Cuisinart CPM-900 EasyPop Popcorn Maker, Stainless Steel and Red

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Product Description

The Cuisinart EasyPop Popcorn Maker puts the crunch back into homemade popcorn! Special vents in the popping bowl let moisture escape to keep popcorn crisp. Pops up to 10 cups in under 5 minutes, and keeps it healthier by letting you decide the type and amount of oil and salt you want. Operation is simple and cleanup is dishwasher-easy, so enjoy popcorn ??? plain, buttered, tangy cheese or caramel ??? anytime you want it, with Cuisinart. Elegant popping bowl with built-in ventilation and bowl cover Brushed stainless steel base with embossed logo Motorized stirring mechanism for better popping Aluminum in base of the popping plate ensures even heat distribution and unlimited popping cycles Popping complete in under 5 minutes Removable nonstick cooking plate with cool-touch handles Easy-to-clean parts; the bowl, bowl cover and popping plate are removable and dishwasher safe A healthy alternative to microwave popcorn ?? cup of kernels and 1 tablespoon of oil yield up to 10 cups of fresh popcorn Limited 3-year product warranty.

  • Popcorn maker with motorized stirring mechanism for better popping
  • Special vents let moisture escape to keep popcorn crisp
  • Removable nonstick cooking plate with cool-touch handles
  • Dishwasher-safe bowl, bowl cover, stirring stick, and popping plate
  • Measures 10-1/4 by 10-1/4 by 12-1/2 inches; 3-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Love the popcorn, machine could be built better
    We recieved this product as a wedding gift...and I LOVE popcorn. It was a little difficult at first to get the plate into the base, but once you get the hang of it it's fine. Now I must cook popcorn at least 3 times a week I've never experianced any of the problems mentioned about soggy corn or the turn arm breaking.
    However within a few uses the right locking feature on the base plate broke off. I called Cusinart who sent out a whole new item, but I still use the old one without any issues.
    I really enjoy the popcorn maker, I've had it about 6 months with almost daily use and other then the lock breaking have had no other issues.
    I use cheap Orvilleredenbacher popcorn and oil and I get fluffy popcorn everytime. Mmmmm Good.
    I typically hand wash both the hot plate and the lid. But have put both in the dishwasher with no issues. I'll see how this does in a year. If it goes bad, like some of the other reviews state, I'll just start using the replacement unit that the company sent. ...more info
  • Three strikes for poor design
    We have had three of these machines, with great hopes for each. The first was the older model with no vent holes. The motor on that one died in short order. The second and third units were the newer models with the improved bowl - a good example of listening to the customer. Unfortunately the electric connection from the heating element to the base is very poorly designed and of inadequate quality. On both the second and third units the plastic terminal covers broke, rendering the heating element useless. Considering that this is Cuisinart, that we bought them all through Williams-Sonoma, and the amount of negative feedback I am (now) seeing, it seems that Cuisinart really needs to go back to the drawing board....more info
  • Huge Disappointment!
    We bought this machine for the family for Christmas hoping it would be a healthier replacement than the microwave popcorn we were accustomed to. Knowing that Cuisinart is a great name, i assumed it would be a nice machine. How disappointing it was. We followed the directions to a "T" and the popcorn was rubbery, tasting of chemicals and it didn't make much at a time. I also was not happy having to add oil as this wasn't the healthier alternative we were seeking. Don't buy it!!...more info
  • Easy Pop - Yeah sure until it breaks!!!
    We've owned two and this one lasted less than 2 months before problems have crept up. At first I was impressed with the new design but now it takes a certain amount of black magic and jiggling to get the thing to heat up. How hard is it to design a heating element that will consistently heat up?...more info
  • Easy, fast and great popcorn
    I got this popper for Christmas and I have made popcorn in it every night since then. It works great. The popcorn is fluffy and tender and almost every kernel pops. (Out of a 1/2 cup of popcorn, I have counted only 5 kernels that have not popped.) I am not using any fancy gourmet popcorn - just the Kroger store brand white popcorn. I have a Whirly Pop stove top popper, and the popcorn is good, but it takes too much watching and turning of the handle. With this one, you can get your bowls, seasonings, etc. ready while the machine is stirring the popcorn for you. Then, when it's done, you just turn it over, season, and eat. I empty it out into other bowls because my husband and I half it up. With one tablespoon of oil and 1/2 cup of popcorn, it makes just the right amount for the both of us. I am very happy with this popper so far. After reading some of the other reviews about the popper, I was a little uneasy, but so far, this has been a great popper. I will say that you need to be careful when you attach the popping plate onto the base. They could have made it a little easier to line up and see where you are supposed to attach it, but now that I have it figured out, it goes on smooth as can be.

