The Attachment Parenting Book: A Commonsense Guide to Understanding and Nurturing Your Baby
The Attachment Parenting Book: A Commonsense Guide to Understanding and Nurturing Your Baby

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Is it OK to sleep with your newborn baby? How old is too old for breastfeeding? These questions and more are answered in this latest addition to the Sear's Parenting Library. Attachment Parenting encourages early, strong, and sustained attention to the new baby's needs and this book outlines the steps that will create the most lasting bonds between parents and their children. Practical and inspirational, this book, the heart of the Sear's parenting creed, is a necessity for every new parents' bookshelf. William Sears, M.D., and Martha Sears, R.N., are widely regarded as North Americas foremost baby and childcare experts and have had success with their previous 16 books addressing parenting issues. William Sears, M.D., is a contributing editor to Parenting and Baby Talk magazines, as well as the web site. The most-frequently asked parenting questions from this site have now been compiled into four easy-to-read FAQ books: The First Three Months, How To Get Your Baby to Sleep, Feeding the Picky Eater, and Keeping Your Baby Healthy.

Customer Reviews:

  • very readable
    I really enjoy this book! I had never heard of attachment parenting until I ran across other Sears books on Amazon. I hesitated to buy it because some of the other Sears books had very mixed reviews and some readers felt that the Searses were biased in favor of the traditional stay at home Mom/co-sleeping/breastfeeding model of parenting. That is basically what I have been doing with my third baby (a three month old-- and the brother to a 15 year old and 22 year old!)but didn't know that I was following a parenting model. I have actually been unknowingly practicing some form of attachment parenting with all three of my boys, especially with the last two. A few reviewers of Dr. Sears books with similar subject content express feeling that the bias disregards all other parenting styles and insinuates that working mothers are not giving their all to their children. Reading the book carefully, I found this simply to be untrue. The authors are describing a model of parenting that applies to parents with many different circumstances. It is clearly expressed in the book that attachment parenting is an excellent parenting style for working mothers as well as the traditional stay at home Mom. It is strongly advised that breastfeeding is best for baby all around and that it deepens the mother-child bond. I believe that mothers should choose what is comfortable for them, but I personally have experienced a deeper bond with my second child whom I breastfed much longer that I did my first child. The principles here are flexible and flexibility is at the core of parenting. I don't find much bias in the book, and there are some wonderful ideas on how to deal with all personality types of babies. It is a good book all around, and I think a reader can take the best it has to offer and implement that with the best of other books by different authors. I am pleased with this book and would advise readers to consider it with an open mind and an open heart....more info
  • Great general guide to attachment parenting
    This book is perfect for those interested in learning more about the wonderful philosophy of attachment parenting. While other books by Dr. Sears are more comprehensive, this is a great way to become familiar with his ideals. I recommend all of his books to new parents above any other author on the subjects of babies and parenting, and believe me, I have read them all!...more info
  • Attachement Parenting = Parenting with love - unselfishly!
    I have not read this book but by reviewing it see that there is a description of my parenting method - about to have my second child, I am registering for this and many other books. I have had to battle with other parents against my methods - dropping my child off at Sunday School, I would not leave him to cry - I sat off in the corner of the class for a few weeks so he knew I was there, I would show up the next week and other parents again would say just leave him to cry, "Baby Wise" parents, I would not and had some parents mad at me for my insistance to stay with my child - now, he can't wait to get out of my arms to play and go to Sunday School or anywhere I leave him - he is very confident and happy and when I pick him up I now get remarks that he is the happiest, friendliest, most loving child... he is very emotionally stable, secure, confident, outgoing and extremely independent at 20 months old - I am an absolute advocate for Attachment Parenting!...more info
  • Okay, but duplicate material from Sears' The Baby Book
    A good concise book, but you can find most of the same material in the Attachment Parenting chapter in Sears' The Baby Book, a much more comprehensive book of the same price....more info
  • I agree with P. Henderson of New York
    Yes, it is many of his books in one. However, this did go into each topic in more detail. The stories of AP situations was encouraging. I did miss the wonderful illustrations of the other books though....more info
  • Full of Great Information
    I'm a big fan of all of the Sears books, this was no different. Wonderful and reaffirming to read. Great for all parents!...more info
  • This book is great for first time moms...
    I really enjoyed reading The Attachment Parenting Book. I found it full of useful information for how to handle the first few months of my baby's life. Although I don't necessarily agree 100% with everything in the book, I found the information presented to be quite convincing and written in a way that let's you come to your own conclusions about what is best for your baby. Mrs. Sears does a great job of making you feel like you are the best judge of your baby's needs and gives you confidence to trust your insticts as mother (and father).
    I recommend this book to any parent to be (or parent of a newborn)....more info
  • I wish the generation before us had this info!
    Wow! If parents are reading this review and/or are shopping for a parenting book, then it must mean they care to learn about different parenting styles to meet what's best for their family. This book is it. It gives parents a natural perspective when searching for the right way of parenting. It really will help the new or veteran parent make the right decisions for their baby versus making the right decisions for society or their job, etc. Please read this book and give your child the best, a nurturing parent....more info
  • Great parenting book
    This & all the books in the Dr.Sears parenting library are wonderful! Very helpful with caring, smart ways to make parenting easier. You can really tell that the authors enjoy thier work & being parents themselves....more info
  • Loved the book!
    The Baby Bs of Attachment Parenting guided me when I needed reassurances and information about choices my husband and I already made. While this book explains the importance Baby Bs, such as breastfeeding, babywearing and co-sleeping (if you doubt its safety read this book), it also recognizes that not all Bs fit every family. You have to customize the advice to fit your family's needs. (There is actually a page with tips for AP friendly bottlefeeding.)

