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Product Description

This is mind-expanding, on-the-go game play! The V-Smile Pocket turns game time into brain time by combining a video game platform with educational content in a portable learning system that goes anywhere or connects directly to the television for gaming at home. A truly unique way to approach learning, V-Smile is popular with both the most reluctant student and the most eager learner. The battery-operated pocket console, specially made for children ages five to eight years old, allows early school-age learners to play a variety of exciting and imaginative games anywhere they want. With popular characters to guide them through age-appropriate skill levels and developmental activities, children won't even realize they're learning essential lessons in language, math and science. Many brain-building V.Smile Smartridges are available (sold separately), including Cars, Shrek, Dora, Scooby, Thomas and more! Requires 4 "AA" batteries, included. Measures 14" x 11".

Who says education and fun don't go hand in hand? The portable VTech V.Smile Pocket Learning System combines video games and educational content for brain-building, on-the-go game play or connecting directly to a television at home. Specifically designed for children between ages five and eight, the Pocket V.Smile is a fun way to learn for both enthusiastic and reluctant students.

Built For Kids
The Pocket V.Smile's full-color LCD screen with a 320-by-240 pixel resolution competes with the "big kid" video game systems. A unique alternative to other systems, the V.Smile is built inside and out with young children in mind. The big buttons are made for a child's hands, and the games build skills in spelling, logic, counting, problem solving, phonics, and vocabulary. Kids get so engrossed with the V.Smile that they won't even realize how much they're developing their minds in language, science and math. Because they can carry the handheld device wherever they go, kids can learn and play independently while parents can rest assured they are providing something healthy, age-appropriate, and educational.

At Home Or On-The-Go
With the included A/V cable, the Pocket V.Smile hooks up directly to televisions as well, requiring no additional equipment. Not only does this option keep kids in one place and allow them to learn and play using a larger screen, but it also makes it easier for them to share the in the fun with friends and siblings -- even parents.

More Favorites
The Pocket V.Smile plays all the same "Smartridges" for the original V.Smile system. This learning system comes bundled with one Smartridge called Zayzoo My Alien Classmate, which teaches skills in math, shapes, time concepts, music, directions, English, and more. A wide selection of other wholesome video games are available separately, involving many favorite characters like Scooby Doo, Dora, Thomas, and Shrek. The Pocket V.Smile requires four "AA" heavy duty batteries (included); alkaline batteries are recommended for longer life and optimum performance.

What's in the Box
Pocket V.Smile, one Smartridge, A/V cable, wrist strap, manual, and four "AA" batteries.

A portable learning system that goes anywhere or connects directly to the television for gaming at home.

The battery-operated pocket console plays a variety of imaginative games, including all other V.Smile Smartridges.

  • Handheld learning system combines video games and educational content appropriate for young children
  • Works on the go and connects directly to televisions
  • Big buttons designed for children's hands
  • Includes 1 Smartridge, A/V cable, wrist strap, manual, and 4 "AA" batteries
  • Recommended for ages 5 to 8

Customer Reviews:

  • v. smile pocket
    I love this product for my 3 and 1/2 and 6 year old, my two year old
    even likes it, she just can't quite figure out how to play by the
    rules yet!!

