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This Is Somewhere

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What distinguishes Vermont's Grace Potter from the recent run of the female singer-songwriter mill is her affinity for anthems and a powerhouse band that can deliver the goods. Though quieter fare such as "You May See Me" and "Lose Some Time" finds one foot in folk music, her heart is plainly with hard-charging rockers such as the opening "Ah Mary," the melodic propulsion of "Ain't No Time," and the supercharged kick of "Mastermind." Ballads such as "Apologies" and "Falling or Flying" show her soulful side, while the sexually assertive road song "Stop the Bus" provides further indication of her range. The closing "Big White Gate" sounds like a gospel cousin of John Prine's "Angel from Montgomery." --Don McLeese

Customer Reviews:

  • Solid outing from an evolving band
    I don't know what people expect here, but this is a solid outing from an EVOLVING band. As usual Grace Potter and the Nocturnals deliver the real deal. Whereas the first two discs range from easy listening to folkish/blues material, this disc brings the rock that is so missing in today's corporate driven music scene. Grace opens with "Ah Mary" a political song that doesn't sound so political until towards the end where she makes the comparison from "Ah Mary" to "America". Good production, obviously more written to be one of the singles. "Stop The Bus" is a pure rocker from the get go, with hooks from guitarist Scott Tournet that still gives me chills. She slows down on the next song "Apologies" ,that is more like songs off NBTW and her first effort Original Soul. "Ain't No Time" and "Mr. Columbus" come next and ease us back in Grace-fully to the ramped up rockers. After these two pulse lifting numbers, it's back to the bluesy soul of "Lose Some Time" and "You May See Me" that again populates the majority of the first two releases. For me it's the last four cuts off this release that makes this disc a treat to listen to over and over. "Mastermind", "Here's to the Meantime", "Falling or Flying" and "Big White Gate". I have listened to it at least once a day since it's release, and it's still in heavy rotation. "Mastermind" with it's piano opening, morphs into a power rocking pop number that is relentless. Then they don't let up with "Here's to the Meantime" with it's catchy ryhmes and hooks o' plenty. Once we hit the last two closing songs, the first being "Falling Or Flying", which IMHO is the best song on the disc. Such poignant lyrics from someone who is in her twenties. She even does a little foreshadowing, knowing that a rock bands life has a set time gives one of the greatest lyrics ever; "And this too shall pass, Play each show like it's your last". She just knows that the curtain is going to go down someday and she and the rest of the Nocturnals are going to make the best of every minute they have during their "15 minutes of fame". By the time "Big White Gate" ends the disc, you are taken to a place where one realizes in their life that the choices we have made aren't always the best choices, and repentence, and forgiveness, is asked from all of us. The pleading in Grace's voice for the second chance at the end of days is given with such conviction that you believe every word she's singing.

    Again, don't know what people expect out of our favorite bands, but to me it's the evolution process of a band that makes them great, and measures their true talent. Where Grace started out sweet, and innocent with a very pristine falsetto-ish vocal. She now has the tough growl and street credibility that touring non stop will give you. She sings these songs with conviction because she has lived them. Any band can make consecutive albums with the same themes and sounds and sell some discs. To break out of that mold and bring to the table a disc like "This is Somewhere", only goes to show that Grace is a true star, and her band mates give her all that she needs to get her (and them) to the top. I sure hope she hits a home run with this one. She deserves every accolade she gets....more info
  • Tremendous journey
    The new album by GP&N is a tremendous journey. Stop whatever your doing, put on your headphones and just listen, they will take you "somewhere", and the place your going is a great place to be.

    At first listen this is a solid rock album. Period. Its great stuff. But as you listen to it the second and third time it begins to reveal its real magic. The recording is just right, its crisp and intimate. This is where the headphones come in, put them on and just listen to the album, the tracks : "Apologies", "You may see me", "Lose some time" tell an intimate tale and Grace sings them that way. The tracks "Oh Mary", "MR Columbus" & "Mastermind" are great rock songs with powerful messages that hit you in different ways at different times, So this is a journey you can take again & again and its fresh each time. I find myself getting stuck on different tracks on different days, I like that. This album has replay value times 10.

