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With part 3 of the Half-Life saga in the horizon, this collection brings you from the start so you're ready to take on the third episode of this exciting trilogy. Half Life earns its popularity and reputation at being the first First Person Shooter game to use aq lifelike, realtime plot that pits you in the action as well as behind the trigger. Created by Valve Software, each episode employs advanced technologies for better, more realistic play. In Half-Life, you assume the role of Dr. Gordon Freeman, a recently graduated theoretical physicist who must fight his way out of an underground research facility whose teleportation experimentations have gone awry. The second part of the trilogy of episodic expansions for Half-Life 2, Episode Two picks up where Episode One left off with Gordon and Alyx traveling out of City 17 and into a vast new environment.
The player again picks up the crowbar of research scientist Gordon Freeman, who finds himself on an alien-infested Earth being picked to the bone, its resources depleted, its populace dwindling. Freeman is thrust into the unenviable role of rescuing the world from the wrong he unleashed back at Black Mesa. And a lot of people people he cares about are counting on him. Intense, real-time gameplay of Half-Life 2 is made possible only by Source, Valve's new proprietary engine technology

  • Characters - Advanced facial animation system delivers the most sophisticated in-game characters ever seen. With 40 distinct facial muscles, human characters convey the full array of human emotion, and respond to the player with fluidity and intelligence
  • Physics - From pebbles to water to 2-ton trucks respond as expected, as they obey the laws of mass, friction, gravity, and buoyancy
  • Graphics - Source's shader-based renderer, like the one used at Pixar to create movies such as Toy Story and Monster's, Inc., creates the most beautiful and realistic environments ever seen in a video game.
  • AI - Neither friends nor enemies charge blindly into the fray. They can assess threats, navigate tricky terrain, and fashion weapons from whatever is at hand

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Purchase
    Low price. Check.
    Fun games. Check.

    This is one of the best video games purchase I've made. 5 great contents at the price of 6 dollars each. ...more info
  • Don't listen to one of these "one star reviews" PERIOD
    For starters I'de like to say these are a great bunch of games possibly the best availible, and Valve is an awsome company putting out great games, and Im a fan for life. But my main concern is the rants of ignorant people giving "one star" reviews. This should be a guide to everyone discouraged by these "ignorant reviewers".

    First: If you bought your game used, or product code from untrusted online retailers, or a hard copy from foreign region venders(Russian or Tai) hoping to save a buck its your own uneducated fault your game doesn't work, end of discussion. Oh.. and if you lose your account info or Cd key code your also a victum of your own stupidity.

    Second: Steam is a great software product comparable to xbox live, you get a screen name, they have frequent automatic updates for your games and their own software is always being improved, they give you a friends network to chat with, and allow you to play multiplayer very easily. Also free demo and other content downloads. And in no way does this affect your pc performance while it is running. Oh and do any of them metion the offline-mode in the main file menu? I guess they're to smart to notice that or the option to not send your information to steam either? Also people with firewall or antivirus programs claming problems, configure your software properly, but I highly dont these claims to be truthfull anyways because I have both.

    Second Part 2: And for those people who think they bought a disk just to download the whole game, they are clue-less. The games install from the disk everytime PERIOD. Updates are only thing you will download, if you own a phyiscal disk. Unless your internet connection is from the stone age(I have slowest high speed availible and never takes an hour) there is absolutly now download problems these people speak of, NONE.

    Third: Everyone that has compatiblity issues(crashes and lock-ups, Whatever) and blames them on the software company obiviously are not that computer literate to check their specs or fix the problem(s) and pawn thier ignorance off on someone else. This is great software and works without flaws if you system is up to par with requirements.

    LASTLY: Buy these games you'll never regret it and you'll have hours and hours of fun, I am completely positive of this fact. And for those who think I am just another "ranter" to them I quote:

    Hank Hill -

    "I don't have an anger problem, I have an idiot problem"...more info
  • Best value in gaming
    First, let me address some concerns that people have had which would be regarding the Steam software required to play and update the included games. Basically this is an anti-piracy tool (which works very well... Valve games are the LEAST pirated in the world, which is why they can offer consumers great value's such as the Orange Box). Anyways, yes, Valve should probably disclose information about Steam on the box, however in my honest opinion, Steam is a great piece of software. Steam allows you to access a bonus 6th game (Peggle Extreme... a great game in itself, worth another $10), plus once you activate your software on your account, you are then allowed to download it again on as many PC's as you want, and as long as you are logged in, you can play it on all those PC's (only one PC can be signed in at a time). Additionally, Steam offers "Xbox Live" like features like standardized in game chat across all Steam games, achievements, and gamer profiles. Steam is a great piece of software and should not be portrayed negatively.

