LitterMaid LME5500 Automatic Litter Box
LitterMaid LME5500 Automatic Litter Box

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Product Description

LitterMaid Elite Basic Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter BoxNo more scooping! No more odors!Your cat will never have to pussyfoot through soiled litter again. This revolutionary appliance makes litter box clean-up fast and easy. The automatic, self-cleaning unit rakes away waste and leaves the litter box clean after each use.Once the cat leaves the LitterMaid Litter box, sensors are triggered turning on the ionizer and the timer for the cleaning cycle. After 10 minutes, the cleaning cycle starts and the rake clears your cat's clumps depositing them in the waste receptacle where it and odors are sealed away; allowing for a clean litter box each time your cat enters and eliminating the majority of odors for you! When the receptacle is full, just throw it away and replace with a fresh one.Safety bar stops and reverses at the slightest touch.Extra deep litter tray for premium litter detaches for quick and easy cleaning.Unit operates on low-voltage AC adapter (included) or eight AA batteries (not included).Veterinarian recommended.The LitterMaid works only with clumping litter. 4 receptacles included to start.New Modern Design Features:New, quieter motorSleep timer for nighttime useBuilt-in, sensor-activated Ionic Air CleanerRemovable stainless steel rake with more tinesTriple-Action ToolNew sleek designFor owners with large cats or multi-cat homes, PETCO recommends the LitterMaid Elite Mega Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box

  • Includes 4 Waste Receptacles and 4 Carbon Filters
  • Paw Cleaning Cat Ramp
  • Ionic Air Filter
  • Sleep Timer
  • Removable Rake

Customer Reviews:

  • ok--not perfect
    Like some others posting here, I bought this in preparation for leaving my cat while we're away on vacation. Someone will be coming over every couple days to check up on her, but she really likes a clean litter box--more than 1 day of not cleaning and she protests. So my hope was that this product would help keep the litter box clean between times when someone comes to check in on her, and also make the cat sitter's job a little easier.

    Bottom line, it's OK, but has some design flaws. These are listed below.

    1) It's extremely noisy. I'm surprised she isn't frightened of it like she is of the vacuum. It's almost that loud. She actually likes to watch it in action. But you definitely don't want it running while you're asleep.

    2) The sleep timer is nice (see #1), but not very flexible. You can only set the start time for it to go into sleep mode, and then it doesn't turn on again until 9 hours later (but it seems to ALWAYS turn on again in 9 hours, regardless of whether the cat has actually entered the box in the meantime). There is no option to control how long the sleep should be, or to have a different timer for different days of the week.

    3) Like others have noted, the poo often gets stuck to the rake (urine doesn't usually seem to be a problem). I think this is because the 10 minute time window between when the cat leaves and when the litter box runs through the cleaning cycle is not enough time to let the poo harden. I wish I could control this timer, as well--I'd set it to 15-20 minutes. I read somewhere that LitterMate additive ( can help make your litter extra-hard clumping, so I might try that. Could be that certain litters are better than others, too. (I use Fresh Step, but have used corn litter in the past, and may go back to that.)

    4) The rake doesn't actually rake over the entire surface of the box. There is a small region behind the rake that has litter and never gets raked. So when the kitty pees too close to the rake, this stuff never gets picked up--it just gets pushed permanently behind the rake until you remove the rake and scoop it out by hand.

    5) If you want to force the box to run through a cleaning cycle you have to either cover the sensors for 5 seconds, and then wait 10 minutes for it to do its thing, or you have to turn it off and then back on again. The former option is annoying, and the latter option is inconvenient because when you turn the power off, it loses the time and the sleep settings, so you have to reprogram everything. There should be a button that allows you to manually set it to run through a cycle (like if it missed something and you want it to run again).

    6) It doesn't use a lot of litter. I was used to using about 3-4 inches of litter in my old box, and this only uses about 1 inch. Seems like that should be a plus, but things tend to get stuck to the bottom of the pan because there's not enough litter. And it's difficult figuring out what the correct amount of litter is, since the rake always makes the center level lower than the rest of the box (and always lower than the fill line). I kept adding litter until I realized the extra litter was either ending up in the waste receptacle or behind the rake and sort-of clogging it. There are some non-stick sprays out there that may help keep things from sticking to the bottom, but I haven't tried them.

