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Less is more, even in excercise! In her new book Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes, Teresa Tapp reveals her signature T-Tapp Workout, and teaches you how to "use your body as a machine so you can lose inches quick, build bone density, and condition your heart, all with only 8 repetitions and no equipment." Watch our exclusive video with Teresa, featuring a quick demonstration that you can do at your desk!

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She has sold over three million workout videos. Her nationwide seminars attract crowds of 1,500 plus. Her website receives more than 90,000 hits a day, mostly from T-Tappers who support one another through thick and thin–literally. Yet, despite this phenomenal success, chances are that you haven’t heard of Teresa Tapp, creator of the revolutionary T-Tapp fitness program. That’s about to change.

T-Tapp is the most efficient and effective workout you’ll ever do. It requires no equipment, no weights, and no bands. There is no jumping to stress your joints. Everyone gets results regardless of fitness level and you never need to do more than eight repetitions of any movement. T-Tapp reshapes your body while it fires up your metabolism so that it burns fat faster. All you need is four square feet of space and just 15 to 45 minutes a day in order to see a dramatic loss of inches. Most T-Tappers see results within seven days. How does this happen? T-Tapp’s unique sequence of comprehensive, compound muscle movements work the muscles layer by layer, from the inside out, to cinch in, tighten, tone, and burn fat better.

Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes is the complete introduction to this amazing program. It includes Teresa Tapp’s signature 15-minute workout, as well as an extended 45-minute workout for those who want a higher level of fitness–or faster results! No matter which you choose, you can

• lose a clothing size–in just two weeks
• flatten your belly without doing a single crunch
• develop strength and improve bone density without lifting a single weight
• build sleek muscles and improve posture
• lower blood pressure and cholesterol the natural way

Recent medical studies even show that T-Tapp improves blood-sugar levels in type 2 diabetics. Plus, the no-impact workout is safe for those with shoulder, hip, knee, neck, and back concerns–it may even alleviate chronic pain. Additionally, T-Tapp is effective as a wellness workout for such conditions as arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, and multiple sclerosis. So with T-Tapp you build a better body–inside and out.

Completely illustrated with step-by-step photographs that show how to do the exercises, as well as incredible before-and-after photographs, many in full color, of real-life T-Tappers, Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes also includes inspiring testimonials and an easy-to-follow food plan that lets you eat the food you love without guilt or ever going hungry. If you want real results–real fast–tap into the power of T-Tapp!

From the Hardcover edition.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Book - lost 8 inches in the two weeks
    T-Tapp is an amazing program. I bought the book when I heard about T-Tapp. I was sold on the science behind the system. It really helped to understand why I needed to do things a certain way.

    I started doing the hoe downs from the book (and DVD inside). Then I ordered the Basic 15 minute Work out DVD with the 30% off coupon in the book.

    I have lost 8 inches after one week of hoe downs and 1 week of Basic Work out 4 times. It really works. I feel so much better.

    This book is worth the investment! I have shared it with other friends now....more info
  • It Works!
    I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Teresa Tapp in 2003 and attending several of her fitness seminars. She took a great deal of time to analyze my body type & to explain her exercise program and the subsequent results. I own several of her DVD's and was T-Tapping, albeit off and on, for several years before this book was published.

    I am amused by several of the distinctly sour grapes reviews posted here by other fitness "experts". This is a fine book, which lives up to its claims. NOTHING, and I repeat, NOTHING works like T-Tapp. I continue to lift weights, in addition to T-Tapping, because I have always enjoyed doing so, but Teresa's program stands on its own, above and beyond many other fitness programs....more info
  • Informative
    With this book and Theresa's website, I am learning how to do her exercises. The book is a good start for learning and also a good reference....more info
  • T-Tapp Success
    Excellent book! The T-Tapp program is already working for me. I have eliminated minor back/neck pain and have lost 12 inches total in 2 weeks. I have recommended this book/program to several friends already. As soon as you receive your book, fill out the coupon and send it in for your discount on DVDs. ...more info
  • T-Tapp saved my Life!!
    I know there have been conflicting reviews about the book, but first let me say that it did save my life. I have always been very active and a workout monster!! I worked out 5 days a week and sometimes 6. I did the Firm mostly but, I also did weight training, supreme pilates as well as mari winsor pilates, I also did the bar method and lotte burk, self magazine workouts as well as paying a trainer to help me in the gym, I also did yoga and denise austin as well as 6 week body makeover with that thurman guy and the guy that trains the stars harley something. Well you get the point I tried just about everything but, I still could not get my body to look like it did before I had kids:( And then in nov. 2005 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia which made my workouts extremely hard to keep up with through the constant pain that I was in all the time. I couldn't even get out of bed somedays. I remember hearing about T-Tapp and ordered the book....and yes It is difficult to do some of the moves just by looking at the pictures, because I am a visual person but, I also need someone telling me and explaining to me step by step how to do the moves so I sold some of my workout equipment that I had that I could no longer use as well as some of my workout DVD's and that helped me raise the money to buy the DVD'd from the T-Tapp site, also if you send the coupon in that is in the back of the book you can get 30% off your first order and that helps alot! I have heard people on here say oh it's expensive or you have to buy several DVD's....well that isn't true, The only DVD you really will ever need is the Instructional #1 and #2. It really works and I know that sounds corny but for the first time since I have had kids my thighs are skinny and my waist is little and I don't have cellulite and Best of all my fibromyalgia pain is gone for the most part and is getting better everyday and I have only been using the DVD's for a month!! But, I don't have as much to lose as maybe the next person but, if you stick with it you will see results, major results!! I have invested major money into tons of other workout DVD's and gadgets so PLEASE DO NOT tell me that this is expensive!! For the awesome results you get not only physically but, body shaping is well worth the investment!!!
    God Bless and I hope you find this workout works for you!! ...more info
  • Just Do It !
    If people were really interested in pursuing Truth, this book would be at the top of the pile. Teresa Tapp has compiled through her life a substantial information system on the functioning of the human body. The book serves as a platform for an applied information system that quicly brings healthy changes to human anatomy.
    This book eventually will be one provision in the revolutionizing of health care.
    The problem as always is the state of the human mind. It is by nature
    opposed to applied applications of knowledge, being quite content with the reactionary state of placebos.
    My previous paragraph is not editorializing when put in the context of Ms.Tapp's, "Yes you can!"
    ...more info
  • This book is great! and T-Tapp is something to talk about!
    I just wanted to start out with...Yes! I am a long time T-Tapper. I've also done all kinds of other exercises through the years like weight lifting, running, trampoline, power walking, aerobics, etc. And yes, I got some nice results from those things. But no, never in any other exercise program have I received all of the wonderful results that I have from T-Tapping. Those results not only consist of amazing inch loss but other wonderful and very important things like rebuilding of my body systems from the inside out, better digestion and elimination, better toxin drainage, no more blood sugar problems, depression has totally lifted, better skin, hair, and nails, and a new zest for life in general.