    Next and more importantly is the game itself. The orange Box is by far the best value gaming has ever seen. 5 games for less than the price of 1. And each of the 5 games is a FULL game. Best of all, if you are a huge Valve fan and already own any of the 5 included games, then when you install the game it will recgonize this and allow you to gift that particular game(s) to a friend. I think other reviewers have covered the details of each of the games already, but if I had to rate each game individually, they would each get 5/5 stars.

    In closing, if you don't have this game already, stop reading reviews, and buy it now!!!...more info
    I ordered this game used from GameUniverse and they sent me a pirated copy in Russian without the code for the internet. Do not buy from this company!! ...more info
  • The most fun packed into one box
    3 awesome games, Half-Life 2 (with episode one), Team Fortress 2 and Portal, each uniquely entertaining. A great value for hours of play! There is nothing negative that can be said about this gem from Steam. Highly recommended. ...more info
  • Yessss!
    Too much fun.
    As a Huge HL2 fan, I obviously loved episode 2 as it was longer than episode 1 and introduced a few new enemy's.
    And then there's Portal.
    I heard a lot of hype about this game and thought the idea looked pretty cool but was always kind of wondering "how good could it actually be"?
    Well, it's Spectacular. The game fully absorbed me, held my attention, and continuously suprised me until the bear end. A Must play, for sures.
    Team fortress? Havn't really played it but I'm also not much of a multiplayer/arena type. The graphics look pretty and cartoony though. They have that cell-animation type look. ...more info
  • Excellent and challenging....
    Half life 2 episode 2 excels with its clean and sharp video.
    The storyline continues, however it seems a bit more challenging than the other versions. This should not detract from this game, as the storyline is refreshing with some active surprises around every corner.
    The biggest drawback, is that it is STEAM Powered. For those of us, that are just in to the single player mode and not in to Online Gaming, STEAM setup SUCKS!!!
    If you have a 56K connection, or a Satellite (Hughes) ISP, you are basically screwed. When the game(s) update, it can take forever and with us poor souls that have as an ONLY option the Satellite, it will trigger the FAP (Fair Access Policy), that will then reduce your internet browsing speed to below 56K for the next 24 hours!
    And Hughesnet really could care less, their solution from those "very caring" so called Tech Support persons, is to download between 3:00AM and 6:00AM. I am sure, that is when most of us are up and playing a game.
    So, as long as you have high speed, unrestricted internet, go for it.
    If not, stay away from STEAM Powered games.
    ...more info
  • Warning!
    I wish I had read these negative reviews prior to buying a used copy. A previously used Orange Box will not re-register. You WILL get an "invalid key" message. Wasted time and money on this purchase. Don't know why Amazon allows used versions of this product for sale. They shouldn't, as it has hurt their reputation for me. The seller claims he didn't know it would not play so I have to blame Amazon....more info
  • Amazing
    Not much to say. Team Fortress 2 is a great multiplayer game. Portal and Half Life 2 + episodes are great single player games, portal more for mechanics and half life more for story....more info
    This is a great package deal for Half-Life 2 fans. This was my first exposure to the Half-Life 2 story line and it really makes the game more interesting. You feel more like a part of the story than just going through levels killing eveything that moves. Yes, you can do that as well. Throughout the game you are given directions, clues, warnings, hints, etc. that will let you know what your next goal should be. The game is very intuitive and has a natural feel. The HAVOC physics engine is very cool and produces very lifelike movements and reactions. Even without any maps or walkthrough guides, the game has a good flow and is fairly easy to navigate. I typically play the game on "EASY" the first time through just to see the landscape and to understand the objectives. I have previously enjoyed playing both the Quake & Halo games. Highly recommended for FPS players....more info
    I was amazed at this deal when Valve released it. I had the Half-Life 2 trilogy and love this series. Was waiting for Episode 2 and decided to give this bundle a try. Need I say, Valve is a amazing company that knows how to make the best FPS out there for PC. First game I played through in the Orange Box is Half-Life 2: Episode 2. After the first 20 mins into it I felt like I was in one of the best Sci-Fi action movies made. It just kept getting better and better further into the game. If you are a fan of Half-Life 2 I know you are already getting this episode, but if you never tried them, then get this box. You get to get the whole Half-Life 2 series all in one box. If you have a PC and like FPS, half-Life 2 is a must play. Also, you get Portal in this box. I really did not play it, but one day I decided to give it a try. For the rest of the day I was hooked on the addictive puzzles this game has to offer. Portal is one of the most original and addictive FPS I have played yet. Then there is TF2. The multi-player in this game is incredibly fun. It is much more than an average frag FPS. It requires a lot of teamwork and skill to win. I just cannot recommend this package enough. The games are some of the best ever created and as I said before, if you like FPS, you have to play these games....more info
  • really good
    The individual games are a bit short for an experienced gamer, but the quality of the games are top notch. Portal being part of the orange box package was ground breaking. It preformed in a way that no other game has to date. The story line of episode 2 was unforgettable, the only question being : When is the next episode coming out? And of course hours of fun of blowing up, and being blown up in team fortress 2. ...more info
  • Great game
    This game is great! It was launched years ago but it is one of the greatest ever!...more info
  • The Orange Box crashed our hard drive???
    While playing this video, our laptop stopped working. Were told by Dell Support Tech that the game, because it was written by Atari was not really compatible with Windows.