    UPDATE: I have now had this popcorn maker for almost 5 months, and we make popcorn on the average of 3-4 times a week. It has been perfect in operation and quality/consistency. I would not hesitate to recommend this product to anyone. It works great and I have had not problems with it at all....more info
  • Don't be fooled by the brand name...
    As many others had, I purchased this particular popcorn maker because I trusted Cuisinart to make a quality product. As have many others, I've discovered that Cuisinart is not to be trusted on name anymore because this product is DEFINITELY not up to their 'standards'. It makes great popcorn, I will give it a star for that. BUT, even with very cautious handling, a piece broke off inside mine also, WHILE it was popping corn! Luckily for me, I purchased mine at Williams Sonoma & they have the ABSOLUTE BEST customer service I've ever experienced! The sales associate confirmed to me that they've had many complaints regarding the very same issue with this machine. I received my replacement (free of charge) today but I will return this one as well if also breaks. The last one lasted about one month. If this one goes, I will request a return of my $ rather than a replacement & go in search of a better made popper. Shame on you, Cuisinart, for outsourcing & consequently delivering grossly inferior products to loyal customers!...more info
  • whats all the hiip about
    you have to experiment with the popcorn maker to really find that happy meduim thats going to suite to tastes, just right amount of oil and seasoning makes a good theatre style popcorn.but never cook more than the recommmended quanity always use the proper measurings of popcorn, but your able to ajust measuring of seasoning and oil oh and it will burn your popcorn always stay with it till done popping is finished and turn over popcorn maker as soon as its finished popping so it won't burn i give this item a 2 and 1/2 stars....more info
  • Good Popcorn!
    UM... I have read all the comments and I have to say I was a little scared cause I read the comments after I purchased my machine before it came to the house. All I have to say is what is wrong with you folks? Ramming pieces together and jamming stuff...I guess if you have trouble seeing or you are a gorilla with huge may have a problem operating this machine! LOL.... There is nothing wrong with this machine... the arm looks a little flimsy but honestly if you break the arm you are a mess it's not made out of tissue paper! I think that the popcorn it makes is very crispy and very good consistancy, and until I get the popcorn I ordered online I am using microwave popcorn warmed in the microwave for 35 seconds so that the butter melts down...and it's still great! I also put my parts in the dishwasher...they came out great.... if you are very clumsy or have 5 thumbs on your hand dont get this one...LOL...more info
  • turkey
    This machine makes fabulous popcorn with only 1 tsp of evoo and the full included measure cup of corn. It is light and crispy. Cleans up in the dishwasher great. THAT SAID:

    I bought it 9 December 2008. I have used it four times, and its broken for the fifth. Something broke off inside the base unit. I never dropped it, or abused it, or put the heater element on wrong. It just stopped working. I bought it because it was a cuisinart and now I am thoroughly disappointed.

    We'll see what customer service does. I am calling them tomorrow....more info
  • The biggest disapoinment ever
    I only used this poper 3 times and the inside fell apart .it does not heat up nor does the stir spin.Of course I ordered it online and to return it would make it even more exspensive.I am giving it 1 star but I don't really think I should....more info
  • Horrible product
    This is a horrible product. We used it once. Two days later, the pieces would not fit together properly....more info
  • Simply Does Not Work
    The first Cuisinart Easy Pop I purchased broke after just one usage. The metal plate stopped heating. I exchanged it for another one, and to my disdain, the second one did the same thing after three usages. The product claims to be dishwasher safe. My guess is that it isn't. ...more info
  • Makes good (not great) popcorn - but I've been through 2 now and Customer Support STINKS
    I gave this unit 1 star because in the course of a few of months I've had two now that have broken. Here's how it works when it breaks: you call customer support, they give you attitude, grill you as if you've done something wrong, they charge you $10 to ship the replacement unit and then you have to ship the broken unit back - so ~$20 to get a replacement for something under warranty. What breaks? There are 3 main pieces to the unit: the plug-in base, the heating element, and the bowl. The heating element detaches from the base, a very nice feature, but after about a month on the first unit the handles and clip that attach to the base broke. After another couple of months on the replacement the heating element stopped heating.