    Grace has the "it" that is so rare,and she's brave enough to share herself with the listener. The Nocturnals are are solid band and they balance and enhance her vocals just right. I don't sense egos in there arrangements or playing. They play what needs to be there and no more. Balanced. Thus the Magic. I recommend this album, a cold beer, oh, and don't forget the headphones....more info
  • Loving it...
    Grace Potter & the Nocturnals newest album is like a breath of fresh air in the polluted world of music. The follow up to 2005's Nothing But The Water doesn't let you down. It shows the evolution of a truely unique rock band. I would definitly suggest picking up the record and finding a live show to go to near you!...more info
  • Yes, You should buy this CD....
    The latest from Grace Potter and her band the Nocturnals. This band drives like a classic corvette. So much promise from this band and from Grace, and this CD delivers...more info
  • "The air's so heavy, it could drown a butterfly..."
    This Is Somewhere by Grace Potter & the Nocturnals sounds like a stellar Americana album from the 1970's. This album was released in 2007 but I like the old-fashioned feel to this cd, Grace Potter's voice is soulful and gorgeous from track 1 through 11. Standout tracks include: Lose Some Time, Big White Gate, Mastermind, Ah Mary, Mr. Columbus, and Apologies. The rest of the band sound amazing as well, Potter's songwriting is unique and strong. Every song has a catchy hook or chorus but without coming off cheesy or glossy. Another reason why I like This Is Somewhere, the album is not over-produced, has a laid-back and home-like feel to each song. I highly recommend this under-rated gem, enjoy!...more info
  • naptime
    If you think Sheryl Crow makes exciting music. If you think Linda Ronstadt's entire catalogue isn't boring then this is the disc for you. After a marginally interesting beginning with "Ah Mary" this disc slips quickly onto the elevator. In an era where distaff fronted bands are plentiful, there is no need for somnolent music. While not awful, there is no reason for anyone who isn't a personal friend of a band member to add this to their collection. Spend your money on Rilo Kiley or The New Pornographers (occasional leads by Neko Case) if new female voiced bands are to your liking. Your ears and musical mind will be much happier....more info
  • this is somewhere HOT!
    Mastermind is probably my favorite song, but to hear these songs LIVE is really what makes listening to the CD even better.
    buy the CD, get familiar with the music listening with your friends, and then go see the band live somewhere.
    once you're hooked, go see one of the "Posse" members (fans who help support the band), and ask them for more information, they'll be glad to help you out.
    and the day "after" your first concert - you'll start wearing this CD out, listening to it so much....more info
    I had been waiting for GP&tN follow up since I stumbled across their brilliant and not overly publicized debut some 9 months ago. 'Nothing But The Water' is simply phenomenal. A pure and raw mix of blues, gospel, folk and soul with a voice that has given me goosbumps like nothing in recent memory.

    So I didn't walk, I ran to the local independent record store to grab 'This is Somewhere' the moment it came out. Didn't even bother trying to listen to it first. I knew it would be good.

    And it is, but don't look to this for the same acoustic, mellow, laid back, soulfull voice dominated tunes that made the first CD what it was. This is an up tempo-guitar heavy, finely produced, polished edges piece that plays in direct contrast with their previous work. This takes up where 'Joey' (on the NBW) left off. New ground is definately being broken here which is always good. And the tunes are full of passion with some catchy riffs and hard melodies but do not look for songs like 'Nothing But the Water part 2' or 'Ragged Company' (the real standouts for me on their debut) on this outing. Which is quite unfortunate.

    I'm sure this will grow on me over the next few listens and I'm not going to criticize a band for going in new directions but first impressions is 'where is the soul that set this band apart from everyone else?' Where is the Hammond organ? Where are the slow tempos? More often than not, Grace's voice exhibits anger with hints of rage at times. It is this volume, almost screaming here and there, along with an overly dominating drum kit that that keeps an innocent, heartfelt and peaceful relaxed demenaor from coming across as beautifully on this endeavor.