    Has anyone else had this experiece?

    ...more info
  • installation nightmare
    OK, so I never give bad reviews. Well here's one.

    And I haven't even gotten to the game yet. I'm sure it's great, probably worth four or five stars. But please recognize:

    Even though the DVDs contain the installation data, they're worthless. You have to install Steam and download the games, or at least very very large patches. Expect a few hours on a decent high speed connection, per game. Times four or fives games in the Orange Box.

    Don't have an internet connection? Then you can't play the games. Sorry.

    Just want to install from the DVD and forego the patches? Sorry. Not allowed.

    Do you have a fast connection? Are you OK with spending your entire Sunday installing the games? Then by all means, purchase the Orange Box.

    I'm sure the games are great. I'm looking forward to playing them. But I'm done with Valve, and I would un-ask for this for Christmas if I could. This has been a terrible experience brought on by apparent developer ignorance....more info
  • a fine compilation
    Well, nothing I can say will be anything new, but yeah, the orange box is a great value in gaming. Even if you don't like half life, getting this is worth it just for Team Forteress 2 and Portal, the games which I have spent most of my time on. There's a nice veriety of experience betweent he story-driven single player of half life 2 and the episodes, the cartoony multiplayer of TF2, and the humerous puzzler portal. If you have a decent PC there is no real reason not to have this.

    I guess the only downside would be having to install the Steam platform. Though I've had no major problems with it so far, some people I know say it can be frustratingly buggy....more info
  • Buy This Game
    This Game should be bought by anyone who likes first person shooters and puzzle games. The real draw is the combo of all 5 games in the one package. It has Team Fortess 2, Half Life 2; episodes 1 and 2 as well, and Portal. Even if you are not specifically wanting to play the some of the games i would suggest buying this package, instead of the seperate packages, so if you do want to play it in the future you already ave it istead of shelling out $20 for it later....more info
  • Half Life 2 is a Bore
    Half Life 2 is probably the most boring game I have ever played. Team Fortress 2 is kind of fun, but I don't really play it either. Portal is the only game in this collection worth buying (it's fantastic!), and you can get it for about half the price of the Orange Box.

    I wouldn't have bought the Orange Box if I hadn't thought Half Life 2 was a game I wanted to play......more info
  • Game uses Steam which causes problems
    This game uses Steam - a digital distribution, digital rights management, multiplayer and communications platform developed by Valve Corporation.

    Some of the problems with Steam:
    1. Privacy - steam collects information from users, without notifying the user at the time of collection or offering an opt-out. This leads many people to consider Steam to be a form of spyware.

    2. Steam is a worldwide delivery system yet it allows publishers to geographically restrict where a game is available, and at what price. Many people have found that in regions outside the US games are either not available, or are sold at grossly inflated prices compared to the US.

    3. To play a game that uses Steam you must connect over the Internet to the Steam website and create a Steam account. So if you are without Internet access you will be denied access to run your game. Also Steam's Internet servers are not guaranteed to be running at all times, so you will also be denied access to your game if their servers are down....more info
  • A Must-Have for all Gamers
    A good deal, worth the money just for Half-Life Episodes One and Two alone. Portal is a great game as well, although it doesn't have as much excitement as Half-Life it is still quite entertaining....more info
  • How a great game goes bad.
    I bought the game from Amazon and dowloaded it. It played perfectly the first time. The next time and ever since it has not played and no one can seem to assit me. ...more info
  • What do you want? It's 'The Orange Box'
    It is exactly what you expect. TF2, Portal, Half Life 2.
    TF2 is a blast.
    Portal was fun but too short.
    Half Life 2, never played it much.
    Bought it for TF2 and haven't been disappointed yet....more info
  • TF2 Rocks and Portal is Fun
    Team Fortress 2 is a Blast! They update it every few months, so it is like getting a slightly different new game all the time. Getting bored of playing one class and doing the same things over and over? Just change to a different class, there are 9 different ones. Don't know if you're getting any better? Just check your stats.

