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The first snack bar created by a mom (Clif Bar Inc. co-owner, Kit) for moms of active kids, and specifically to meet school nutrition guidelines and fuel kids while they play. ZBaR comes in three flavors Peanut Butter, Caramel Apple and Chocolate Brownie.

Customer Reviews:

  • Chocolate Lovers here
    I used to buy the Clif bar variety pack with the chocolate chip, chocolate brownie and peanut butter. The kids and I weren't fans of the brownie but we all like the choc. chip.

    These are 'heavy' bars...when you eat one you know there's a lot of substance in every bar. I like it because it's organic and the kids like taking them to school for snacks. Don't expect to take a bite and it taste like a Toll house cookie. Imagine a healthy bar with a little kid kick to it. ...more info
  • Not just for kids
    Great snacks for the whole family - we all love them!...more info
  • Clif Z Bar Baked Whole Grain Energy Bars, Chocolate Chip, 1.27 Ounce Bar, 6 Count Box (Pack of 6)
    Terrible bars! I love regular Clif bars and CANNOT imagine that Clif would put their name on these things..Sheesh! They are dry and outside of dunking them in espresso or milk, you may want to mix in a bottle of water to clear up your dry mouth after eating these things.

    Come on Clif, go back to the lab and improve these things.

    Stick to regular Clif bars and avoid these things....more info
  • Great for kids and grownups on the go
    These are great bars to keep on hand. I throw them in my bag when I know I've got a busy day of running errands. I love them and so does my 5 year old! They really stave off the hunger pains and they aren't too messy to eat in the car....more info
  • Nutritious Chocolate!!!
    I had purchased a box of these elsewhere and my whole family and I love them. They are soft and a little chewy and have a very chocolate taste. Besides that, they are organic and have several vitamins and minerals in each bar so you can actually feel good about feeding your kids chocolate. I did the Amazon subscription and you can save several dollars that way if you eat them like we eat them....more info
  • I really like these and I'm not a kid
    I have a sweet tooth, and so I constantly need to have some sort of sweets around. In the past, I've turned to candy and other assorted nutritional garbage, but this Clif Kid organic Z Bar allows me to satisfy my cravings for something sweet while at the same time offering a snack that is relatively healthy.

    In terms of the flavor, I think that it's excellent. The bars are substantial with 12% of your RDA of dietiary fiber in each serving, so I find them to be satisfying. One look at the ingredients shows that it's made from things like organic fig paste, organic rolled oats, organic sweetened and unsweetened chocolate, soy butter, brown rice syrup and that sort of thing.

    Frankly, I think that Clif might be missing the boat by marketing this to children. It's a great snack for kids, but I'm sure that many adults would love this as well. The new Clif Kids line seems to be an outstanding product group, as I've tried other Clif Kids products as well. I definitely do recommend this item. ...more info
  • Perfect for kids of all ages
    I was looking forward to trying this product as I have really enjoyed other bars from CLIF, especially the Luna Bars. When it comes to having energy bars as snacks I feel a bit like Goldilocks. Full-sized Luna Bars and CLIF bars are too big at 180 and 240 calories respectively but the Mini Luna Bars at 80 calories are too small. I'm glad I had a chance to try this bar because at 130 calories, 3 grams of fiber, and 3 grams of protein it is just right.

    I enjoyed the taste of Chocolate Chip bar. It had a true chocolate flavor and a sweetness that was pleasant but not over powering. As other reviewers have stated, this does not have a chocolate chip cookie taste, but it is definitely pleasant tasting for an energy bar. The only slight complaint I have is that the maple syrup flavor is a little strong and slightly overpowers the chocolate. I was also a little surprised to see organic chocolate chips listed as the first ingredient on the bar since ingredients are in order of quantity. I would have expected the first ingredient to be a whole grain.

    Texture-wise these remind me of a dense cookie or bar, which is different from my usual Luna Bar. They are like the traditional Cliff Bars or Odwalla bars. The Luna Bars I have tried have more of a crispy texture because of the Luna Pro soy rice crisp it contains (usually the first ingredient on the list). This isn't a positive or negative either way, but something worth noting if you are used to Luna Bars. The size is also perfect and seems generous for the calorie count. It is certainly MUCH better than the Mini Luna Bars which I can finish in two bites.
    Overall these are very tasty and perfect for a snack even if you are not a child. I look forward to trying the other flavors to see how they compare to my beloved Luna Bars and regular CLIF bars.