    As far as T-Tapp being a cardio workout? Well, whoever posted that T-Tapp wasn't enough because we NEED to do some cardio as well, has obviously never T-Tapped, or at least never done it right. Anyone that has actually done T-Tapp knows that it provides an amazing cardio workout, and also rehabilitates the knees, and that is why Teresa says that it is all you need. If you actually do the program and pay attention to the form you will see why it rehabs the knees and why you get relief if you have knee pain. I had severe knee pain when I started T-Tapp 4 years ago and it was gone within a month. I haven't had it since and I'm 44 years old. I was also very overweight when I started. Other members of my family have already had knee replacement surgeries but I will never need one. I think it is very important to know your facts before you post such nonsense as the KLT is actually harmful and isn't proper alignment.

    The book is very detailed on proper form which is really helpful in doing the routine right. The pictures are very helpful and the descriptions very simple and plain. The testimonials are varied and interesting. Something is there that everyone can relate to. The reason why is because Teresa Tapp is a real person that works with real people of every shape and size. T-Tapping isn't about being a Barbie doll, or a fitness buff. It is about rebuilding your body with rehabilitative exercises that help us turn the clock back from all the years of abuse. And, amazingly it really works! Teresa teaches all of us to be the best we can be, and to work at our own personal max. My personal max four years ago is very different than my personal max today after a serious car accident 8 months ago. I am so very thankful and grateful that I know about T-Tapp, and the rehabilitative parts of it because it has been very instrumental in my rehab program. There is no way I could have lifted weights, done aerobic jumping around, ran, or even walked. But I could sit in my wheelchair and strengthen and rehab every muscle in my body even with a bunch of metal and screws holding my leg, ankle, foot, and arm together. I could lie on the floor and do the floor routines also. All the while I was doing this, I was also moving my lymph, cleaning out all the overdose of drugs and antibiotics I received, and moving my circulation as nothing else could have ever done. What an amazing form of exercise!

    Oh, one more thing...if some people are wondering why some of us veteran Tappers are so loyal and enthusiastic about Tapping, it's simply because it works, it is a total lifestyle that meets so many peoples real needs. People that weigh 400 lbs can do it. People that are sitting in wheelchairs can do it. People that have blood sugar problems can do it. People that are depressed can do it. I even know of one woman that had no arms and legs that did it and lost several sizes and gained a ton of self esteem. I personally know many of the trainers and I don't know one of them that have gotten rich in any way. They all have sacrificed and given so much of themselves, like free advice and help on the forums and over the phone, all because they are passionate about T-Tapp. Believe me they don't get paid for it and they aren't prompted to do plugs. The reason they seem to have such a self-sacrificing spirit is because that is the kind of people Teresa attracts. She chose long ago to not go for the glitz and glamour and quick roads to riches so she could continue to serve us real woman with real life problems in the everyday world. Again, those that have made negative comments have never really T-Tapped, or have never met Teresa Tapp. I usually am not one to even say or comment about another's negative comments, but after all that I've gone through for the last 8 months and the hope that T-Tapp has given me, not to mention the cards and free gifts from Ms. T herself of alfalfa and body balance and salts and other wonderful things that showed up at my doorstep intending to help me get back on my feet. I mean I only met the lady in person once and she was right there with support after my accident. She has time and a heart for real woman with real problems and she has a wealth of knowledge in her head that she shares freely with anyone that needs it. That is why there is so much information posted on her website for FREE and "Try BEFORE you buy" video clips. There is no pretense. Everything is right up front. She also provides free advice over the phone if you call the office to ANYONE with special needs or questions of any kind.

    So I guess you can say...I'm a T-Tapper for life!!! I'm also a trainer in training. I don't ever expect to make any big bucks doing it and I don't know how long it will take me with my current limitations. I'm doing it because the wealth of information and help that is found in knowing the T-Tapp secrets is worth spending my time to let others know. The joy of finally having tools for every woman with any body shape or size is something that I am very excited about being a part of, especially after my own weight problems and struggles to rehabilitate my broken body.

    The book is great! Her videos are great! Get the book and get her basic workout on video also if you can. You are in for a life changing exercise program that is worth every single penny! And if you need help after reading the book, just call the office, email a trainer, or post on the forum. You will find a group of great people that will rally around you and support you whatever your goals or limitations....more info
  • Thanks Teresa !!
    This workout is so different and so FABULOUS !!!
    Do it for a month and you won't believe your thighs !!

    I have done every workout available, T**bo *am,T*eB*,The F**m,Pilates,Tot*l G*m, running,biking,yoga,ballet,weight training,liked them all but.. NOTHING compares to the results you get with T-Tapp, PERIOD. Have faith, this is the last workout you'll have to try !...more info
  • If I could I'd give it 2 1/2 stars, some good points some bad
    I started T-Tapp last year and at first I was amazed. I did the freebies from the Web site. My abs (my problem area) really leaned out and my hips got much smoother. (Now I know that this worked because I used these exercises with pilates). I then began going hog wild and ordering everything. Once I started doing the total program my body just got huge. I'm usually a size 0-2 and I was starting to go to size 4-6 land. My thighs have never been so big in my life. I'm an experienced exerciser and this has never happened to me, even with deadlifting I never got such big thighs. For some bodies it may produce a curvier body but it also might be a bigger body. I even went so far as to got to a clinic to learn the proper moves. While everyone was lovely and helpful I still didn't get the results I wanted. In fact I would have been happy to just to maintain my (former 0-2) size just doing T-Tapp but obviously that was not meant to be. It was getting to the point where I was going to have to buy new clothes. The plies are especially problematic. Since most of the exercises are held in T-Tapp stance with knee to little toe, I can see how big thighs could develop because you spend so much time in that stance. If you look at the forums you will notice that a lot of women are having trouble and gaining especially in the thigh area.