    Be sure to buy a microphone with this game if you don't have one already. The best teams are the ones that communicate well.

    Portal is a lot of fun. If Valve ever adds a 10th TF2 class, their primary weapon should be the portal device.

    Happy Gaming!

    harmeyes...more info
  • Simply the best for your money
    You get some of the best games on the PC in this package, not just one, 3 games and 2 expansion packs. Half Life 2 and it's expansions make up one of the top single player FPS's and you get one of the best multiplayer FPS as well, Team Fortress 2. Team Fortress 2 was released a while ago and even today they're putting out updates, new features/weapons/gameplay. Portal is worth this buy alone in how different the game is.

    Simply put you cannot find a better deal for the price, 3 amazing games with 2 huge expansions, for very cheap. ...more info
  • Pretty Good entertainment
    The Orange Box offers quite a bit of game in a nice small package and right now its at a great price compared to some other offerings.

    The game(s) have a lot of action and require some ingenuity in problem solving to complete multiple tasks. At some point fairly early in the game series though, the puzzles nearly all have the same solution(s). I think there's a great opportunity to add some of the features of "Portal" to the Half-Life games.

    There are a few scenes/levels where you are required to drive a vehicle. The vehicle controls are very sensitive and somewhat difficult to control. The one game I'd compare this to is Halo. Where the Halo warthog was easy to drive but also easy to roll over, the Half-Life vehicles are difficult to steer but don't roll over hardly at all. There's a couple of scenes where you literally just drive through them not ever interacting with any of the surroundings. I think adding a few enemies to defeat along the way might add a little level of interest. ...more info
  • Great game and a thick plot that only gets better in Episode 2
    Great game and the graphics are top-notch. Team Fortress 2 is a great multiplayer game and good to have along as HL2 EP2 seemed to be short lived. ...more info
  • First-Person Gaming Nirvana
    Just in case you've been living in a cave for the last year, or were somehow (possibly by your own choice) unable to purchase The Orange Box by Valve, do yourself a favor and buy it.

    I actually planned to buy the collection of five (six - if you include Peggle from Steam) games when it first arrived last year, but was continually distracted up until two weeks ago, when I finally bought it at a local store. I say this without any pretention: It is, by far, the best gaming purchase I have made in at least 5 years. Bar-none.

    The original Half-Life follows the amazingly mute scientist Gordan Freeman as he basically unleashes hell on Earth. Half-Life 2 is set a good while after the initial series, and doesn't disappoint in the least. A few characters are added - old colleagues from Black Mesa, a robot DOG, and Alyx Vance (your very attractive female co-protagonist).

    As with the original Half-Life, the game itself is composed of basically two things: Puzzles, and Shoot 'Em Up type battles, but they're done so well that I often found myself staring in admiration after I had figured out what the heck to do or actually feeling an adrenaline rush after some of the more active battles. There are, as always, numerous guides online if you really get stuck, but I was only seriously stuck once or twice and had to consult the darn things (and was never stuck in Episode 1 or Episode 2).

    I won't spoil the storyline. It's good stuff, and often better, with greater depth in writing and plot, than many of the RPG's I've played in the last few years. The acting (both voice and 3D-modeling) are superb, with the tiniest nuances paid attention that I found incredibly immersive (particularly facial expressions). It doesn't take long before you really start to care for the characters involved, and at one point I found myself shouting, "Get your hands off her you damn zombie!" without realizing it was out-loud.

    Team Fortress 2 is easily some of the most fun I've had in a multiplayer FPS in a long while. It's very stylistic, doesn't take itself seriously, and the only flaw I can think of with it is the lack of maps currently available (but it is being remedied). The play is excellent, and each class is useful without being absolutely necessary.

    I have yet to play Portal, as I've been saving it for the weekend so I can get it all in one go, but it's difficult to imagine it being better than Episode 2. If it is, I may just end up mailing myself to Valve in a Cupid suit.