    Only complaint, it drains batteries really fast, so rechargeable are
    best....more info
  • it a wonderful game and much more fun when my son have company because they learn to share and take turns.
    This game is very a dorable and i love it so much for my son,it actually keeps him counting,spelling and writing sentences. And i love it more when he say mommy what does mulitply mean, that way i gets to participate with his learning activity....more info
  • Wonderful Product Choice for your Child!
    Our 3 1/2 year old son loves this thing, and it keeps him occupied on long drives! It works great and easy to learn, and has some wonderfully bright and colorful graphics. Highly Recommended....more info
  • Screen size is much smaller on new version...
    I've had this portable machine for a few years, so durability was not a problem for me, but when I ordered a second one in 2009 I was shocked to see how different it was -- it's much smaller than the one I have and the screen went from 4" to 3" -- a big difference -- I'm disappointed -- I don't want my children straining to see this little screen, but we'll see how it goes......more info
  • We Love VSmile
    I bought a vsmile pocket for one reason only...trips to grandma's house. (She lives 3 hours away.) I compared the leapster and vsmile and my selling point was the games. The same games that fit the vsmile also fit the vsmile pocket and we already had a vsmile and a ton of games. It is a good system, but like I said we use it in the car and that is it, since they have the vsmile system there is no need for them to be burning up batteries playing it in the house. I really like vsmile and all their products but they seem to be cheaply made. Like we are constantly having to reset the vsmile system, but so far the pocket works well, and I bought it used. ...more info
    I have had three of these and most didn't work right out of the box! We also have the leapster and it works great! BUY THE LEAPSTER!
    ...more info
  • Son loves it.
    I love it. I put Willie in the cart with it and I can get my shopping done and he doesn't ask for anything. It is great. He is entertained outside the house when I am doing my boring errands and he is learning while he is playing. Love it......more info
  • My son loves this toy!!!
    I bought this toy for my son on his 6th birthday and it was a huge hit! He plays with it all the time, and it is perfect because it is very travel friendly. He already has the V-Tech learning system, it is really nice that the games can be used with either the system or the pocket system. We really love this toy, and what a deal. Not only was the price excellent, but it arrived at my house earlier than expected. Couldn't be happier....more info
  • Has Done Well
    My mother bought this for my 4-year-old son, who is now 6. He just got two new games for Christmas and still loves it. I did have problems with batteries, he played it so much I was either buying new batteries every few days or recharging them every night. Then I got the recharging pack for it. It is hard to get it to lock on to charge, but once that is done it just charges while he sleeps and then works for hours and hours again. There have been a couple of times when it would just blue screen, but my husband just took out the battery pack and rebooted it. Let me mention this handheld game has been dropped, thrown, kicked, dunked, and just about everything else, there's even spots were all of the color has been scraped off, and it's still running like it did when it came out of the package. I have read tons of reviews all over the net and agree with a previous reviewee that perhaps the Christmas rush caused some to be poorlly constructed, we had to wait until mid-January to get ours as the stores were all sold out....more info
  • Bought it for X-mas
    We got our son the console v-smile last year for X-mas he was 2 at the time and has played with it non stop. So this year we are getting the pocket .We have never had to replace the console ocasionally you have to unplug it an plug it back in but show me any elctronic device that dosen't have a quirk or two. We are actually looking forward to the 8-9 hour drive to grandma's house this summer with the v-smile pocket it's going to be great . Think about this to the parents that have both the console and the pocket,and complain about having to buy both ,you go on a long trip an your lil one wants to be able to play their games on the TV is it better to lug both systems around or just plug the pocket into the TV ? What if the pocket gets left behind at say grandma's house, well you still have the console at home to play till the next visit to get the pocket back. The pocket is great for travel but the console has advantages too like the A/C adapter no batteries to burn through at home. As well as the add ons like the gym mat, the keyboard, and the art pad. You can't exactly use those with the pocket version. So I highly recommend to buy Both the console and the pocket you'll be glad you did! I know we are! For education and fun V-tech has really done one heck of a job! BTW If you have the console system and are going to get the pocket the A/C adapter for the console works on the pocket!!!!!!! and the headphone jack is a real sanity saver!...more info
  • Hope you can afford to replace it every 6 months
    I have had to replace my sons darn thing every 6 months. And the home version about also. I say about because the first one lasted 4 months and the second one 8. So the average is six. He is not a toy destroyer either. He has a Nintendo DS and a Playstation 2. Both of them for years, and they aren't even designed for kids. I just like thse because he learns playing them, so he's limited on his PS2 and DS. I really like the concept but the quality really sucks. Now his Vflash, the new one from Vtech, died yesterday after we just bought him two more games for christmas. And their customer support really sucks so. ...more info
  • v. smile pocket
    I love this product for my 3 and 1/2 and 6 year old, my two year old
    even likes it, she just can't quite figure out how to play by the
    rules yet!!

    Only complaint, it drains batteries really fast, so rechargeable are
    best....more info
  • Lots of Fun, scratches easily
    This toy has been a life saver for long trips, doctor's office visits, boring trips to the grocery store, but you should know the screen scratches really easily. Also, the cases hold so few games. we have probably 12 or 13 games, all wonderful for teaching, but you can only get two or three in the carrying cases. that being said, my son loves this game, and it beats the heck out of the mindless video games that are the beginning of brain death. cute and educational, just wish the darned thing didn't get scratched so easily....more info
  • V.smile pocket
    We love this toy, however, this is our second one due to it not always working the way it should. It seems you have to use the "reset" button an awful lot. I think the concept of the game is great and the fact that you can use it in the car or hook it to your t.v. is wonderful. It is a great toy and our children really enjoy using it....more info
  • Very Dangerous!
    We bought two of these this year for my 3 year old and my 4 year old daughter's for Christmas. How disappointing was it for one to work out of the box but the second one to not work AT ALL!? Then after about an hour of my oldest daugther playing with hers it just stopped working. When my husband was trying to see what the problem may be he realized the rear, battery section was SUPER HOT. He opened it up and the batteries were MELTING!!! This appears to be a problem with the Vsmile Pocket's either not working at all or having a short. I'm not sure why they have not been recalled and fixed. I didn't check reviews on it before I bought it but had I, well, I would've went with the Leapster. Parents beware....more info
  • v tech learning system
    Although my 4 year old enjoys the games and originally bought this for my first son at 5 years, there was some sort of short with the cord and game. If they move when playing the game, it shuts off. I tried to return it to Target, but, it was over the time period for their return policy. I do not have confidence in buying this system or other products made by v tech.

    ...more info
  • Sure, Come Out With This After V-Smile...
    Yes, my son has the V-Smile and like 6 games. Yes, he loves it - plays it every day. Yes, it's actually teaching him things.