    The workouts are basically filmed in Teresa Tapp's living room which may disappoint some people. If I got the results I wanted I would care if the DVDs were filmed in a prison and packaged in a brown paper bag. I did read the book and honestly the book is well written; but it is hard to completely "get" how these exercises are to be done without a trainer. On the forum some folks mention that a fat shift might be taking place. I have never done any other workout program where I have first gained weight then magically lost it.

    I will say that everyone I talked to including the T-Tapp staffers and forum ladies were always very helpful. T-Tapp has helped many people get in shape and heal health conditions. It just didn't work for me.

    I so so wanted to like T-Tapp and I gave it a full year. I really enjoyed doing the program. I was hoping to quit the gym and save all that time. I will say that it's a very good "body building" program. If you have an area you want to build up do it; it does build muscle really fast. I still use Diva Derriere for my flat [...], the ab exercises, the twists and chest and arm movements. So it's not without merit. It's great for building up the bust, which can be a very youthening aspect to a fitness program. Actually the only area I lost weight in was my arms, which I didn't want to lose. If you try T-Tapp you may want to keep using some arm weights even if you use them just once a week. Every morning I was nearly in tears trying to find pants in my closet that still fit. Like I mentioned I still do some of the moves. I do think some of the exercises will enhance other programs. For example, you might get desireable results if you do the 15 min ab DVD in the book and then do a Pilates workout. I have to be honest and say there are no short cuts. Once I went back to the gym and my pilates classes I dropped the bulk----no more tears.
    ...more info
  • Lifesaver
    This exercise program is amazing. I lost 14.5 inches in 14 days! I love T-Tapping!...more info
  • TOO Hard to follow.
    The exercise in this book were too hard to follow. it's hard to look at the book and try the exercises at the same time. Not user friendly at all.
    ...more info
  • Difficult to learn exercise from a book
    I thought the idea behind it was interesting but the techniques are fairly complex and hard to learn from a book. A CD of the full exercise regimine would be better. ...more info
  • This program is fantastic
    While I agree with some of the other reviews that it is difficult to follow the sequence of movements presented in the book without downloading some of the video segments from Teresa's website or acquiring one of her video/DVD workouts, the program itself is fantastic if you are looking for inch loss. I bought this book and the basic workout DVD after hearing Teresa speak at a professional women's group and jumped into things with a high level of skepticism. I was certain that simply doing the basic workout once a day every other day could not result in inch loss if I balanced it by completely going off any healthy eating program. It is three weeks later and I am 30 inches smaller. I haven't quite dropped a size because the inch loss in my hips is lagging behind that of my torso, but certainly the pants that were a "just fit" are now quite a bit more comfortable.

    If you aren't ready to invest in the book, just go to the t-tapp website and try a few of the free downloads. Once you give this a try and see how if affects your body, the book becomes a very powerful resource for selecting target moves and understanding the science behind the moves....more info
  • Feel a little tricked
    I found this book completely by accident in the library.

    It was interesting and I really wanted to believe the cover that says "Fit in 15 mins". Low and behold there is an extra 30 minute workout to add to that. I sort of felt like I had to do the entire 45 minutes in order to see results.

    It is VERY difficult to master these exercises by following the book. Once I ordered the DVD from her website the moves made much more sense.

    I don't think her program adapts well to a book. She would do better making her DVDs available in other places (other than her website) and lowering the price (the DVDs are very expensive and there are a lot of different workouts)....more info
  • Worth taking your time!
    It is important to take your time with this book. And it's worth it! Everyday, I took 15 minutes to learn and practice one exercise. At first I thought it wouldn't get me anywhere, but, boy, was I wrong. Even doing one exercise a day, and doing it well, made a huge difference that I-- and my husband -- noticed right away. Just learning the KLT stance, which took no time at all, made a big difference. My waist hadn't been this size since I was 16 -- that was more than 25 years ago! After two months of practicing, I now can do all of her exercises in the basic 15 minute program. And I do them not because I have to, but because I WANT to. With bad knees and a sore back due to scoliosis, I found that T-Tapp not only relieves the discomfort but adds strength to the problem spots -- something that swimming laps for 6 years never really did. Now I can even run, which I haven't been able to due in at least 10 years. T-Tapp is not hard to learn, but you won't be able to open the book and just start exercising while following the directions. Take your time with the exercises and learn something new about how your body works. Teresa Tapp explains exactly what you should do and how it should feel. I'm so grateful for her method. Also be sure to visit her website at for more information about T-Tapping and free videos of more of her exercises. There is a coupon in the back of the book that gives you 30% off all your future purchases at her site. I never met Teresa, but if I could, I would have only two words for her: Thank you!...more info
  • professional opinion
    The book is a good intro to the TTapp program but the vidoes are really required to see and understand everything that is going on. The book is more like an infomercial. An infobook.
    I'm hoping future videos will be better quality and not in Teresa's living room. Professionally done and with other body types in the videos.
    There have been many form changes over time, so many of the older videos are out of date. Buying videos and going to T-Tapp events for form checks by a 'trainer' becomes very expensive.

    Yes this is a review about the book - I do believe the book is a little misleading. The book talks about doing only T-Tapp. The body NEEDS cardio everyday. Especially to lose weight. It is recommended to do 30 plus minutes a day 5 or more days a week of walking or similar exercise to increase cardio endurance and to burn excess fat. The book says just doing T-Tapp is all you need. I have been a fitness instructor for many years and I totally disagree with that recommendation. Doing T-Tapp in ADDITION to your regular exercise routine is great for firming and toning. Just like adding pilates or strength training to a regular fitness routine.

    The book talks about alignment, but when you look at the pictures of form in KTL "knee little toe" the knee is out of alignment of the ankle and hip. Pushing the knee out in this compromised position can cause serious knee problems. Most certifying organizations like IFPA, ACE and AFAA recommend keeping the knee in alignment with the ankle. If you go the the T-Tapp forum and do a search, you will find many complaints of knee problems. So just be aware of that.

    ...more info
  • Give it time, and emphasize your form!