    From a looks and *appearance* of built quality I'd give this unit 5 stars. But I think even with the vents in the top it still retains a little too much moisture. I think this keeps the popcorn from being as light as it could be. This is what I mean by good, but not great popcorn.

    I've tried a lot of poppers over the years and I've learned that good popcorn matters a lot. My favorites are from [...] and Paloma De Colores (sometimes amazon sell this). Also, I've made my best popcorn with a whirly pop and just a pot on the stove. Problem with the whirly pop is they're a pain to clean and gets "icky" after a while, problem with the pot is that it's "interactive" (you have to shake it).

    It's a nice looking appliance, the 3-piece design is a good idea, you can legitimately put what needs to be cleaned in the dishwasher. But you can easily double the cost of the unit in paying for shipping of replacements and you'll have to deal with very poor customer support. I'm now searching again......more info
  • NO more microwave popcorn for us.....EVER!!!!!!!

    I am a pocorn FANATIC... have always had mircowave popcorn, but always LOVED movie popcorn. I recently ran across this item and becoming tired of having stale tasting mircowave popcorn, I gave this a try. WOW!!! This makes the best popcorn I ever had! I read reviews, and do admit, you MUST be VERY careful when replacing the base or you two heating element pins will damage the black inserts when re attached. SLOW & STEADY is the key. I have made popcorn 7 days in row with this thing and it ROCKS!!! easy.. 2 teaspoons or so of coconut oil, your kernals, and don't forget to throw in the seasoning salt in there too in the mix (key to the salt sticking to the popcorn) and three minutes later... WOW.. the best popcorn you can have at home. It sure beats having a MAMMOTH popcorn machine in your house, that gets really dirty and smoky, which is a hassle to clean. This is a easy and nice alternative to other. Heck... for the price.. and what you get.. you cannot go wrong. REMEMBER...ingredients are the key! You will not regret this purchase! I LOVE IT!! oh... one more this I use to top it off and set the popcorn out of this world...... butter topping!!! Do some searching and you'll be making movie theater popcorn at home in no time... TRUST ME!!!!!

    Gotta go... I think my popcorn is ready!!...more info
  • Cuisinart Popper= junk!
    I bought this just a few months ago, and used it 5 times maybe and already its broken. There is a small black piece on the base and when you put the popping bowl into place it should move well one time it didn't and the black part broke and although the popcorn maker's mixing arm still works it won't heat up. While they are sending me a replacment judging by the reviews it won't be any different. The popcorn is tough as well very crunchy....more info
  • Worst. Popcorn. Popper. Ever.
    I've decided recently to not eat microwave popcorn (too salty and buttery to me) and went back to popping it on the stove top. Not wanting to needlessly put wear and tear on my ceramic stove, I purchased this popper.

    First time I used it the popcorn was tough to chew. The whole thing was a pain in the butt to clean also, I mean why make the bowl so intricate? It's like cleaning a bundt pan each time you want popcorn!

    I use powdered seasoning and it all goes on the sides of the bowl instead of the popcorn. I even tried transferring it to another bowl and putting the seasoning on that way - still went everywhere but the popcorn.

    I just popped some on the stove, and it's delish! This popper is going back. For $[...], I expected way more than what Cuisinart delivered....more info
  • I give up!
    I first purchased the Cuisinart Popcorn Maker about a year ago, and we really liked it for popping one or two bowls, but when we started having "movie night" with our four grandchildren, it would overheat before we could make enough to go around. Then about a month ago, we were trying to make popcorn when the heating unit burned out. I thought this was a fluke, so I ordered a second one. This time we couldn't even get the machine to heat up enough to pop one bowl. This popper cost way too much to be so difficult and unreliable. I do not recommend it....more info
  • The one among many..
    We've had several various makes of poppers over the years and all fell below expectations except for this one.
    Cuisinart got it right! Easy to operate, easy to clean, excellent results with few 'old maids'.

