iRobot Verro 300 Pool-Cleaning Robot

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Product Description

Spend more time enjoying your pool and less time cleaning it. The iRobot Verro 300 Pool Cleaner gets your pool deep-down clean from floor to waterline in about an hour. The hands-free, self-contained, vacuum cleaning and water filtering robot will improve the circulation of pool chemicals and water temperature while increasing your pool filtration's efficiency and decreasing run time for energy savings. The iRobot Verro 300 systematically cleans your entire pool from floor to waterline and everywhere in between in 60-90 minutes. An advanced pump housing is used to move water at high pressure from the pump into the drive system. The water is diverted to either side of the unit, propelling the robot along the floor, up the walls and all the way to the water line. The powerful hydro-jet system "power washes" the pool surface, deep cleaning pores, cracks, and seams. If you prefer brush cleaning, the Verro 600 scrubs your pool with abrasion-resistant PVA brushes.

  • Pool-cleaning robot with powerful vacuum and dual pressure jets
  • Cleans pools up to 20 by 50 feet in about an hour; ultra lightweight
  • Designed for all pool surfaces, ideal for gunite pools; reusable filter bag
  • Pumps 5,000 gallons of water an hour; 51-foot floating cable
  • Measures 20 by 18-3/8 by 11-2/3 inches; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Not for me
    I love iRobot (have a Roomba and a Scooba), and was excited to get the Verro. But I didn't see how I could realistically live with a device that I would have to drop in and pull out from the pool with every use, as compared to a skimmer line-driven device. Then there's removing the bag and washing it. Although I would not have to clean my pump filter as often, it just seemed like I'd be spending a lot more time on the pool than with a traditional pump-driven robot on my skimmer line. I do appreciate that the Verro likely cleans my pool better, and puts less wear on my pump. But I can't quite justify the cost when there's the additional time required....more info
  • Just Aweful
    Would definitely not reccomend this product. It never covers the entire pool and tends to go to deep end. To redirect it, you have to pull the cord and try to make go in a different direction. It is horrible on fine dirt. Basically all it does is pick up leaves at the bottom of the pool and it never once went up the stairs in the pool. The one we got, went dead after 2mths of use, so now we are faced with a nearly $700.00 dinosaur. Not sure how to go about getting it replaced. Think next summer we will just switch to system reccomended by our pool guy. He likes the Polauris system. We didn't choose it, because we were worried about overworking the pool filter, but this thing was a disaster. Anything would be better....more info
  • overall - good device
    I've been using this robot about 2 weeks now and I am quite pleased with it. In general it does a good job, it collects most of the leaves from the bottom of my pool and climb over most of it's walls. Where it fails to clean is the round areas at the extreme of the pool, so I have to brush it and make sure the dirt goes to the path that the robot cleans.
    Is it perfect ? no
    Is it worth the money - yes.
    You still need some manual work with it, but it cuts the amount of work you do by 80%-90%....more info
  • Works good enough
    I decided to try the Verro 300. It did a superb job on most of the pool, but some areas were a problem for it.

    Verro is a simple device. It has a long floating electrical cord that powers a vacuum pump that sucks water through a filter bag. The water is expelled out at the top horizontally which propels it around the pool. One wheel axle swivels a bit so it doesn't always travel a straight line. A power unit sits outside the pool, tells the verro whether to shoot the water out forward or backwards. An adjustment dial allows you to set how long before switching directions.

    There are two filter bags that come with the verro. A coarse mesh filter bag and a fine cloth filter bag. And the performance with each differs greatly. The coarse mesh filter bag with it's tiny holes will pick up leaves but it won't pick up fine dirt. That's what you need the fine cloth filter bag for.

    With the mesh filter bag, the verro does a good job traveling all over the pool. It climbs pool walls well all the way up to the waterline. The fine cloth bag tends to clog ALOT faster. Fine particles of dirt really do a good job of slowing verro down fast. When verro's filter bags eventually gets clogged it can no longer climb UP a wall. And it also then tends to stick toward the deep end.

    But whenever verro gets sluggish, you can just pull it out of the water, and clean the filterbag with a garden hose. Then stick it back in. I had a fairly dirty pools from some strong winds. And I had to take verro out twice to clean the filter bags. But otherwise it did a great job.

    Verro does have some limitations. When it hits a 90 degree angle of a step, it probably won't go up it. And a small spa is probably too small for it to operate in. (I just brush toward the drain in my spa) And of course it tends to stay toward the deep end, especially if the filter bag is getting dirty.

    But all in all, I was amazed to see a very nice clean pool after a few two hour runs. Of course manual vacuuming is better. But then you don't have to spend as much time yourself. And you don't have to clean the pool filter after using verro. Which is a MAJOR plus.