    As a note, I have also now tried the chocolate brownie flavor and have to say it is by far my favorite. It has a rich and delicious chocolate flavor without the maple flavor I was getting from the chocolate chip bar. I would definitely recommend it as the best CLIF Kid ZBaR I have tried thus far....more info
  • Absolutely delicious
    This is a snack that anyone (child or adult) can feel good about. They are USDA Organic and use whole grains. They are also fortified with an impressive amount of B-vitamins (including B1, B3, B2, B6 and B12). Each bar is individually wrapped and the consistency is firm enough not to make a mess but not so firm that they are hard to chew.

    I removed a star because the wrappers are somewhat difficult to open and because the chocolate drizzled on each bar will melt on your fingertips. It doesn't make much of a mess but it will be noticeable on white fabrics....more info
  • Yummy snack for kids and adults
    My two-and-a-half-year-old loves these snacks. My husband and I also think they are great! Even though they are good for you, there is just enough chocolate drizzled on top to make you feel like you are indulging. Very tasty for a snack bar!...more info
  • Great Snack Bar
    My daughter loves these snack bars (she is 4 and a chocoholic). I am so glad to find a healthy alternative to some of the other snacks on the market....more info
  • Organic and Outstanding!
    These bars are all organic and have great taste. My kids love them and I love them. The chocolate brownie ones really hit the spot for chocolate lovers. The price on Amazon is unbeatable and reasonable. And a great plus is that if you are on a certain weight program, this bar is only 2 points! Enjoy!!...more info
  • Yummy
    These are another great bar from Cliff. I think I prefer the peanut butter ones b/c these taste a little too sweet for me but they are still good and we went through 5 boxes of them really fast. ...more info
  • Great snack!
    We love Clif bars :-)

    These are so much better than typical snacks. Definitely great to keep around for my son who is always hungry when he gets home from school!

    We also like the "regular" Clif bars for breakfast one the run :-)...more info
    The Clif Kid Z Bar, on the market for less than six months, has been a big hit with both adults and kids, and for good reason. Clif Bar & Co. has concocted a wide range of delicious snack bars, and with rather low prices to boot. The Clif Z Bar is offered in four favours: chocolate brownie, chocolate chip, honey graham, and peanut butter, with the first-named generally the most popular as its flavour combination is ideally mated with this baked bar's texture, a soft chewy item similar to a rich chocolate chip cookie. If adults once taste these, they will very likely abandon those marketed for their more mature palates. There is not even a whisper of grainy quality to these cookie bars and they are far above in quality any granola concoction that is being sold today. The label lists contents that are enormously impressive with not a bit of compromise as to the strictness of the health angled ingredients. Free from often allergenic wheat, as well as the seemingly ever-present high fructose corn syrup that pervades the market of "health" snacks, the bar contains no trans fats, and is low in overall fat content while being high in fiber, vitamins and minerals. The product is attractively designed with a chocolate drizzle look, fills any tummy, young or old, and this winner will likely be cloned as an adult product.
    ...more info
  • Yummy & Healthy!!
    My three children adore these bars in all three flavors! They're a wonder healthy snack alternative, that the kids will love too, as they taste delish!...more info
  • My kids like these bars and I approve of them. I eat them too :)
    We liked these bars so much, we actually subscribed to the CLIF Kid ZBaR, Variety Pack of Peanut Butter, Chocolate Brownie, and Chocolate Chip, 1.27-Ounce Bars (Pack of 48) and get one of these delivered to us every month.

    This is the one-flavor option and choco chips is my girl's favorite. The bars are just about the right size - not too small but small enough for the kids to get 2 of them in one day, if they earned them. I sometime take a bar myself, after exercising or I take one or 2 with me to office and have them with tea in the morning as breakfast.

    After 3-4 months of ZBaRs subscription it would be fair to say that we enjoy them very much. I like them because they are made with good-quality (organic) ingredients, they are chock-full of vitamins, don't have a lot of fat and contain zery hydrogenated oils, fructose, corn syrup or the artificial preservatives and flavor enhancers that just about anything we buy these days seems to have in abundance. The kids like them because they are tasty.

