StarTech SAT2510U2 InfoSafe 2.5-Inch USB/SATA Hard Drive Enclosure
StarTech SAT2510U2 InfoSafe 2.5-Inch USB/SATA Hard Drive Enclosure

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Product Description

This USB to SATA External Hard Drive Enclosure transforms virtually any 2.5in SATA II (SATA /300) or SATA (SATA /150) laptop hard drive into the perfect portable storage solution! Ideal for storing digital multimedia and other demanding applications, the enclosure let's you get the most out of your hard drive, connecting to a host computer using USB 2.0 (also backward compatible with USB 1.1) for maximum data transfer rates of 480Mbps.A truly portable solution, the external hard drive enclosure features lightweight, yet durable aluminum construction, as well as a small form factor design that fits perfectly into your pocket or notebook bag when not in use. Plus, to eliminate the hassle of having to find a power outlet when you are ready to back up your data or load your stored files, the USB SATA hard drive enclosure requires no external power supply, as it is powered through its USB connection to the computer.

  • 2.5-inch USB/SATA hard drive Enclosure for virtually any 2.5-inch SATA II (SATA /300) or SATA (SATA /150) notebook hard drive
  • Data transfer rates of up to 480 Mbps
  • Lightweight, durable aluminum construction; powers via USB connection
  • Includes USB 2.0 (Male) to USB Mini B (Male) / Y cable, installation CD, protective pouch, instruction manual and screw kit
  • 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Works fine with my 500GB drive and 160GB drives
    I have two of these and just purchased another. I've been using them with 160GB drives for months and never had a moment's trouble. I just confirmed that it also works fine with a Western Digital 500GB drive. Another reviewer indicated that it does not support drives larger than 160GB, but that is not what I'm seeing. The full capacity of the 500GB drive is recognized and available.

    I've also used McCally enclosures, which are well made but always seem to require use of an extra power connection, using 2 USB ports. This StarTech generally works fine with just one USB port.

    My only minor grip with this enclosure is that the drive activity LED is on the back, by the USB connection rather than on the front of the case.

    ...more info
  • Great Speed and Reliability
    I purchased this product to hook up my laptop's SATA drive to my desktop for backup and transfer. So far it has been working great!

    I accidentally placed it in a small enclosed area while my desktop was backing it up. After an hour or so, my computer stopped reading the drive. Went I went to pick it up, it was so hot I couldn't even touch it. After unplugging it and letting it cool, the drive operated just fine. A++ for solid engineering!

    - Pretty fast!
    - Only uses one USB plug when hooked to USB 2.0 (two when on USB 1.1)
    - Reliable (see heat story above)
    - Fabric sleeve is cheap and ugly
    - Screws are VERY small (comes with small screwdriver to remove them)
    - Screws and screwdriver were loose inside the enclosure (almost lost them when I opened it)

    On a final note, I might be purchasing at least another one of these....more info
  • An excellent option to reuse my old sata drive
    I am really happy of having decided to buy this enclosure together with my new sata hard file, for a few money I am still using my old drive and it was also a great help to move all my data from the old one into the new one.

    It came with everything, including a little screw driver that was very usefull considering the size of the screws....more info
  • Did not work with PC or PS3
    I inserted a 2.5" HDD into this enclosure, but it was not recognized at all by either my Dell PC or my PlayStation 3 after connecting the it with the USB cable. I then bought an enclosure made by a different company, inserted the same 2.5" HDD, and it was promptly recognized by both the computer and the PS3. Clearly, the HDD was fine; the StarTech enclosure was the problem. This StarTech product was 100% useless and I threw it in the trash....more info
  • Great device at a great price.
    In this drive I placed a Hitachi 5400RPM 100GB drive and now a 120GB drive. The StarTech enclosure is fairly easy to work with, but I have fat stubby fingers and found the screws a bit hard to work with. The 2 screws are basically the same as you would find on a pair of glasses to give you a point of comparison. The drive itself is a VERY snug fit which I like, and the cable has 2 USB inputs so that you can draw power off of two USB ports if necessary. The hard drive I have requires 550mA which is just over the USB standard of 500mA, and I found that 2 of my laptops and one desktop both went fine with just the data/power plug used. One of my laptops and 1 desktop would give a USB power error and not load the drive. Using both plugs however resulting in it working with every system I tried. The file transfer performance is extremely good, the enclosure is lightweight and only requires me to carry one cable. I plan to buy one or two more of these....more info
    EXCELLENT PRODUCT... VERY SIMPLE 2 INSTALL AND REALLY QUICK!! and no problems on formatting as 3.5in enclosures......more info
  • You need to format your old PS3 HDD for this to work with XP
    I finally got this to work. Replaced my PS3 60GB HDD with a WD Scorpio Blue 320GB HDD. Put the old 60GB in this enclosure - no problem. At first my pc (Windows XP) did not see the HDD. Looking in "My Computer" - nada. Finally figured it out. Unfortunately you can't just put a drive in the case, plug it in and it will work. You will need to initialize and format the drive before it will show up in "My Computer" or "Windows explorer." How do you format this hard drive in XP?

