Monster HTS 1000 MKIII PowerCenter with Clean Power Stage 2 (8 AC outlet, 2 coax, phone & network)
Monster HTS 1000 MKIII PowerCenter with Clean Power Stage 2 (8 AC outlet, 2 coax, phone & network)

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The power coming through AC power outlets is full of interference and line disturbances that cause hum, buzz, and static, degrading your home theater's audio and video performance. In addition, electronic appliances generate electronic noise that affects your home theater sound and picture. Monster Clean Power Circuitry Stage 2 filters provide excellent AC power line noise rejection and isolation of audio and video equipment for component-generated noise rejection. When you connect your home theater components to a Monster HTS 1000 MKIII PowerCenter you'll get the best possible picture and sound from your components. Common power surges, spikes, and dips can easily damage sensitive electronics in your home theater's AV components. The HTS 1000 MKIII features over 6125 Joules of extreme protection that can absorb powerful surges and spikes. Unlike ordinary surge protectors, advanced Monster PowerCenters also actively monitor incoming power and automatically disconnect your valuable equipment before damage occurs. Microprocessor controlled T2 Disconnect/Reconnect circuitry not only protects your AV equipment, but protects your PowerCenter as well. The T2 protection circuitry automatically disconnects the PowerCenter and all of your connected AV equipment when it senses dangerous power conditions, completely isolating them from sags, spikes, and surges. T2 continues to actively monitor power conditions, then automatically reconnects when AC power returns to normal. In addition, Monster's Tri-Mode protection circuitry incorporates an audible alarm that will tell you when your PowerCenter has protected your AV system from damage. Protected Phone and Network Connections

  • Model NO. HTS1000MKIII
  • 8 Outlets
  • 6125 Joules
  • Ac Power Protection For Home Theater Components & Connections For Cable Tv/Hdtv Protection & Satellite/Tivo/Phone/Network Protection
  • Features Monster Clean Power Stage 2

Customer Reviews:

  • Well built, high quality power protection
    I received the Monster HTS 1000 MKIII from Amazon about a week ago, after losing my DVD player, VCR, Tivo, and Wii to a massive power surge. I was immediately surprised by the size and weight of the unit. It is quite large, weighing several pounds and measuring just over 16" long by 5" wide by 3" high when laying flat. It feels quite sturdy, made of what appears to be brushed aluminum and black plastic or thermoplastic. The cord is long (6 to 8 feet) and is of high quality (true rubber, not vinyl or shiny plastic).

    Upon plugging it in for the first time, you'll notice that it seems to check itself and the power coming into it. There is a brief delay, where it measures the voltage and checks for ground - something I immediately found reassuring. There is a circuit breaker/reset button on one end, a jack for a remote cable on the other end. Monster has included labels for your various cords, so you know what you're unplugging, as well as a coaxial cable, a phone cable, and a remote cable to connect it to a receiver.

    I haven't yet had the "opportunity" to test the unit as a surge protector - and I hope I never do. I purchased this as a sort of insurance policy that I hope I never use. But should a surge hit, Monster provides a $350,000 warranty covering properly connected equipment. Good enough for me.

