LIPO 6X-Nutrex Liquid Inner Caps, 120 Inner-Caps

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Product Description

Lipo-6X is the worlds most advanced fat burner using a new and patent-pending liquid InnerCapTM multi-phase technology. This unique multi-phase technology combines rapid liquid capsule delivery with controlled-release inside capsule technology. What this means is that Lipo-6X is the only fat burner that has multiple release phases, both fast and extended Available for immediate shipment (subject to stock level). ORDER Today!

  • LIPO 6X-Nutrex Liquid Inner Caps, 120 Inner-Caps
  • Lipo-6X is the worlds most advanced fat burner using a new and patent-pending liquid InnerCapTM multi-phase technology.

Customer Reviews:

  • Just Be Careful When You Take It
    I think its a very effective fat burner, but you have to realize your limits. I notice when i upgraded to 2 pills, i became really nauseous, got hot flashes, and rapid heartbeat. Its also a great energy booster but the rapid heartbeat is really scary i would definitely consult my doctor before starting it just to be sure it wont be detrimental to your health...more info
  • i liked it
    liked it and lost some weight around 27 lbs in 2 months and 15days, and of course with gym ...more info
  • Not such as in Announcement
    The bad part of it are he capsules as when I got the product almost the had of the capsules were damaged the liquid part was simply gone to the part of cotton that brings inside.... some of them were just going bad as the time was passing, a way I found to keep them good is to haev then in the refrigerator... the side effects are not that bad and well... after a week of purchase I just dropped like a pound... it wasn't a big deal... it is just one of the other ones... I think Hydroxicut is better... ...more info
  • Lipo 6 , the best fast burner
    can't sleep if you take it late. but you will feel your body is active and burn the food fast. cause litle problem with stomach and headache at the begining, but it will go quickly and see the outcome fast. very good product....more info
  • Just as I thought
    This product was just as described. I've losted about 3" off my waist and abs. I can honestly say that I've done it with the minimal amount of exercise and a better diet.

    This really worked for me....more info
  • Just as I thought
    This product was just as described. I've losted about 3" off my waist and abs. I can honestly say that I've done it with the minimal amount of exercise and a better diet.

    This really worked for me....more info
  • Steady energy
    This product was recommended by my trainer. It provides a good steady stream of energy. There are no roller coaster spurts and crashes with this product. I'm sure it would do all the things it claims if I'd stick to my diet and exercise routines ;-)...more info
  • Don't order in the summer...
    Do not order LIPO 6X in hot weather. It is heat sensitive and the capsules will explode. The vendor was great about giving an immediate refund when they were contacted and i would order from DAB again in the future. And probably will when the weather cools off a bit and i believe the product won't dissovle on its own.
    So i have not tried the product yet. ...more info
  • Works alright.
    I think that this product is alright. I think that it works better for men than women. Women probably should try Lipo for Her instead of this. It gives you energy but after taking it for a period of over a month, I didn't see much a difference, even with vigorous exercise and dieting. I wouldn't suggest this for females, coming from a female....more info
  • effects yes delivery no
    I purchased this product online to save a little money. I did but when it came several capsules had burst and the substance was leaking all over the bottle. I do however love the way it works! I have gone from a 16 to a 10 in 3 months....more info
  • No good
    This is all hype and packaging. i couldn't wait to tear into the bottle once I recieved, took it, waited and waited and......nothing

    Took it for 2 weeks on schedule and......nothing.

    no decrease in hunger, no extra energy, no "extra" weight loss, which begs to answer, was it just my chemistry make-up or what. Based on their claimes it should work for everyone.

    I gues I fall into the placebo category.

    Hoodia works for me

    ...more info
    if you really wanna lose weight then this is the right product for you. It works great with a moderate diet and i mean no starvation AT ALL!

    for best results you must make sure to cycle this product in your body otherwise your body will get used to it and will stop giving the same results. ...more info
  • lipo 6x
    i think it is a great product
    in the first week i lost 5 pounds
    just make sure you drink water...more info
  • Broke My Weight Loss Stall
    I was stalled for approx 3 1/2 weeks with no weight loss. I follow my eating very strictly. I am doing the cyclical ketogenic diet, doing 3 sprint HIIT sessions a week and heavy weight lifting on the weekends when I carb up.

    So one week before I credit Lipo 6 with unstalling my weight loss I had tried zig zagging calories. It did work, I lost 1 pound. Then Lipo 6 came in the mail.

    So beginning on monday (today is friday morning) I ceased drinking diet soda containing aspartame (this could have aided in the break of stall as well) and took Lipo 6. An almost entire month stall, I wake up this morning and proud to say that I am eight pounds down from about 5 days ago. Approximately how much I should have lost if I were losing 2 pounds a week, those 4 weeks I stalled. So you make the decision if it were the cessation of aspartame or the addition of Lipo 6 that did the trick.

