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Get up close and personal with virtually any item! The Eyeclops is a handheld bionic microscope meant to be used as a fun toy - not as an educational aid. Simply plug it into any TV, turn it on and magnify any object up to 200 times its normal size. The image projects onto your TV. It's a cinch to use as there are no complicated instructions to understand, software to install or system requirements necessary. Requires 5 "AA" batteries, not included. Measures 14" x 4.25" x 12.

Say goodbye to normal magnifiers! With the Jakks EyeClops Bionic Eye hand-held device, kids can view everyday objects at 200 times their regular size. Recommended for kids ages six and up, the EyeClops creates hours of endless play and exploration that's fun for the entire family.

Ordinary to Extraordinary
Much more fun than a microscope, the EyeClops transforms any television into an interactive TV toy. With the EyeClops, the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Magnified to 200 times the normal size and viewed on any TV screen, minuscule salt crystals morph into blocks of ice; hair and carpet turn into giant noodles; and small insects become fearsome creatures. The Bionic Eye has three built-in LED lights so kids can illuminate any object, including their own skin.

Interactive and Easy to Use
Kids love using the TV along with this educational device to share a new activity with their friends. Parents too can join in the fun and will love how their children learn and play. So you don't have to touch everything you look at, the toy comes with an observation dish and tube, perfect for viewing liquids, salt, and bugs. The battery-powered device is simple to use, plugging directly into the A/V jacks found on any current TV model. The brightly colored, hard plastic device is child-safe and stands up to hours of scientific exploration. The EyeClops requires five AA batteries.

The EyeClops Bionic Eye lets you view everyday objects at 200 times their regular size. View larger.

Magnify even living objects, such as your pet, and view all of it on any TV screen. View larger.

  • Bionic Eye hand-held device magnifies 200 times normal size on any TV screen
  • Creates hours of play and exploration for the entire family
  • Built-in LED lights illuminate any object
  • Plugs into A/V jacks on any TV
  • Includes observation dish and tube for exploring objects and liquids

Customer Reviews:

  • Not to bad, even for younger kids
    I wish It had more accessories and a book that went along with... Maybe to state facts on the obvious (carpet,skin,hair,etc) for kids to read along with while they discover.. But it didn't and thats okay.
    It's been played with but a 6year old, but I'm so afraid that the boys are going to break it or plug it in the Tv them selfs that its put up from time to time.
    Im not a fan of the cords, but who is..
    It is awesome once plugged in and ACTUALLY does work as shown on TV,The box..etc..
    Its Battery life is pretty good considering.. Mostly its a whole shebang of "mom look at this!!! whoooaaa" lol
    But its worth it. I think that this is for much older kids as my 6 year old could take or or leave it.

    From the parents point of view, I am happy with my purchase. well-made overall (except for the stand...which is awful). Keeps the kid busy, hes learning and doesn't even know it!!
    ...more info
  • It works, but takes patience and focus is critical
    It is easy to plug and does work immediately. It won't work on old TV's. You need the the yellow, red and white composite video plus (like for a VCR input). However, the depth-of-field is extremely narrow. This means if you move it just a little bit, it goes out of focus. I comes with a stand for viewing small objects, so I used that, set the focus and then I would slide items under it to look at. This works. Waving it all about, doesn't work. It is fascinating what you can see. It is a toy, not a serious microscope, so keep this in mind. Kids will need patience and supervision to get the most out of this in my opinion....more info
  • built well, just hard to use
    We purchased this for our two boys, 6 and 4. The product is build well, but it is hard to keep focused. It is very interesting at first, but I think this would be for a much older children. My oldest son is really into science but he only played with it a few times, now it just sit in the box.

    I would not buy it again....more info
  • For the curious...
    First off, let me tell you I bought this for me, and I'm 60! My niece was given one for Christmas and that's where I learned of it.

    I use mine -- hooked up to a DVD-burner -- to make movies of the microscopic world opened up with this "toy." I've attempted to make movies of snowflakes, for example. This was a little cumbersome, but anyone, whether 6 or 60 ought to be fascinated by the views afforded with this toy. My niece and I examined my whiskers (freshly shaven) and it was apparent they were cut cleanly -- appearing like black rods against my cheek. We looked at my nephew's whiskers -- shaved by an electric razor -- and it was clear which had the better shave. We caught an ant and were amazed at the detail of its mandibles. Little ones will need to be patient with this device, as it takes a steady hand to get the focus right sometimes. There is a focusing capability, but mine cross-threaded a little too easily. Don't force the focuser or it will be rendered useless. If you must, a little graphite powder lubricant ought to make the "lens" screw in and out more easily.

