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"Loss of memory is not a natural part of aging-and this book explains why. Celebrated neurologist David Perlmutter reveals how everyday memory-loss-misplacing car keys, forgetting a name, losing concentration in meetings-is actually a warning sign of a distressed brain. Here he offers a simple plan for repairing those problems, and regaining and maintaining clarity by offering the tools for: Building a better brain through nutrition, lifestyle changes, and brain workouts Coping with specific brain disorders such as stroke, vascular dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, and Lou Gehrig's disease Understanding risk factors and individually tailoring a diet and supplementary program Features a ""Life Style Audit,"" quizzes, brain boosting exercises, and a food and supplement program."

Customer Reviews:

  • Add This Book to your Anti-Aging Library! Doctor Recommended
    Dr. Perlmutter does what only a small percentage of physicians today are doing. He goes beyond simply swallowing the "proprietary data" that pharmaceutical companies present to doctors every day at their offices and at every medical conference they attend until the vast majority believe it is the best we can do for our patients....give them prescription drugs to delay symptoms, and tell them that what can't be treated that way must be accepted as the normal pitfalls of aging. Some physicians can't accept that. They study nutrition, they study physiology, they search the medical literature for alternative treatments...research from all over the world that is available to any physician if he or she looks for it, but isn't promoted as the newest product by a pharmaceutical company. This is the kind of physician who wants to see his or her patients get well, or not become unwell in the first place. This kind of physician will continue to seach for answers always to the questions of what restores health safely, what prevents disease effectively, what causes a rapid decline in health in the first place. This book is an excellent and more thorough follow-up to Dr. Perlmutter's Brain and goes into more depth, and gives more practical advice to YOU, so that you can take action now to protect your brain from aging much more rapidly than it should. There are other physicians who have learned similiar things in other areas of health, and some are brave enough and generous enough to share them in this way. The American Medical System is designed to assist you in being unaware of how sick you are until you suddenly die, by simply treating your symptoms as they arise without teaching you the cause and helping you to regain your health and vitality. Most prescription medications relieve your symptoms only temporarily or mask the symptom but do not rejuvenate your body. Read Dr. Perlmutter's book if you are concerned about the health of your brain. If you enjoy thinking and want to keep doing it well as you age, you owe it to yourself!

    Dr. Tedde Rinker, Anti-Aging Physician, Redwood City, CA info
  • Better Brain Book
    I found this book helpful to see Parkinson's Disease in a different light.
    Definitely planning on following through with some of the suggestions....more info
  • free
    Thank you for helping us.Thank you for giving us help.Thank you for helping our family.Thank you for everything.
    Thank you,buy this book.Thank you,it is so worth reading....more info
  • A Must Read for All Ages
    Probably the best way to describe this innovative and helpful book is user-friendly. The author cuts to the chase and gives us easy, practical ways to maintain our healthy brains or to reverse deterioration of brain function. A side benefit is that the suggested regimens promote overall health as well. I heartily recommend this helpful adjunct to your personal well being.

    ...more info
  • The Better Brain Book- Real Tools, Real Answers
    Dr. Perlmutter has changed the way I look at by diet, sleep, supplements and general quality of life.

    The Better Brain Book offers, real, practical tools and answers that will improve my brain health and function.

    I particulariy appreciated the Better Brain Diet and Dr. Perlmutter's recommendation of the brain training software-BrainBuilder from ABT-Advanced Brain Technologies. I tried the Test Your Brain Report on ( learned there is a lot more I can do to train my brain!

    Purchase this book for the people you care about. Reading it will make a difference in their lives....more info
  • good book!
    The service from Amazon was outstanding and this is one of the best books I've read recently....more info
  • Words You Never Expected to Hear from an MD!
    If I were diagnosed with early stage Alzheimer's, I'd head straight to the Perlmutter Health Center. But if that were the case, it might be because I had neither read nor followed the instructions found in this wonderful book.

    This is information you won't hear from your doctor: How diet, supplements, exercise and more will influence and can decrease your risk for Alzheimer's and other major diseases of the brain; What the drugs widely used for symptomatic relief may create in other areas of the body.

    Research from medical journals published in 2005 and 2006 confirms much of what Dr. Perlmutter discusses here. The latest research adds information to his method but denies none of it.

    If you care about your brain's health, this book is a "must read." Get it, study it, and start using the information for your good health!

    Phyllis Staff, Ph.D.
    "How to Find Great Senior Housing," and
    "128 Ways to Prevent Alzheimer's and Other Dementias"...more info
  • Interesting read.
    This was an interesting read which covered healthy, and unhealthy habits for your brain. It is also a good resource for what supplements are helpful for your brain, and their recommended quantities and uses.
    I have used many of the suggestions from this book to add supplements and adopt healthy habits for my brain....more info
  • Our "bible" for Better Brains!
    My Mother has Alzheimer's and my family considers THE BETTER BRAIN BOOK our "bible". I am doing everything I can to improve my brain health and avoid this terrible disease. I give this book to everyone I know that has a family member with Alzheimer's, BUT, I reccomend this book to EVERYONE!...more info
  • Better brains for all
    As a practicing psychiatrist, I found Dr. Perlmutter's book full of well organized very usable information that I was able to take to my office and use as a reference as well as recommend to my patients....more info


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