Cuisinart Advantage Non-Stick 10 Piece Cookware Set, Red

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Product Description

Cuisinart Advantage Nonstick cookware is modern cookware at its best--features provide the construction and convenience modern chefs seek and rich colored exteriors match all kitchen decors. Aluminum construction provides quick and even heat distribution. Exclusive Resilience premium nonstick interior allows for easy food release and healthy cooking options with less butter and oils. Silicone Easy Grip handles provide a secure grip and riveted handles stay cool on the stovetop. All pieces are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Cuisinart Advantage Nonstick cookware is modern cookware at its best--features provide the construction and convenience modern chefs seek and rich colored exteriors match all kitchen decors. Aluminum construction provides quick and even heat distribution. Exclusive Resilience premium nonstick interior allows for easy food release and healthy cooking options with less butter and oils. Silicone Easy Grip handles provide a secure grip and riveted handles stay cool on the stovetop. All pieces are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. This 10-pc. Set includes the following:8-in. Skillet 10-in. Skillet 1-qt. Covered Saucepan 2.5-qt.. Covered Saucepan3-qt. Covered Saucepan 6-qt. Covered StockpotAluminum heats quickly, cooks at an even temperature eliminating hot spots, nonstick interior provides lasting food release & easy cleaning, tempered glass covers allows you to view results while cooking, tight fitting lids seal in flavors, handles designed to provide a secure and comfortable grip, riveted stick handles stay cool on the stovetop.

  • 10 Piece Set includes: 1.0 Quart Saucepan with Cover, 2.5 Quart Saucepan with Cover, 3.0 Quart Saute with Cover, 10" Open Skillet, 8" Open Skillet and 6 Quart Stockpot with Cover
  • Cuisinart exclusive nonstick finish provides lasting food release, healthily cooking, and easy cleaning.
  • Handles are designed to provide a secure and comfortable grip. Riveted stick handles stay cool on the stovetop
  • Cookware is dishwasher safe for convenient cleaning
  • Glass covers allow you to view results while cooking. Tight fitting lids seal in flavors and nutrients

Customer Reviews:

  • coolware review
    The cuisinart cookware set in red is beautiful, the only complaint is that it is very light in weight. The other cuisinart that I have seen is very heavy duty. The price was great, but if the orginal price was $200 that would have been way too expensive for a lower end product....more info
  • medium weight, good for the price
    I paid $49 for this set on a Friday sale, and at that price it's a good deal. While the pans are not as heavy and durable as Circulon Commercial, they are comfortable to use, they cook evenly, and they clean up easily. The lids are excellent. The two large lids are interchangeable and fit the 10" skillet as well as the stockpot and saute pan. (Unlike a prior reviewer, I had no difficulty peeling off the stickers.)...more info
  • very good product
    I bought this set at $40 and was very pleased with this purchase. the bottom is flat enough for my smooth stove top and the sticker is very easy to remove as long as you remmove it before first wash....more info
  • Cuisinart Cookware Defended!
    I first found this deal on a HT board and knew that Cuisinart was an excellent brand so I ordered them. Before I received them I saw one or two reviews that they weren't as nice as others had expected. I was a little leary until mine arrived. I'm not sure if these people were professional chef's or what, but I bought these to replace a T-Fal set and I think they are WONDERFUL! They are a nice/fun color and the quality is just as high as the ones they replaced....more info
  • Great Value
    I bought this set when it was on sale during Christmas sale with free shipping (now it costs three times as much plus shipping). Quality-wise, it is not as good as brands like Anolon but it is still above average and does the job. We cook all the time and we had the same set which lasted many years. If the price drops again, I will buy another set as a gift for our friends or family....more info
    ...this is quality at it's finest for a very reasonable price...(has since happy i purchased when i did!)...more info
  • Well made
    Well made and the non stick is great, I would have given it a 5 star if it was not made in China....more info
  • Caveat emptor
    I am usually a big fan (and customer) of Amazon. But for some reason they think they can make up comparable retail prices. This is especially true in the kitchen area. They have knock offs of famous brands, or famous brands that have made a much cheaper version. Stupidly Sabatier, Cusinart and Corning are willing to damage their quality brand name to sell some extra sets. Don't be fooled. This isn't the stuff you are (should be) expecting. This set never sold anywhere for any prices near 260.00. It's a 39.95 set for ...well...39.95....more info
  • LOVE these pans!
    These are great non-stick pans! I can't believe how much I like them. However, these were replacing some pans that were 30 years old "hand-me-downs" and weren't non-stick, so I'm just excited about that in itself. Color is fun and vibrant!...more info
  • Cookware
    I bought this product for $49.99. I love this set. The only thing I wish is that the lids (once turned upside down) were more condusive to stacking on top of the pans without sliding off. Other than that, they are a great set of pans....more info
  • excellent--bought as gift
    bought it as a gift for my sister--she really liked it--excellent is her opinion as well as mine--good price....more info
  • All the Non-Stick Coating is Flaking Off!
    I received this as a gift, and while I loved it initially, it's now about to be returned to the store where my mom bought it for me.

