iRobot Verro 600 Pool-Cleaning Robot

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Product Description

Spend more time enjoying your pool and less time cleaning it. The iRobot Verro 600 Pool Cleaner gets your pool deep-down clean from floor to waterline in about an hour. The hands-free, self-contained, vacuum cleaning and water filtering robot will improve the circulation of pool chemicals and water temperature while increasing your pool filtration's efficiency and decreasing run time for energy savings. The iRobot Verro 600 systematically cleans your entire pool from floor to waterline and everywhere in between in 60-90 minutes. with sturdy PVA roller brushes. PVA roller brushes are sturdy and abrasion-resistant, easier on the surface of your pool than a standard nylon brush, but effective at lifting bacteria, dirt and grime. If you prefer hydro-jet cleaning, the Verro 300 will "power wash" your pool surface.

  • Pool-cleaning robot cleans pools up to 20 by 50 feet in about an hour
  • Powerful vacuum and filtration system pick up debris as small as 2 microns
  • Sturdy PVA roller brushes; auto reverse; fine filter bag; 60-foot floating cable
  • Designed for all pool surfaces; optional cart provides easy storage and transport
  • Measures 18-8/9 by 15-2/3 by 14-3/5 inches; 2-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Our Pool Roomba
    After using this all summer, I am very happy with this robot. It does a great job at cleaning our 16'x32' vinyl in-ground pool, even with the solar cover on. I've only found a few minor drawbacks. Yes, if you don't snap the bag in just right, it can pop out while cleaning, making it have less suction. If the filter is left on while vacuuming, the robot can't clean around the return jets. And you must keep that bag clean when you are done vacuuming.

    We store it in A Rubbermaid Patio Storage Bench, Dark Platinum #3764 and it just fits. The bench looks great and we can keep the robot by the pool....more info
  • Sometimes faster isn't always better
    I have a fiberglass pool and the robot does a nice job of cleaning the bottom and sides. It does not do well at negotiating the 3 steps, (gets 1/2 way up the first step and comes back down). Cleaning the included pouch style filter is a royal PIA with muck getting stuck in the corners of the pouch. A little cheap and plasticy. Otherwise a valiant effort. ...more info
  • Great technology, poor build quality
    I bought this directly from irobot and ran it every 3 or 4 days for about 3 weeks before returning it to irobot. The technology is great and when the filter bag didn't fall out, the pool was incredibly clean - it really does sparkle, I was able to cut back on the number of hours the filter ran, and I noticed that I had to add less chemicals. The amount of slime that collects in the filter bag from an apparently clean pool is proof of how much it's picking up. My pool never looked so nice and I only had to drop it in, go have dinner, come back and put it away.

    Unfortunately, the build quality from irobot is poor. The tabs that hold the filter bag in place are too loose and the filter often falls out when you lift the robot out of the water - dumping everything back in. The plastic protective cage between the filter and the motor has the same problem.

    After some web research, I discovered that irobot licenses this technology from Aquabot. I returned this to irobot, and purchased an Aquabot T2 which I found for about the same price after shopping around. The T2 is nearly the same robot, but appears to have a much better build quality and a few enhancements over the irobot model (for instance the scrubbing pads don't soak up water like the irobot's causing it to smell funky between cleanings). In addition, my local pool store is an Aquabot repair shop, so I won't be shipping it out if something goes wrong and I need it fixed under warranty.

    I really wanted to like irobot's version - I like some of their other products and this simply looked friendlier (we dubbed it scrubby). Unfortunately, for this cost, I wanted three or more years of trouble-free use out of it, and I didn't see that happening....more info
  • Pretty good in clearing the bottom of my pool
    I purchased this robot after my water powered cleaner couldn't do the trick of clarifying my water.
    My first impression is positive, as it cleared 80% of the dirt.
    The only drawback is probably it's steep cost....more info
  • Disappointing High Tech
    The robot looked promosing at first. It certainly made its rounds in the pool. After taking it out an hour and a half later I noticed the bottom popped out at some time. It collected some of the sand and minor particles, but left the majority in the pool. We tried it 6 times with the same results....more info
  • not worth
    I used this for only one time. It stopped working second time I put it into the pool, and had to return it....more info