Dri-Z Air - Decorator Unit

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- Decorator design - Protects against damage caused by moisture - Made in the USA - Tray included - Easy to use - Odorless - Eliminates musty smells - Non-flammable - Cream-colored - USE ON:Windows: - Helps prevent condensation and mold from forming on windows and surrounding surfaces.Bedrooms: - Protect furniture, bedding and clothing from moisture. Use in closets to prevent musty odor.Bathrooms: - Collect excess moisture in the wettest room in the house.Basements: - Use Dri-Z-Air and remove musty odor and dampness associated with basements.Garages: - Protects bicycles, yard equipment and sporting goods from moisture.Storage Units: - Protects furniture and cartons susceptible to moisture damage.Boats: - Guards against moisture in carpets, bedding, linen, and lockers. Helps prevent condensation on windows and ceilings.RV's: - Removes moisture from the interior of trailers and campers during periods of storage or layup. **Note, Orders of 10 or more for this item require Special Accommodations requiring additional days to ship and are not refundable.