    The Attachment Parenting Book also addresses discipline somewhat, which should NOT be mistaken as the let-your-child-have-everything approach. And the book warns against moms burning out, telling moms to take care of themselves, take breaks, involve the dads, etc.

    This book is great to begin reading before the baby is born or when the baby is tiny, but can be enjoyed at any point up to and into toddlerhood, if you need guidance. I read this book when my child was one year old because I had co-sleeping concerns. This is the only Sears book I read, and now I wish I had read more! I love the Sears' values....more info
  • This book confirms that your parenting instincts are right.
    Every parent has been told "don't hold the baby too much, you'll spoil her". This book confirms that the instinct of most parents-- to hold a baby who wants to be held-- isn't going to "spoil" or in any other way hurt your child's development. Dr Sears' common-sense approach to parenting is reassuring to new parents (like me) who want to go with their gut feelings and ignore the well-meaning advice of those around them....more info
  • Bland, but good summary of attachment parenting
    Ok, I say get the Baby book, written by the same author(s) that gives you 5x more information than this book does.
    This book is bland, and limited to some, albeit sound information that is a no-brainer for most actively involved parents.
    Still, if you want a short read, this is definitely a good summary of attachment parenting. ...more info
    I am so glad I read this book while pregnant...It has been the backbone of mine and my husband's parenting styles. Attachment parenting works! My own 5 month old is proof. She is happy, thriving, and so much fun. This book really helped me to know to follow my instincts and gave me the confidence to ingore people who said I was spoiling my child because I picked her up when she cried and attended to her needs. My daughter is not at all spoiled...she doesn't cry much and isn't clingy at all. Because I read this book and decided to Attachment Parent her, she trusts me and doesn't have to cry and cry to test me. She knows if she needs me I'll be there. Dr. Sears is wonderful. I have never met him but this book had been so wonderful for family. I know that my reading this book will surely benefit my daughter during her entire life!...more info
  • THE Attachment Parenting resource
    I found The Attachment Parenting Book by Dr. and Martha Sears to be an outstanding resource, both for myself and for the "grandparents", who are a little critical of our parenting style! The tone is not at all judgemental, so that you feel comfortable taking the ideas that you like and leaving those who don't work for you, even though a convincing case is made, in my opinion, for breastfeeding, babywearing, sleep sharing and responding to baby's cries. Clearly and concisely written, this book is a must-read for all new parents, especially those interested in attachment parenting....more info
  • Wonderful book! Complete opposite of Baby Wise
    I feel sorry for my friends who got sucked into the whole Baby Wise theory. This type of parenting made my life so easy. The book is really a good book and gives parents confidence to follow their instincts. Babies do NOT need to cry anything out. They are not manipulating you!! They are babies. If you are struggling with sleep or just struggling being a new mommy, give this book and method a try. It has been wonderful for our family....more info
  • A Big Disappointment
    When I received this book after ordering it from, I was shocked at what a small, thin book it is. This book is really more like the size of a booklet or as one previous reviewer said, it is more like just a rehash of a single chapter from his bigger books. I didn't learn anything new from it that I hadn't already read in "The Baby Book" and his other books. I feel like Dr. Sears is trying to wring every last penny out of parents by repackaging his previous book *chapters* into book after book after book. I got much more out of 'Attachment Parenting' by Katy Alison Granju. It is the book I give as a baby gift to every pregnant friend and new parent....more info
  • a book all parents need to read
    i work with people who use drug and some times the state may take their children because of this and this book helps me help them to be better parents the state is also doing trainings about attachment parenting in new york so i thank you for this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • A rebuttal to criticisms of Dr. Sears
    In response to various criticisms of Dr. Sears's books being autocratic and unscientific, it seems to me a little "projecting" is going on. The one main thing Dr. Sears states time and time again in his books is that if at anytime you start to feel resentful of how AP is affecting your personal time or relationship, stop and reevaluate and change things. What he discusses in his books and makes very clear is that this is an IDEAL. To use an unrelated example, the more servings of fruits and vegetables one has the better, with 7-10 servings being ideal. It is unlikely the average American consumes this amount, but would anyone argue that this is beneficial?