    I am writing this review early because I am surprised at how much weight I lost just 4 days after I bought the product. The neat thing about this is that it makes your body extremely warm and you know that it's the thermogenics just making your body into a fat burning furnace. Beware you will sweat a lot, I upped my water intake by a quart a day when taking these pills.

    I have a hunch why these pills were rated best weight loss pills 3 years in a row by info
  • supplement review
    I think it is a pretty good product. I didn't get really overexcited when taking it. Might use again for another month. Might have lost a pound or two on it - can't quite be sure if it helped or if it was my increased exercise....more info
  • Does what it needs to do
    I have taken these before and was familiar with them. They do seem to have a quick onset with a longer duration with not so much of a jolt then a decline in energy like some of the same sort. It also seems to be a good exercise suppressant if you take as directed thirty minutes before meals. They also contain yohimbe which is a factor in blood flow. Good for exercise, also good for indoor exercise if you know what I mean. I use them for my off days from the gym when I don't take specific supplements. I have taken many different things and this is one of my favorites.

    P.S. Right now at the time of this writing GNC sells these for $70.00...more info
  • It works!
    I love this stuff. It gives you the energy you need to work out and helps burn fat! Of course it should be taken with a proper diet to accelerate the fat loss process....more info
  • Great, but READ the directions
    I lost 25 pounds in two months using LIPO in conjunction with a semi-decent diet (ice cream is the devil) and exercising three times a week. But....I did not cycle off. I ended up getting prostatitis because I used it longer than was recommended. A coworker had the same problem after taking it for 3 months straight. Again, it works great, just be sure to cycle off of it....more info
  • Works if your smart about it.
    I used lipo 6X for around three months and lost about 25 lbs. But this was with eating right and two hours of excersise a day. There is no magic pill. But this helps. The reason i stopped was because i was getting a rapid odd heart beat my third month in. So I figured Id stop. But the mistake i made was not consulting with my doctor when I started. Although i doubt any doctor would recomend these things. I say if your careful and eat, drink and sleep right its good. If you cant handle caffine or other stimulants stay away or talk to your doctor. ...more info
  • good
    well its good
    this is the only product that makes me go to the toilet twice a day

    i am taking protine + l carnitine + Creatine + amino fuel
    and eating all the time which is i am not on diet
    and my weight is getting down in avarage 100 gram per day With judo training

    but thats why no DIET AT ALL
    i will buy it again without a question...more info
  • Didn't get a chance
    When I got the bottle and opened it, several of the pills were opened. There was yellowish, oil liquid all over the other pills. I had one of them and got sick so...don't try them if they are broken!
    ...more info
  • Great Product
    I could tell rather quickly after starting this supplement that it really does work. I am pleased with the results....more info
  • 2 weeks
    This is my second week taking lipo 6, I decided to take 4 pills, 4 times a week that are the days that I workout and 2 pills the days that I cant workout, not to have that much energy.

    Still have not seen miracles, but Im going to give it a change......more info
    I just went through an entire bottle of this product and all it did was make me sweat a lot more and feel sick. At some point in the day I felt like I could throw up. I have never had any issues with that before. I haven't lost any weight at all. The product is worthless....more info
  • Oustanding
    Super fast shipping, even to a military APO address, made it to my address overseas in 6 days!!!! Great asset to Amazon...more info
  • Love this product
    Great energy, great pre cursor for the gym, dulls my appetite and i see results....more info
  • Well
    I have taken the regular Lipo 6 in the past and it definitely worked for me along with exercise and eating healthy. Now Lipo 6x, I am following the directions, closely because I wasn't too sure how it was going to work. So far, I have taken one pill before 30 minutes of eating and I definiltey feel an impact, including some dizziness. I feel my body overheating and also feel a definite appetite reduction. Its like, when I think of food, I feel sick so the urge to eat has definitely reduced alot. I am going to work out soon because I feel like I need to burn alot of energy. I will take Lipo 6x every monring at 6:30 and exercise at 7:00am and take it again at 2:00pm. I am going to take two pills for a week and half until I get use to the feeling and then I will increase my dosage by one each week. Good luck to anyone who wants to take Lipo 6 x; it;s really an effective pill along with a good diet and some exercise. ...more info
  • good
    I bought the item again so that says somthing. I am currently in the desert right now with the Air Force and its really hot here. There is no instructions on the product to inform users on how to store the product. Alot of my capcils dried out. I have to keep them on ice now. Alot of my purchase went to waste. ...more info
  • I am ready for summer
    I bought Lipo 6X in March and lost 20 pound since then. I have been wanting to loss some weight but diet sucks. Lucky i found Lipo 6x. I eat and exercise at the normal rate and i see my waist shrink like magic. Now i am ready for the beach for the first time of my life...more info