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Monty (Idris Elba) is a mechanic struggling to make ends meet while raising his three young daughters. When the court awards custody of his daughters to his ex-wife Monty desperately tries to win them back with the help of Julia (Gabrielle Union) a beautiful Ivy League-educated attorney. Monty and Julia couldn't be less alike but a flame is ignited...touching off a firestorm of love and conflict. System Requirements:Running Time: 95 Mins.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: COMEDY Rating: PG-13 UPC: 031398213994 Manufacturer No: 21399

African-American gospel auteur Tyler Perry leaves behind his over-the-top Madea persona (the driving force of his previous movies Diary of Mad Black Woman and Madea's Family Reunion) to craft a more subdued--yet more emotionally compelling--story. Monty (Idris Elba, The Wire) has been the sole support of his three daughters, but when his ex returns to try to claim them, he can't afford the legal counsel to fight her--until he crosses paths with Julia (Gabrielle Union, Bring It On, Deliver Us from Eva), a lawyer whose successful career hasn't helped her be successful in love. The story of Daddy's Little Girls doesn't hold a lot of surprises; the romance between these two will be bumpy while implausible but necessary-to-the-plot factors keep them from resolving their conflicts until the last moment. But what is surprising--after the grandstanding histrionics of the Madea movies--is how Perry has guided his topnotch actors to rock-solid performances that quietly draw you in. Though the plot twists smack of melodrama, the actors make each scene seem real. The strong supporting cast includes Louis Gosset Jr. (An Officer and a Gentleman) and Tasha Smith, who gives an unflinching and unsettling performance as Monty's ex, who decides to teach her daughters the harshest lessons life has to offer. --Bret Fetzer

Customer Reviews:

  • Fantastic
    This movie is a must watch - I loved it so much I was disappointed when it finished. I found myself wanting more. The story line is so real.
    Well done Tyler
    God Bless you!...more info
  • Standard Perry And That's Just Fine
    Well I just got out of Daddy's Little Girls and honestly it wasn't half bad. Granted there were a few errors in the movie that liberal critics will point out but like Perry's previous films, Daddy's Little Girls isn't a movie for the critics. Gabrielle Union is good as always as she kind of brought the same vibe into the female lead Julia that she did to the title character in Deliver Us From Eva. Idris Elba as Monty played the romantic lead very well by turning Monty into the type of character whose struggle you can empathize with and I hope he gets more lead roles in the future as he played the good guy role very in the film. The chemistry between the two of them is strong enough to make their scenes together work. The film wasn't as funny as Perry's previous work but then the message that Perry was trying to convey was didn't really need any cheap laughs. My only compliant with the film was it did drag a bit in some parts, but the climax and conclusion more than make up for it. Perry has now shown that he can make a movie without the Madea character and while Perry still needs to work on his storytelling more mainstream success with liberal critics, Perry already has a strong fan base to ensure that we'll see a new Tyler Perry film every February for years to come...more info
  • I love this story!
    Tyler Perry has done it again. A wonderful movie with Christian themes, that I can watch anytime, no matter who is visiting my home. Tyler Perry's productions are all a breath of lovely spring air in the crazy entertainment world of filth. Please, give us more Christian movies that are decent, with a good plot, and a sincerely good ending....more info
  • Daddy's Little Girls (Tyler Perry's)
    I had seen the movie when it first came out and I loved it. I enjoy Tyler's work because they are stories filled with reality, possibilities and most often a lesson to learn behind ever character presented in his storylines. I'd recommend this movie for a family to sit down and review together, for child abuse centers and for single men's ministries to show that in spite of it all the bad reports we still have some black in this world that love their children and want to be good fathers to them....more info
  • Noble intentions, weak execution

    No one could ever accuse Tyler Perry of being the soul of subtlety - either as a filmmaker or as a storyteller. His set-ups are often painfully contrived, with characters who are two-dimensional and stereotypical, and messages that are pat and overly simplistic, to put it mildly. Yet, in this era when too many black characters are either rappers, street thugs, prostitutes or drug dealers, Perry speaks to audiences yearning to see a more positive vision of the African-American experience portrayed on screen. That's certainly an admirable goal, but the problem is that Perry himself is not above indulging in many of those very same stereotypes if, in so doing, it helps him to get his message across.

    In "Daddy's Little Girls," the first ethnic stereotype Perry admirably endeavors to shatter is that of the absent or indifferent urban black father. His protagonist, Monty, is a divorced dad of three who works as an auto mechanic in a garage run by none other than Louis Gossett Jr. Monty's ex has pretty much flown the coop, leaving the kids to be raised by her mother who is currently dying of lung cancer. After the woman's death, Jennifer decides she now wants to raise the children, even though she's living with a gangsta' boyfriend who's so low he even sells drugs to the kids in the neighborhood schoolyard. This sets up a fierce custody battle between Monty and Jennifer with the three girls caught in the middle.

    As stated previously, it is commendable that Perry wishes to make Monty a model for young male viewers to emulate, but in order to establish Monty's bona fides as a caring father, the filmmaker for some reason has found it necessary to ratchet up the mother's vileness past the point of believability. In fact, Jennifer makes Cinderella's evil stepmother look like June Cleaver and Carol Brady in comparison. Indeed, she is so over-the-top in her villainy that one wonders how such a seemingly level-headed and sweet-tempered soul as Marty could ever have been fooled into marrying her in the first place.

    Perry doesn't do much better with the main female character, a snooty, high-priced African-American lawyer named Julia, who looks down her nose on poor working-class stiffs like Monty who takes a position as her much-abused chauffeur in order to make a little money on the side. Monty soon discovers that all the over-stressed Julia needs is a good man to bring meaning to her sterile, empty life. Thus, with the character of Julia, Perry manages to insult blacks, career women and specifically black career women in one fell swoop.

    The movie makes some interesting points about the role class consciousness plays in the black community, with wealthy blacks sometimes more dismissive of their less well-off counterparts than are wealthy whites. Unfortunately, this theme is played out in the context of a fairly formulaic romance between Monty and Julia, with the "little girls" of the title reduced to not much more than walk-on roles in the story. Idris Elba is appealing and solid as the sincere, hardworking Monty, while Gabrielle Union does what she can with the poorly written part of Julia.

    The narrative also suffers from what first-year screenwriting students (or "Crash" deriders) like to refer to as "coincidence overload," with characters bumping into one another at all-too-convenient moments or just happening to learn crucial bits of information from news stories on TV.

    "Daddy's Little Girls" starts off with the best of intentions, and there are certainly some poignant, touching moments to be found in the film, but the movie is so fixated on pandering to the emotions of its audience, especially in the melodramatic final reel, that most of the goodwill one brings to the project has pretty much evaporated by the time the closing credits come rolling by....more info
  • A Great Family Movie
    This movie was really great! I enjoyed watching it over and over again. The ending seemed a bit rushed but otherwise a great movie....more info
  • Daddy's The Best!
    This movie was the epitomy of how fathers should treat their little girls. It shows that you don't have to have a million dollars to be a great father. ...more info
  • The best of the best !
    Living in Atlanta for over 12 years and owning all of Tyler Perry's films, this is one of the best! A must see and to own! Highly recommend...He is one of the best...he was definitely missed in the movie; however his writing was defintely there in the story line!

    Judy Collins
    Key Largo, FL ...more info
  • Love, Family, and Community
    Monty is doing all he can to raise his three, little girls. His only help is his ex's mother, whose terminally ill; before she dies, she tells Monty he should take the girls instead of their mother, a hustler living with the neighborhood, drug dealer. Backed by her boyfriend's drug money, the girl's mom is able to win custody.

    Enter Julia: a successful attorney with plenty of attitude. She meets Monty during his short stint as her driver. First impressions are taken, and their relationship starts off rough, but soon enough they fall for one another. Now, Julia has the power and the will to get Monty's daughters back.

    The acting was a little shaky, the only aspect of the movie I wasn't too keen on. Gabrielle Union was the biggest weak link in this movie; her acting was too theatrical for Hollywood and came off cheesy. Idris Elba was excellent as Monty, the most convincing role in the whole movie. But the three girls - Sierra, China, and Lauryn McClain - were cute and fit their children roles.

    I will admit it was refreshing to see a movie with a single father who's the hero. Overall, it's a wonderful, family movie that touches on subjects of drugs, drinking, violence, community, family and the courage to create change. ...more info
  • Daddy's Little Girl
    A good movie, suitable for all ages of the family. It was a very moving and motivational movie. The movie dealt with issues that the general audience can comprehend and also relate to....more info
  • Excellent!
    Despite the "no surprises" storyline, I loved the movie enough to watch it twice in a row - possibly because I am a hopeless romantic! The actors work well together to bring life to a simple story. I've watched several of Tyler Perrys' productions and loved everyone of them. I must say he is making great strides in offering etertainement that is wholesome, funny and delivers a message without over sermonizing it. Plizzz keep up the good work! This is a must watch for all you sentimentals out there....more info
  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Great Movie
    This is just a good movie.There is a right amount of all the ingredients that make tyler perry's movies so good! I definitely recommend it. ...more info
  • I would watch just to see Idris
    I watched this mainly because I wanted to see Idris Elba and also because I wanted to see and support Tyler Perry's movie. I must say watching Idris was the highlight. I'm not sure what happened with Gabrielle, I've seen her do good work but her acting was horrible. The storyline was predicatble and cliche.
    If using the boy from the wrong side of the tracks gets with the rich girl storyliine it should have atleast been a few twists thrown in. The little girls were even bad actors. Like the thought but wasn't executed well....more info
  • "Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." -- James 4:7

    First of all, I am a die-hard Tyler Perry fan & I will go see any of his first-run movies, any time, any where, no questions asked, no price too high, no premise too low -- just send the e-mail & I'll be there. I'll even buy extra tickets just to boost the numbers, so that should tell you something right there ;)

    That said, I'm always disappointed in some of the elements in his movies (just a teensy FEW & never EVER enough to spoil my overall enjoyment), but, then again, I always love, love, love how nitty-gritty REAL all his characters are &, let's face it folks:

    People (even Christians) really do these things (even wrong & immoral things), whether we like it, or not, & I know that Perry doesn't endorse immorality, he's just keepin' it REAL.

    And so it's for that reason I can forgive all the Sex-In-The-City-ness of the movie (which is not a show I've ever seen -- since I don't watch TV -- but I read some other reviews that mentioned the similarities & so that's where I'm getting my information), since, apparently, (because of that show), hopelessly vain, empty & immoral career women are considered the new "normal"?

    But because I'm NOT interested so much in how sinful everyone in the movie is (I mean, hello? aren't we ALL? Romans 3:23), but rather about how they FIND REDEMPTION in the end ...

    Which is what a Tyler Perry movie is all about.

    And so I found the dad's struggles -- as well as the struggles of his extended family & community -- EXTREMELY moving & compelling (to say the least!) & therefore worth watching ...

    And ESPECIALLY since you don't see many movies these days with such a strong father-figure ...

    And it's about time! \o/

    (Although, in one of those strange, magical, mystical & unexplainable moments of synchronicity, I went to see "Bridge To Terabithia" the very next day -- which ALSO features an incredibly strong father-figure [who is not the main character] -- but the unexpected coincidence made me think that perhaps we are entering a new era: The Age of the DAD flick.)

    But, back to the movie, the OTHER reason I will go see any Tyler Perry movie (any time, any where, no questions asked, plus extra tickets) is because, in all his movies, there is ALWAYS at least one spiritual "gotcha" that stays with me as I leave the theatre ...

    And, in this movie (without giving anything away), one of those "gotchas" was said by the pastor (during his sermon) & the other was said by Aunt Rita (in passing) ...

    So, for me, it's the "take away" factor (i.e. something inspirational that I can [& do] apply to my personal life) that makes a Tyler Perry movie worth its weight in gold.

    And to the critics who objected to the movie's ending, I say this:

    "You gladly put up with fools since you are so wise! In fact, you even put up with anyone who enslaves you or exploits you or takes advantage of you or pushes himself forward or slaps you in the face. To my shame I admit that we were too weak for that!" -- 2 Corinthians 11:19-21

    And, like Paul, I am being facetious, because NO ONE should put up with abuse. Not at home. Not at school. Not at work. Not in church. Not here. Not now. Not ever. Amen.

    And for THAT reason, this is a GREAT movie, ending & all \o/...more info
  • This movie is very good.
    I really enjoyed this movie. It is character and plot rich and well acted. I hope to see the actor that plays Monty in other films....more info
  • Is that It?
    Pros: At the end of this movie, I was so salty that there wasn't more. I was entertained throughout and once again, Tyler Perry has created a masterpiece. I love the way he takes on controversial topics and creates believable tales that so many people can relate to. In this movie, we learn about a father who was imprisoned in the past and is now trying to do right for his children and himself. Of course there are obstacles, like his trifling wife who thinks money and the street life make the best men; a thug who likes to ridicule anyone who isn't on the same grind that he is; child custody; an ill mother; and an outstandingly snobbish lawyer who he has been hired to drive around to make ends meet outside of his job as a mechanic. When I saw the previews for this movie, I was thinking "Oh my gawd. Gabrielle Union is the lead in ANOTHER movie." I'd grown so tired of seeing her, but I LOVED her in this movie. To all you Union fans, now I understand why y'all love her so much. She was excellent. She brought out so many other sides of her acting that I'd never seen before (ex. vulnerability, elitism, comedy). Her comedic performance had the whole audience (it was packed in that theater) holding their sides in laughter. I never knew she could be so funny. The lead male character was so believable in his role to the point where I was wondering did he really live this life. I also love how the casting directors picked REAL people to be the extras; people you see everyday in church, walking down the street, living in the neighborhood, etc. I was also impressed with Tyra's friend, who plays the mother of Monty's children. I knew she was a good acting coach, but I didn't know she was this good of an actress! I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and look forward to many more. Perry hasn't failed me yet, and I doubt he could.

    Cons: The guy who played the main thug was not very good at it. He just looked like a grown, educated man trying to look hard. I wish they would've picked someone more believable to play his part. He looked more like he should've been the lawyer who was trying to put him in jail than the actual drug dealer....more info
  • daddy's little girls
    it shows some of the hardship that black men today go through when they have to take care of their kids because their moms are acting the fool....more info
  • A Tyler Perry 'MUST SEE'
    Great story and great actors. Good for Men and women. Certainly not a chick flick....more info
  • Daddy is a winner!
    An unexpectedly well done film, with a good story, and fine acting. Very believable and emotionally engrossing. The blu-ray transfer is superb!...more info
  • Not bad
    Well, some of this movie is a bit cliche, and sometimes the acting gets a bit annoying, but overall this is one of those movies you can enjoy (if you're not looking for something deep, oh and you don't mind the cliches and the sometimes annoying overacting)....more info
  • I know most folks won't agree with me, but....
    I thought this was the weakest of all the Tyler Perry movies, my favorite being "Diary of a Mad Black Woman". I'm sorry, but a lot of it just didn't make sense to me. I wanted to love this film, knowing the premise of it, but there was just too many contradictive characters and scenarios in this movie to make it believable. However, the best part of the movie was watching Idris Elba ("The Wire") as Monty, who made this film watchable for me. He does a good job with the role of an attentive, hard-working black single father who truly loves his children and wants custody of them after their guardian (his ex's mother) passes away. His role drives home the point that contrary to what is widely believed about black men not giving a damn about the children they bring into this world, there are PLENTY of men like Monty out there!! It's time they got the credit that they deserve instead of being pigeon-holed as deadbeats who don't care. I have to give Tyler Perry props for attempting to dispel a stereotype in the black community by making this movie. This was the main reason why I was so anxious to see this film when it came out in the theatres. However, to truly enjoy this movie, you need to abandon any sense of reality, sensibility and logic because "Daddy's Little Girls" lack all three.

    Beyond Monty's character and the three adorable girls who portray his daughters, though, the film, the story and the other characters just don't cut it. The story isn't even about "Daddy's Little Girls" but everyone else around them. The performance of Tasha Smith, who plays Jennifer, Monty's ex-wife and the mother of the three girls, is so shamefully over the top (like mostly everything else in this movie) it's almost laughable. She's an uncaring, overbearing, heartless and totally ghetto-fabulous parent who only cares about bling-bling and is dating a notoriously feared neighborhood drug dealer (Gary Sturgis, who constantly plays the same type of character in different movies, and badly, I might add). She gives Monty no respect and shows her kids no love. How in the world, you wonder, did a good-hearted man like Monty get involved with a shrew like this?? To me, it's just ridiculous that custody of these children could be granted to her when everyone and their mama in the film (including the police) knows her live-in boyfriend is a criminal. Plus, what is Jennifer's reason for wanting custody, when she shows nothing but contempt for them and really doesn't want them around? Where is Children's Protective Services in this case? Didn't they do ANY kind of investigation into the kind of household that these girls would be placed into? I'm sorry, but this is not reality.

    Gabrielle Union does the best she can as Julia. But her character was just too high and mighty for me to feel any kind of connection with her, not unlike most of the roles she plays. In this film, she's an uptight high-powered attorney with an acrid and condescending attitude - a typical Alpha female whose career is her life, and money and status means everything, and yes, she's been hurt in the past. Yet she complains about how she can't find a man on her level. Well, excuse us. For someone who looks down on most black men as being trifling and good for nothing - especially black men who were NOT white collar - how could she expect to find ANYONE? She was hard to sympathize with. It seemed extremely unlikely that Julia would not only agree to represent Monty in court, who clearly didn't have the funds to pay her, but end up falling for him as well. Monty is strictly a blue collar working class guy, holding down two jobs as a mechanic and a chauffeur. What in the world could they possibly have in common? Why would Julia lower her standards and settle for someone she REALLY doesn't want, just because she's lonely? It doesn't make sense that she would change her mind just like that; getting pissy drunk on her birthday being with Monty wouldn't and shouldn't have made a difference. I've noticed a pattern in most (not all, but most) of Tyler's films: good guy is a man who is just an average, working class joe, villain is the man who has power and money and abuses them both to manipulate the people around him, a woman who has been abused in some form or fashion, and don't forget to throw in an evil, vindictive female as someone's mother.

    Her stuck-up buppie friends (Terri J. Vaughn, Tracey Ellis Ross) are annoying and just as convoluted as the movie is. They fix her up on blind dates with losers, and for women who are as class-conscious and picky as they are, the choice of these men as ideal dates for Gabrielle's character is baffling. One is a loud, uncultured 40-year-old wannabe rapper who is "between jobs" and the other a charming, but cheating Lothario whose wife happens to be pregnant and has a houseful of kids - yet they have the nerve to look down on Monty, who is single, working not only one but TWO jobs and is trying to go into business for himself. Even with all this going for him, in their eyes, he wasn't good enough for their homegirl - but those other guys were??? There is something seriously WRONG with this entire picture because that concept made NO sense whatsoever. There are more holes in this script than a slice of Swiss cheese, so need I go on?

    Again, I have to say that I can appreciate the message Tyler Perry wanted to make with this movie, but this is just a hot mess all around. Not even the addition of the great Oscar-winning Louis Gossett, Jr. to the cast could save this. I really love TP's stage work, but this is a real comedown from what we saw in "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" and "Madea's Family Reunion", and I'm not just saying that because there's no Madea in this movie. The entire screenplay is just all over the place and extremely uneven. If you are a fan of Tyler's work then you will love it, but then again, I am a HUGE fan of his and I didn't. Hope his next production, "Why Did I Get Married?" fares a lot better.

    Rating: 2 1/2 stars...more info
  • Disappointed
    I respect Tyler Perry's work however, I was very disappointed with this movie.

    There were many contradictions that just made it unbelieveable. Gabrielle's character was an accomplised attorney but she was so mean, snobby and arrogant. Yes, she was one of the few women of color in her line of work and it made finding someone of like caliber a challenge, but it wasn't impossible. Yes, she was hurt in the past but we've all been hurt, it makes you stronger not mean. Gabrielle's snobby friends were more obnoxious than she and it made no sense that they would set her up on blind dates with losers and Gabrielle's character would go out with them.

    The children's "mother" didn't want the girls, and she didn't want their father to have the girls. Her drug-dealing boyfriend definitely didn't want the girls. How would a court system grant custody to these 2 just didn't make sense.

    The girls were very cute and have the potential to be brilliant actors however, they were sarcastic and disrespectful. It didn't make sense that their "mother" as crass and viscious as she was, put up with it. No one ever corrected them.

    About an hour into the movie, Gabrielle goes out with "daddy" and "falls in love with him (!?)" after she gets drunk. He was a total gentleman and didn't take advantage of her vulnerability, which was endearing. I was very disappointed when the movie ended about half an hour later. It seemed like the ending was rushed and I agree with another reviewer, there were a lot of unaswered questions.

    "Daddy" represented EVERYTHING Gabrielle's character did not want in a man, yet she fell in love with him after one drunken date(?). It's just not reality.

    As I type this review, I am trying to remember Idris & Gabrielle's names in the movies...all I can remember are the names of the adorable little girls (Sierra, Lauryn and China). What does that tell you?

    I will still watch whatever Mr. Perry creates. ...more info
  • Tyler Perry does it again
    I purchased this movie when it came out but didn't get to see it untill 4th of July week-end. It was a very good movie. It centered around an educated single childless sista and a blue collar hard-working father of three daughters. It tackles sterotypes without being preachy and then there's the romance aspects which was touching.A real feel good movie
    ...more info
  • Good performances by whole cast.
    Something to show my grands and godchildren for a change. Whole familly loved this movie. Great!!!! Tyler Perry we love you....more info
  • Good DVD
    I think this dvd isnt as good as some of the others but I love Tyler Perry so I bought the DVD anyway. Its a good movie to own but its nothing like Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Family Reunion or Why Did I Get Married?...more info
  • An Entertaining Look at Life
    This is a powerful drama packed with real concerns, true life ventures, warm sentiments, disturbing deeds and emotional triumphs. Tyler Perry even packed in a few good laughs. Men and women can relate to the dialogue and afterwards will come out with renewed hope for life. Very much worth seeing and very enjoyable. ...more info
  • Excellent Movie...and I'd see it again and again and again...
    I think that Tyler Perry outdid himself with this movie. It presents a very positive message that is not presented very often...if at all. I would recommend this movie to ANY and EVERYone. I feel that this movie presents both entertainment and a message of inspiration. If you haven't seen it yet, not only should you see it, but you should buy it. Enjoy!!!

    L.Phelps...more info
  • Daddy's Little Girl's
    Truly enjoyed the movie. It gave my teenage grandsons a good idea of fatherhood responsibility....more info
  • Soooo good
    This is better than chicken soup or chocolate. When things don't work out for me, I just watch this movie and feel better instantly....more info
  • Such encouragement
    This is one of the most encouraging movies I have seen. It really uplifts your spirit and reminds you of why you always want to do what is right.

    Sometimes when you are trying to do what's right, life can be so cruel and full of injustice. This movie reminds you that God hears prayers and can do things for you that no one else can. It shows how God can get you through times that you think have no way out.

    The movie reminds us not to give up when things really get hard. It is a movie to watch with your children (10 and up).