    With a little patience, though, it is remarkable! We're all looking forward to warm weather and enjoying the Eye-Clops 200+ magnification to view insects and other denizens of our garden. Hook it up to your video camera and make movies with it. This should hit the spot for kids with a deep curiosity to explore our world at a tiny level. Great fun!...more info
  • Fun toy!
    This was a great gift. Very unique and interesting. My favorite thing about it is watching my two youngest kids, 9 and 5, run around together looking for things to look at. It is a good indoor toy. Got them interested in all kinds of things and got them asking lots of questions....more info
  • Eww, Eyeball veins...cool!!
    This toy is great! My dad bought it for himself and I plan on getting one soon too. I borrowed his, and I was checking everything out, and it made it way to my face, and I was amazed and grossed out at the same time..I put it up to the corner of my eye while I looked the opposite way to the TV and I got to see all the veins on my eye really up close..It was awesome..very fun for both kids and adults....more info
  • Lives Up to Its Avdvertisement
    Extremely easy to put together and get started. I have no negative comments about this product. Anyone who purchases it should enjoy it. It is exactly as advertised....more info
  • Very cool, but definitely for older children.
    The EyeClops sounded like a fascinating toy for my curious, nearly 6-year-old future scientist. It was really interesting when we looked at our skin and hair and the carpet.

    However, it is extremely "touchy." The slightest movement would cause the picture to completely vanish from the screen, and several minutes of cycling the power and re-focusing the camera were needed before we could get a picture again. My child quickly lost interest, since he couldn't even hold the thing without losing the picture.

    Although my son is very interested in science and learning about the world around him, he doesn't have the fine motor control to be able to use this device without a lot of frustration. We'll be returning our Eye-Clops in favor of something he can use more easily. This toy is really more suitable for an older child -- maybe 8 or older....more info
  • Captivating.
    This gadget has inspired me to write my first Amazon review.

    I purchased the Bionic Eye for my 6 year old last May, and we have equally enjoyed finding new things to view (most recently--chocolate chip cookies!). I cannot recommend this toy more enthusiastically. Easy to set up, easy to use, and super fun. I even brought it to work one day and hooked it up to our plasma TV in the conference room... it provided serious amusement for my coworkers. ...more info
  • Educational AND FUN ,FUN, FUN!!
    I purchased one of these Bionic Eyes for my grandson at Christmas.
    He absolutely loves it.

    Magnifying to see more of an object is fascinating to kids...remember when we were kids?
    Now they have more advanced magnifiers for kids...making it more fun.

    I would recommend this for any parent with a child who is becoming more curious about how things look like in detail.

    This "toy" is fantastic and EDUCATIONAL.