    So it's not perfect, but it does do a decent job of keeping the box clean, which my cat really likes. I usually have to pick up a few clumps every other day or so. Probably less maintenance than the old fashioned boxes, but I'd expect a bit more from a ~$120 box. I was hoping it could go a week without any maintenance, but it doesn't look like it will. I'll probably leave an extra litter box out while we're away just in case something happens....more info
  • Don't Waste Your Money!
    I cannot believe I fell for this one! I only have 1 cat, and have set it up exactly per instructions, using only the best premium clumping litter I could find. And all it does is scoop around and break up the clumps, dump litter all over the floor, and gets jammed every day. After only 3 weeks of use, I am ready to pitch it out the window and go back to my "old school" litter box. This has got to be the worst product I have EVER purchased....more info
  • Terrible Product
    I bought this product because I was going on vacation.
    I tried it and it does not sweep out the litter like it should.
    When it the sweeper starts and reaches the halfway point it sounds as though the motor is going to die. The comb goes right through the clumb or stool most of the time. I used the recommended litter Littermaid suggest and it just does not work. I emailed littermaid about this and I have not received a response back. (1 month ago)
    I suggest do not buy this product. I went back to the old fashion way which works the best. Do Not Waste Your Hard Earned Money....more info
  • it's ok
    This is the lazy person litter box. It doesn't work miracles but it cuts down your job a little. Not for multi cat household. Poop does not get scooped affectively but pee absolutely does. cartridges fill rather quickly and need replacing every other day or so. I tried a few litters, world's best cat litter, target brand and arm & hammer. However, I stuck with cat's pride scooping. It's so thin you can actually flush it. I find it clumps really well and even scoops the poop out better. I don't regret buying it....more info
  • 3rd LM box, this is the best one
    I'm reading all of the negative reviews and I have to say most of them have to be from people not using premium litter or overfilling the unit or not assembling it correctly.

    I only retired the last LM because the cord kept breaking.

    The original LM compared to the LME5500?

    *The metal rake is an upgrade, the plastic one was not better. I don't care what anyone says.
    * rake is easily removable for cleaning (huge plus)
    *They redesigned plastic (everywhere) so litter can't get trapped in small corners is great. The old unit was horrible in this sense.
    *fact the plastic container tucks into the unit it great; no more mess under it. The only unit had a gap where litter would leak through.
    * you can see they spent time thinking of how the litter will get into the grooves where the rake tracks, it has drilled out sections to allow the liter to escape easily.
    * wire retraction (which broke on my 5 year old unit) is redesigned; not even visible from the outside

    I can only think people aren't following the instructions... so the unit isn't assembled correctly...

    Or they are not using a good litter like "fresh step" (I don't use anything else)

    Or they are overfilling the unit....

    My original unit lasted almost 5 years, and it was stilling working. I just couldn't find the right (flexible) wire for replacement (I tried using 22 gauge speaker wire, but it could only handle the flexing for a month or two). I'm sure with a trip to the local electronic supply I could have had it worked out. But we bought this new LME5500 unit cheap. The previous one lasted 5 years with two cats using it constantly. The 2nd unit we have is in the room off of our bedroom; it's been flawless mechanically too.

    So only times we've *ever* had problems from any of the units was from overfilling it... And the wire breaking in the oldest one, but that' expected with the design of the older unit... it's gets bent back and forth... it's going to eventually wear out. They redesigned the wire retraction on this unit, I can't even see it like I could on the old. So the jury is out on the new design.

    I can say this newer unit goes through thicker liter better than the old one did.

    Also don't forget most people get online to complain/find more information, very few get online to write positive reviews...

    Also NEVER clean the unit with anything but the plastic rake it comes with. If you deeply scratch the bottom of the pan the liter will stick (clump) to it as you have given it a rough surface to attach too.

    I mean I've read reviews of people washing their LM in the shower/bathtub and wondering why it didn't work afterwords.

    2 cats and many years later it's a good product; it's not perfect but it's not a chore to use if you aren't ignorant of it's faults. Every automatic liter box has them... We simply change the plastic trays every week and add liter... And once a year we might fully clean it.

    Just thought I'd share my 2 cents; 5 year user of their products......more info
  • automated litter box
    This product is nice in that you only have to dump the tray once every 1-3 days. However, if the cat digs to the bottom before he uses, the pins don't always scoop that deep and you have to scoop it later. Also, a lot of litter gets dumped out under the tray. My cat used it for about 3 weeks, then decided to use the other corner of the room daily... he may just be picky. Overall, this product does make litter box cleaning a little easier :)...more info
    I previously owned the old model of the Littermaid and it worked ok. I still had to scoop every few days. The motor went bad, so I bought this "new and improved" one. I thought, a metal rake, a newer model, it MUST be better...wrong! This litter box picks up NONE of the waste. I have 2 cats and I have to scoop at least once a day. I even bought the Littermaid brand litter, and it still didn't work. I read the negative reviews and I didn't believe them...believe it! ...more info
  • A Big Leap . . . Backwards
    Firstly, I purchased my latest LitterMaid less than a week ago at Target, because I needed another fast. I have owned at least three previous editions of LitterMaid since they were first introduced. Basically my impressions over the years is that they do what they are supposed to. Nothing fancy, but they kept running 24/7 raking and removing solid mass.

