Halo 3280 UVX Ultraviolet Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description

Although invisible to the naked eye, studies show that carpets and mattresses contain the highest concentration of disease and allergy-causing micro-organisms in your home. The HaloTM UVX Ultraviolet Vacuum is the only chemical-free product that can safely and instantly kill micro-organisms such as fleas, dust mites, lice, mold, bacteria and viruses all without the use of chemicals. Safely reduce and eliminate the allergens and harmful organisms that thrive and live in your home with Halo's UV Vacuum.

  • Powerful, upright vacuum cleaner with ultraviolet-light technology
  • Eradicates dust mites, viruses, bacteria, fleas, lice, and mold without use of chemicals
  • Electronic height adjuster for comfort; gear-driven brush bar; telescoping handle
  • HEPA filtration and odor-reducing carbon filter; 5 dust bags included
  • Measures 14 by 12 by 36 to 44-1/2 inches; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Poor Quality
    I purchased this vacuum and will need to return it after one use. The suction on the vacuum doesn't work and I tried to call but there was no response - they said they have a phone problem and dont know when it will be fixed! They said there will be quite a delay in the response. I was excited to get the product but now won't consider it again! Time to package it up and send it back. Wonder if there is anyone there to get the vacuum? I hope I get a full refund...more info
  • Very Disappointed!
    I purchased the more expensive model (comes with a zippered soft-bodied bag and tools) and found that one, it is terribly noisy (used ear plugs)Two, it cleaned alright after several cleanings, then one day I cleaned and the vacuum did not clean the same. In fact, it would not pick-up large pieces of lint. I followed the instructions in the owner's manual and reset it, and to no avail it did not pick-up. So, I though maybe the belt was off, but it was not. Third, I called customer-service and they offered me a replacement, as they do not have service centers. In all, I'm disappointed that the price did not match the quality. Yes, it's an attractive vacuum as compared to many, but it is deceiving. I bought a new Miele upright vacuum and it is far superior in both cleaning and noise reduction. And, as far as the UV feature, I'm not as convinced as it can only kill on surface, and it doesn't clean well deeply. I feel that there are better models, and I'm sure this technology will be explored, and perfected by better, more established companies....more info
  • Unreliable product
    My sister and I both won a Halo vacuum on a TV show in December 2007. It is May 2008 and both vacuums lost the function of the revolving brush after using them just a few times. Mine was used less than 5 times. Had I paid for this vacuum I would be very upset. I bought a Dyson a couple of years ago for about what a Halo would cost retail and the Dyson is one great machine. I highly recommend the Dyson. I hope to get a replacement of the Halo from the company, as my sister has, but I will have no confidence in it and will be glad that my Dyson will be there to back me up. My sister's other vacuum is also a Dyson and she loves it. ...more info
  • Halo Vacuum Cleaner
    I am sorry to say that I purchased this vacuum at Christmas, it kinda died on me the 3rd time I used it. Not the ultra violet light (Which I still think is a great idea). Even though it only kills surface microbes, mites, fleas, etc. According to a recent study, it does not kill microbes, etc. in the entire carpet only what is on top.

    I have the model with the hose and attachments. I was very pleased with the way it cleaned, the first time I used it. It seems to have a lot of suction, Then the 2nd time not as much, the third time I used it, it had almost no suction. Hubby changed the bag to see if there was a blockage. He took it apart further only to see the belt, was off the roller, and the motor that turned the roller was not working. Just not working. He stood the vac up, put the belt back on, the motor still would not turn. This vacuum was only used 3 times and only for light cleaning....I use my other upright for regular cleaning. I only use this one because of the ultra violet and it didn't even hold up then. I have had it less than 30 days.

    I suspect that it was returned previously to my purchase, because part of the paperwork was missing. Have not decided where to exchange it or get a refund. I really do not need the hassle, of an undependable Vac....more info
  • Brakes easily
    Well, the first night I bought the vaccum the uv light and brush would no longer work. I hit the reset button, nothing. Called customer service and to date did not get a return call back. Nice concept but poor quality. I will return it tomorrow and stick to my Dyson, that I have had for 5 years with no problems whatsoever. ...more info
  • Very Poor Quality, Expect To Have Repair Issues Early
    The Halo vacuum has a very neat concept behind it. The idea of using UV light to kill all bacteria and organisms is a brilliant marketing idea. How well this machine actually destroys those little nasties, I'm not sure of. What I am sure of is the poor quality of this vacuum.

    The Halo vacuum comes 100% assembled in the box. The handle is telescoping allowing it fit nicely in the box. Since day one, after telescoping the handle up, I have yet to be able to make the handle go back down. The button that is supposed to control the handle actually broke off and now the handle is stuck in the up posistion.

    The vacuum cleaner is very basic, as there are no attachments on board. There's no way to use any hose on this machine, so you are limited to cleaning the floor only. Since there's no hose on the machine, I don't really have a way of testing how much suction the motor creates, but I can tell you vacuuming pet hair is no simple task as it took 2-3 swipes with the machine to completely vacuum the hair off the floor.

    After using the machine probably 7-8 times, I bumped the front of the machine into the baseboard (it was rather hard, as I was trying to finish ASAP) and the UV light went out, and now won't come back on. The main feature of the vacuum is now not functional, and it's almost brand new.

    I have tried ordering the part (UV lightbulb) and to no surprise, the part has been back ordered for 3 weeks. We have also tried to order more machines, also backordered. When we try to call the company to find out where our order is, there is never any answer. We have no idea when, or if we are going to get this part. Even the bags, which without them the vacuum is useless, are currently on back order.

    If the vacuum cleaner had costed $100, I would understand that you'll get what you pay for, but this vacuum retails for $400-$500, and for that price, the vacuum should definitely not have broken so soon.

    The company is a brand new company, so I will give them the benefit of the doubt, and hope that they get their act together, but in the meantime I will let anybody who asks me know TO STAY AWAY FROM HALO!...more info
  • No chemicals!
    I purchased this vacuum because I have a cat who is extremely allergic to everything! She constantly has itchy skin, and we have determined that it comes from dust mites. Now add a dusty house, that no matter how much I clean, I can't seem to eliminate the dust. This is a disaster for our baby Blue. I am a clean nut and believe in holistic remedies, so this vacuum works perfectly for me. I can kill the pesky dust mites without chemicals. When I first pulled it out, I didn't have much hope in it's abilities to extract as much junk from the carpet as my beloved Dyson but I was pleasantly surprised. It did an excellent job! The ability of a UV light to kill bacteria and viruses has been well documented for 100 years, to actually put it in a vacuum, is pure genius. I will continue to use my Dyson daily as the work horse and use the Halo once a week to kill the mites & other critters. Yippee!...more info
  • Highly Recommended
    I recently saw the Halo UVX vacuum on The Today Show and thought it was a great idea, particularly for families with young children.

    Although I clean often, I feel as though there is little that I can do to truly disinfect my home and kill dust mites, bacteria, and other viruses. It disgusts me to think about all the things that live in my home's carpets and mattresses and how that can lead to illness and allergies. Given that I have young children (who are frequently getting sick and have asthma), the Halo vacuum was perfect. I purchased the Halo UVX as soon as it was launched and am extremely happy with it so far. The Halo vacuum works better than my old vacuum, plus I feel confident that it is killing any microorganisms that might be harmful to my family.

    I am very happy that there is now a vacuum that disinfects, and, so far, Halo vacuum works great. I highly recommend to anyone.
    ...more info