    GREAT product!!!...more info
  • Great for the whole family
    This is awesome. Everyone in our house, kids and adults, like to check things out with it. Great for exploring our world up close. We've looked at just about everything. Some everyday things are quite gross magnified but thats what gets my son interested and makes learning fun. Way easier to use for a small child than a microscope....more info
  • Exceptional little gadget
    We bought my daughters two different microscopes in the past. We were very disappointed by both. The poor quality kept the kids from developing any interest. A few days ago, my nine year old approached me about an interest in the EyeClops. After the past experiences, I was leery of spending $50 for another microscope item. After some negotiating, we agreed to pick it up. When we got it home I was not looking forward to setting it up. However, it plugged in the TV and that was it. It was very simple. The kids started checking anything and everything out. They were searching the house for new things to look at. I was very surprised by the quality of the images that were being captured. Now that I have seen the EyeClops in use, $50 doesn't seem so bad. It's less then the price of some video games and the kids are enjoying learning new things. After the kids went to bed and I had a chance to look it over, I realized that I could also hook it into the computer's AV adapter and capture magnified video and pictures off of it using the Movie Maker that comes with Windows. It made for some really cool pics. ...more info
  • Fantastic fun for the whole family
    I purchased the EyeClops for my sons 6th birthday. He loves it!
    It took about 5 minutes of playing with the Eyeclops to figure out just how to use it effectively, after that it was all fun and education.
    We hooked it up for his birthday party and the kids all loved it. The parents were equally enthusiastic about the educational possibilities. What a great way to open up new avenues of thought and reasoning for a young child....more info
  • cool toy
    This is a really cool toy. Nice to see something a little different. Both my boys like this and so did I! We looked at everything from the cat to the carpet and keep thinking of things to look at. Was just shopping yesterday and noticed they are now making maps to use with these if the novelty has worn off. They look cool too and are reasonably priced. Best price on Amazon too!!...more info
  • EyeClops Bionic Eye is a HIT!
    What a fun toy! The Eyeclops shows on a T.V. screen a whole new world! Hair, carpet, skin, bug wings, salt, jewlery, etc... Adults like to check it out too! My daughter would play with this for hours!...more info
  • Pretty fun toy
    I am a 6 year old boy and I saw this toy on tv and thought it looked super cool. On the tv they don't show you that you have to focus the EyeClops before it will work, but you do. We have looked at the carpet, my hair, and salt. I don't think it magnifies as much as they say on the commercial but it's still fun....more info
  • Fun for every body!!!
    I'm glad that I have nephews so that I can play with toys like this! I got this for my six yr old nephew... but it could have been for anybody because the whole family sits around and plays "What does that look like?" Seeing your everyday items such as skin, hair, couch, pants at 200X is hilarious!
    The toy itself is simpler than a microscope so even the youngest members of the family can enjoy it but it's strong enough that the older ones will get a kick out of it as well.
    I only witnessed the first week so I can't say anything about the durability or longevity of enjoyment. ...more info
  • Great toy for any age!
    This is such a fun fun toy. It's educational... were amazed and kept looking for items to look at. It takes a bit to figure out how to focus the thing, and we didn't use the little plastic dishes to put things in, but it's just amazing to see your skin.. the carpet (ew!), lint, anything!!! Buy it.. we even took ours to school, and after our class of 1st graders played with it, two other teachers borrowed it to use in their classrooms!...more info
  • It was fun--for the first day
    I purchased this for my son last Christmas (I paid around 40.00 new for it on Amazon, but noticed the price has doubled). We can great fun with it until the next day it broke. I know things happen such as this, and it was probably just "bad luck" for me---but I would not advise paying more than $20.00 for this....more info
  • Better than a microscope!
    Well, my son is not much into toys - eventhough he's only 9, he prefers books and videogames(which I do not allow him to have - the videogames, that is). He almost never asks for a toy so I got this for him and we all ended up enjoying it. It is amazing - especially if you have an LCD screen to watch it on. Hair, skin, saliva, salt, pepper, sugar, we just go crazy with the things we want to inspect. It was worth the money!! It is fun and educational by arousing scientific curiosity in our son.
    The other day, my friend was bitten by a tiny bug which seemed to have clung to her skin. She was able to pick it off and after it took its last breaths in a plastic container, we looked at it with the google-eye. Well, let me tell you, it looked sooo creepy - since it was still moving its legs after being in that closed container for days. We thought it was a tick so we quickly went on the net to check it out. According to our thin research, it is a deer tick. My friend went to the doctor who sent the bug to the lab. We're still waiting for results.
    Oh, and I know this is gross, but if you have a really nice black head on your back, look at it - it'll be 100 times grosser - especially if you squeeze it out part way. The hole it leaves after you take it all out is equally interesting.
    More stories to follow!...more info
  • Lots of family fun.
    Everyone in our house has fun with this thing. We have used it to look at just about ANYTHING. It is so easy to just hook right up, we stop and look at things when we are cooking, or cleaning, or someone just randomly comes across something and thinks, "hey, I wonder what this would look like blown up"!

    AS long as you focus the eyeclops and then every once in a while make sure the focus didn't get messed up it is easy to see stuff. There are very clear instructions on how to focus and it is easy to do in seconds. My son at the age of 10 had no problems with it. The picture is always clear....more info
  • Jakks Eyeclops Bionic Eye
    This toy was an instant hit for the holidays. It was easy to set up-my 11 year old nephew hooked it up for his younger brother, but they both enjoyed using it. It has the educational features of a microscope combined with the fun value of being able to see hair, carpet, dog fur on the screen of a TV. Not sure about durability, so this was not rated. ...more info
    My Son received the EyeClops Bionic Eye as a gift and it wouldn't work. We exchanged it and the second one works perfectly. It magnifies by 200 times so it is quite interesting to look at some things like gold, diamonds, hair, skin, small bugs, fabric. Some things are quite gross like looking at your carpet will make you want to break out the sweeper. This is the first day that we used it but I think my kids will really use it a lot. Our kids love catching lightning bugs & butterflies in the warmer months and I think it will be really cool for them to view them with the EyeClops Bionic Eye. They even have this cool vacuum especially for this purpose. EyeClops Bug Vacuum, Green ...more info
  • Better than expected!!!
    I purchased this item online, after having been to several stores and it being "sold out". I was a little hesitant as to the quality of this product, but my 10 year old wanted it desperately for Christmas. After seeing her eyes light up when she opened it, I was hoping it wouldn't be a disappointment. It was so easy to hook up and use. It is amazingly what they claim. You'll be amazed at what some things look like zoomed in on.