    Luckily, Windows XP has a "New Partition Wizard" which you'll be able
    to navigate your way through.

    To access the wizard:

    Go to Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Computer Management / Disk Management
    Click on the small section that says "Unknown" or "Not Initialized".
    Right click and select "Initialize Disk" then right click on the right
    portion of the next window and select "New Partition" to start the New
    Partition Wizard.

    Select "Primary Partition" and continue with the wizard.

    Then you format it, which will take some time (mine took around 30 minutes). You can format it in Disk Management or you can find the disk in "My Computer" and format it there (when you click on the disk there you will get a prompt to format).

    I now have another portable HDD for storage and transfering files from pc to pc. Yes, like everyone says the screws are tiny, but were no problem at all for me.

    Hope this helps.
    ...more info
  • Just works!
    Installed my old laptop HD, and plugged it into the USB port, and just worked!! I even didn't need the second USB conector for extra power...more info
  • It worked!
    VERY happy with this little gem. One day my laptop just stopped turning on, went to some blue screen and kept restarting. So I used this per the instructions and plugged it into the usb on my home computer. It read it as an extra hard drive, but I still could not access the drive. I snooped around on the internet and found a free program (sorry cant remember the name) and it ran some tests and switched some things around. Then I ran a chkdsk, but the key was I had to put the drive after the command chkdsk or it just tried to check my c: on my home computer. So it was chkdsk k:\
    From there I was able to view all the files and copied them to save data as a back up. I then put it back in the laptop and it has worked fine ever since.
    Good luck restoring your computer!...more info
  • Doesn't like my Macbook Pro's USB ports
    After using it for a few hours, the drive icon disappeared from my desktop. After some testing, I found that my left-side USB port was not working for the drive or any other device. I moved the drive to my right-side USB port, and the same pattern occurred - the USB port ceased working. Reboot did not solve the issue. Running Apple Hardware Test showed no problems, but after running it, the ports began working again. I am now afraid to plug this directly into my computer again, and it needs more power than my USB hub can deliver - it's essentially of no use to me at this time....more info
  • Cheap and effective
    - Decent data transfer rate -- about 20 megabyte sustained with my drive
    - Comes with a carrying sleeve
    - Comes with the only tool you need to assemble the enclosure - a tiny eyeglass screwdriver

    - Misreports current usage - use caution to avoid damaging your PC
    - Microscopic "eyeglass" screws.

    This should have been tool-free, or used larger screws on the back. Assembling it is a bit of a pain, as the screws are about the size of a pinhead. Luckily it comes with a third spare screw.

    The fact that it misreports current use is dangerous. It only reports half the current that would be used by a 5400RPM drive in the enclosure on the assumption that the power-only connector will be swallowing half the current load. Don't be lulled into a false sense of security if you find that you can operate with just one USB plug, especially if using a high current draw 7200RPM drive. Insert both plugs, inserting the power-only end plug first. USB controllers shut down devices if current draw is high enough to damage the controller - this won't work if the controller is getting bad information.