    I've worked out for years, but this is quite a comprehensive workout. I was fortunate enough to be traveling to a city where two of the T-Tapp trainers hosted a seminar, and I've got to say, that made a world of difference for my confidence in getting through the workout.

    What's included on the DVD:
    - Organs in Place / Half-Frogs / Organs in Place
    - Hoe Downs
    - Advanced Hoe Downs

    While these demos certainly help, don't buy this expecting to get a full DVD version of the Basic Workout Plus or Total Workout. DO look in the back of the book for the 30% off coupon, and FAX it to the T-Tapp office ASAP (fax number is on their site). Once they've emailed you to verify your voucher, you can purchase the DVDs with the full workouts. I'd recommend at *least* buying the Total Workout, but if you're feeling decadent, try the Total System. Who knew that body brushing could feel SO good?

    One downside for the DVDs -- expect them to take at least a week to arrive from the T-Tapp office, especially if you life in the West. Other than that, I've got my new favorite workout, and I usually *hate* workout videos (more of a gym-rat girl).

    One month in...I've got more energy, and my husband tells me how hot I'm looking. Loving it....more info
  • Best workout
    It works great for me and it confirmed my believes about workout. I exercised a lot without any noticeable results. I know so many people who spend hours every day to exercise without noticable results.
    T-Tapp gave me my life back and a wellshaped body. I highly recommend this book and especially the DVD's. In the beginning exercising only with the book was frustrating. I needed the DVD's to really see how I have to do it. Then I would read the exercise again in the book to be sure to make it right. Once I got it, it is easy to do and very effective. I saw results within a couple of days. I was not much overweighed but I always had problems with really bad cellulitis. It is amazing that it disappeared within days after nothing else worked.
    After you buy the book and you sign up on the website, you get a 30% discount on your 1st purchase, which I used on the DVD's. ...more info
  • Awesome program!
    This program has been great! I was skeptical at first, but I have lost 23.25 inches and 12 lbs in 1 month! Even my 2 year old daughter enjoys exercising with mommy!...more info
  • Phenomenal!
    This book houses a phenomenal collection of information that has been left out of the current fitness craze for a good long while. More importantly, this information is good basic physical fitness and is easy to read and understand.
    Many of these exercises are much the same as used in ballet and other modalities where core muscle stegnth is absolutely necessary, and then topped with a T-Tapp twist. It does amazing things for building beautiful healthy muscles quick!
    I "found" T-Tapp thru this book I borrowed from the library, and I now own it along with several of her dvds and use them on a regular basis. The results after the 7 workouts are amazing. Im totally and completely sold on the book and the workouts. ...more info
  • Good exercise tips!
    I enjoyed the book, just wish the CD had more exercises on it. The book is informative, but it is difficult to get the correct positions, etc. from a book-verbal instructions are better. Teresa's verbal instructions are great. ...more info
  • Feeling Good From the Inside Out!!
    I'll have to admit, with a title like "Fit and Fabulous in 15 Mintues" I was a little more than skeptical. I came across Teresa Tapp and her exercise on her website. I read all I could, viewed her "Try before you buy" POP vids and printed all the exercises that were featured in different publications. I was intrigued. The clincher was when I came to Amazon and was able to read the entire first chapter of the book! Not only that, Amazon offered a less expensive price of the book!

    Teresa told me things about my body and exercise that I had never heard before. It totally made sense. I ordered the book and not only does she explain the reasoning behind every exercise...she painstakingly illustrates each one; step by half step by full step.. It's incredible. You absolutely can not miss the details!

    The exercises aren't easy at first, but you feel it on the inside after the first workout! I like the fact that you can do them anywhere.

    I was totally bowled over by the testimonials and before/after pics, wow! I, myself, in 6 weeks lost atleast 2 inches off my mid section and I was only doing 1-2 sets of 3 or 4 of the exercises once or twice a day!(very sporadically). Just practicing and trying to get the form down. After the first week or so, my clothes fit differently.

    Being that I don't buy videos, dvds or watch television, the book is really helping me to put together a full body workout that works just for me! I liked this book so much I came back to Amazon and ordered it for my little sister!

    If you are looking for an exercise that isn't demanding and not only sculpts your muscles but also offers cardio at the same time, T-Tapp is for you!

    ...more info
  • Great book...thorough descriptions... a unique, effective program
    I write about walking for health and fitness, among other things, and Teresa's workouts are unique in their depth and understanding of multiple layers of muscles, creating density without bulk so you shrink your body size plus numerous other benefits of moving the body in specific ways -- such as pumping the lymphatic system and how to get an aerobic workout without aging your body by creating free radicals--an effect of vigorous exercise. It's great to know what's going on underneath her signature moves, because sometimes it's hard to understand why they work so well. Don't wait too long before you try these exercises. A perfect complement to a walker's life.
    Maggie Spilner/ Author of Walk Your Way Through Menopause and Prevention's Complete Book of Walking...more info
  • T-Tapp Fitness
    Teresa Tapp makes a case for less is more when it comes to exercise. I am following her program so I hope that's true!!...more info
  • T-Tapp Your Way To A Hot, Healthy Body In Just Minutes A Day!
    In the 1980s, Olivia Newton John had a #1 hit single called "Let's Get Physical" and that exactly the motto that Teresa Tapp took on when she created her famous T-Tapp Workout routine as outlined in Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes. In just a few minutes a day, she gives you a full cardiovascular workout that doesn't require any equipment or joint-jarring movements. Actually, you'll probably have fun while you're exercising which will make it more successful than if you dreaded doing it!

    This book provides you with all the instructions a busy mom or working professional needs to get in a good workout at the beginning of your day or after the kids have gone to bed. It's low-impact and will clear up virtually any and all issues you may have with pain and soreness in your body. T-Tapp offers real results really fast!