    To summarize:

    - the size is right
    - tastes great
    - kids love it
    - with 36 bars in one box, a monthly subscription would probably make sense if available (you get 15% off)

    One note of caution. The all organic, no artificial preservatives, environmentally friendly packaging seems to cause the bars to get progressively drier as time passes. If you want a chewy, fully satisfying experience, do not plan to store them for months. One month seems to be okay though.

    Go for them (I went) :)...more info
  • GLUTEN-FREE Salvation
    Truly, these are amazingly yummy bars. In addition to tasting great, they are made of healthy ingredients (organic, no GMO, natural, lots of vitamins & minerals). I discovered them when I was prescribed a gluten-free diet last year. These bars have satisfied my sweets/energy craving in a far healthier way than I could have imagined. And they're not just for those folks who must be gluten-free: everyone I've offered a Z-bar to LOVES it. Try them. It's a snack food you can feel good about. ...more info
  • One of the best snacks around!
    My 3 & 5 yr. old love them!! Don't buy those crappy Nutripals bars...they're overpriced & full of junk. These are much better & the chocolate ones are absolutely decadent. ...more info
  • Add my kids to the list...
    when you order 6 boxes,you hope like heck that they'll be a hit,and they were.
    They ask for Z bars by name for their packed snack for school....more info
  • Good Stuff
    Their kids bars are awesome....a bit pricey at 50 cents a piece (considering I eat 3 of them a day)...but very filling and yummy. The chocolate chip ones are even better. I highly recommend them....more info
  • Delicious energy bar for kids of all ages!
    CLIF Kid ZBaR, Chocolate Chip are very delicious. I like them better than the regular Cliff Bars. They were nice and fresh out of the wrapper. I would definitely recommend buying these for children. I am pretty sure that they'll enjoy every single bite. Next time, instead of giving junior a candy bar or a Quaker Oatmeal or Granola Bar, give him a Clif Bar! Great for snack time, lunch time or any ol' time!

    Highly recommended,...more info
  • A favorite in my house
    My kids (9 and 5) love ZBars! The chocolate chip is their favorite flavor. They have no trans fats and no high fructose corn syrup which I love. I feel they are a nice product to have when you are on the run or they need a quick snack. The Amazon price has been good so far (slightly cheaper than other internet sites). I would definitely tell other parents to give them a try for their children....more info
  • Good tasting and good for you too, I think
    Got them for the kids, but they're not too crazy about it. Screw them, I like it!...more info
  • A really good product
    OK, where do I start? Clif Bar is a company located in Berkeley, California, that specializes in foods for people on the go, focusing on environmentally sustainable practices. The ZBaR is made with all-organic non-genetically engineered ingredients with no trans fat, no high-fructose corn syrup. Even the packaging is made with non-toxic inks on foil (not plastic) wrapping, and packed in a recycled cardboard box.

    So, this is really a good product. It tastes great, chewy and sweet with the firm chocolate chips providing a delicious counterpoint to the whole grain bar. My kids love it, and I feel good about it and the sustainable philosophy of the company. Like I said, a good product - good to eat, good for you, good for the planet.