    I read this book when I was pregnant and was all primed and eager to institute every suggestion to its optimum. As it turned out, my child's personality required nothing less than AP. However, I could not "wear" my baby as much as I would have liked due to back strain. He did sleep in our bed, but that was because it was convenient for me, and I was able to get the best sleep that way. I did not continue to feed him through the night after 6 months, though, because I wanted some sleep, and he didn't really need it nutritionally. Listening to Dr. Sears, I did what felt right and made me feel least resentful, and I weaned him from nightfeedings with the help of my husband (also a Dr. Sears suggestion). I also weaned him to sleep beside our bed, rather than in it, when it became too uncomfortable. None of these things were difficult to do because it was just a natural progression. I think the main point Dr. Sears is trying to get across is get in touch with YOUR child. Pay attention. Trust your instincts, not some experts' generalization. He, of all people I'm sure, would agree that applies to him as well.

    As for there not being any scientific facts to prove that the AP approach is a better approach. Just engage your brain. Which would you have rather had as a child: A caring, involved parent or an efficient nanny?...more info

  • a great parenting style
    I was first introduced to attachment parenting from an excerpt in a book here on amazon, and then shortly after my daughter was born I went to our local library and came across a book called "Attachment Parenting". I quickly read it and have been hooked on this parenting style ever since. Dr. Sears wrote the forward for this book, and that's how I tracked down his own AP book. It's a wonderful and interested read punctuated by personal stories and experiences, which I find more useful sometimes than studies. The reasoning behind this parenting style makes so much sense and I love that they approach the subject with flexibilty. It's not an all or nothing approach....more info
  • Attachment Parenting is the ONLY way to parent.
    I can't say enough about this book, and ANY book written by Dr. Sears. The Attachment Parenting philosophy should be the ONLY one ever practiced by any parent - loving, nurturing, natural. No abuse or neglect (CIO), encouragement in bed sharing and baby wearing, there's simply no better way to show a baby they are loved and secure. I recommend this book as well as any by Dr. Sears. I have raised four children using these principals, and they are all wonderful little people who will grow up to love their babies in the same manner. Awesome....more info
  • Thank you
    As a new mother you want to go with your instincts but with so many people dying to give their opinions it can make you second guess yourself. I read this book over a couple week period usually chapter by chapter. Each time I had to put the book down I patted the book, nodded my head and said Thank you. Really. I felt confident about my natural instinct to practice attachment parenting to my newborn daughter. I highly recommed it....more info
  • I loved this book!
    This book is what every parent needs. I always enjoy Dr. Sear's books, and this is no exeption....more info
  • Wonderful book
    Dr. Sears and his wife Martha have been my salvation. Their loving approach to parenting is like the voice in your head you know you should listen to. The book is written with sincere and trusted strategies anyone can use and is fun to read....more info
  • Attachment Parenting - its only natural
    Found this book just before my baby was due and I already had ideas about how I wanted to be with my baby and could never understand how people could put their babies in cots in another room from them it never seemed natural and this was further confirmed when my baby was born. This book gave a name to something I think should be natural for most parents and the book helped reinforce that what I was doing was the best for my baby as I had suspected. It also helped me realise that peoples unhelpful comments should be ignored. The book covers various aspects of attachment parenting from co-sleeping to baby wearing. It recognises the needs of a new born baby to be with its parents but the book never preaches and contains sections which help with problem solving. Best of all the book recognises that at the end of the day, parents should do what feels right for them and that they should never make themselves unhappy if certain aspects arent right for them and recommends other solutions....more info
  • I wish I would have read this book earlier!!!
    I spent the first month of my son's life feeling guilty and anxious that I was hindering his development by holding him, sleeping with him and tending to his cries. The "experts" had upset my belief in my own intuition. Even the nurse at the hospital told me I was holding him too much. After reading Dr. