Newair AC-12000E Compact Portable Air Conditioner- Best Air Conditioner Under $400! FREE GROUND SHIPPING!

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Product Description

Experience the latest in portable air conditioner technology - amazingly compact, great cooling and forget about emptying a condensation bucket! With the NewAir AC-12000E Portable Air Conditioner you get all the relief of the best air conditioning without the usual drawbacks. Powerful 12,000 BTU cooling makes your home or office more comfortable through the long, hot summer - great for spaces as large as 400 square feet. Ultra-Compact, space-saving design does not compromise on performance - Manufactured under the highest standards for effective and efficient cooling, you can be assured that your NewAir AC-12000E portable air conditioner will provide cooling relief for season after season of comfort - backed up by a comprehensive manufacturer's warranty. You will find that this air conditioner is easy to set up and easy to maintain - and no permanent installation is required so it retains full portability. Comes with a full function remote control, flexible exhaust hose and an adjustable window exhaust kit. In case of unusually high humidity, there is a built-in emergency condensation container to prevent damage.

  • The NewAir AC-12000E cools spaces up to 400 square feet
  • Cooling power consumption: 830 W / 7.9 A
  • Moisture removal: Up to 60 pints per day
  • Window kit material: Plastic
  • Thermostat: 62 - 90 F
  • Control: Electronic with remote
  • EER: 14.46
  • Power supply: 115 V / 60 Hz / Single Phase
  • Timer: 1 - 12 hours
  • Fan speeds: 2
  • Compressor: Rotary
  • Refrigerant: R22
  • Exhaust pipe maximum length: 60 inches
  • Exhaust pipe diameter: 4.5 inches
  • Window kit length:60 inch maximum
  • Product dimensions: 14 1/4'' L x 12" W x 29 1/2'' H
  • Gross weight: 50 pounds
  • Package dimensions: 21'' L x 14 3/4'' W x 33 1/4'' H
  • Net weight: 70 pounds
  • Features:
    • Amazingly compact design - smallest 12,000 BTU portable air conditioner on the market!
    • Extra-long window kit accommodates windows up to 60''
    • Exclusive NanoMax technology evaporates the condensation away so you don't have to empty a bucket
    • Brand new for this season! State of the art technology makes this the most convenient portable air
    • Very high Energy Efficiency Rating - 14.46 EER!
    Customer Reviews:
    • Good Product
      I was very pleased with the service and fast shipping I received for this product. Overall about as I expected, nice and portable cools the room well I have a 23 x 25 foot room, the only detail is the auto cool button doesn't work that well, better on just cool, the compressor kicks on faster and cools the room better. I would definately recommed this product. ...more info
    • STAY AWAY from AMCOR and Their Products.
      The Unit is JUNK. The customer service is THE PITS.

      When the AC works, the unit is LOUD but cools as advertised.

      But my unit (as did apparently several other customers' units) failed (the compressor) before it reached 40 hours of usage. When I called AMCOR for a warranty replacement I got a customer service voice recording saying someone would call me back within three business days. And that's exactly how long they took to call me back to see what was wrong. What?!

      Then, they charged me a hundred bucks for shipping. Junk product with poor customer service and ridiculous warranty terms = AVOID AMCOR.
      ...more info
      Although I have central air, I could not get the MBR on the third floor cool. I purchased this portable so that I wouldn't have to pick up a 300 pound machine and hope I didn't drop it out the window. The unit is great. It takes up very little space and rolls around easily on pre-installed casters. The venting system takes up about 6 inches of window height and can be installed with your window screens still in place. You can even open your window to take advantage of cooler weather without disconnecting the unit. Now that the season is over, it took 1 minute to remove from the window and roll it into the closet.

      I love the convenience of the unit but the one thing I don't like is how the thermostat works. When the air gets within about 4 degrees of the temperature you set on the thermostat, the unit slows down and you never really get to the desired temperature. To really get the temperature down to what you want it to be, you have to take it off "auto". This makes the AC cool continuously and the room gets too cold. Then you have to make manual adjustments again. Okay unless you are trying to sleep. The instructions for the AC are sparce--very frustrating!

      All in all though, I'm glad I bought it. ...more info
    • if this is quiet I'd hate to hear the loud ones.
      This unit worked great the first day, the next few the condenser wouldn't turn on despite setting it for a low temp. Today it is working again, but it is 98 outside & very humid so any cooling feels good. The description says it is quiet. It is like the old A/C wall units in cheap hotels, not quiet at all, even with the fan on low. I'm keeping it because I have health issues with the heat and must have A/C. The window vent is awkward, I had to cut styrofoam to get it to fit and stay in the window, I had to use tape and I hated to put it on the window frame. I'm giving it a 3 of 5 because it is portable, better than having to have multiple window units. ...more info
    • Not working after 5 minuntes of running
      I bought this unit for my husband's birthday for the garage. After 5 minutes it blows just warm air. Now to send it back for a refund we need to pay the shipping and the company Air & Water Inc. takes 15% for "restocking fee". What a bad idea to give this as a gift. ...more info
    • Great air conditioner
      I am very happy with this unit. I bought it for my 450 sf basement apartment in Washington DC which has hot and humid summers. It easily keeps my apartment at a chilly 72 degrees even when its 96 degrees outside. Of course being in a basement helps. The condesation mister seems to work very well. I have been running it for a month and haven't had to empty the tray even once....more info
    • Worth every penny
      We have this in our "bonus room" that's over the garage. It's always roasting up there, but this a/c unit has been a godsent! It effectively cools our large room and we have not seen a huge jump in our electric bill. Easy to use and no upkeep necessary. Wonderful product!...more info
    • Good, effective unit.
      I'm using this unit in a small room... ~200 square feet with 8 foot ceilings. On the hottest days, the temp has been upwards of 86 in this room, with pretty low humidity. It works very well and very quickly at dropping the temperature to about 72-73 and keeping it there. However, the compressor will shut off (presumably from icing) when it tries to go below that temp, regardless of the starting temperature. Fortunately, that's comfortable enough for me.

      ...more info
    • Excellent Performance
      Worked perfectly out of the box. Very effective at cooling a 100SF kid's bedroom. The window exhaust kit was very easy to assemble and has been working perfectly for nearly 2 months straight. Highly recommended!...more info
    • Great AC unit !
      This 12,000 BTU unit works like a dream. It blows cold all day, is quiet, and given enough time, it actually cools most of my 1200 square foot house, which is far better than its rated cooling ability. Still, is is designed to be used as a room air conditioner. My only issue with it was the fact that the window kit wasn't quite large enough for my largest windows in the living room. But all it took was a call to the manufacturer, Amcor, and for $7 plus postage they sent me a second window kit to extend the first one. The result is perfect, exactly what I needed. A hard-working AC unit that can be moved from place to place if I want... or even used in my studio outbuilding. Highly versatile and extremely well made. Would recommend to anyone who doesn't have or want central air or window units. Finally, someone tagged this product as an evaporative cooler (swamp cooler) which it is NOT. It is a true air conditioner with a powerful compressor....more info
    • Works well
      This unit works well. It was delivered rapidly and in good condition.
      The assembly was very easy. The one drawback was that the window kit slide bars were way too long for a standard window and had to be cut. It is less noisy than I expected. Do not expect super coolness however. It cools a 400 aquare foot studio down to 74-76 degrees. This is adequate for my needs but it does not cool below that range. Overall it is a good unit for the price. ...more info
    • great product
      i lov the portable air conditioner.its easy to use & very portable.its a good looking far it has preformed as advertised & i'm very satisfied w/ the preformance...more info
    • Not good
      This doesn't work at all. I have a relatively small one bedroom and it definitely doesn't cool the whole place, even with the bedroom door and bathroom door shut. I've tried putting it in just the bedroom and it works a little but not great. I've left it on all day and come home at night to see it is exactly the same temperature as it was when I left. Sometimes it is cooler outside than it is inside with this thing on. Absolutely do not recommend....more info
    • Mighty little A/C unit
      I was surprised that this little unit was able to cool so well. Installation is easy and the unit even looks nice compared to the white and beige alternatives. It does give off a faint mildewy smell if it's working really hard on a humid day, but that is to be expected with any A/C unit I suppose....more info
    • great timing, great product
      I love my new AC. Amazon got it to me in great time and right on time for a heat wave. I live in an apartment with a tiny AC that doesn't even cool the room its in very well. The Newair AC cools most of my apartment and doesn't take forever either. I heard from past reviews that its loud, and yes i do have to turn the TV up to hear over it, but when i leave it on at night, it actually lulls me to sleep, so its not an annoying sound at all. ...more info
    • cool buy
      Couldn't find a better deal than this. Didn't have to pay for shipping and tax! Does what it's supposed to do. ...more info
    • Great design, OK output.
      I've been using this unit for about two weeks now. Delivery was ahead of schedule and the tracking information provided by the seller was definitely a plus. Package arrived in great shape with no dents or dings at all. The set up of the unit was easier than I expected it to be but I'm glad I read the directions completely before I started. Operating it is very user friendly although I haven't attempted to use the 'timer' feature. I just turn it on when I get home and turn it off when I leave. We've already had a few days pushing 90+ degrees with some high humidity and I haven't had to empty the back-up reservoir at all. The 'nano mist' technology must be working. Also, I haven't had the unit shut itself off due to the compressor over heating. Overall, I'm very pleased with it - the only reason for the four star rating instead of five is because I expected more 'oomph' from a 12,000 BTU unit. I'm cooling a 10'x 12' room and although It definitely makes it comfortable (lowers and maintains the temperature to 72-75), I was expecting it to cool it down faster than it does and lower the temperature into the upper 60's at least....more info
    • What more could you possibly ask for?
      I just got this item delivered today. So yes, I've only used it for one day but so far, my review is as follows: It came very, very quickly. It was brand new in the box as stated. The unit is of great build quality and blows COLD air. For the reviewers who say it doesn't work and so on, it's possible they got a defective model but I'd say for the most part these people are not very intelligent. In a while I might be back if the thing breaks, but as of right now, this thing works beautifully. Quiet, cold, sturdy. For the money you can't ask for more. Oh yeah, and this is the SAME EXACT unit Sears sells for 369 but you have to pay tax and shipping on sears. This is an Amcor unit, New Air just rebadges it. Here's the link to the same unit Sears has:

      I'm picky about electronics and I don't usually buy cheaper off brand stuff but this one kicks butt and I have ZERO complaints. Thanks!...more info
    • Not as good as promised
      We bought this to help cool down our small house - primarily a room that is roughly 10x20. While this helped to bring the temperature down, it was only about ten degrees cooler than outside. This is far from being comparable with a window unit of the same size that has cooled our entire house considerably in the past.

      I'm disappointed with the promises of the sales person. He indicated that the unit would be quite comparable to a window unit and that it wouldn't be necessary to vent it through the window. This was way off the mark due to both the inability to produce a strong, cold flow of air and the amount of heat generated from the unit.

      While I do like the styling and size of this air conditioner given its comparability to other portable units, I would strongly discourage others from buying this or any other portable air conditioner. They simply aren't worth it....more info
    • Doesn't Work
      This thing is junk. The compressor constantly overheats and turns the AC off. The manual says when this happens, to turn off the unit for a half-hour so the compressor can cool. I just did that and turned it back on. I timed how long the AC stayed on before turning off: 1 minute. What a joke. Find a better brand....more info
    • Very nice AC for room cooling.
      I have always used an evaporative cooler since I live in a low-humidity environment. It works really well unless it get over 96 and this year was especially warm so we decided to get an AC for the bedroom, the warmest room. I did lots of comparing, reviewing and trying to figure out exactly what would end up being the best value. I saw this product and it was something I hoped would work.

      It came quickly. The company sends you the FedEx number so you can track it and know when to expect it. After opening it, I was glad we went portable instead of window unit. It looks pretty cool and isn't too huge. The thing for the exhaust in the window looks good when viewed from outside the house. The air comes out very cool and gives instant relief. It isn't loud. The remote is nice - I didn't think we would use but we do. Not having to empty the water is a handy feature also.

      I am really happy with this AC. :)...more info
    • 1st portable AC unit
      This was my first purchase of a portable AC unit. We are in a rental and I liked the idea of not having to bother to get permission to install a fixed window unit. We've used it now a few times and it seems to work fine. It is fairly quiet and cools the room. The window venting was less trouble than I thought it would be, although, if you move it from one window to another different sized window you may have to get out the tools to resize the vent frame to fit the new window properly. It is fairly easy to move around the house. This was a good choice for us... I do wish it was a bit more powerful... but would feel the same about a fixed unit of the same BTU and price....more info
    • Does the job
      This unit does the job and I am glad I purchased. Smaller than expected which is nice and light enough for us to move from downstairs to up if needed....more info
    • Excellent unit!
      This little air conditioner works great! It has made a difference in my quality of life. It easily cools an entire large livingroom, and it is very quiet! The unit has a piece that goes into the window for the hose, and it could have a better design, but I do believe they are all the same design, so that was my only problem. A little duct tape held the piece in place in my window. Fast shipping, great product, came exactly as described!...more info
    • Portable Air Conditioner
      This unit works very well and cools the room in minutes. You can have it on a/c or just use the fan at a high or low setting which also cools the room very efficiently. I haven't gotten an electric bill as yet so do not know how usage of this product will effect the cost of my electricity. Also the timer is a good option and works very well as well as the remote....more info