    Teresa herself demonstrates the moves you need to get your body in shape and she provides real-life examples of people who have implemented T-Tapp into their life with amazing results. If the idea of exercise makes you want to run and scream in the other direction, then perhaps you should check out Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes for a nonthreatening alternative. ...more info
  • The most boring program out there!
    After reading all the hype on the T-Tapp program I couldn't wait to begin. I bought the book, 2 DVD's, and 2 VHS tapes. I began to do the boot camp that the book and DVD's recommend. After a week I was absolutely bored out of my mind! Also, as a seasoned exerciser I found this program way to easy. If you are new to exercise you MIGHT be able to get some useful information out of T-Tapp. Otherwise avoid this....more info
  • good text -- illustrations are difficult to follow
    Fit and Fabulous is an easy-to-read book, but not an easy-to-follow one. The illustrations are at times confusing, as they more often illustrate poor postures rather the correct postures. It would appear that the author assumes that everyone is working at the same level of familiarity with the program. However, the argument of strengthening your core makes a lot of sense; hence, I decided to purchase the video to help me understand the moves better. The video was very helpful, though at times, the camera is not necessarily in sinc with what the trainer is trying to demonstrate.

    In sum, aside from the illustrations, I found the text informative and useful. Ms. Tapp's story is inspiring....more info
  • The book is great, but ONLY with the DVDs.
    I give the workout FIVE stars, but can only give the book FOUR because in my opinion, it is nearly impossible to learn the workout from the book alone, I absolutely required the DVDs. I bought this book months ago, and had a very difficult time using it, even with the clips from T Tapp's website. I could not get the moves, and had a hard time doing the whole workout because even with the pictures, it's a complicated workout and hard to understand (at least for me). Then, a few weeks ago, I finally bought the Basic Plus workout DVD, and started using the book for form tips. Now that I've learned the workout, I love the book because it really explains proper form, common mistakes in form, and fine tuning tips. This workout is the hardest I have ever done, and I have dance experience, but it is well worth learning and sticking with. I feel great, and my body is looking better every day. However, I have actually GAINED weight as I am losing inches. So do take Theresa's advice and stay away from the scale. The tape measure truly is the best way to track your progress with this workout. The best part is how wonderful you will feel, my energy levels are through the roof and I'm sleeping better than ever. I highly recommend this workout....more info
  • Excellent Program!
    I started Teresa Tapp's workout April 10 and have lost 2 pant sizes!- The title says 15 minutes, I have had my success doing the entire 45 minute workout most days vs. just the 15 minute workout option.

    In the past I have paid for personal training, worked out for hours a day at the gym (weights and cardio) and never have I had the success that I am currently having with T-Tapp. I had started an "at work" Weight Watchers program in Jan. and had been having very moderate success. I needed to add more activity and my sister gave me this book. After a week with the book, I purchased Teresa's basic workout video which helped greatly. I use the book as additional reference and for motivation it is filled with testimonials. I am not only losing inches and weight, I have a ton more energy and just feel better! I love it because I can do it at home and have an option of a 15 minute or 45 minute workout. It works! ...more info
  • Some good bits, but mostly an infomercial without the TV....
    The author had the chance to really do something great with this book, but failed. Does she show the exercises, yes, but with so much emphasis in several places on "common errors" that the reader runs the risk of learning the wrong way rather than the right way. Even after reading the section several times, the sequence of steps on the Primary Back Stretch is still confusing.

    Also, the DVD could have, and should have, included all of the small "try it" videos (and any other videos for any exercise featured in the book) from her website, so that you could see proper form, as well as get a sense of how fast each of the exercises should be performed. I would have paid more for something like this. Some people prefer to work out with a choreographed, timed exercise DVD, but often there is a lot of extraneous chit-chat and standing around which you can eliminate when you're doing the exercises on your own.

    I do like her notion of trying to engage as many muscles as possible when doing exercises that usually target only one area--this aspect I will apply while doing Callanetics, which I still think is a much better toning workout overall, especially with its emphasis on stretching, even though it lacks both an aerobic and upper body component (adding in some of the T-Tapp exercises to compensate).

    I hope the author brings down the price of her workout DVDs and brings them to Amazon in future. A lot of people are reluctant to buy from infomercial-type direct sellers because (unlike Callanetics, for example) they are constantly trying to sell you more stuff once you get on their mailing list, even if you only are interested in one item. IMHO, top price for any exercise DVD is $20, max.

    Bottom line: Borrow this book from your library to see if you like it, and then, buy used, as I did. ...more info
  • I tried really hard to like this, but...
    I wanted this to work for me. Teresa Tapp seems like a delightful person and the reviews promised such great results.
    I'm not an inexperienced exerciser. I've done everything from Tae-Bo to pilates to dance. I get the concepts behind how to exercise effectively and am not easily confused by most workout books or videos. This book was IMPOSSIBLE to follow. The directions are convoluted and verbose to the point of unreadability. The fifteen minute workout took me two hours to complete! I tried it every day for over a week and even though I was able to get the fifteen minute workout down to thirty minutes I was bored out of my mind.
    Also, I take ballet lessons and am quite used to standing with my knees turned out, but the position recommended in this book- with toes straight ahead and knees pushed towards the little toe- seems unnatural and caused terrible pain in my right knee.
    Maybe, if you get the DVD's (which are ridiculously expensive) or attend the seminars T-Tapp will work for you. But, I am reviewing this book and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. ...more info
  • A good insight to what T-Tapp is about
    This is a good book for both new to T-Tapp and those who want to know indepth what T-Tapp has to offer. It has good instructions on the form for the exercises and very good testimonials to help one to understand what T-Tapp can let you achieve. Although the exercises are best followed by watching the dvds, the book would be invaluable in bringing out the fine points of the exercises. I love the two exercises that were included in the dvd with the book and of course the 30% discount coupon for purchase of dvds later.

    I was just doing the two exercises for a week after I got my book. T-Tapp really works. I lost an inch off my mid section doing Hoe Down alone. Also, my knee stiffness has greatly reduced. I find I could now bend down and get up without much problem. I have tons of exercise books and dvds but I would greatly recommend anyone keen on being healthy and fit to look into T-Tapp. It is just so different from any exercises I have ever come across.

    Truly a good book to get to understand T-Tapp....more info
  • Amazing
    I am 55 years old. Long ago I learned to ignore book titles that over-promise. So I never would have given this book, promising the loss of 2 sizes in 4 weeks, a second glance except that Mary Shomon recommended it. Mary has a lot of credibility with me, as she wrote the best book I've read on thyroid issues: Living Well with Hypothyroidism: What Your Doctor Doesn't Tell You... That You Need to Know (Revised Edition) In Mary's newsletter, I clicked on a link to a short video of Teresa Tapp demonstrating one of her exercises. My interest was piqued. This was an approach to exercise I'd never seen before.