    So is this machine worth $700? It depends on the buyer. Vacuuming by hand the old fashion way is definitely better. You can probably vacuum faster and better than verro. But Verro does save you alot of work. Just brush the few areas Verro misses, and you will have a beautifully clean pool.

    For me, it was a good investment. I'm happy with it. And I'll be using it alot. Especially under a pool cover this winter!

    btw, there is one more thing you will probably want to get with this. A GFCI adapter for your outlet. A small adapter that plugs into your outlet. It's only $10-$30. But incase of an electrical surge, it will shut off the electricity. It's recommended in the Verro manual. They sell it at amazon too....more info
  • Way Better than Baracuda
    This cleaner is great! Like the fact that there are no more hoses floating in my pool when swimming. Just a thin cord when using the cleaner. I agree with other users that say that two 2 hour cleaning cycle are required to get the entire pool floor clean, but this is no problem really. I do think the iRobot is overpriced. The exact same cleaner is available elsewhere on the internet under the Pentair Prowler 710 brand or the Aquajet brand for $100 less than the iRobot. Another slightly more expensive version is the Aquabot Turbo T-jet. You are paying a premium for the iRobot name....more info
  • Defective product and customer support experience
    My Verro 300 failed after 3 uses with a defective timer unit. iRobot customer support was friendly and promised to send a new timer right away but it never arrived despite 2 follow-up calls from me, their promises to send it and further promises to "look into the issue". Summer is short in new England and they need to be a bit faster to support defective units.

    I can say that when the thing worked it did a great job and it pains me to return the unit.

    Brian...more info
  • An okay product
    It's a good product, but doesn't clean as well as the aquabot. I would have like to see it "brush" the pool to clean it rather than using the jets....more info
  • Pleased with Verro 300
    I was on the fence about purchasing the IRobot Verro 300 OR the commonly recommended Polaris cleaners. With a $100 off coupon and a 30 day risk free trial, I decided to purchase the Verro 300. We have a large pool (20 x 44)and I was skeptical that this would work. After a couple weeks of using it and at least 3 calls to the technical support line, we decided to keep it and that overall it works very well. Though it isn't written in the manual (I learned this from my phone calls) periodic-filter-bag-cleaning (for my pool anyway) translates to machine wash cleaning after each use. For those of you reading this, buy extra filter bags and keep one clean at all times ready to go. I found the hose method of cleaning the filter bag doesn't work. Instead, I rinse the bag out with the hose and then I run it through the washing machine on the delicate cycle in cold water. It works great--climbs the walls to the tile line and gets both the deep and shallow end of my pool. Each time I use the Robot, it seems to go different patterns. Sometimes it runs vertically and others horizontally. My only complaint is it doesn't get my shallow end steps. Since I know that, I brush the dirt off the steps before using the Robot.

    Because the IRobot filters the water, I definitely notice a difference in the appears amazingly clean and we haven't needed to backwash our pool once. After the first couple weeks and learning the hose method doesn't unclogg the filter bag entirely, the Verro 300 cleans my pool in approximately 60-90 minutes. We're very pleased. It takes approximately 2 minutes to set it up and about the same amount of time to clean it when it's finished....more info
  • Not for dusty climates
    I tried the Verro 300 for two weeks, with very mixed results. We live in Palm Desert, which can be very windy and there is a lot of airborne sand. The regular bag is too porous to catch the sand, and the fine bag clogs almost immediately. After talking to the factory, my conclusion is that this unit is not for dusty areas. Also, the unit won't climb curved steps (mine are) and it took two cleaning cycles to cover a 16x32 pool. If you live where leaves and debris are your problem, the 300 would probably work. But if you need to get the sand out on a daily basis, don't get this item....more info
  • Up Hill Battle
    I love my Roomba. Unfortunately the Verro 300 doesn't compare. It did a great job on the deep end of the pool, but never, no matter the timing adjustments we made, would return to the shallow end. I didn't keep it. Not worth $700.00 to only keep half the pool clean.

    ...more info
  • iRobot Verra - Very good overall
    I was looking for an automatic pool cleaner that didn't require hoses and potential clogging of the filter. This fit the bill. As a happy customer of Roomba, I decided to give this a try vs other competing products (e.g., Aquabot). Overall, the device performed very well - It got up all the debris including sand and small stones.

    My only slight negative is that it had a tendency to orient itself to clean more on the deep end than the shallow end, meaning that I had to run it on a few two hour cycles to get the pool fully covered. Also, in five cleanings so far it got stuck once on my staircase steps, but that might be an artifact of my pool design. Overall, however, so far I am very happy....more info