    Note that - as with most USB enclosures - the controller does not understand hard drive passwords. If you're repurposing an old laptop drive, be sure to clear the hard drive password in the laptop's BIOS before moving it to the enclosure. If you forget this step, you'll get mysterious CRC failure errors when trying to initialize the drive....more info
  • Pure garbage
    This enclosure is pure garbage, it didn't work at all and it heated up to the point of burning my hand. I sent it back right away. Avoid this product and buy a quality one, it's not worth the risk to your hard drive or your health. If I hadn't grabbed the hard drive and burned my hand, there could have been a fire. My new enclosure works perfectly with the same hard drive. STAY AWAY!!...more info
  • fast but small
    I bought this external case to use it with a 200GB laptop disk, the problem? the enclosure is small (thin) and I can not insert the disk in it, I can still use the disk connecting only the electronic piece to it (the top cover with the USB connection) So, if you have a big capacity laptop hard drive and it is a little "FAT" DO NOT buy this enclosure.
    On the other hand the disk performs very well with this unit. I transfered to it 10.5GB in like 7 minutes.
    Hope it helps, Carlos....more info
  • did I order the wrong size?
    Technically this should be the right size, but it doesn't quite fit my hard drive from my macbook (which got fried from a water spill on the keyboard). Also it says it has two screws on the side, but I couldn't find them. I gave it two because it still works. I just have to be careful with it......more info
  • This case es perfect for my HD from my MacBook Pro
    I bought a Hard Disk from 320 GB and 7.200 RPM for replace my internall HD from my MB Pro 15" (late 2006). I fit the HD from my machine (Serial Ata 120 GB) in this case and IT'S PERFECT. IT FIT GOOD. This Case works very very well, It's very quiet and Fast.
    It does not require of external electricity, only 1 USB connector. But it come with 2 USB connector, because you can receive much more speed when you connect both at the same time.
    Recommended ...more info
  • Works as advertised
    I had a blank SATA 2 1/2'' drive sitting around,it was a simple matter of plugging into the box, fiddling with the little screws (do we even need them ?), pluging it in, and formatting the drive.
    Done !.
    The carry case/wallet provided is cheap looking, but does the job.
    all in all - Works as advertised. ...more info
  • It's so good!! Try it.
    It's so good. fast delivery makes me happy. It is very useful to me....more info
  • Near-perfect
    I used one of these to enclose the 60GB disk that I took out of my PS3 after I upgraded it to 320GB. Installation consists on pushing the disk in and screwing 2 little screws using the little screwdriver provided. It's all done in less than 5 minutes.

    It connects through an USB wire which powers the disk. Included.

    End of story....more info
  • StarTech/ SATA Version: A Critical Review
    Just before the new year I upgraded my harddrive from the standard MacBook Pro version of 80GB/ 5400 to 160GB/ 7200 rpm drive. So, now I've been sitting on Apple-issued harddrive for 3 months now.

    I bought the enclosure case after a friend told me I could use it as a spare harddrive. I made a mistake and bought the "2.5" IDE"- which is for the older versions of Mac and PC laptops. When I finally received this StarTech 2.5" SATA-- it was approximately 45 seconds from the moment I snapped in the harddrive to the enclosure case cover and tighten those two (2) minuscule screws.

    Works perfectly.

    Just a reminder-- make sure you know the kind of harddrive you have and purchase with confidence. The product works well....more info
  • works fine for me
    works fine for me, and the price is right. Fit and finish are decent, and the product comes with a sort of slipcase, if you're into that sort of thing...more info
  • Very thin and light
    I bought this for a spare SATA 2.5" drive I had laying around. Putting the drive in was a breeze though I did have some problems putting the securing screws in. I don't know if the drive was not lined-up properly but I had to force the screws in (they went in of course). It DOES come with the world's tiniest screwdriver...haha.