    I grew up in a sports family and have exercised fairly consistently all my life, including weight training for 15 years with personal trainers and swimming competitively for many years with Masters.

    However, no exercise I ever did prepared me for the T-Tapp program. I received the book in the mail ten days ago, read it through, and today am on Day 7 of the 15-minute workout (which takes me about 40 minutes because I'm just learning). In FOUR days (FOUR DAYS!) my clothes were fitting better. A pair of slacks I could barely button the week before fit just fine after four days of T-Tapping. I couldn't believe it. Nothing I've done exercise-wise has ever worked so quickly. Each day I continue to improve. I've had no muscle soreness but do feel a warm tingle (not at all uncomfortable) up and down my spine. And when I race up the four flights of stairs to my apartment, I'm not out of breath!

    I have read a number of unfavorable reviews of T-Tapp as well as reviews from people saying they've done T-Tapp for two years and not noticed any real change in their bodies. My hunch is that this is because T-Tapp requires really good mind-body connection.

    Developing a mind-body connection is difficult but absolutely essential to successful T-Tapping. If you're a person who can tighten any given muscle by willing it, then you've got great mind-body connection. I can, for instance, easily tighten a single butt cheek if I want :) Or I can tighten my lats just by thinking about doing so. It took me a long time to develop this and I needed help to do so (particularly, Pilates trainers helped me learn this). Going thru the T-Tapp moves without having a good mind-body connection is going to effect no change in one's body because it's not the positions that make the program work, it's the way the positions are done.

    By the way, the reason T-Tapp devotees don't need to increase reps over time is because, as they do them, they go deeper and deeper into the exercises.

    I just ordered the DVD - which, at something like $80, seems pricey - but, actually, given the price of gym memberships, personal trainers, special devices (Thigh Master, anyone?), etc, is not at all expensive. Aside from the ab exercises and Hoe Downs that I get on the DVD that comes with the book, I've learned all of the exercises (for the 15-min program) from the text in the book. I can't wait to be able to follow along on a DVD instead. I'm sure I'll move to the 45-minute workout once it arrives.

    I've been to the T-Tapp web site, which I myself find a bit unorganized. And even though I will undoubtedly purchase more on T-Tapp exercises, I am not likely to get into teeth whitening etc with Teresa Tapp (I personally think it dilutes her area of expertise to offer nutritional supplements).

    Still, I'm passionate about T-Tapp as an exercise program and am truly astounded by my own progress and how amazingly well I feel. My post-menopausal body is becoming more shapely by the day. And that's all I need to swear by T-Tapp and recommend it to all my friends. ...more info
  • The book has intrigued me about t-tapping, but is not enough info to really get started. Still need to buy a workout dvd.
    I am not an avid T-tapper. I thought maybe reading this book and looking at the attached DVD would be a good start. However, I found it difficult to try to follow the exercises without seeing it in motion. Maybe others can figure it out, but I need a video to watch. I thought that the attached DVD would give me a good flavor of T-tapp exercises with a sampling of different areas, but all there seems to be is the "Secret to a flat tummy" part. And that part is really slow with instructions, so it's not like a mini-workout that you can do over and over. I guess I was expecting the DVD to be the 15 minute workout that would leave me Fit and Fabulous. For that, I need to order the DVD from Teresa Tapp's website. So, my expectations were not met.
    However, I must say that I found a lot of her info interesting. Her info on exercising the back and increasing lymphatic flow and lowering blood sugar levels is totally new to me. Also, her explanation of creating long and lean muscles versus bulky muscles seemed to make sense. But, she talks a lot about how once you do her workout for a bit, you can do it only once or twice a week and still lose inches while eating well a few days of the week and splurging as much as you like on other days. I found this to be really discouraging and misleading. I feel like she is setting her program up to be the "magic bullet" for weight loss and we all know that there really isn't any magic trick other than consistently making wise food choices and getting regular/daily exercise.
    Maybe I am not the best one to review her book since I don't do the exercises daily. Maybe they can make you fit and fabulous in 15 minutes if you do them. I might have a different feeling once I buy the workout DVD and try them. If you visit Teresa's website, go to the "Try before you buy" section. You can see mini videos of components of her workout. I really think the exercises are good and I am guessing that I will really like t-tapping, but overall, I don't think that this is the greatest book ever and the accompanying dvd is basically worthless....more info
  • Excellent instructional and reference manual
    In my opinion, Ms. Tapp and Ms. Smalley have put together a powerful educational and informative piece of work. The depth of information and instruction provided in the step-by-step 15 Minute Basic Workout (along with detailed photos) PLUS the bonus DVD in the back of the book makes an impressive introductory package - as well as providing education and knowledge to deepen the practice of those who have already experienced the power of T-Tapp.

    The preventative wellness aspects of the T-Tapp approach shines through in the explanations of rationale as well as via personal testimonials as included in the book. It is no surprise that since the publication of this book, the newest book by Dr. Perricone has been released fully endorsing T-Tapp as a preventative wellness (due to its anti-inflammatory properties) AND muscle - building program.

    The details in the T-Tapp book are multi-faceted; careful reading of the book and application of the techniques as described is important. It is not surprising that some people take up the study of T-Tapp and yet continue to apply forms and techniques from previously studied programs. To be as powerfully effective on many levels as T-Tapp is, it necessities a real shift in paradigm; how the exercises are performed - including muscle activiation and alignment of the skeletal system - is more important than how often, number of repetitions.

    We are so accustomed to a certain "feel" of exercise, it can take a clean slate to really "get" how to apply T-Tapp technique - it's explained in the book. And as we get better at doing so, we can see and feel the difference. Amazingly, it IS possible to make big changes in health, fitness, and body shaping with this short workout - again, it goes outside our usual frame of reference with exercise length and intensity - it's a whole new way to look at things. Thus I am glad to see a instructional "manual" in the form of this book for my Physical Education students to have as important reference.