    So why am I irked that I'm buying him the Pocket version? BECAUSE, the Pocket can also be used on the T.V., so basically I paid for that feature twice: once for the original, once for the Pocket. You just KNOW they had the design and product ready before the started selling the original unit, so I just feel a bit [...]. Whatever.

    This is not stopping me from buying the Pocket unit, mainly because it's so darn useful for trips and visits and all that. Truth to tell, he gets sick of DVDs after a while, and no amount of songs on an iPod will keep him interested. But these games do, so...

    One thing: vTech, you had best keep the games coming for at least 3 more years (when he'll most likely upgrade to a DS like his mother), or you'll be hearing from me.


    ...more info
  • V-smile Pocket
    My son loves this toy. Hes five years old, and wanted a regular game boy. However, I felt that this product was more educational. I love the fact that you can use games from the regular v-smile in it and also that it's educational. He loves the fact that it's similar to a game boy. ...more info
  • Perfect game system for little ones
    We first purchased the V. Smile that connects to your TV. I am so glad the same games fit the pocket. THANK YOU VTECH! V. Smile Pocket is wonderful except for it eats batteries quick. If you purchased the pocket make sure you also get the power pack charger.
    My son & I both love the V. Smile Pocket. It recently helped a 13 hour road trip A LOT more pleasant....more info
  • Good, so far
    As a previous owner of a Vtech Smile system, I was leery about buying another one. The first system broke within 6 mos. of ownership. Even though numerous reviewers complained of the same problems with the pocket system as I had with the original system, I thought I'd take a chance, afterall, I had already invested in 5 game cartridges from the first system. To my horror, the game stopped working on Christmas night, after only a couple hours of play. I tried hooking it up the AC adaptor and still, nothing. I got out my paperwork as prepared for battle with the Vtech people. Just for the heck of it, I replaced the enclosed batteries, and it's worked fine ever since, even the adaptor, and the AV jacks that allow me to plug it into the TV. I'm keeping my fingers crossed....more info
  • Scratched up screen but still fun
    I read all reviews before buying and one review said they received with screen scratched. I thought how likely would that be to happen again. But lo and behold i received and with a large scratch across screen. I was going to return it but then with me paying postage and then of course i opened it up with the kids. They would have been crying so i just kept it. It worked just fine and it is so wonderful to keep in the car for daily trips, going to Doctor & especially fun for long trips. I bought it for a three and five year old and they both just love v-smile....more info
  • Buy the Leapster
    Beware of the V-Smile Handheld. I have owned two....the first one seemed to have some sort of short right out of the package. The second one seemed to work for a while, but now that it has been a year, it is no longer working at all. Meanwhile we've had the leapster for 4 years and it still works great. The Leapster feels much more sturdy, inserting and removing the discs in the V-Smile seems very iffy.
    ...more info
  • love this toy!
    My daughter got the console about a year ago and loved it so much that I bought her the "pocket" vesion for traveling. She played with it intermittently, but has recently started playing a LOT more. The games are very educational and right on her level. I don't have to worry about whether it's appropriate for her or not. We did/do have the issue w/ the the unit not turning on after replacing the batteries. I researched a solution and found 1) you take all the batteries out and hold down the "On" button for about a minute then 2) insert the batteries and it works fine. I don't know why this works, but it does....more info
  • Vtech
    This is great for going on trips however, the batteries do not last very long. My son likes playing it better hooked up to the television. Also when this arrived to us from this seller it was marked as "new" however, it had been opened....more info
  • Great
    my grandson loves this. his brothers have DS's and he is to young for one so i bought him this for Christmas. He is 3. definitely need the charger. it goes through too many batteries....more info
  • Do not buy it!
    My daughter got it for Christmas last year. It broke in two & half month. Such a waist!:-(((((( ...more info
  • Worth the money!
    We bought this for our 3 year old son and 2 years later he still plays it! What a great toy for roadtrips, eating out or visiting relatives. After about 2 years though, it's time to replace it. It malfunctions all the time and the batteries won't power it anymore. We will be getting his 3 year old brother a new one for Christmas because it is educational and entertaining for younger kids....more info
  • Great Concept, Great Games , Poor Quality
    I loved the concept of this toy, Teaching with games. But I bought both the v-smile and the v-smile pocket and have been disappointed. The quality of this toy is really bad. It lasted a few hours before turning off on its own. The home version of the system was a bit more resilient. It lasted a few months. Now I have to click on the "on" button a few dozen times before it works. The pocket version is just plain bad. I have had a lot of trouble getting it to work with batteries. I works better with the 9v wall adapter, unless you move a little then it resets itself. I bought my daughter a leapster for Christmas. Hopefully that one works better. Will post later on that one....more info
  • Vtech
    This is great for going on trips however, the batteries do not last very long. My son likes playing it better hooked up to the television. Also when this arrived to us from this seller it was marked as "new" however, it had been opened....more info
  • Very Nice Toy
    I bought this for my son who's 5 and he does enjoy it alot. Its very versatile and you can connect it to the TV and it works beautifully. The graphics are very good and the different games make it more interesting. I definitely see this as something he can use for years to come. ...more info


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