    This unit is one of the more expensive surge protectors out there, but it's less expensive than an insurance deductible, and it's certainly less expensive than replacing your electronics. A good buy by any estimate....more info
  • Monster Protection
    I have only been using this product for a few days and have had no issues with it so far. My only BIG problem is that when I opened the box from Amazon, it smelled like someone had blown cigarette smoke in the box and it came wafting out and smelled disgusting....more info
  • Good Product
    This is a good product at a competitive price. Even so, it is a bit pricey. Quality is good and I have no complaints. It is used to protect an expensive big screen TV. WOuld recommend this product....more info
  • Nice price on Amazon (that's right Best Buy!!)
    Digital readout is cool, kinda shows you that its working. The power at the outlet I am using varies from 120 to 126, so it should be helping. I'm not so convinced that the Phone and Cat-5 jacks (DSL/Internet) do any filtering. The information flows through the Phone and Cat-5 jacks whether the power strip unit is plugged into the wall or not. Maybe those are strictly for surge and don't filter. Not sure, anyway, great deal on a sweet power strip....more info
  • Heavy Duty with plenty of surge protection
    The Monster 1000MKIII Power center is quality built and well thought of in regards to layout and A/V outlet space. I noticed improvement on my audio sound,( slight humming) where the MKIII eliminated speaker humming completely..On the video side, (video filters) I have notice improvement on the "analog" channels via the cable box. Picture quality on HD channels remain excellent. I run all my A/V equipment through the MKIII and with over 6100 joule protection, it gives you peace of mind in that aspect. Tampa Fl.Is know for the Lightning Capital of the World". The Digital Voltage display in a nice feature, my volts are running at 122/123. There are many surge protectors, line conditioners on the market,and if you have thrown hundreds, if not thousands of dollars into your home theather system, it makes good judgement to invest in a decent power surge protector. I picked Monster's HTS1000 for mine. ...more info
  • Picture/Sound Quality Improvement
    To start I got the product on time and the service when called in to order was very courteous, helpful and knowledgable. Soon as I got the product I hooked it to my home theater(Onkyo receiver,Sony LCD TV, Sony DVD,Direct HD-DVR, and XBox 360). Right from the start I noticed a difference in picture and sound quality as well as the unit itself looks cool too. Have had it now for about one month and have had 5 power outages/surges and no harm was done to any of my components. Very happy so far with product and would recomend to anyone looking for a well made product and piece of mind to know that their expensive components are protected by a $300,000 quarantee from Monster if this product fails. Also for the cost of under $150 bucks for the unit to protect thousands of dollars in equipment, not a bad bad investment! I will also order from Amazon again since have had the best pricing on just about everything I have looked for on the internet....more info
  • Monster HTS 1000 MKIII PowerCenter
    This product seems to be built very well. It didn't make my picture any better or my audio any better, but that doesn't mean it's not protecting my equipment I have a 7.1 surround sound with the rx-v1800 and klipsch speakers hooked up to a samsung 5084 so it's already got great sound and a great picture you can only get so good. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to have their investment protected....more info
  • Total overpriced garbage
    I have had two of these power conditioners which I spent a lot of money on. Both have died without warning. I called Monster as my booklet says it is warrantied "For the Life of the Product" Thinking it had a lifetime warranty I called them. They told me it only had a 5 year warranty which is the life of the product. Give me a break!

    This product is overpriced hype for suckers that think they are getting good protection and filtered power. The only thing you are getting is less money in your checking account. ...more info
  • Solid Powerstrip
    This is a very solid feeling powerstrip/surge protector.

    I bought it hoping to clean the power coming from an outlet in my house. When I flip on a certain light switch, I can see lines go across my tv screen. I think this is due to the electrical sensitivity (not being technical here) of my A/V receiver. I think it is very sensitive to any power fluctuations on the circuit. the light switch must be tied to the same circuit that this power outlet is on.