    I am very impressed that a DVD has been included as pathway into T-Tapp "in motion". This is a generous and perfect entry point! To have some exercises included with the book at these prices is unprecedented in my experience....more info
  • Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes
    The book was very informative and the illistrations were great. We also ordered the DVD's and they are very good in showing what techniques and steps need to be done. I would recommend the book to all....more info
  • Great book, but room for improvement
    I first found T-Tapp through the web and purchased the tapes. I'm a relative newbie and have not been consistent with the workouts, so I haven't seen the fabulous results others have, but I am still impressed with the workout. The book is really good because it breaks down each move and fully explains what you should be doing and where you should be feeling it. I don't always pick up on the nuances in the videos. This is a great reference for improving your form. I really enjoyed the section on bodytypes because it helped me form a more realistic expectation of what I can expect to achieve. As a combo bodytype I know that it's going to take a lot more overall inches to equate to a dress-size and I also know what I'm doing to exasterbate my problem areas. I wish she had beefed out this section some more with recommendations on what to wear to flatter each bodytype - hint, hint for a new book maybe. If I had found the book first I think I would have been overwhelmed by the complexity of each move. I liken it to first learning how to drive a stick shift - there are so many things that you have to think about and learn and do at the same time. I think it would have been better if the subtitle "Lose 2 sizes in 4 weeks" had been left off. I think it sets an unrealistic expectation. Even most of the people on the forums have not had that kind of rapid success. Lots of inches lost quickly, yes, but not necessarily two dress sizes. The dvd that came with the book is a nice teaser. It's not a full workout, but it will help spot reduce that midsection. Contrary to what other reviewers have said, the book is not all about getting people to the website to get them to buy more tapes and supplements. Sure there is lots of discussion about what works for people and there are verious supplements for sale, but you are never required to buy anything else. There is a great try-before-you-buy section with additional video clips. Teresa has stated many times that all you ever need is instructional 1 and 2 (which correspond to chapters 4 and 5 of the book). She offers additional variations because people have asked for more options, but when people get stuck or plateau the first thing that is recommended is to go back to the instructionals. I think the book is good, but it is really most effective in combination with the videos - make sure you use the 30% coupon in the book to order any additional videos. Don't expect an overnight change - this is a rehabilitative workout and works from the inside out. For me - I'm looking at this as my prevention workout, so that I don't have to do rehabilitation later. I may not be losing inches yet, but I'm sleeping better, have clearer skin and am standing taller. With time and consistent use I know the inches will catch up....more info
  • Very pleased and passing it on (the book).....
    I love this book. Just by adopting the "tweeks" to my workout has made a huge differnce in taking things to my personal best/max. My daughter (3 months post-parteum) has also read this (in fact, we fight over the book at times), and in the week that she has done the workout, she can feel the difference in her treadmill workouts. She finds them so much easier.

    The workout does have cardio.... the heavy breathing and the elevated heart rate attest to that. "Stretching" exercises of all sorts are in there. A very common sense approach to fitness.
    I am now in my 40's and found that aerobic exercises were getting to be too much jumping around. I was out of shape when I started, hated to exercise, but am improving my total wellness.... I look forward to making more improvements in my measurements, weight, and overall well-being with Fit and Fabulous with Ms. Tapp.

    I tell all my friends about it when they ask me about my smaller size.

    I recommend the book. ...more info
  • Fit and Fabulous in 15 minutes
    Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes

    After 4 weeks of alternating between the Secret to Flat Abs workout and 15 minute work out, I feel great and really see results in loss of inches. Even better my husband noticed and said, "whatever you are doing is working, you look great so keep it up!" It has inspired him to get back to working out.

    I travel about 3 weeks a month and have been able to do these workouts in a hotel room, no problem. I highly recommend the book and the video series offered by Theresa Tapp, I have already ordered 3 other video workouts....more info
  • best exercise book I ever read
    Over the years I bought several exercise books, returned all of them except this one.
    Also bought tons of excerise tapes, and weight machines, they are all in the attic except for the T-Tapp tapes and DVD's.
    I've had knee surgery, and a hysterectomy. I feel better than I have in years.
    Yes it is a hard program. But it is worth it. But it is also the only program I have no problem sticking to.
    Since reading the book I learned some things I was doing wrong. The explainations of the moves are great.
    I look better than all of my friends that go to the gym several days a week.
    ...more info
  • Decent book
    I bought the book as I had bought 2 of the workout dvds about 3 years ago but never really used them. I figured I'd give it another try and see what information the book might have to offer. I did the 14 day bootcamp and then did the basic plus workout everyday for another 14 days as well as sometimes doing the entire workout listed in the book. I only lost 1.5 inches in my waist. Not two dress sizes like the book promotes. I went on to the t-tapp website and posted my discouragement. Some of the instructors wrote back with some helpful hints and support. The workout helps my back feel better but I wouldn't buy it in order to lose two dress sizes because it probably won't happen....more info
  • I'm so disappointed at the DVD!!!
    I got this book shipped to me today. I've been hoping to see a well-structured DVD routine so I can follow, but how disappointed I am! Everything on the DVD, you can find at the T-Tapp website, there is no need to purchase this book and DVD. And I don't think 15 minutes of abs and "Hoe Down" exercise can help me lose much weight either, I've been doing kickbox and pilates, the T-Tapp moves are not very advanced for me. But I will give it a try anyway, mix it with my routine or do it after dinner to burn some calories....more info
  • T-Tapp form clarification...
    I had the 15 minute work out on DVD and had been T-tapping for about a month with very minimal results when I ordered this book. I basically ordered it for the DVD that is included with the book because the work out DVD's from her website are expensive. Am I glad I ordered this book!! The form clarification I got from the book was such a help to me in using correct form during the DVD. I wasn't using proper form at first, that's why my results were minimal. I have been using proper form since purchasing the book and after 7 work outs my jeans are loose! I have a pair of jean shorts from last summer that I put on the other day and I can slip them on and off with out un-buttoning the waist. Those are results! ...more info
  • Find your alignment again!
    Ttapp is a wonderful system for rehabbing the body. As many others have noted, it has also helped to fix my own body. Although I was not terribly out of shape, physically my body was suffering from years of misuse from dance and other forms of exercise. Ttap's emphasis on body alignment is so important, and it helped me tune into my body, re-learning how it needs to move so that it can stay healthy and pain-free. This book has so much detail, I keep it on my desk for quick reference. It's excellent, but it does require a little work, as anything truly worth it requires work on our part. We need to take responsibility for our own health and well being. Books can give us the wisdom, but we ourselves have to apply it.

