Luna Sunrise Nutrition Bars, 1.69-Ounce Bars (Pack of 15)
Luna Sunrise Nutrition Bars, 1.69-Ounce Bars (Pack of 15)

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Good source of protein, whole grains & omega 3 (this bar contains 10% of the daily value for omega 3 [ALA] per serving). 70% Organic. Entirely natural. High in fiber (5g) (this bar has 4g fat). High in calcium & folic acid. Rich in antioxidants (Vit. A, C, E). Contains Vit. D. What we put in our bodies matters; Food feeds our souls, lifts our spirits, nourishes and sustains us. That's why we created Luna Sunrise - the blissfully good morning nutrition bar for women. Nutrient rich heritage whole grains, like amaranth and quinoa, have been carefully selected and blended with entirely natural, 70% organic ingredients for a nourishing breakfast that will sustain you all morning long. Delicious nutrition, just for us! Start Your Day: 70% Organic ingredients, heritage whole grains, soy protein (8g), fiber (5g). Nourish Your Body: Calcium, folic acid, iron, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, vitamin D for calcium absorption. Sustain Your Life: Omega 3 (ALA) - flaxseed, antioxidants (Vit. A, C, E). No hydrogenated oils. We source ingredients that do not contain wheat or dairy and are not genetically engineered. 70% Organic ingredients.

Customer Reviews:

  • They're okay
    I love the fact that these bars have so many health benefits; however, I prefer the regular Luna bars not the sunrise line. I tried the blueberry yogurt and it's really just a little too sweet for my taste. The peanut butter Luna bars and nutz over chocolate flavors are amazing!...more info
  • Great breakfast bar!
    I eat the original Luna bars often and thought I'd give the Sunrise line a try. I ordered the Vanilla Almond flavor and it was really good! The almond flavor was there and it wasn't too overpowering. The bar was nice and chewy, too. I would definitely buy these again!...more info
  • great breakfast or snack
    I think they changed the recipe, because I seem to remember liking it more before, but these are what I usually reach for first thing in the morning. This flavor and the Chocolate Nut Brownie are my favorites....more info
  • yummy!
    I love the almond vanilla flavor.. it has just enough sweetness to it. I have ordered this many times and will continue to in the future. Perfect for breakfast!...more info
  • Not that impressed
    I like the original Luna bars. I don't eat them all the time but I do like to grab an occasional one as I'm heading through the checkout instead of junk food. I really like the Lemon Zest. I wasn't as impressed with the Sunrise bars. They are much chewier than the original. The flavor is not as good. My husband and I are pretty much eating them now just to get rid of them. We won't be purchasing this kind again. ...more info
  • a snack time favorite for my 6 and 8-year old boys...hubby too!
    my kids love these as their school snack. i feel like they are eating something healthy rather than high fat or high sugar snacks. my husband likes them for breakfast on the run....more info
  • Great for back-up meal!
    Put one of these in your purse, your lunch box, your desk drawer, your workout bag and your glove compartment. When you get hungry and don't want to stop somewhere, or don't want to figure out what's healthy, just unwrap and eat, knowing you've gotten some good and delicious nutrition to tie you over for a while....more info
  • vanilla almond sunrise
    these are definately the best energy bars! they only fall short taste-wise to the heavy cookies & cream promax sports bars. since i am vegan now, the promax bars are off limits, making this luna bar my number one choice. 70% organic and no animal products. this luna bar is unlike the all of the others in taste and texture. if you don't like any of the other luna bars, give this one a try.
    this flavor is much sweeter than the nutrtion label would leave you to believe. at times i think it is a bit to sweet for me but this bar would definately be perfect for anyone on the standard american diet. it is pleasantly chewy, not rubbery like power bars. the bar has an "icing" coating much thicker and more flavorful than the small drizzles on the other luna bars and still shares just about the same nutrition label as the others. while i wouldn't quite consider it a protein bar, it is great fuel for a workout or an on-the-go breakfast. other luna flavors that i recommend are iced oatmeal raisin, pecan pie, peanutbutter cookie and cookies and cream. i would not recommend chai tea....more info
  • Best Tasting Energy Bars
    If you are on the run and need a quick boost, these bars are perfect! Taste great, heathly, and you can keep a few on hand just in case.Great for women on the go!...more info
  • ick!
    While I love that the Sunrise bar is a little bigger (but less dense, maybe?) than the ordinary Luna bars, the taste and texture of this one is off! It's less noticable when you're consuming it in addition to something else--coffee, for example--but when you eat it by itself you realize how nasty the taste is! I'll stick to my usual Nuts & Chocolate, thank you....more info
  • My favorite bar
    Hands down my fav bar... love the tangy sweetness of strawberries. Good size for breakfast or lunch when you don't have time for a real meal. And it's nutritious! Keeps me full for a few hours....more info
  • Not overly sweet - perfect for breakfast
    I've eaten several of the Luna flavors, but I'm just not up for chocolate in the morning. I tried their fruit and nut bar which was plain nasty, but this Sunrise Vanilla Almond is a great bar (well, as great as these nutrition bars can get. Let's face it, it's not a bagel and cream cheese, kwim?) Anyway, I like this bar because it has flavor and decent texture, but is not overpowering in sweetness. I have one in the morning with my unsweetened ice tea.