    Adding this did not resolve the issue. However, just because it did not solve this issue, does not mean that this is not a good piece of equipment. I feel confident that it is doing its job protecting my devices....more info
  • Will the Monstor Help Me?
    Will the Monster help us? We have sent back to tv's Samsung and the new Bravia Z because intermittently our tv blacked out for a few seconds - it went completely black. And at times I tried to turn tv on and only got on the picture the hdmi printing and few other lines but no picture. After playing around with comcast remote, finally picture would come on. This happened just a few times. But the total black picture happend about once every couple of days and seemed to happen most on msnbc. Do you think the monster would help us - could we be having a power surge and less power happening intermittently? Very cautious now in purchasing the third HD TV and have felt we purchased the best in the last two - feel something wrong at home rather than tv's. Thanks anyone out there....more info
  • Top Notch Serge Protector & Power Filter
    Good price for a real serge protector. Great protection for your new TVs and entertainment centers. Worth the extra $$. ...more info
  • A must for Home Theater Enthusiasts
    I've had the HTS1000 for a month or two now. I must say I wasn't expecting a distinctive change in the picture or sound quality but got this more for the surge protection, but I was pleasently surpised when I turn this unit on, and noticed a distinctive difference in the audio and picture quality on my Sony XBR4 46"; especially on non-HD channels. The picture seemed more seemless and smooth compared to not using this unit. I researched this on Amazon and also at a local Circuit City (they were selling it for $199.99 plus tax), but as always Amazon has great service and prices, so I opted to go with Amazon again for around $135.00 total. I saved close to $85.00 on a $200.00 item, when taking into account the tax! You can't beat Amazon for great prices and you can't beat this surge/power conditioner for the money either. Great product, highly recommended!...more info
  • Don't waste your money!!!
    I bought this item to remove the interference I am receiving through the ac line. The only thing it removed was the money from my pocket. The picture quality on my HD Tv was better before I bought it. This item is worthless and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. ...more info
  • surge protector review
    i am very pleased with the performance of the monster surge protector. it is working as expected....more info
  • Monster HTS 1000
    Use to protect entertainment center (TV, DVD, DVR, and sound system) from power surges. No problems and seems to be operating well....more info
  • Monster HTS 1000 MKIII Power Center
    I had a problem with the first unit I received which died after 48 hrs; But the item was replaced and has worked perfectly since. Great addition for my Samsumg 40-inch LCD HDTV, cleans up the powere source....more info
  • Excellent
    As I am 65 years old this is my first monster product and I have given it an excellent rating....more info
  • An overpriced piece of junk!
    I purchased this product hoping to protect my investment. Within 2 days it was tripping out & the voltage meter was reading 221 instead of 120 or so. E-maile Monster several time, but never a response. I will never buy an overpriced Monster product again....more info
  • Monster HTS 1000
    Great product so far, love how the outlets are spaced so far. havent noticed much of a picture improvement, but its nice to know my home theatre is protected....more info
  • "clean power" filter is JUNK
    I got this thing because I was experiencing a hum in my stereo and also some faint horizontal interference lines on my new 46" LCD TV. This piece of garbage did not remove any of the interference and probably just made matters worse by degrading the cable signal. I knew it sounded to good to be true......more info
  • An excellent investment
    The picture quality of my non-hd channels is better as a result of using the HTS 1000 MKIII. One thing I like is that it does not impact the quality of my HD channels. With other surge protectors I think there was too much loss (as a result of using the coax filters) and I would see more pixelation. This made watching HD through impossible but with the HTS 1000 MKIII the signal is excellent. I highly recommend purchasing at the Amazon price which is $80 below Best Buy, Circuit City, etc......more info
  • PowerCenter review
    Looks like all the parts fit. Awaiting the first lightening strike here in South Florida to see if the surge protector better. Make sure you have the room on the floor behind your TV stand, the Monster takes up a lot of space with the plugs in it. ...more info
  • Mine Buzzes, But that is Because it Working in My Case
    I already had the MKII and was very happy with it and bought the MKIII for a home theater setup in another room. My house has a lot of power fluxuations (lights always dimming, flashing on now and then, etc) so I wanted to protect my equipment better and hopefully help them with a power conditioner.

    In my old setup with the MKII, prior to using the MKII, my Tivo would randomly reboot now and then while watching, but has stopped since I put it on the MKII. I never noticed a picture or sound difference though. For me this is about the power fluxuations.

    The MKIII buzzes for me, but strangly only when I turn on the switchable size of the strip. It is directly related to the dimmer switch I have my room lighting connected to. When lights are dimmed with the dimmer, it buzzes more. When off or on full, buzzing is minimized. I actually tried 3 of these thinking it was the power strip. I even tried a much more expensive set-top power center box from Monster. All buzzed with my dimmer switch. Currently it seems to buzz a tiny bit once in a while without the dimmer, but I believe that is because it is actually working in my case and doing its power conditioning. I have it in the bedroom and I honestly don't hear it when watching anything and don't hear it at night, and I am very particular about having a buzzing noise if I can hear it at night or while watching something.

    But I don't know why it is nearly fine when the 2nd set of switches is turned off. For me, I don't want to have my system unprotected due to power fluxuations I can see all the time with my incandescent lights, so I am sticking with this one and am happy with it.

    I really doubt it will buzz in your case unless you have a dimmer switch like me. And again it seems to affect all such Monster Power Centers and isn't particular to this system. I didn't try any other brands as the others are not widely available.