    If you're not convinced yet that buying this is a good thing (perhaps not for your health, but for your soul), I'm not sure what I could say. The Orange Box has been, by far, the most fun I've had on my PC in ages. I'm already contemplating playing through Episode 2 again, despite finishing it at 1:02 AM this morning.

    The only thing stopping me, is knowing that we probably won't have Episode 3 (and the final one in this story arc) until Q1 2009, and that knowledge is now palpably painful from the suspense.


    EDIT (09/13/2008): By now I've played through Portal, and (as predicted), played through HL2 again for the heck of it.

    Portal really is everything everyone is saying it is. It is dark humor wrapped up in a Rubix cube and I loved every second of the game. I haven't been forced to actually think during a game like in a long while. The levels were perfectly moderated on difficulty, never being exceedingly hard or impossible, but merely requiring momentary contemplation.

    Overall, Portal was an incredibly fun romp, whose only fault is that it is so short (~3 hours).

    However, there is hope: Episode 2 almost blatantly states that Episode 3 will contain Aperture (the company that creates the weapon in Portal) technology.

    Bring it on!...more info
  • The Orange Box
    I am not a serious gamer, but had been looking for something that offered some fun and entertainment, as well as a bit of variety. The Orange Box is a great bargain. It offers Half-Life2, HL2: Episode One, and Two; Team Fortress 2; and Portal. Some of these games have been out for awhile, but not being a gamer they were new to me. So far I have played Half-Life2 and HL2: Episode One, and I have to say I have never had so much fun. I have lost track of the hours being so engrossed in what it takes to "play" in these "worlds." Since these games are not the very latest, I have been able to play them on a fast, but aging Pentium 4 / 478 machine with a relatively inexpensive video card with 512 mb of on board memory. The games play well with great graphics. I really recommend this collection for the value and the great game play....more info
  • Don't already own half-life 2? Then give this 5 stars. Some pros and cons but over all very good, just not excellent.
    The first thing to note is that orange box is more expensive on Steam than through Amazon. So in many ways at that price you can stock this review back up to 5 stars. However Steam does offer this product for $10 more (excluding tax). So its interesting that Valve cannot compete with Amazon (or doesn't want too) but I think to be fair in a review it would be best to give an overall review of this product rather than just the Amazon version.

    The orange box is a compilation. It contains five games. The games all have Valve's Source engine in common. These are Half-life 2, Half-life 2: Episode 1, Portal, Team Fortress 2 and Half-life 2: Episode 2.

    After the release of Half-Life 2 came Episode 1. It was an actual story continuation about a quarter of the size of the original game. Many people own HL2 and EP1 already. For most fans this means that Portal, Team Fortress 2 and Half-life 2: Episode 2 is what they are paying for. So to make amends Valve has decided to allow owners of HL2 and HL2:EP1 to get additional copies that they can share with others who do not have them over steam. Good idea.

    Portal is probably the most ingenious mod since counter-strike (note, Counter-strike: source is not included in orange box!). Using challenging level design and a gun that can open and close portals the player must navigate there way around rooms by using their brains in conjunction with the various apparatus and their portal gun. There are 18 levels that can get taxing and a final level that is good old fashioned `twist in the game' fun. The problem is you can finish portal in a few hours.

    Probably the most anticipated game is TF2. TF2 is fun but is also a little bit of a disappointment at the same time. The cartoon look may deter a lot of fans. I must admit that I prefer the look of TF1 which kept more in style with its Half-life roots. TF2 distances itself completely from anything that feels like HL (or HL2 for that matter) but in doing so has become a very different game to TF1 although the game play is the same. That is not to say that TF2 isn't a pile of fun. It is, but it will split fans. The maps are certainly better though however you can't help but feel that there are other multiplayer games out there that are much better than TF2... or that portal trumps it. TF2 is something that will grow and will probably always have fans but you can't help feeling that other multiplayer epics like Call of Duty 4 (which has blown away Counter-strike in terms of the leading FPS multiplayer) reduces TF2 to that game you play once in a blue moon.