    ...more info
  • This makes 3 since Christmas 2007 !
    This is the third Jakks EyeClops we have purchased. Hope this one works..JUST KIDDING !! Seriously, the EyeClops(es) or EyeClops(i)...whatever.., we purchased for the grandkids at Christmas were a big hit with the kids and adults. Eyeclops is easy enough for our 6 yr. old to use. Set-up is the same as a "plug and play" device. Jakks (the makers of EyeClops) calls it a toy, but it is more than that. This purchase was for myself ! It is a magnifier (microscope)with excellent clarity, projected onto your TV screen. I've used it from finding a splinter in my finger to checking the blade edge on our Wustof kitchen knives! The price is the best part, considering what it can do. ...more info
  • Jakks EyeClops Bionic Eye
    I bought 2 of these for my g.children, the only time they were played with was when they were first opened. My husband and I did not find them very interesting either. Great service by Amazon though....more info
  • It's OK, but does have flaws!!!
    It's not so easy to use...

    They have to work a whole lote more y focus and luminosity control...

    Besides that it's a cool toy......more info
  • Eye clops is great!
    My 8 year old grandson got an Eye Clops from Santa. I went home and ordered one for myself. I don't have a huge big screen TV like my daughter, and my small set does not show up as well as theirs does, BUT it is so much fun to look at everyday ordinary things, like leaves, flower petals,scabs,skin,scars and toe nails! My cat has been totally examined and looking at the fur and her ears is amazing! What a fun toy..not Just for kids, fun for curious grandmas too!...more info
  • Fun for everyone
    My 9 year old nephew loved this toy. The family did as well. My nephew wasn't able to play with it at first because all of the family kept taking it away so they could play with it. Educational and fun; can't beat that!...more info
  • what is it???
    disgustingly fun!! the better/newer the tv/monitor the better the picture quality. we love it!!...more info
  • fun at first
    This toy is really cool but you can be be bored with it fast. You have to press really hard to see the objects which eliminates some things. It is cool when you see the object magnified but there is only so much you can magnify and then once you do you're done with it....more info
  • Okay
    I had originally intended on getting my 9 year old son a microscope for Christmas last year, but this was new and the hot new toy so I decided to try this instead. I wish I hadn't. Firstly, you plug it into your tv, fine. But that means bringing anything you want to look at to your tv as well, also not a huge deal but something we didn't really consider before purchasing and it can be a hassle if he wants to look at bugs or something. Also you have to be pretty much on whatever you want to see for the lens to even notice it. The slightest distance away and it might as well be invisable. It's made durable enough, but could have been better. My biggest complain would just have to be not being able to see much with it. The most fun we had was touching it to our skin and hair and looking at that magnified, everything else was lame....more info
  • Jakks EyeClops
    The toy does what the advertisements imply but not to the extent of satisfaction. The need to set items perfectly is difficult and young children lose interest quickly when the view item looks fuzzy.
    A clever idea however and great for an adult party to look at "things". I plan to have EyeClops plugged into a TV on Superbowl Sunday ... It should be a fun diversion....more info
  • Bionic Eye-wash
    This was interesting for 1-2 uses by my kids (ages 9 and 14). After we looked at everybody's follicles and blemishes, plus the dog's skin and some money, the novelty quickly faded. Plus the toy is bulkier than we imagined from the pictures, basically ugly and has some chintzy plastic components. Unless there is some cosmic capability that we happened to miss, I'd pass on this and spend the money on something more stimulating....more info
  • So cool!
    We have had a riot playing with this toy. Amazing ability to magnify even the smallest things. Would definitely recommend this toy for all kids 6 years and up. Younger can enjoy this toy with the help of a parent. A must for all households.
    ...more info
  • Get creepy!!
    Use it to look for lice!!!.......Really though, worms, leaves, dirt, hair folicals.......everything is up close and personal with this thing. Focusing is a little tough so give yourself some time to get familuire with it...more info
  • Fascinating look at everything!
    My 13-year-old son, who was not expecting this gift, looked at me like I was crazy for giving it to him. He then proceeded to walk through the house looking at everything and yelling "Hey, you gotta see this! His initial problem with the product was that it looks too much like a kiddie toy. He's right. I would recommend that they make another version, that does the same thing and looks more like a science instrument. Appearance aside, it's the only thing on the market that I can find, at any price, that allows a person to have such a close-up view. Insects look amazing under this thing! He will be using it to examine fruit flies for his science fair project....more info
  • Not just for Kids
    My family has LOVED this! We love looking at scabs, carpet, vegetables . . . anything we can think of. It's been so fun and so easy to use. Even the adults love using this. We went outside and grabbed a leaf off a tree, and as we were studying it on the eyeclops we found 2 sets of eggs. It was fascinating. It's easy to focus and the detail is amazing. Wish it were cheaper - we would buy them for all of our friends....more info
  • if you missed this @ christmas, get it now
    This is a great product. Learning has never been so much fun at our household. Product is durable and seems to be well-made overall.
    Picture can be focused to crystal clear. 5 star product!...more info
  • My Nephew loved this!!!!!!
    I bought this as a Christmas gift for my nephew. Not to mention the shipping was great.... he loved it!!! He was inspecting anything and everything that he could find. By the end of the day I think my brother, his father, wished i had given him one. This is a must have!!!!!