    Apparently GP&tN were out to rock this time and their producer was going to see to it that they did.

    Only time will tell if this will still be in my rotation a year from now. I can assure you Nothing But The Water will be in there forever.

    And I know you guys are reading this... COME TO CHARLOTTE ALREADY!
    ...more info
  • Excellent!
    I'll basically be echoing the comments left by the others here, but I still gotta have my two cents!

    I bought "Nothing But the Water" a few months ago on an impulse. I had first heard about Grace Potter a few months before that, but I never followed through on finding out who she was as a musician until I bought "NBtW". I had a crush on this girl as soon as I heard "Toothbrush and My Table" and couldn't get enough of her. "NBtW" also came with a short DVD of 3 or so songs in a live performance. The way she tossed her hair and went crazy on stage and played that B3 made me want to marry that girl right there. Perhaps it's the that she's young and sexy, perhaps it's that she's a great songwriter; what really blows my mind is the confidence and maturity with which she writes. The fact that she is writing and singing about the things that she is shows that she's run the gamut of life already. Unlike a lot of performers with stage presence and a good voice, Grace Potter brings a healthy helping of songs that actually mean something.

    "This Is Somewhere" is definitely different from "NBtW." It feels more produced and heavier than "NBtW," but Grace and her band don't lose any of their integrity. Highlights from this album: "Apologies", "Ain't No Time", "Mastermind", and, by far my favorite, "Big White Gate."

    Also, definitely check out "Original Soul"! Can't miss that one....more info
  • Decent
    These guys are great live, but neither this album nor their previous one captures the energy as well. Personally, I like the upbeat songs more than the slow songs, and the middle chunk of this album is all slow songs. However, the upbeat songs are decent. They definately are polished and sound like "mainstream rock," kind of like Sheryl Crowe, Melissa Ethridge, that type of thing (rockin musicians, to be sure). If you like GP&N, you'll want this album. I like listening to it, but mostly because I can supplement it with my memories of their live shows. ...more info
  • Love it!
    This is going in the heavy rotation for awhile - which says a lot. I like that this album is more upbeat and rocky-jammy than their last album which is much more folksy. If you get a chance to see them live - do it! It's a really rockin show. ...more info
  • When the best is simply not good enough
    This album can easily be considered Grace Potter and the Nocturnals' greatest effort to date. Although they're noted for their energetic jam oriented performances, I believe the band's talent's shine the brightest in their studio recordings. In a carefully controlled studio environment, the band is more immune to the negative influences that inject sloppiness and narcissism into their live shows, which is likely caused by a demanding small pub/club touring schedule as well as drug and alcohol abuse.

    As bright as Grace Potter and the Nocturnals' star shines at the moment on the local/regional music scene, it is quite dim when compared to any of the legends that they so carefully attempt to emulate. Instead of a fresh group with a fresh sound, they simply re-hash what others have done much better and offer nothing new or innovative to the equation.

    Their songs suffer from mediocre lyrics and sub-par harmonic structures, all of which are clearly designed more for lengthy jam band performances than a succinct expression of song. However, adding too many notes and lengthening the songs in a live setting only worsen the problems.

    On this album, Grace Potter's singing is rather flat and lacks both range and versatility. Every tune pretty much sounds like the previous one. Grace's poorly executed pseudo-southern tinged accent fails to offer her any credibility in the southern blues/rock genre and only amplifies her shortcomings. Listening to each song only makes you ponder how much better it would sound if it were sung by Bonnie Raitt, or Etta James, or Bessie Smith.

    Overall, this album lacks the same sense of maturity and taste that plague the band in other areas. For instance, goofy publicity photos of orange parking cones on their heads seems to be on par with the band's musical adolescence and apparent lack of understanding of true soul and blues music.