    ...more info
  • We don't like these
    I bought these based on good reviews. We don't like them. The flavor is artificial. They are too sweet....more info
  • Tasty Breakfast!
    Not sure how the old recipe tasted, but the new one is fantastic! The Blueberry is best, Strawberry & Apple are a close 2nd. The vanilla is pretty bland though. You won't get tired of these, even when you buy the whole box. Great deal for breakfast!...more info
  • not to my taste
    these just simply did not taste good to me.or to others i gave them to....more info
  • Tasty
    I have tried the Luna Blueberry Yogurt Bar for a few times, and I think it is a tastier Luna Bar within the series. Luna Bars, along with Cliff Bars, are generally the best bars in terms of taste and nutrition....more info
  • Delicious and healthy.
    These bars are tasty and packed with nutrients, plus they are super convenient. I grab one and eat it on my way to work every morning....more info
  • Pleasing flavor of Blueberries in every bite!
    I've eaten Luna Bars for years, being a vegetarian and liking the convenience of a quick meal from my purse wherever I happen to be. I also eat them for breakfast when I'm in a hurry. These Blueberries Luna Bars are so soft and sweet, they're a real treat; easy and quick to eat. ...more info
  • love luna!
    These bars are a great snack or lunch on the go...very tasty and healthy to boot!...more info
  • luna bar gets better
    Luna has cut the fat content and increased the fiber in these bars. They are delicious and good for you. I enjoy one with a cup of tea and it fills me up for hours. Blueberry Yogurt is good too but this is my favorite....more info
  • Great Product that suffered some heat damage in shipping
    I LOVE these Luna bars and was happy to be able to have them shipped to my house in this quantity at this price. I do believe that they suffered heat damage during shipping. They are not as fresh as if I had bought them at the store. Part of the bar has cracked off and they have a bit of a different texture. I will not buy again in this way. I will just go to the store....more info
  • Good
    Received the package, quick delivery, though the frosting was melted, and stuck to the wrapping. Otherwise everything about the product was great!...more info
  • Great Price, Stale Product
    I was very happy with the delivery time but when the case of bars arrived they were stale already. Ultimately, I guess its better to pay more money but know that you are getting a fresh product....more info
  • YUMMY!
    Another GR8 flavor from a GR8 product. These are also higher in fiber than the regular bars and next I'll have to try the other 2 flavors of these breakfast bars. LUNA ROCKS! ...more info
  • Outright Bad
    I thought these bars would be a great way to grab breakfast and run... I was wrong. The Blueberry Yogurt bars are awful. Would recommend purchasing the oatmeal raison, they are much better......more info
  • luna lover
    This is my favorite luna bar! I love having them ship directly to me through amazon.Quick nutrition, fast!...more info
  • I love em. enjoy them with water.
    I love these. I have been using them to help me lose weight. (avoiding wheat) They help control hunger if you have them with liquids (water, juice, tea - you get the idea.) otherwise you'll be looking for something else....more info
  • Luna sunrise bars are great
    I have not been able to hold any real food down recently, so getting my nutrition any way I can is key. I tried the Luna Sunrise Strawberries & Cream bar this morning after buying it at Whole Foods for 99 cents (regular price). The bar was really tasty and hit the spot. I am going to order some more bars right away....more info
  • great, quick meal
    While not a lover of their other Luna bars, I really like the Luna Sunrise bars that come in strawberry and blueberry. I especially like that the entire bar is only 180 calories, 35 of which come from fat (mostly from organic palm kernel and sunflower oils), and 70% of the ingredients are ORGANIC. Nice!