    Now down to it. HL2: EP2. Is it any good? The answer is yes and here is why.
    In the Beginning... There was nothing new much in the Half-Life game engine which was essentially just a modern hack of the Quake game engine, so how could a game that based itself on software that others developed succeed in becoming the biggest selling game of all time? When Half-Life first came out it did a couple of things right that most other first person shooters failed to do... (1)Story,(2)Story and (3)Story. Valve created Half-Life in a period of our lives when Area 51 was a hot topic among UFO buffs and the X-Files was to become mainstream family television viewing. Alien based entertainment media was a craze in the mid and late 1990's, unprecedented since the 1950s. Smack in the middle of what could be considered the most influential era for UFO enthusiasts came half-life where you get to play as Gordon Freeman, a physics researcher who witnesses a freak accident in an Area 51 type facility. All hell breaks loose and you have to survive. No cut scenes. No initial story. No explanation. You where just there and you had to escape. EP2 hasn't thankfully left these roots and has instead expanded on the story, this time with deeper environments (running through landscapes rather than buildings all the time), improved textures (flowing hair) and more in game story action. You will get a solid few days gaming out of it, maybe more depending on how long you spend at it and the experience is very impressive, especially the story and feeling of being immersed in the half-life world of Gordon Freeman.

    So where does this leave us with Orange Box? Well although many of the single player games have multiplayer (such as HL2 multiplayer), TF2 is really the main multiplayer offering and it doesn't look like it can win the hearts and minds of the multiplayer community. In fact, Valve has now two causalities down (TF2 and CS:S) to COD4. It is loosing the multiplayer match.

    Portal is a stunning experience through and through. I can't underestimate how novel this experience was. Portal and EP2 are both truly rewarding games in every sense that we understand good gaming. However one is left thinking that while this is a great deal for those who haven't got HL2, you are actually just paying regular prices for good games. I feel they should have thrown in HL1: Source into the deal also.

    To this extent Orange Box depends on who you are. If you are new to anything HL2 then get it. If you are an experienced HL2 user then EP2 and Portal are where it is at. The TF2 hype is eclipsed by better games.

    - Portal
    - EP2.

    - TF2 is only just ok.
    - Better multiplayer elsewhere
    - No Counter-strike: Source
    - No Half-life 1: Source
    - Valve are loosing the multiplayer battle...more info
  • The Orange Box-- A skeptic's view
    Readers Unite ! If you have not yet purchased HL 2, or at least played it, you haven't seen the best innovation in 10 years.

    Episodes one and two complimenting to the theme... Bring on episode III, Valve !

    This is one of the best reasons to own a PC....more info
  • Most worthwhile 30$ a gamer can spend
    The orange box comes complete with 3 games, one of those having 2 expansions called episodes. Half 2 and it's two follow up episodes are a lot fun, combining first person shooters with puzzle elements and allowing you to use the innovative Gravity Gun with the Havok Physics engine for an exceedingly fun experience.
    Team Fortress II is a fun multi-player shooter with plenty of online applicability.
    Portal was declared game of the year by a number of sources so go check it out....more info
  • Tear it up
    Recently purchased this game and I am definitely NOT regretting it. I've had so much fun with this game. The graphics are great, the games are great, everything is top notch. My only complaint is that Portal is extremely short and the Half Life Episodes 1 & 2 somewhat lack a story and are very short as well. Because of that the score was brought down a bit, but still this game pack is worth getting....more info
  • Great game, it feels like jumping into a nightmare... too bad the tech support feels the same!!!
    The Orange Box contains 5 games. One of them I have been playing. It is good and feels just as if you were there fighting. You could smell the blood.
    However, I have not been able to play one of the other games, although I bought it about 4 weeks ago. I have been trying to contact their tech support, to no avail. They do not answer my e-mails, and there is no phone number to call.

    It is just too bad that their tech support is as bad as good is the game.