    Also, most compact external drives I've used require you to plug into 2 USB ports (one for data transmission and one for power) but I only plugged this into one USB port....I formatted the drive and copied data onto it....more info
  • works.
    you get what you pay for, it works. will not work with unpowered usb hub....more info
  • Excelent Product!
    I purchased this product to transfer files from my wife's failed PC to her new MacBook. Process worked great and I was able to recover all of her files from her old hard drive , using the hard drive enclosure I purchased. I highly reccomend the product to anyone needs to able to do the same."...more info
  • I love it!
    I recently bought a 40gb PS3 and replaced the hard drive with a 250gb one. I bought this to use the 40gb hard drive as an external hard drive. Works great. Setup is easy, just insert the hard drive and snap on the top. I even used it to transfer 10gb worth of music over to the PS3 in the time it would have taken to rip one CD. Best part is you don't need an external power supply so it's really portable. Fits in the palm of your hand. I use it for storing raw tracks when recording now. Definitely worth the price....more info
  • Did not work for my 7200 rpm drive
    Installation was easy, but tried twice to copy 8GB of files to the drive and it stopped both times after less than 1/3 of the data....more info
  • Just what I needed
    My laptop recently crashed. It would not turn on at all. Customer service said the motherboard was probably fried. I desperately wanted to recover my photos and other files. Someone told me how to remove my hard drive from the lap top and that I needed a Sata hard drive enclosure for my hard drive. I ordered this one. It came quickly. I opened it right away and and inserted my hard drive. (Oh, I had to take off one end of the hard drive before I could insert it in my new enclosure. It was just taking out two screws) . Then, I plugged the end cap of the enclosure onto my hard drive and slipped it into the aluminum sleeve. Then I put in the two TINY screws to secure it. I plugged it in with the 2 usb cables. At first my computer wanted to autoplay. Just cancel any pop up screens. Go to My Computer and find the new drive. Actually, two new drives showed up on my computer. One was called ???/can't remember (recovery maybe), but it was only 10GB. The other was about 138 GB. That looked more like it. Right click on it and Explore. I clicked on Users, then my name, then My Pictures. Woo Hoo! There they were. I was very nervous that they wouldn't be there. The directions say you have to format the hard drive before you use it, but I didn't need to. I plan on formatting when I get all of the information I need off of it. I've only had it for about 2 hours, but I am so happy I found my pictures. It also seems pretty solid. ...more info
  • Works just fine
    I bought this to clone a HD replacement I bought for my MacBook and to house my old drive. The process was easy except that the screws to hold the drive in the case are truly miniscule. Make sure to work someplace where you can see things if you drop them. (The screwdriver is provided.) I was concerned because the stated capacity for drives it can hold is 120 GB but I put a 160 GB drive in it without issue. If the enclosure had a FireWire connection instead of USB, I imagine it would have taken less time to clone the old HD, but I have not seen any such enclosure. The kit comes with a little leather pouch to carry the drive and the USB cable. I haven't tried a drop test (probably not recommended since all the electronics are on the black plastic end with the indicator light), but it worked great for my purposes. ...more info
  • Great backup tool
    I recently had to restore a fairly new laptop and needed a drive enclosure to retrieve the data and restore it afterwards. I chose the StarTech and was suprised at the ease of use. A great product and worth every penny. ...more info
  • Pretty nice case
    THis case is nice, it has a great feel and is very sturdy. Great Buy, Great people to buy from, my product came fast and friendly, thanks guys....more info
  • Simple, Cheap, Works
    Good product. Easy to use. Only needed 1 USB port in my laptop though it comes with a Y cable just in case. Not much more to say.

    Cute screwdriver....more info
  • Handy device for data recovery, and a lot more...
    I purchased this to recover the data off a 2.5" SATA hard drive that used to live inside my Toshiba Satellite laptop that went belly up shortly after its warranty expired. I done a complete virus scan and recovered about 100 GB so far with absolutely no problems and decent USB 2.0 speed.

    The enclosure is powered by USB as well, which works fine. Two USB dongles are actually on the cable (for extra power), which is what I use and I've had no problems up to this point.

    The package includes a little baggy with the tiniest screwdriver I've ever seen. Be careful when you open it, because it contains two even more miniscule screws, used for securing the hard drive once you insert it into the enclosure.

    I promptly dumped mine on the carpet and spent a good 10 minutes looking for them. Very hard on the eyes......more info
  • Useful enclosure
    Great product, easy to carry around(don't think an enclosure can get any smaller), self-powered (might need to use the 2nd USB for more power but its on the same cord).
    The only thing to be careful with is that the screw to tighten the enclosure are very small but ... it comes with a screwdriver :-)
    ...more info
  • Nice HDD enclosure
    I had an extra 2.5" SATA drive from an old laptop, and this was the perfect way to turn it into extra storage. Very simple interface, basic plug & play, no software needed. Easily detects in Windows XP and Vista. As others have said, the screws are tiny, but unless you're taking the drive with you, they aren't really necessary if it's just sitting on your desk. A great little drive enclosure for a great little price....more info
  • Good for price but not the best
    I bought this enclosure so I could clone my hard drive on my laptop to the 250gb WD 2.5 inch sata hard drive I bought. This enclosure is good for such things and now it holds my old hard drive which I use as a backup. Sometimes the enclosure wont work, I would have to unplug it and plug it in back onto my laptop until the hard drive was picked up. other than that its an ok product, transfer speeds aren't that bad and this is a good item so it can store your hard drive as a back-up and I wouldn't recommend traveling around with it since it doesn't look very road durable. ...more info
  • Great enclosure
    I upgradre my Dell Inspiron 9400 Western Digital Scorpio 320 GB Hard Drive, purchased this to put my original 80 GB HD. I even didn't need the second USB conector for extra power.The file transfer performance is extremely good, the enclosure is lightweight, really portable....more info


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