    My only 'added' comment would be to advise the use of top-shelf pop-corn. We have excellent results, for instance, with Orville Reddenbacher (sp) corn.

    ...more info
  • Really great popcorn popper
    My family and I love this popcorn popper. Not only does it look attractive on the countertop, but it is fun to watch the popcorn pop too!! The popcorn is delicious and the popper can go directly into the dishwasher for easy cleanup. I would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • A great idea, poorly executed.
    I got this popcorn popper as a gift for my wife, who regularly fixes popcorn as a snack. This product looks great in the store -- solidly built, with a steel base, a heating surface that separates from the base and that is dishwasher safe, a cover that becomes a popcorn bowl, and an auto shutoff feature to prevent burning. And its made by Cuisinart! What's more, it makes great popcorn... for as long as it lasts -- which in our case was two days.

    The heating surface and the base are poorly designed, so that it is not easy to get them to mate together. The prongs on the heating surface have to be placed in slots in the base that you cannot see when trying to fit the two pieces together. In addition, the red cap you place over the steam vents on the cover/bowl before turning it over doesn't fit well and has to be forced into place -- so you place the heating surface on the base imperfectly, mash down the red lid onto the cover to get it to fit, and voila! You've broken the prongs on the heating surface and snapped off a piece inside one of the slots in the base.

    It's a shame, because I have the feeling looking at this thing that with a little more thought and a little different design it could have been a terrific product. As it is, it's an enormous waste of money. Do yourself a favor and buy either a Stir Crazy or a Whirley-Pop -- we've now got both, and either one works better than this design disaster....more info
  • Looks good, Acts badly
    Beautiful looking, and if you only want one popper full you would like this appliance. Making a second popper full is nearly impossible. Getting the hot plate back on the base is difficult. The blades that conduct heat are fragile. I am on my second heating element. This it the most dissapointing appliance I have ever bought. I bought because of the name, thought it would be great... ...more info
  • Does not perform to Cuisinart reliability
    I purchased this product specifically because it was sold by Cuisinart. The first six or seven times it was fine, after that a crack on the spinning plate part caused the rivets to seperate. This made the whole thing unsafe to use. Tried to order another plate and I am waiting now for about seven months with no plate available. I would hope to be able to buy parts for it soon, but I would not buy another one of these new because there is no customer support to speak of. ...more info
  • turkey
    This machine makes fabulous popcorn with only 1 tsp of evoo and the full included measure cup of corn. It is light and crispy. Cleans up in the dishwasher great. THAT SAID:

    I bought it 9 December 2008. I have used it four times, and its broken for the fifth. Something broke off inside the base unit. I never dropped it, or abused it, or put the heater element on wrong. It just stopped working. I bought it because it was a cuisinart and now I am thoroughly disappointed.

    We'll see what customer service does. I am calling them tomorrow....more info
  • The biggest disapoinment ever
    I only used this poper 3 times and the inside fell apart .it does not heat up nor does the stir spin.Of course I ordered it online and to return it would make it even more exspensive.I am giving it 1 star but I don't really think I should....more info
  • Poor Quality Popper
    I received this popper as a gift for my birthday 2 months ago and at most have used it a dozen times. I went to use it today but could not get the heating element to connect to the base. I found that some plastic piece had broken off inside making it now impossible for the parts to go together. I came to Amazon to see about getting a new one and was shocked (but now hardly surprised) to find that many others have had issues with the popper also. I, too, associate the name Cuisinart with quality but this popper is lame! I found the reviews extremely helpful because now I know that I didn't break the popper--it was just waiting to break!! Also, it's not worth the effort to replace it and I'll just look for something else!! I would not recommend this product to anyone!!...more info
  • Older Model of This Popper
    We have an older model of this popper that does NOT have a removable lid on top and it makes terrible popcorn. I think this is the model that people are complaining about. It is very chewy. Perhaps this new improved model works better but I am afraid to try. ...more info


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