    Bottom line: Make sure the game will work PERFECTLY in your computer. Because if there is ANY SINGLE glitch that stops you from playing, you can kiss your money goodbye. I feel cheated with the tech support for this game....more info
    This game is AWESOME!! The graphics are very good. The game play is very smooth. Portal is amazing! My favourite game is Half-life 2. Team Fortress Two is very fun, my sister thinks I am addicted.......more info
  • The best deal on Amazon, no doubt!!!
    Reading all the negative reviews about this game because of the "steam" app, I felt that I owe it to this game I write a good review about it.
    First of all I have steam on my system and It's been running for a couple of months, never had any problems with it and never thought of uninstalling it.
    In fact I think steam is a very good app if your interested in downloading games you like, rather than purchasing it from a store.
    I live in Saudi Arabia and the games here cost twice as much as steam offers them if not more than twice. So that is one huge benefit of steam.
    Second of all, you can't give a game 1 star because of this imaginary flaw you had which obviously your system can't handle.
    The recommended requirement for this game is 2.4 Ghz, I've read some reviews of people bragging about steam with very low PC specs, and I'm pretty sure the problem isn't with steam it's with their spyware/adware filled systems.
    I'll cut to the chase, and I'll review the game after noting that steam is not that bad. Half Life 2 is the best game I have ever played, period.
    And I'm not alone in this. If you're interested in games or not, a boy or a girl, old or young, you owe it to your life to play Half Life 2.
    The proof of the revolution of video games is more obvious in this game than any other.
    The artistic factor and the amazing atmosphere give you an experience like no other.
    I am yet waiting for a form of entertainment better than this.
    So let alone, HL2 is still worth 40$, completed with 4 other amazing games is on heck of an offer.
    HL2 episode one follows in the footsteps of HL2 in terms of story, quality and entertainment.
    HL2 episode 2 will make you say "it just keeps getting better and better".
    Portal is one of the most unique games I've ever played. It's no lesser than HL2, but has it's own form.
    Team Fortress has been in development for Ten year years and that is pretty obvious when your playing, a near perfect multiplayer and the most fun.
    A note on the graphics on these games, It still holds up as one of the best graphics out their due to the physics engine and the weight each partical has, I've seen newer games (2008) and I'm still waiting for a game that is more similar to reality than HL2. There are locations in the game where you really feel like your walking through reality, combined with 60 frames per second giving you an experience like no other.
    Don't get me wrong, and don't surpass this review as the "fanboy" kind of review, HL2 indeed is one of the best games ever created by man and I've checked a sum of reviews from gaming websites where it was given an average of about 97% which ranks it in the top 5 games of all time, well deserved, and can't wait for HL2 episode 3....more info
  • Best purchase of 2007
    I'll admit that I've never played the Half Life series before, but I heard so many great things about this package, I decided to give it a shot. I have played and beaten all of the Half Life 2 games and enjoyed every second. I am officially hooked now...almost as hooked as I am to Team Fortress 2. And Portal is nothing short of brilliant. There's not much else to say other than it's a must buy for fans of FPS games. And for users of Nvidia products, you'll be happy to know that you also get to download the FULL version of Half Life 2: Lost Coast for free!

    My only problem that I have ever had with The Orange Box package is this: STEAM! It has it's pros and cons, but from time to time it has unexplained bugs that they have yet to fix, such as not being able to load my games. Luckily, these bugs only happen on random occasions with no permanent damage, but maybe in time they'll fix these little inconveniences, because it can really be a nuisance. But don't let this discourage you. Even with these minor happenings, this bundle is well worth it's value....more info
  • Great value. Worth the money and a lot of fun
    These are really fun games. This was the first time I played these games and was able to get right into them. Portal was a little short,but was fun and differant. I am still working on half life 2 and it is good never a dull moment with a lot of action and then some slower times to find your way out of certain areas or get familaure with a new weapon of re-stock ammo and health. All and all a lot of fun. I have only peaked at Team Fortress, but it looks good as well. Also I am useing Vista home pro, 8 gigs of ram 2.4 gig processor and ATI Radeon HD 3650 for grafics. and have not had any problems with this set up. a lot of game for the money....more info
  • Meet Satan. His name is Steam
    The Orange Box seems like a tremendous value. The atmosphere and play mechanics of Half Life, the frustrating yet still amusing Portal, and the bash and go Team Fortress 2.

    But you get another bit of software for free. It's called Steam, and it connects you to the Valve servers. It also needs updating right out of the box, so be prepared for thrills as you sit and wait... and wait...

    It's default settings have it run on start up, so it sits in your system tray like a barnacle. You have to change settings to get rid of it.

    Thanks for the great games, Valve. Too bad I have to have steam running to play them....more info
  • Steam is awesome
    Ignore all the reviews about Steam being "Spyware" and "DRM" ridden. These are written by people who are ignorant to what Steam actually is and how it works - despite how extremely simple it is.

    Yes, you do have to install Steam, but it is a relatively small file and has a very small memory footprint (it currently takes up 13mb of RAM, whereas Firefox is using 93). Yes you have to make a (FREE) account that doesn't require anything more than an email address. And what are the benefits of this system?

    When you buy a Steam game, you put in the serial code that it comes with and the title is PERMANENTLY added to your Steam account. That means, even if you break the disc, or lose the serial number, or have a computer crash - You still have free access to that game FOREVER.

    I can go anywhere in the world with an internet connection, onto any PC, download Steam, enter my info, and my entire list of purchased games is immediately available to be downloaded again for free.

    Also note that when buying a game on a disc like The Orange Box, you do have the ability to install the game directly from the disc. It just simply needs to connect to the internet once to register the game to your account.

