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Allure (2-year)

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Allure is the beauty expert. Every issue is full of celebrity tips and insider secrets from the pros, like what works overnight and what works for a lifetime. Editors pick their favorite new products and reveal what new styles really work for you. Your subscription includes the annual special issues: Makeovers and Best of Beauty.

Customer Reviews:

  • Congratulations to you if you get them to send you all the subscriptions
    It took two months to receive the first magazine and didn't receive any more after that. Defenitely the last magazine subscription I order from Amazon....more info
  • Hoping to see a change!
    I used to have a problem with Allure magazine because of the way they featured fur so regularly. Once they had a special "insert" or something that was filled with photos of rap and other music "stars" wearing fur, fur, and more fur. I actually cancelled my subscription back then. I'm hoping now that they seem to be a bit more "grown-up" and may have grown with the times and matured, that I might find more eco-consciousness and a conscience. I understand that the magazines have to pander to cosmetics and fashion companies, but it's not necessary to go overboard. *Update* Just received the latest issue, and again, seeing more fur. I don't think I'll renew my subscription next year. Allure -- GET A CLUE....more info
  • Great magazine to unwind with
    My sister's been getting me a gift subscription to Allure for years and I really look forward to receiving it every month. It keeps me informed of current fashion and beauty trends without overwhelming me with advertising. The articles are light and relaxing. I'm a stay at home mom with 2 young children and very little time to relax. The last think I want to read about when I'm trying to drift off to sleep are articles about death and destruction. Save that for the News Magazines. ...more info
  • Allure is annoying
    Allure has a tendency to portray underweight young models when writing about anti-aging products, has very little makeup advice for non-white women (well, try finding a face in this mag that isn't caucasian and looks 19), and has a predictable cycle of issues. This issue features "starlets" that you've never heard of naked! This issue has our worthless best of lists crammed with products from the brands that gave our editors the most free loot! Don't even get me started on the fluffy features with celebrities who I don't care about or the annoying how-to section. In a world of independant beauty blogs that aren't afraid to trash a product, Youtube channels owned by pro-makeup artists, and skincare sites run by practicing dermatologists, Allure seems like a waste of paper and good money....more info
  • allure is awful
    I do not know what is more repulsive about this rag. The unreadable writing or all the photos of the models that look so thin, they must have gone on crash diets to look that way while dangering their own health in the process....more info
  • hair and makeup guru's dream
    If you're looking for more of a fashion mag try Marie Claire or Glamour but this magazine is great if you are into the never-ending trends of hair and makeup!...more info
  • Love it
    Allure is a magazine I have been getting for years. It has great short articles about everything from makeup to hair. I find this magazine useful with there tips and tricks of the trades. The one downfall to this magazine is I think that there fashion is just a little to trend....more info
  • So-so
    Allure focuses well with beauty (i.e. makeup, tips, beauty products, etc) ...before. I noticed that they push products too much on your face. I begin to think if they actually test the products on themselves as they claim to do. However, it is still the leading beauty magazine for me....more info
  • A Bible for beauty junkies
    If you are a beauty junkies, you must have your hand on ALLURE. It is the best. Inside, there is an article written by celeb makeup artist, Kevyn Aucoin, who always has great advice for us on how to makeup in everyday life, as well as tell us about the glamorous world he's in. I like ALLURE October issue most because it's the "best" issue. You can see the most popular products voted in by readers, together with the best products receommended by ALLURE.

    Don't miss this magazine, if you have always emptied your purse on makeup and skincare products. Read it and become wiser+more beautiful....more info

  • Something for Women of All Ages
    As a typical young female, I've read a lot of different magazines geared toward women. Most, in general, feature the same articles month after month, and therefore become repetitive and boring. Let's face it: there is only so much you can take reading about "The Best Bedroom Moves" issue after issue. Allure, however, never seems dull or filled with useless amounts of recycled information.