    I don't cook with metal utensils or employ anything harsh to clean my non-stick cookware; yet, after a short period of use, the non-stick coating is flaking off two of my saucepans! I used each of them maybe once a week for the past three months, so there's no reason they should look like they're already years old. Thankfully, the store has agreed to accept a return, because Cuinsinart said all I could do would be to ship the pans back to the company so they could determine whether to repair or replace them under the "limited lifetime warranty." Why would I want to replace something that is obviously defectively made?

    When I seek out a new cookware set, I'll be looking for something of higher quality and not worrying as much about the price.

    That said, I did give this set one star for being attractive and including all the basic pieces....more info
  • In Heaven
    Got this for 39.99 Shipped. Excellant Quality. Love the price and honestly its great to get the rihie rich stuff but cruisinart is high on quality and reasonable in price!!...more info
  • YUCK
    Came waaaay after Christmas and it was quoted for Christmas delivery, not to mention it was shipped in a broken box stuffed with dirty newspaper. Never again from these people. ...more info
  • Good with this price
    In this price it is a good item. I am using it from last three weeks and did not see any problem. It is working as expected....more info
  • Very Pleased
    I was very pleased with this. I am very hard on cookware and don't like to spend a lot on it. I got this for 39.99 and was very pleased. Good weight, great teflon coating and also very attractive (added bonus). ...more info
  • Great pans
    I was lookin at a much more expensive set but decided to give these a try. I have been very pleasantly surprised. They seem well made, heat evenly and are a good weight. They have a thick non-stick coating that hasn't scratched despite my well-intentioned husband's best attempts to mangle them with metal kitchen implements. The silicone handles are truly magnificent! Now that I have had them I don't understand why any pan is made without them. I am definitely happy with this purchase....more info
  • Cuisinart 10 piece set
    I recieved my set today and am very pleased with it. I have a Wolf range with red handles so this set compliments the range well. They feel heavy duty with comfortable handles. I was concerned about some previous ratings in which it was claimed the stickers were so hard to remove. The first thing I did was try to remove these and they peeled off without any problems and certainly not having to soak them to do it. Previously my entire set was mismatched and this is such a broad improvement. I havent had time to test them out yet, but as of now, I am extremely pleased with them. ...more info
  • Great for the Non-Stick Fan
    If you are a non stick cookware fan this is a great set! I too had no trouble with stickers. The red color is nice, the non stick surface works great, the pans are heavy weight, padded handles are a super nice feature and the lids are heavy. Coming from a 10 year old T-fal set these are a serious upgrade. And my Friday sale price was 59.99, worth every penny!...more info
  • Good Deal
    I got mine overnight, even with the supersaver shipping! I like the set, and I think it is an excellent deal. I saw the same at Sears for $199.00...more info
  • Cuisinart 10 Piece Cookware Set Rocks!
    I bought this set because it was a good price. I did not think that I was going to be the happiest with the "red" color, but as it turns out, it is a deeper, richer color than the picture portrays. The pans feel nice and heavy (not as heavy as a much more expensive set) but very nice for the price I paid. The non-stick surface is just that - non-stick and easy to clean. The bottom of the pans is the part I like - there are no "hot spots" to burn my food as I am cooking. I do have a husband and teenaged son who are hard on things but so far these pans are standing up to their abuse. For the price, I would definitely recommend these....more info
  • YUCK
    Came waaaay after Christmas and it was quoted for Christmas delivery, not to mention it was shipped in a broken box stuffed with dirty newspaper. Never again from these people. ...more info
  • Cuisinart cookware, red
    I received my order in the allotted time and am very happy with the purchase. And got a GREAT deal on them. They are comparable in everyway to the same product in the retail stores, for 1/3 the price. Can't beat that....more info
  • Super set at a super price!
    I got this set for $39.99 with free super saver shipping. I had to wait awhile for it to get here, but with the free shipping that is more then fine. I loved the set right away. We took it out of the box I rinsed out a pot and started using it! The handles are longer then most, and the rubber grips on the handles are nice. The glass lids are sturdy and are interchangable with the different pots. They feel good and heavy. I have a new pot rack and the rest of the set is hanging on it. I didn't have anything that was worthy of it hanging on it, but these definately are!...more info
  • Great pans and pretty too!
    I recently purchased the Cuisinart cookware in red. They are not only great for cooking but they are pretty too. Heat is distributed evenly, nothing sticks, and they are easy to clean. I love them!...more info
  • Great Set!
    A great set of pots and pans! Let's see:

    (*) The surface is just like any other non-stick surface I used, except for the rivets that are not non-stick.
    (*) The rubberized handles are nice.
    (*) The glass lids are great, except that if the lid is hard, and you want to hold it upside-down in one hand while stirring the pans with the other hand so that the steam doesn't drip, the handle makes it hard to hold since they are not wide enough.
    (*) You can use them in the oven! However, at around 400 degrees, the handles get much more flexible than they should be, so I don't think I'll ever try baking in these pots and pans, despite the label on the box explicitly allowing me to.
    (*) The medium-dark red colouration is great!

    These a great for basic day-to-day cooking, and I don't regret bying this set at all. (Though because of the two shortcomings I mentioned above, the product only gets four stars.) Make sure to get some nylon spatulas, though!...more info
  • Great set at a great price
    I just received my cookware today. Can't wait to use it. The reviews I read before I ordered were very helpful in making my decision to buy. I had bought a different set from somewhere else and was not half as pleased as I am with these. Looking forward to many great meals using my new cookware. Goes great with my kitchen decor. Fast delivery. Thank you Amazon for having great name brand selections at reasonable prices....more info
  • I love this cookware
    This was an excellent value. These pots and pans are a little lighter than I would like but they heat up quickly and evenly. The lids are glass and fit well. Clean up is a breeze and red is my favorite color! I'm really pleased with my purchase....more info
  • Great product for the price at $40
    I bought this set when it was offered for sale at $39.99 by Amazon. It is a great set at that price, however, the price has risen to $149.00. I would be disappointed if I paid that much for it.

    I once thought that I would buy a more expensive set once my children grew up and left home but now that I'm older they are too heavy for me. This set is light enough not to aggravate the arthritis in my hands and sturdy enough to stand up to daily wear.

    The non-stick surface does a fantastic job and clean up is a breeze. ...more info
  • Good cookware
    Definitely worth the money. A nice set for the price. So far so good on the non-stick surface. Love the color!...more info
  • got a good deal in amazon
    i got a good deal on this cookware set. my wife liked it very much. she is planning to buy cookware set and i saw the cookware set in amazon and i ordered it. after receiving it, my wife is very happy with the quality of the set.
    ...more info
  • Poor quality
    I bought this non-stick set on Amazon's Friday sale at price $49.99. After I got the cookware set, they looks fine in red color. Ironically, the stickers on each non-stick pans are impossible to peel off. I soaked the smallest pan in warm water for several hours, it is still hard to remove it. After I scrub hard and remove part of the sticker,the glue left a white mark on the pan. What a non-stick cookware! Return it without using.
    ...more info
  • just perfect
    i did order this cookware set from amazon marketplace on good deal,i was sure that when i'll recieve it i'll find a problem with it bec. i didn't believe that it will be shipped new box from cuisinart itself as they said,but when i opened it i got surprised bec. it was perfect the colour,the material,the finishing and the package also.everything was ok even the shipping it took 6 days only....more info
  • Great basic set of pans...especially for the price!
    I purchased this set of Cuisinart pans for my Grandmother for Christmas this year. They were a "Gold Box Special" at 49.99 with free super saver shipping. Not a bad price for a 10 piece set! The glass lids, nonstick interior, silicone coated handles and red enamel color make this basic set definitely a keeper. My Gran was thrilled when she opened them! I washed them, put them away for her that evening and she had to show everyone how pretty they looked. ...more info
  • Wow, incredible price!!!
    Could not believe the price on this item. In fact, I ordered 2, one to give as a gift and one to keep. Great quality. Amazon is the best!...more info


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