    Auntie Lisa ...more info
  • Enter a world of liliputians
    This is a great "toy" for kids as well as adults. It takes some time to connect to your tv (I used a Panasonic 42" Plasma) and learn how to focus. The items can easily move out of focus so it takes a steady hand. However, the images are amazing! We were able to see stuff we wouldn't be able to see without the aid of a microscope (and we all know how difficult that is to use!). From denim to coins to skin (I couldn't believe all of the discolorations on my skin - I got a bit nervous that I should see a dermotologist. But when I looked at my arm without the Eyeclops, no possible cancerous growths were evident)

    The Eyeclops is a great toy (tool) to use to explore a world we almost never get to see. Highly recommended (I ordered from Amazon for $40) but look for it on sale....more info
  • Eye Clops
    Bought this for my 7 yr old son and he played with it for about 45 minutes one day. He loves it, but once he ran out of things to look at, it got put down. He hasn't gone back to it yet, but I think he'll get some more use out of it. Getting the focus just right takes about 10 seconds of patience. It's fun....more info
  • Not as impressed as other buyers seem to be.
    Bought the toy for my nieces on their birthday. Once we plugged it in to the tv it was difficult to figure out how to work it. Once we got it working the images were less than spectacular. There was little contrast on the screen, so everything appeared to have a white haze over it. Not a bad buy for $40, but not as good as other reviews make it out to be....more info
  • Great, but not for young kids
    This product is really cool and offers a unique look at the mundane, but a 4 year old is not a good recipient, as I learned. It takes a fair amount of work to get the focus just right, and keeping it there is nearly impossible. A 4-year old doesn't yet have the dexterity or the patience for it. I love it though!...more info
  • Awesome Fun
    Not only does my son enjoy it, but so do I. It is really a lot of fun. My only complaint is that the plastic is a bit on the flimsy side....more info
    I gave this as a gift to my twin niece and nephew and the love it and think it is very cool. Looking at the world close up is very strange, fun and sometimes a little creepy! great toy!...more info
  • Excellent
    Jakks Eyeclops is an awesome toy. My 7 seven year old is amazed at how an object looks so different magnified! I recomend this toy for science classes and day care centers....more info
  • too cool
    The whole family enjoys this. Especially on the 46" LCD tv. It works really well....more info
  • My Nephew went Crazy . . .
    Well, this was by far the most perfect gift for my 13 year old nephew who was visiting from the Czec Republic over the holidays. He quickly hooked it up to the big screen TV in the family room and was soon "looking up close and personal" at absolutely everything! We all got into it and throughout the day, we'd find something new to check out. The laughter shook the house and was perfect. I'm certain that he'll continue to be both entertained and utilize the EyeClops to satisfy his curiosity and to spark his imagination when he gets it home. And, yes, of course we had to look up his nose and other silly things . . . it was a gas! A great gift for any young person interested in science . . . or just with a curious nature!...more info
  • Great for Lice Checks, Too!
    Turns out you can find lice with this thing...which is good, since our elementary school enjoys infestations at least twice a year. ...more info
  • A great toy for an inquisitive child
    My 6 year old grandson could not wait to examine everything within reach with the EyeClops. The only drawback was that the connection with the TV is relatively short so he had to stay close to the set. I am sure this toy will continue to provide fun ....more info
  • Bionic Eye
    I ordered this for my grandchildren. When it arrived, my son asked if he could have it. With his family gathered around, they began looking at everything around the house. The children would scream and sometimes run away screaming but kept asking to look at more items. By evening, my son said there was nothing left in the house to look at.

    My daughter's children's reaction was quite similar. My grandson's favorite object was a strand of hair.

    I would highly recommend this toy for all children, ages 3 to 100. Thanks, Amazon, for having it listed on your favorite toy listings....more info


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