    I've been reading some of the comments here and I just wanted to touch on turnout issues, since some people have commented on it. If you're a dancer (especially ballet), you know that standing with knees turned out is not a proper way of expressing turnout. Very often, this is a concern with adult learners of ballet. You need to be aware that adult females who start learning ballet after puberty will have a more difficult time keeping a good turnout simply because their hips are already formed. Young female dancers (pre-puberty) gradually train their hip flexors as they mature, and thus have a much stronger turnout than adult learners. So please don't force your turnout! It's safest to stay at 45-60 degrees than shooting for a perfect turnout.

    I also wanted to say that I am an ex-ballerina, had to retired after ankle injuries and such, so I understand about pain. T-tapp was instrumental in my finding alignment in my body again. As a ballet dancer (and I hate to say this because I've adored ballet since I was a child, and lived and breathed it until I was 26), we push and pull to very unnatural positions, and put our bodies out of their natural alignment. Sure, we're in proper "ballet alignment", but ballet alignment is nowhere near natural for the body. It was developed so that the audience could see a beautiful "line", but it's awful for the human body. I've known so many ballet dancers to get injured or wind up permanently crippled in some way. That right there tells you the alignment is not good for your body. However, in Ttapp, you turn out only from the hips while keeping your feet straight. It's more like riding a horse, if you've ever done that. You don't need to push your knees out, just concentrate on getting them more toward your little toes. This helps put your body back in alignment. My yoga instructors also advise knees toward little toes. It protects the body from improper alignment.

    Chances are, if you're a dancer who is trying Ttapp for the first time and you're noticing pain, it is almost certainly a ballet/dance issue rather than a Ttapp issue. You may be feeling pain during Ttapp because your body is trying to get back to it's natural alignment, much like the discomfort you'd feel during physical therapy. Even though your knee, etc., may feel fine during ballet, chances are good that it's only USED to that position; it doesn't mean that that position is good for you.

    Ttapp is very much like physical therapy and yoga. It brings alignment back to the body. It's a great gift to give yourself or a loved one. You only have one body. Take care of it!!
    ...more info
  • Good but Needs better organization
    I bought this after seeing the author on a local news program. ALthough generally not a believer in quick fix diets or fitness programs--this seemed to have enough substance behind it to try it. When I received the book I was overwhelmed-it's huge--hard to follow and not logically laid out for following the 15 minute program. There is a Cd that comes with it but it only goes through 3 exercises-after 3 weeks I stopped doing it because it was just to difficult to follow--this program needs to be put on a DVD and each sequence of exercises should be choreographed and the movements should be demonstrated as to how to do them correctly....more info
  • A Fabulous way to get acquainted with Teresa Tapp!
    This book is an excellent introduction to an amazing, yet little-known form of exercise created by Teresa Tapp. Don't let the title get you thinking that it isn't possible because with T-Tapp, it IS possible. Of course, everyone loses at different rates. But, generally speaking, when done with Teresa's descriptive details, you CAN do it. Not only will you find that you're losing size, but you'll FEEL amazing, too. I have been working out the T-Tapp way for 2 months and have lost 16" overall so far. Excellent book that gives a greater understanding of how the body works and how to make yours work BETTER. Worth every penny and then some. ...more info
  • I like T Tapp
    This is a good book, but can be a bit confusing. The DVD in the back is wonderful though. It's a great way to slowly get yourself into T Tapp. I would recommend the book, but I also recommend the DVD's which show how to do all the movements correctly. The coupon in the back is nice!...more info
  • Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes
    This book was a delightful surprise in terms of its completeness and the included DVD. It provides strong re-enforcement of the principles illustrated on the T-tapp tapes. The explanations are wonderfully clear and precise and contain additional tips. A must have in addition to the tapes if you wish to ensure you are doing T-tapp in the right form. Thanks, Theresa, for a job well done.

    ...more info
  • Fabulous
    I've done this routine on and off for 3 years and have back on since I bought the book and attended one of Teresa's book signing seminars. I've lost 38" in a about 2 1/2 months. I love a no-impact aerobic workout that really, really works and focuses on protecting the body and not injuring it....more info
  • Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes
    I found the book to be very helpful in encouraging me to start exercising. I did not change the way I ate-just switched to smaller portions-and I began losing inches and pounds within the first 2 weeks. I did end up purchasing the DVD workout as I could not do the exercises and read the book at the same time. The DVD included with the book gives information on how to get a flat stomach and it works. Since I purchased my book, I have had at least 8 people purchase the book based on my results!...more info
  • Very informative book, opens up your eyes to exercise fitness
    I was a little bit skeptical when I first learned about T Tapp. In fact I didn't know anything about T Tapp until I was looking for books on Amazon for Low Carb cookbooks. And as everyone knows below each of the products on Amazon they'll make recommendations. This is how I found out about T Tapp. I started to do research on T Tapping and the more I read from these reviews and from the T Tapp website I had to order the book. It is definetly worth the investment and I definetly do not have any regrets whatsoever!
    ...more info
  • Excellent!
    I picked this up on a suggestion from another website of T-Tappers. There is a DVD included which takes only minutes a day and really, truly does take inches off. I have built muscles I never knew I even had and I feel better and look better even after just a couple of weeks. The book features Teresa's story and a bit about her background and education. the stories are very genuine and also very motivating. These are very much 'real people' with weight and health problems overcoming their personal challenges and getting into better physical shape than many of them have ever been in.

    Read the instructions on the Basic T'Tapp Stance, then Hoe Downs (in the book). The bonus DVD includes "Hoe Downs' and OIP (Organs in Place). You would start with OIP then move to Hoe Downs in a 15 minute workout session. The hardest part of any of the T-Tapp excercises is mastering the proper form.

    I am not a person who buys workout books. This is the first such book I have bought in ten years and it is by far the most interesting and easy to get into workout. It's almost like meditation or yoga. You really have to think about the movements you are doing and watching your form. I highly recommend this program for people who are out of shape and over weight and need to develop confidence, endurance, strength and flexibility. It's something you do in your home and in your spare time that requires absolutely nothing else. No weights, no bands, no special equipment, nothing but you and the book/DVD and more important, you will see results within one week. ...more info


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