    (Review of CLIF Kid ZBaR, 1.27-Ounce Bars)...more info
  • My kids LOVE these!
    I have four children and these snacks are definitely the favorite. They are healthy, yummy, and gone as soon as I open the box....more info
  • Healthy Treat Option
    We've been really happy with the quality of Clif Kid products, including the ZBars. We like that they use USDA certified organic ingredients and avoid junk like high frutcose corn syrup and artifical additives. That being said, these are still treats in our house. They are sweet, as are the flavors (chocolate chip, peanut butter, brownie,graham). My 2.5yr old cannot eat a whole bar in one sitting, she just isn't used to the richness and/or sweetness. We wrap the unused portion back in the wrapper for later. They make a convenient grab and go special snack, that have the benefit of being fortified with vitamins/minerals. The creators of Clif ZBar acknowledge that in a perfect world we'd be able to bake or make snacks all the time for our children, but in the hurries of life it's nice to have a product you can trust to reach for. Our household agrees! Including mom, who likes to treat herself once in awhile too ;)...more info
  • Good For The Family
    Well I saw this product I was a little spectacle at first because I usually buy items on Amazon based on customer reviews and all I can say is wow they are really good. I gave one to my six year old son and he loved it he wont leave the house without putting one of the bars in his snack bag for school. The good part is that this is healthy bar not like the other junk that are high in sugar and everything else. I will continue to order all of the favors CLIF Kid ZBaRs for my family. ...more info
  • Perfect Snack for Kids!
    My three girls absolutely love the Chocolate Brownie Z Bars. They are a great, nutritious snack any time of day. I can easily convince my kids to have one of these instead of the junk foods they are initially drawn to. Thank you Clif Bars for offering this great alternative!...more info
  • A better alternative for my kids
    For years I have bought my kids the popular brand granola bar which is also sold here on Amazon. Quaker Chewy Granola Bar, Variety Pack, 10-Count Bars (Pack of 12) Always interested in finding something better and/or healthier I was happy to try out CLIF Kid ZBaR's.

    On the afternoon that I opened them, I asked my kids to give me their honest opinion about them. All of us immediately smelled maple when we tore them open, so it was no surprise to see Organic Maple Syrup in the list of ingredients. They are presented nicely with drizzled Organic Chocolate on top, which both of my kids of course noticed. Along with the maple these are sweetened with Organic Cane Juice and we all noticed the difference. It has a taste unlike corn syrup, which is used most of the time, but I liked it. The texture was soft and chewy and contained just the right amount of chocolate chips. I think the bar size was a nice plus too - a large 1.27 ounces compared to Quakers 0.84 bars.

    Overall these were our thoughts on the CLIF Kid ZBaR's:
    *My son who is 16 said they were okay, but he was not sure about the sweetener - he felt it gave it an "off" taste. (UPDATE - Apparently the bars have grown on my son, because he is eating them just as much as we are now)
    *My daughter who is 14 immediately liked them and had no complaints.
    *My opinion was that I liked them much more than the Quaker for many reasons. Added protein, organic ingredients, natural sweeteners, large bars and they actually taste good!

    I have already added these onto my account for Subscribe and Save and we received our first shipment last week. ...more info
  • One of the best snacks around!
    My 3 & 5 yr. old love them!! Don't buy those crappy Nutripals bars...they're overpriced & full of junk. These are much better & the chocolate ones are absolutely decadent. ...more info
  • Pretty Good (Chocolate Chip Flavor)
    When it comes to chocolate, if it tastes good, it's usually not good for me. If it tastes bad, it's in the form of a nutrition and/or energy bar. I decided to give these ZBaRs a try after trying theirTwisted Fruit Ropes (Which are great). Clif Kid brand knows what to do to make a great tasting snack that isn't full of unhealthy ingredients that not only children but adults can enjoy as well. One bite is like biting into a Chips Ahoy! Big & Soft Cookie, just with better ingredients. These are great...more info
  • Tasty bar, smaller portion
    I used to eat a Clif or Luna bar every morning, but decided on a whim to try the Z-Bar at half the price. Z-Bars are about half the size (by weight) of a Clif bar, and 25% smaller than a Luna bar. I prefer to eat smaller portions than are typically served (in the US), as eating too much food at once wreaks havoc on my stomach, so the Z-Bar is great for that. The taste is good, the nutrition is decent, and I can make it to my lunch break on one bar every time. Chocolate brownie is my favorite flavor.

    I don't have kids, so I can't verify how good this product is for its target consumers, but it's good enough for me!...more info
  • My picky eater eats these!
    My 4-year-old has autism and is a selective eater...meaning he is way beyond picky when it comes to food. There are very, very few things he will eat and we are always concerned about his nutrition. I tried the Chocolate Brownie bars with him and he is actually eating almost qualifies as a miracle! He was a little iffy with the first few bars but suddenly decided he likes them and has been eating them regularly ever since. It is such a relief to have a food I can give him that is easy and at the same time nutritious. I am so thankful for these bars!...more info
  • A mother-and-kid joint review
    Let's face it, there are times when hermetically sealed, pocket-size kid's food is just the ticket. Keep a bar in your purse for emergencies; toss a bar into the backseat during the 10-minute ride to ballet lessons; add a bar to fill out a skimpy lunch. When those bar moments come, it's nice to at least feel good about the ingredients. Yes, ZBars are a little sugary. But I can cope with some organic cane sugar and fig paste -- it sure beats the ingredient lists on Nutragrain bars. Plus the decent fiber and protein content makes for a nourishing snack. One caveat: the texture is a little unusual, so try to serve your kids a single bar to make sure they like it before committing to a big pack.