    I began subscribing to the magazine at age 18 (I'm 23 now) and have never been disappointed. Allure has articles for every age, and I find relevant information for my life, body, and health, and then I am able to find information that will interest and benefit my 50+ year old mother. Perhaps that is part of the appeal of the magazine: any age group can enjoy it. Not many magazines can say that.

    Unlike many other female-geared magazines, Allure offers more than just underwear pictures and "how to please your man" articles. Each issue, Allure has an entire section dedicated to new health science discoveries, such as new updates about skin cancer and sleep problems. The magazine seems genuinely about women, beauty, and health, whereas other magazines make some feminists role their eyes ("how to please your man," anyone?)

    Like anything else, Allure has its downfalls. While I do appreciate the make-up, weightloss, and fashion tips, I still always feel that I can never quite live up to the expectation the magazine presents me. I'm a pretty girl in good physical health, and I still- at times- feel inadequate when reading the many awesome articles of this magazine.

    Overall, I recommend Allure highly to women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. It contains more than just the bubbly sextalk of most female magazines, and therefore you get more zest for your money....more info
  • It's all about makeup and beauty stuff - I love it !!
    In the early 90's - I remember getting some sort of ad or reading that a new magazine was coming out that was about makeup ONLY. I immediately got a subscription - sight unseen and have been a loyal subscriber since Day 1. This magazine talks about makeup - procedures, and some celeb and not-so-celeb interviews. That's it and I love it. I got turned off of Cosmo - how many ways to trap and screw your man got way old. Allure goes to great lengths to review all sorts of products both expensive and cheap and I love it. My fave is the review of favorite products that are high, medium and low. I will be a subscriber forever!!...more info
  • Allure is the Beauty expert
    I've been subscribing to allure since late 2002, and have always gotten the best beauty advice from them. I love that they show bold and new ideas in makeup, with still options for natural beauty that any woman can use. There's not a topic they haven't covered as far as looking good. Each month, I'm always interested in seeing the new issue and what's in store with makeup, skincare, and fashion. I disagree with one reviewer who said seventeen was a better magazine, allure isn't for teens. I think of it more as a women for all ages magazine. I do think they could use the magazine as a beauty staple, since I'm sick of seeing the worst makeup ever on girls these days. ...more info
  • If you could only buy one magazine...
    I have been a very happy subscriber since I was 13.

    Finding my first issue in 1994, in a recycling box in my building's laundry room was something I will never forget. I am still on that same subscription, 11 years later and I absolutely loved every issue.

    This has beauty and fashion. No mindless pages of gossip and how to please your man manuals, this one is all pure beauty.

    I can always read about the best salons, spas, new makeup products; ways to put your own shades in new combos on your face, how to have the best bubble bath ever or the glossiest hair, this magazine does it all.

    I look forward every month to see what it will bring me.
    I always hear my female friends asking me to teach them how to apply makeup since they like mine, and I cannot really you how many of those requests I got! I also get begged to go makeup and skincare shopping and I really think that how I shop, do makeup, hair and my overall physical appearance, I can thank Allure for putting some nice and pretty ideas in my head. I am not superficial where I focus so much on the makeup, I can read and think deep, yet this is one guilty pleasure that this magazine satisfied for me....more info
  • love this magazine
    I love allure. Great fashion advice and contests. The articles are pretty good. My subscription was suppose to start in September but I was happy to see my first issue in the mailbox last week. KEWL!...more info
  • Gave Allure as a Christmas gift
    Since I gave this as a Christmas gift, I can't really give a true review. But, I'm sure my grandaughter will love it throughout the year since it's a gift that comes every month! ...more info
  • By FAR the best beauty magazine around!
    From the moment I picked up this magazine at a friend's house ten years ago, I was hooked. It has consistently remained one of my favorite magazines over the years, too, while others have come and gone.

    The best thing about it is that it's not just about which lipstick the beauty editors have decided to push for fall. They also focus on helping women to feel better about themselves. There are some really amazing articles about the issues that women face, regarding their looks. Whether it's the pain they felt as they watched their younger sister battle obesity, or perhaps the scars that they've come to see as a testament to their strength, and not as an imperfection. It really does inspire those of us who are "regular" women.