    In short, pick up any Bonnie Raitt album to hear the Grace Potter and the Nocturnals sound cooked to perfection. With Raitt's soulful voice and guitar (backed by New Orleans piano master Jon Cleary) you don't need anything else. As for Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, give them 20 years and perhaps one day they'll see the light....more info
  • Its Alright
    The singer has a wonderful voice and the band is talented, however I definately found this lacking something that would give it more stars. I think I wanted a little more from the lyrics and a little to much Pop in this for me. Maybe I'd like the album before this better....more info
  • Great Band, Great Show, Great Album
    First time writing an review, but I just saw the show last night in Burlington, VT and it was pretty amazing. Its a pretty cool feeling to have a hometown band with people you know perform as incredibly as GPTN. Scott is a really talented guitarist and scorer, and Grace is obviously as multitalented a performer as any I'm familiar with.

    As someone else wrote, there is a clear evolution from the soulful Nothing But The Water to the new music. I like them both, and I think most of Grace's fans and all the soon-to-be fans will as well. Listen for Grace music as the theme song for Grey's Anatomy this year.

    I'm not a music critic, so I can't identify all the components of what makes music or a group of musicians really great - but like the Supreme Court, I know it when I see it, and these folks are it. Special credit to Brian Dondero, for being a talented bassist with a low profile. He's a musician and a teacher and an all around good guy....more info
  • Go see them live.
    Every one of her albums is better but this is a young band and getting better all the time.

    If you go see them perform this same material live I think you will be suprised at how much better her singing is and how much more punch and character the songs here are.

    I really feel like they maybe need to take another year and then go back and do a live album that has most of the songs on her previous albums because I don't think the albums do them justice. The production is not so hot and the band and Grace are way more polished now.

    I think she's in her 20's and most of the band is young. If they keep improving like they have she will end up being one of the top 10 female rockers of all time....more info
  • Anothe great album
    I just bought the CD after hearing track 2 - "Stop the Bus" live on a radio broadcast. The album is full of energy and continues their growing collection of awesome albums....more info
  • One word . . .
    . . . and that is AWESOME! Every song is great! I thoroughly enjoy it, and it is one of my faves!...more info
  • Another great release from a talented young artist
    "This Is Somewhere," the second offering from Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, is significantly different than their first CD, "Nothing But The Water." That is, while "Nothing But The Water" primarily was an electric blues CD, "This Is Somewhere" is more of a straightforward rock album that has a few up-tempo songs as well as a few slower ballads. Both CD's are really good. I bought "This Is Somewhere" on the basis of how much I liked "Nothing But The Water" as well on the basis of the generally positive reviews that I read about it. I was not disappointed. Indeed, at least for the moment, I actually like "This Is Somewhere" even more than I like "Nothing But The Water." Grace Potter has a great voice and the band definitely rocks out on this CD. Highly recommended. ...more info
  • love it!
    This is an amazing album. Its a regular in my car. Be sure to check it out. My favorite songs on the album are "Ah Mary" and "Ain't No Time"

    enjoy! i know i did :)...more info
  • Bluesy, Poppy, and just plain cool.
    Grace Potter and the Nocturnals have a masterful blend of blues, jazz, and pop which takes the listener to the grooviest of places. Clever lyrics and catchy melodies. Highly recommended. ...more info
  • Very weak offering
    Neither the slight songwriting chops shown here nor the performances are worth the effort. There are a few acceptable covers. Grace's voice is OK, and there's nothing wrong with the playing in the backup band -- there just isn't anything about it that particularly makes it worth listening to....more info
  • It just gets better & better
    Like fine wine, this Vermont-based group just keeps getting better & better with every album that they release. Grace Potter & The Nocturnals do the type of rock music that classic rock bands used to do, before that dreaded instrument called the synthesizer turned all that great stuff into lameo, dead-sounding tech pop (ZZ Top, are you listening?) This band is, definately, going places! You'll get your money's worth when you buy this album!...more info
  • Excellent music
    I purchased this CD for my husband. He really likes the music. Amazon service is wonderful....more info


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