    Now, I will put you in the hands of my 8-year-old daughter for the eater's perspective:

    All of the flavors of ZBars are pretty good. I'd say that chocolate chip is the 3rd best. #1 is peanut butter, but we can't take that to school because peanuts aren't allowed. #2 is chocolate brownie. #3 is chocolate chip, because it's really tasty but a little messy because the chips fall off....more info
  • Try them and you'll be hooked!
    I have tried all of the flavors of the Z Bars and the Chocolate Chip is by far my favorite variety. They are chewy and moist and have just the right amount of chocolate that it tastes like a treat! My 3.5 year old daughter loves them as well. She has them for a snack or sometimes for breakfast if we are running late as they are easy to take for those times when you are on the go. The best aspect of the bars though are the ingredients - No High Fructose Corn Syrup, No Trans Fats, 12 Vitamins and Minerals and I can pronounce each and every ingredient listed. Try them and you will be hooked too!...more info
  • Gotta love it
    I love the Clif ZBar. It is not only good, but also very filling.

    The Clif bar is mostly organically made and does not have high fructose or trans fat. It is made with soy beans and whole grains and tastes deliciously great.

    The bar is advertised as being a good snack for kids. But, it is great for adults while hiking, at work or just as a quick snack until your next meal. My favorite flavors are Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Brownie.
    ...more info
  • Great little snack!
    I love these. They are moist with a great chocolate flavor. And buying this case is a great deal. Highly recommend!...more info
  • Love 'em and if they're good for you that's even better
    I buy these for myself not for my kids! I love the taste. They're not too sweet and they have a great natural flavor. When I'm feeling hungry I grab one of these bars instead of going for chocolate or cake etc. I must admit, after going through hundreds of these at home and at work I a getting a little bored with them but I could probably say that about anything!...more info
  • Fantastic for Allergy Sufferers
    My son is allergic to milk and eggs and these are a favorite snack of his. I eat them too when on the run or want a chocolate fix. I also love them because they have no high fructose corn syrup or trans fats. We also love the peanut butter and brownie flavors. Yum Yum...more info
  • Good but don't taste like graham
    They don't taste like graham, they taste like fig bars, probably because there is fig syrup in them. The taste is overwhelming, I'm not sure how they got "graham" flavor out of that. They are okay..taste and texture is like a fig-flavored cookie and is chewy. I don't have young children, thought they'd be a hit with teenagers but they aren't. I don't really like them either as they don't have enough vitamins to make it worth the calories and aren't on my list of fave flavors. But I'm always up for trying new and healthier things so it was fun. :)...more info
  • Yummy dark chocolate
    Very delicious. Better for people who like dark chocolate than milk chocolate because it has a bitter sweet taste....more info
  • Fast, delicious, healthy
    My kids love these. They are sweet but not too sweet. The texture is just right. They are just crunchy enough, not too hard. They are just chewy enough. My kids love to put them in their lunchboxes. The bars are just the right size to be a snack or a lunch treat. Also good if you are going hiking and need something quick and prewrapped.

    I'm also pleased that Amazon has them so reasonably priced. The grocey stores here charge twice what Amazon does....more info
    These bars taste like those Little Debbie oatmeal cookies with the cream in the middle....more info
  • Tasty little treats!
    CLIF Kid ZBaR, Chocolate Brownie is a healthy alternative to a "real" brownie! I love them, and the size is just enough as a tasty treat mid-afternoon! ...more info
  • OK. A little bland, but still edible
    These are OK, but I do not think I will buy again. I like the fact that they do not have high fructose corn syrup, but the flavor does not overly impress me....more info


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