    Some units have worked far better than others. There is no consistency on the performance of said units, I find. Some work, and far outlast other model numbers. My last one broke after about a year of service. The right roller tab on the rake just completely broke off. I guessed this was because of the length of service.

    What has surprised me is this new unit (5500) is so flimsy and slow-moving is sounds like a grinding sound that was not present with the others. All of my previous units have been noisy, but this is by far the worse. Since noise is not a issue, because of the distance from litter box and bedrooms, the feature of having a timer to turn off operations between certain night hours is a "nonissue." But the constant blinking clock face is. If it is not set with current time, it keeps blinking "12:00" which is very distracting. On top of that, if you need to turn unit off to reset the movement of blade, who will have to set clock again each time. Which brings me to my biggest complaint with unit.

    This particular unit is completely unable to rake mounds of litter my cats (I have 2 using it, and they are in and out of unit many times a day) move around to "do what they do naturally"; which is to cover their business. It makes several attempts to go over even small mounds of litter but is unable to complete the rake, deposit in container and return to back of unit. For the past several days I have had to "prescoop" the waste and then smooth out litter for the rake to beable to accomplish the procedure. I don't how long I will be able to endure this before I lose my cool. This was certainly not the case with the previous models. I can certainly sympathize with other cat owners who are expressing frustration and dismay over performance of unit. (Read some of the 9900 model critiques.)

    To add to my woes, I bought a "cat privacy" tent (LMT100) which, after assembling, found that no way does it fit or cover the unit. Now I am left to deal with trying to return that too. This was bought from a Amazon third-party seller....more info
  • It does what it should
    I was so nervous about buying this product after all the negative reviews, but I can say I am so happy I did. My old LM500 model broke and needed to be replaced. First thing I love is that you can take out the rake. I love it! I do not think it is loud at all, actully it is much quieter. The only thing I do not like is when I am completely emptying the litter out - to replace it. It is hard to dump it out of the bottom tray as it is much larger than the original and does not easily fit into a plastic grocery bag. I've just began using a larger bag, so really I just had to change my normal way of doing it. ...more info
  • Poor design....
    Along with most everyone else, I had an old LitterMaid Box that worked relatively well, aside from the plastic rake getting clogged all the time. However, the power cord somehow got got in the rake and I broke it trying to get it free. I was excited to see a "NEW and IMPROVED" model and excited to have one with metal prongs that would clean better. Well, much to my dimsay it is not improved. I have 2 main problems, the tabs for tucking the waste receptacle are ridiculously small. The receptacle doesn't tuck under them and litter falls through all the time. Also, the rake sits about 2 inches away from the back of the box and doesn't lift very high out of the box. Therefore, wet litter clumps up behind the rake and needs to be scraped out almost daily. When I called Littermaid, they told me they would send some new receptacles. Evidently the ones in the box weren't the right ones. I will see about that. However, as far as the rake goes, I was told it was meant to be that way. That since my "cat pees the wrong direction", I will just have to deal with it. They can't refund my money because it is working properly even if it is a poor design. Well, I guess my only option then is to train my cat to go potty the "right" way. ...more info
  • Broke after a few months use
    It only works well with fresh step clumping litter. Other types just won't work.

    It broke after a few months and I was able to fix it, but then it broke again a few months later, and this time I was not able to fix it.

    There is a pin to hold the moter wheel on the axle and that popped out the first time. The second time the motor wheel just won't hold on the axle.

    Other than that, it works pretty well, but I won't buy another....more info
  • Save your money
    I've had three of these units and they are all poorly designed and poorly constructed. (Why then did I buy three? Good question. I should have stopped after the 1st.) It is possible to get it working but mine jams at least 2x a day. In fact I spend more time fiddling with this one trying to keep it running than I would with a manual litter box. It also has a nasty habit of leaking litter underneath the unit, so you have to move it and sweep up around it fairly frequently.

    My third is on its way out already. I'm going to try another brand and see if I have better success....more info
  • Absolutely worthless product
    Absolutely worthless product. Makes horrible groaning noises in operation, and when you go check on it, you find 25% the poops are stuck on the rake, 25% are behind the rake, and the remainder are scattered in the general direction of the receptacle, but virtually nothing winds up in there. Do yourself a favor, buy the Cat Genie. A lot more expensive, but what good is something that's cheap but does nothing?...more info
  • Horrible
    I've had two previous models of Littermaid's automatic litterboxes, but this "new" one is the worst ever. Noisiest yet; doesn't clean out box well -- and the way you tuck in the liner is complicated and difficult. The previous model was much better. Who the heck thought this was better? It's like whoever made it didn't actually test it on cats and cat owners!

    Wish they still made the earlier model. This is also larger so if you're trying to get it in a small space like a closet, be sure you measure it first.

    Bad product!!!...more info


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