    So I still rate it a 4 star and think my home is unique. I am happy with mine....more info
  • high price but low quality
    Not impressed with the quality of this product. Upon receiving it and plugging it in for the first time I noticed a section of the red LED voltage display was burnt out and would not function. I did not send it back because otherwise it still worked and would have cost me return shipping and hassle to do so. Very disappointed with the quality and quality control (or lack thereof) with these high priced monster products. Purchase at your own risk......more info
  • Sweetness
    The only thing that I don't like is that it doesn't have 2 inputs for Cable or Sat, just one for each. Clearly they overlooked the fact that most people have TIVO or DVRs that take two feeds. However, you can use the cable and sat in tandem, so not so bad....more info
  • Monster HTS 1000 MKIII PowerCenter
    This is great product!!! I have not be let down yet by Monster Cable. They make quality products that work well and as expected. I use this in my bedroom with a Panasonic Plasma TV, a cable box, Denon receiver and a Denon DVD player. I have had several surges and it has worked flawlessly every time. I don't get spikes and picture issues when my wife hair dryer is going either. Completely knocks it out. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a fairly inexpensive clean power surge protection for their A/V equipment. ...more info
  • Nice product, but nothing special
    I figured if you're investing thousands in an entertainment system it doesn't make sense to be cheap with protecting it, so i pulled the trigger on this product. Contrary to Monster's claims, I did not notice a marked increase in picture or sound quality. Perhaps this is because both were very good already. Bottom line, it gives me peace of mind that my equipment is safe. ...more info
  • Monster HTS 1000 MKIII PowerCenter
    Great product, great value!! It completely removed the buzzing I've had for years from my speakers due to poorly grounded cable tv signal. Even cable company couldn't fix this....more info
  • monster hts 1000
    when you get this you can see and feel a difference from those dollar store circuit protectors it is heavy and seems well built . I have not had it tested as a surge protector and hope i never do .lol but i feel safer having all my home video electronics plugged into this ! look up some info about surge protectors anything over 3500 joules everbody says is great the higher the number the better and this is like 6775 joules so it should last a long while unless it sacrifices itself to save your other equipment ( which is what it is designed to do ) !!shop around for some really great prices on this !...more info
  • The Monster 1000 MKIII
    I wanted protection that would do it all and not need to be replaced in the event of a power surge, etc. This is the one that will do it. Why skimp on a protection device when you purchase an expensive television ? This unit provides tremendous peace of mind ! ...more info
  • It Seems To Work
    I plugged it in, plugged in my television, cable box, dvd player and everything worked. I don't have an issue with "dirty" power so I see no change with this and I haven't been struck by lightning (knock on wood) so as far as the features of this product the jury is still out. I do however have peace of mind that IF I am struck by lightning that my new 61" Samsung LED DLP television is covered and that alone is worth the money I paid....more info
  • Great product at an even greater price!
    While at first the product looks bulky, it is the right size and ensures that you can plug any device/transformer. The active/passive split is smart. The built-in voltmeter an awesome feature, especially if you live in an area where you have voltage swings. I have seen my line voltage swing, without load, between 118 and 122V. I feel a lot better knowing that that this Monster product is protecting my Sammy 46" LCD and my Onkyo S9100 HTS. The bonus here is that Amazon's price was a cool $80 cheaper than BestBuy!...more info
  • Busted!
    I guess a surge hit or something because the alarm on the Monster Power went off and everything shut down.

    Now, everytime I plug in the Monster Power, the alarm goes on with no way to turn it off and it powers nothing.

    I found on the manufacturer's web site, "Audible alarm sounds when the protection circuit has been disabled. The product should be immediately unplugged. Contact your dealer or Monster Cable for service."

    If I use a regular multiple outlet power strip that has circuit breaker protection (as they all seem to have), everything works fine. If I plug the Monster Power outlet strip into any socket in my apartment, the alarm goes off and the strip doesn't turn on.

    No idea what the manufacturer is thinking. Does the alarm indicate something internal in their strip is fried? If so, it's good that they've got this alarm thing, but on the other hand, it'd be better if they made it so it wouldn't get fried. All the standard 3 dollar multiple outlet strips with circuit breaker protection I have are over 10 years old and don't have any issues....more info


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