Honeywell HHT100 HEPA Air Purifier

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Product Description

Over 99-percent Efficient at reducing airborne particles / Permanent Filter is easy to clean / Tower Style / Ionizer

  • Helps remove 99% of dust, pollen, smoke, cat dander, and mold spores
  • Permanent Lifetime HEPA Filter? is vacuumable (Low cosat - no experience. no filter to replace
  • Ionizer delivers extra cleaning power and helps freshen the air and Washable prefilter
  • Oscillating feature to disperse fresher, cleaner air **LED touch button controls with three speeds
  • Breakthrough technology for cleaner air with Electronic filter check indicator
Customer Reviews:
  • Very Pleased
    This is my first air purifier but I am very pleased even though I have nothing to compare it to.
    I am a smoker and my wife is not but I no longer have to open the door when I smoke I just sit near the purifier and we are both happy, lol,
    Also I live in Las Vegas such a dusty city in the deset and our apartment is so much cleaner now. I see the filter and have cleaned it once not because I had to just a personal preference.
    some may say there is noisy on high but really it is not bad, low and medium there is no sound at all. I just keep it on high because I smoke.
    I had a hard time choosing which model to buy but glad did not rush and picked this one. no filters to replace ionizer if I want, osilating if I want, I am very please would recommend it to anyone....more info