Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner, 8 oz.

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Product Description

With lavender and rosemary, as well as super-conditioning marigolds, this leave-in is ideal for dry hair. The scent is a lovely warm complement to the fresh Rosemary Mint Shampoo with Sea Moss.

Customer Reviews:

  • LOVE IT!!!!!
    I have been using this product for over 6 months and I love it! It detangles my hair after I wash it, and the scent is lovely. Also my hair feels soft and it has sheen...Great Product, I love Carol's Daughter! ...more info
    This is a great product. A few people have bad comments about it, natural hair products sometime don't work on every type of hair. You have to do some research on products before you buy them or you will have bad experiences with them. This product worked wonders for my hair and I love the smell of it....more info
  • Revived Curls
    I received my Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner yesterday. Considering I ordered this product on New Year's Eve, it was an incredibly LONG wait to receive this product. Nonetheless, I tried it out on my 3c/4a hair last night. The smell is tolerable (kinda earthy) and my bottle leaks if it's laying on it's side. I sprayed this on sections of hair before I dry flat twisted. It doesn't leave a build up and the spray concentrates the product exactly where I want it. This morning, I took out my twists and I must say, they had more "spring to them" and they were soft too. I may have found a great leave in.......more info
  • A disappoinment
    I have relaxed hair, and was thoroughly disappointed with this CD product. My hair was left tangled and the scent is overwhelming. I have had better results with the Khoret Amen leave-in conditioner. Unlike the results from the black vanilla leave-in conditioner, my hair was no more thangled than ususal and I was not overwhelmed by the scent. I enjoyed the herbaceous, floral, and refreshing scent. This is my hair ritual: deep cleasing shampoo, Khoret Amen shampoo, Pantene relaxed and natural breakage defense hair mask, Khoret Amen leave-in conditioner, KA hair oil, and Carol's Daughter hair milk. The results were smooth, soft, manageable, and great smelling hair....more info
  • Conditioner smells good
    I love the smell of this conditoner and I especially like how my hair feels after applying it. I hate pump spray bottles tho and thats the only reason why I won't continue usng this product!...more info
  • Nice smell; Light spray
    I have found that with Carol's Daughter products, I really like some and really dislike others. I really like the Black Vanilla conditioner. It moisturizes my hair, but doesn't weigh it down. I also like the smell of it (unlike Khoret Amen leave-in conditioner), which is important to me. I think of a leave in conditioner as similar to a facial moisturizer. It's good to use daily to keep the hair moist. ...more info
  • Great for soft natural hair...
    This conditioner works so well with my daughter's hair. She has very soft curly hair and tons of flyaways. I can use this product with the Hair milk and not worry about buildup while managing flyaways!
    Thanks Carol's Daughter!...more info


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