    The taste is also quite good for this kind of product, which can be unusually dry or flat tasting. The mix of organic grains make for a nice "tooth" chew and I think the addition of amaranth adds to the interesting texture. There is a "frosting" of sorts that rounds out the tastiness.

    I won't go into the nutritional info, as others have already done that. I will, however, say that one bar only contains 11 g of sugar, which is amazing given the light sweetness of the bar.

    My only complaints are that I would like more dried fruit in the bars (they are there but I can't always taste them) and more variety. So far, there are only the 2 flavors available. How about a peach or apple version?

    If you can buy these at $1 a bar (I've seen them as high as $1.50 per bar at my local REI store), then they're also a great bargain. A portable, quick breakfast that tastes good and is good for you--at a buck a bar. Great!

    At least give a try to a bar, go with the fruit that you like the most and see for yourself. And I agree with the other reviewer who said she likes her bar with coffee or tea in the morning....more info
  • I Love These Bars!!
    I eat a Luna Sunrise Bar every morning for breakfast (Apple Cinnamon is my favorite). They are fiber and protein packed so it keeps me full until lunch. I love that they are 70% organic and don't use hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup. I'm not wild about Vanilla Almond but do trade off between the other three flavors. Of all of the breakfast bars on the market, these are one of the healthiest, flavorful, and filling that I've tried. ...more info
  • So good!
    Of all the Luna bars that I have tried so far (which is several), this flavor is definitely my favorite. Very tasty. There are only a couple of flavors that I would buy a whole box of - this one is at the top of that list....more info
  • Tasty but too sweet
    I always enjoyed the regular Luna bars. They taste like dessert but are more nutritious, so you feel like you're eating total junk but are actually getting some good out of it. But all of the regular line are too sweet for breakfast, so I was excited to see the Sunrise bars. I don't eat much for breakfast, and I prefer savory breakfast foods when I do eat a big breakfast.

    These were disappointing for breakfast; I think this particular flavor is even sweeter than some of the regular line Luna bars. I feel like I can smell how sweet it is as soon as I open the wrapper. They're still tasty--much better than every other nutrition or meal replacement bar I've tried. They're a good snack mid-afternoon, just not for me for the first thing I'm eating for the day....more info
  • Good morning snack
    I am an active person, and need to snack throughout the day. The Luna bars are perfect mid morning snacks for me. It took me a while to find the right flavor. They are quite sweet. The Vanilla Almond and Oatmeal cookie are the best so far. I also like Lara bars.

    Enjoy!...more info
  • Awesome golden bars
    These bars are terrific for a breakfast on the run. They taste great, mostly organic ingredients, its gluten free (from what I can tell on the label) and its made with quinoa, a great grain. They are sweet, so beware those of you sensitive to sweets - but I love a touch of sweetness. It tastes real. you know some snack bars/protein bars/energy bars taste heinous. Not so for Luna!...more info
  • Luna Sunrise Vanilla Almond Flavor
    This is an OK bar. The flavor takes some getting used to and would not be my first choice in the future. (Not that it's bad, just not my thing.)It does tide me over until lunch when I eat it as a sanck after breakfast....more info


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