    Steam is saving the PC gaming industry.

    Oh yeah, and The Orange Box is awesome - I own it for my PC, and my Xbox 360. ...more info
  • Excellent game
    Great set of games to play.
    Most of them you can play with friends.
    Which is good.
    Unless you have no friends.
    Then it is not good....more info
  • Cool game, great deal!
    Came as specified in brand new condition. Orange box is awesome, and it's the best deal for the money. I highly recommend it....more info
  • We Don't Go To Ravenholm

    We first start off like the first one in a train only there is no ride this time. In fact the opening of Half Life 2 is a bit of a letdown considering how amazing the first game opened up but the disappointment quickly wears off after you start walking around the train station and get back in the groove of being the Freeman.

    We soon meet up with old friends and I can't tell you good it felt to hear good ol' Doc Kleiner's voice again. Barney and Eli also make a return and look a lot better this time. No longer does Barney look like he's highly constipated. Also back are the foes of Freeman which range from the scary to the irritating. The zombies are back, as is the soldiers and the bizarre creatures

    Other than Alyx the new character I loved a lot was the bats**t Father Grigori who was a lot of fun and I actually wish they had made him come along with Gordon out of Ravelholm. Felt bad leaving him there by his crazy self. Don't know how one man survives a terrifying place like Ravenholm but the Father found a way. Hope he comes back for Half Life 3.

    Some new stuff that this game introduces first of is the Zero-Point Energy Field Manipulator, also known as the Gravity Gun. It's a great weapon that is put to great use in the "We Don't Go to Ravelholm" level in which you can pick up discs and hurl at a zombie cutting him in half. It's also used to dispatch the crabs, blast doors open, move objects in your way and just really fun to play with.

    A new feature is the addition of driving sequences. The driving is a bit hard to get hold of at first but after a while you get used to it. Only complaint is that when driving that fast you tend to miss things around you. When you're walking you can take in all the amazing or terrifying scenery, but when driving they just fly by. You also get to man a boat in this one too which was fun flying over the radiated waters.

    When it comes to scares and puzzles Half Life 2 keeps up with the original. "We Don't Go To Ravenholm" is by far the most terrifying level on the game. From the sound design which has the zombies howling through the speakers all around you to the creatures themselves coming out of places you last expect. It's a horrific level that I only play during the day but once you make it through that difficult level you emerge into the sunlight which is like a breath of fresh air.

    The Orange Box comes with Episodes 1 and 2 as well as the brain twister Portal.

    Episode 1 is every bit as amazing as Half Life 2 and on some levels even more fun and clever, but it's criminally short. It would take an experienced gamer less than 2 hours to finish Episode 1. Episode 2 is a wee bit longer but not by that much. It could also be finished quickly, but length issues aside the two games are something to behold. Half Life 2 left us with a confusing cliffhanger and Episode 1 and 2 fills in the gaps. Although I still can't figure out the opening sequence for Half Life 2, especially the G-Man's comment "We Will See About That". The G-Man returns in Episode 2 in a vision and it's also as confusing as ever but it's still nice to see him pop up for a visit.

    Portal on the other hand I'm yet to finish. The puzzles and whatnot in Half Life 2 and the 2 sequels were easy for me to handle and figure out, but Portal is like insane. I can't for the life of me figure out where am supposed to be going, but I know someday I'll figure it out so till then I'm still on the first level.

    It was a tough act to follow up what many of us would call best FPS of all time and they nailed it perfectly. The story is a bit weak and predictable and puzzles are too familiar to the first one but it's still a perfect game from the train station all the way to the G-Man speaking to you at the top of the Citadel and the addition of the revolutionary Gravity Gun makes this a great game for fans of the original and just FPS games in general.

    ...more info
  • One of the Greatest gaming deals around.
    I have to say that this is one of the best gaming deals that i have ever seen. Five games for 30 dollars?! Now i already had half-life 2, and episode 1, but Valve gives you the ability to gift those to a friend. Portal is really fun but a little on the short side but Tf2 is the best game out of the Orange box. Its unique looks seems like your playing a comic book and the different classes keep the game interesting. Valve continues to update the game as well releasing new weapons, achievements, game modes, and several new maps. ...more info
  • Bundles... good and pad
    I mostly purchased this bundle for TF2 and Portal. I find those two games to be entertaining and well done. I find HL2, however, to be quite disturbing. I can handle aliens rushing me -- in the dark even -- but, there are just some disturbing scenes of blood and mangled bodies in creepy towns that proves too much for me....more info


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