides, this is not the book. While I really liked the book, I knew what I was bying and already agreed with the idea behind the book. The book just clarified for me how America is working....more info
  • Mediocre collection of opinions
    While I agree with many of Dobbs' points of view, this book was a lot of spouting of opinions and light on facts. He also couldn't seem to tie his rants into something cohesive. He would comment on something as if you're already supposed to know why it's a bad thing, rather than explaining why he thinks it is. Perhaps the abridgement of the audio book version was part of the problem. Dobbs is all over the place in terms of political theory. He's for big govn't in one area, against it in another. He wants free market solutions for some things, yet drips venom every time he mentions "corporations" as if their mere existance is in itself evil.

    Finally, he takes the easy way out on some issues. While urging us to put aside "wedge issues" that keep the parties at loggerheads, he mentions half a dozen issues but pointedly avoids mentioning abortion, which is probably the defining "liberal vs conservative" issue out there. I suspect it was to avoid offending either side, since he positions himself in the middle politically, "above it all" in terms of the political struggle.

    Sometimes you can't put it in words, but this book was just unimpressive and I was disappointed. I hoped to be more informed by it. ...more info
  • Informative and neccessary reading
    Lou Dobbs is one of the very few people who are truly troubled by what is happening in america.
    The book should be mandatory reading in schools,it would certainly be an extremely helpful tool for our kids....more info
  • What is it Good For? Absolutely Nothing!
    I loved The War on the Middle Class. For two weeks, I wouldn't leave my house unless I was wearing full military regalia. That's how real I thought the war on the middle class was. Then I thought about it and realized that there is no conspiracy against the middle class, only a rich white guy with a degree from Harvard who wants us to think there is one. In this poorly researched, xenophobic, racist, book, Dobbs once again takes the mantle as the "champion of the middle class." While Dobbs hopes to mobilize his own army of "middle class warriors" (page 83), we should not let him. We must thwart his plans to be ruler of the US! Do not take up arms in battle, fellow members of the middle class! Dobbs is not your leader!...more info
  • Lou Dobbs - An On Target Patriotic American
    This book is the true state of our union. Lou has done an excellent job of identifying issues that hurting, or shortly will hurt, the American middle class. I very good read of complex issues without being too intellectual. I highly recommend this book....more info
  • Dobbs is dead on about the problems in this nation
    For years I have worried and believed our economy was smoke and mirrors. Seriously, is a housing market expansion a REAL sign of a growing economy or just a bubble or debt and overreaching by people buying more house than they really need? My point is being made as I type this review.

    Lou Dobbs attacks both parties and the hypocrisy of the system that has given us the incompetence in Washington DC. He notes that Kerry and Bush campaign for President and all we hear about is Swift Boats and National Guard service time instead of REAL issues that impact our nation. He addresses the middle class and the jobs that go overseas where people are hired on the cheap while people and families then have to scurry to find some type of work just to pay the bills. Illegal immigration continues (why? To drive down wages, of course!) and Dobbs hits both parties on their insipid but continued arguments about our nation. Companies are far from patriotic - they are out for the mighty dollar and don't care about the future of this nation or its workforce while our politicians who say what we want to hear continue to rob our financial futures with their idiocy and incompetence.

    I used to believe in free trade as does Dobbs, but he points out FAIR trade is the answer. We've sold ourselves to the CHinese for cheap products and it has gotten us where we are today. In debt to a Chinese nation that wants to see us kowtow to them in the world economy. Each day, we inch closer to that time.

    Dobbs is dead on, but until we (the voters) throw the bums out and get REAL leaders in local, state and Federal positions were doomed under the so called "free markets" thinkers of today who are wrecking our economy....more info


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