    They have amazing contributors, as well, such as Garren, Bobbi Brown, and Sally Herschberger. And last, but not least, they have the FABULOUS Kevyn Aucoin...every month! Who could ask for anything more??? Buy it. You'll l!ove it!...more info
  • Allure(no way)
    I am actually 15 and know alot about magazines and think that Allure sucks there is no point to it! Now Seventeen magazine is good for some mature people and the kids or teens....more info
  • Late shipment.
    The magazine comes very late every month. For example you can see the August issue on sale everywhere in mid-July. But the August issue comes late August to subscribers. I wonder whether that's the deal of subscription. Very disappointed....more info
  • if you ever get your purchase
    Ordering magazines is tempting because it is cheap..but unless you are prepared to order them for a planned out gift do not bother. i ordered allure (which is one of my favorites) over a month and a half ago and it still hasnt showed. its really not that hard to send one magazine to someone. they should give some sort of consolation. oh well..i guess it is back to the news stands and getting ripped off. ....if you ever get the chance to go to a fashion magazine..tear out all the double sided adds. you will have about 45 pages of real articles. BOO~...more info
  • So much promise, so little result
    Allure is a great idea that's poorly manifested. I love it in principle -- a magazine devoted to beauty with a heavy focus on makeup. The content, however, is short on how-to and long on buy-this-product. Much of the makeup is expensive and exclusive, unavailable to the majority of the buying public. They're constantly raving over products that are quite frankly terrible, to the point where seeing Allure recommend something actually makes me less likely to try it. The fashion spreads are pointless and would be better left out, focusing on expensive items, unwearable trends, or flash-in-the-pan fads. The "Makeup Colors" technique is always frustrating, as the listed products never even resemble the actual look achieved. This problem is worsened by the fact that the colors of featured products rarely render true on the pages; I get sick of buying a cosmetic product only to find the color looks nothing like the way it looked on the page. It swings wildly between trends and recommendations with no apparent sense of coherence to it; its advice frequently contradicts itself from one month to the next. Finally, its focus on fluffy celebrity, name brand clothes, and rich-and-famous lifestyles (it's obsessed with recommending clothes and etiquette for red-carpet "parties" of the kind I can't begin to relate to) leads the average reader to develop a massive inferiority complex.

    Skip this one and go for Lucky for versatile fashion advice, the most important makeup tips and trends, and a wider range of ages, hairstyles, and races on the models than the bland-beautiful-young-white-girl Allure favors....more info
  • Lots of nudity
    I purchased the Best of Beauty Magazine (Allure October 2006 issue) to see the list of best beauty products. The list was incomplete, so far I've noticed that they left out eye cream this time. Pictures had a lot of nudity so I wouldn't buy it any other month....more info
  • it's cool
    I don't know any other magazine that's almost entirely devoted to makeup. It's got how-tos, what's hot this season, cool giveaways, sometimes samples, etc. This is worth subscribing to if you're a big makeup junkie or if you're anything like like staring at all the pretty colors....more info
  • Ugh!!! Who prints this drivel?!
    For a magazine that prints "the beauty expert" on every cover,Allure is quite ambitious. With every issue (I got the subscription as a gift) I am more sure of the fact that this is one of the worst fashion magazines out there, as far as looks go. The layouts are so hideous, that alone makes me wary of taking any of their beauty advice. Try flipping through an issue and you'll understand why I find this magazine difficult to read or follow. With a plethora of messy crayon-style arrows, crowded pages, and clashing colors, I never fail to be astounded that some ppl actually find the magazine stylish. For a far better investment, try subscribing to InStyle instead - now there's a magazine worth looking forward to!...more info
  • I have yet to recieve this magazine and I ordered it almost 2 months ago!
    I have yet to recieve this magazine and I ordered it almost 2 months ago!...more info
  • It has been over two months and I have not received this item.
    As such, I am unable to review it.

    However, I can review the ship time and I am not pleased with it at all....more info


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