    This is a movie that you can watch again and again....more info
  • Blah Blah Blah
    Horrible movie of dad who looses custody that he never had. This movie was too unreal. Poor ghetto, poor attorney poor acting....blah blah blah Yuck!
    Tyler Perry ....to Black comedy ....is like Spike Lee to black drama...
    Horrible movie
    ...more info
  • Excellent
    Tyler Perry is a literary and screen genious! Buy everything that he sells! You will not be sorry....more info
  • It Was Just Okay. . .(2.5 Stars)
    . . .But it could've been much better if more thought was put into it. I think Tyler Perry was reading a few back issues of Essence magazine and was inspired to write the film. The plot was predictable and almost every character was a walking stereotype. I could've wrote a better screen play. And having Tracee Ellis Ross in the movie made it seem like I was watching "Girlfriends: The Movie." Shoot, Tyler Perry might've been insired by the show "Girlfriends" as well. Other than that this movie was watchable, but lacked *serious* depth....more info
  • Daddy Little Girls
    Not all the time love can be found in your "circle" however once the person has ambition and love you unconditionally then go for it...more info
  • daddy's little girls.
    At the begining of this movie I wasn't all into it because it was so predictable but towards the middle and the end it got better. Very good movie!...more info
  • "Daddy's Little Girls" a winner in my book!
    I totally DISagree with Blackprincess' review.This was one of Tylers' best!A totally believable performance by Idris Elba as Monty, a devoted black father who loves his 3 little girls,in spite of the fact that black men are stereotyped as deadbeat,absent fathers.And some are,mines was...but there was another strong black man who helped raise me,and that I look at as a father figure to this day.

    Tasha Smith was dead on as the "ghetto fabulous"mother who cared more about that no good,drug dealing thug than her own precious babies.To me,she only wanted custody of the girls to get back at Monty.Living in the ghetto's of Washington,DC,I've known women just like that.

    The only character I had trouble believing was Monty's love interest played by Gabrielle Union(I hope I spelled her name correctly).I don't think most black women brought up outside of the streetlife,who is wealthy,upity, and very well educated,would give a regular joe like Monty a snowball's chance in hell, and I felt they're romance blossomed too quickly in the film.

    Louis Gossette Jr. was magnificent as always as the auto-repair shop owner,and hard working older gentleman who was tired of watching the neighborhood go down from the drugs and violence that plague so many inner-city steets in America today.

    In my opinion,this film should be shown to all young black men who think it's okay to have 3 and 4 kids,and not be man enough to take responsibility.There are Lots of Monty's out there,and I appluaud Tyler for showing us the flip side....more info
  • Daddy's Little Girls Not It's Best!!!!
    I remember I was at my aunt's house that me & my family was watching Daddy's Little Girls.I expected more from this movie that I thought it would be similar to Brown Sugsr.This movie was very boring to watch it had some funny parts & that rest was tedious.Tyler Perry & Gabrielle Union didn't gave their Best Performance in this film.When I was watching this movie my 6 year old cousin was laughing about parts in the movie that wasn't very funny.I'm not going to waste my money buying this movie! It's not worth the money!!!...more info
  • Two stars -Shallow work that looks and sounds Authentic
    The actors try hard but the themes of Tyler Perry's writing are sooo simplistic, heavily handed and full of cliches that I emphathize with their efforts. I know he's been financially successful with his formulaic work but Perhaps he underestimates the sophistication of his potential audience. Too bad, that as a black woman, I find much of his message insulting. I understand that the so called positive here is in informing us ( who ?) about the existence of responsible, working class black fathers. But it's countered by the same, old tired cliche that well educated,professional black women are bitter, lonely, singles who are so desperate for a man ( sex) that they will SETTLE for ANY NICE ( meaning poor, blue collar, working class) guy. Thus, although he maybe inarticulate, and unsophisticated and as a couple they have nothing in common, she will fall madly in love. Why? because she's uptight, and he's loose, available and not a lowlife. Honestly,how WILL they make a life together after they get out of bed. Oh, I forgot, this highly accomplished woman will also be thrilled to support his efforts to establish his own business ( so he doesn't have to endure the humliation of doing menial work.) And she will welcome his kids and gain pleasure from simple leisure activities in the 'hood. Give me a break ! ...more info


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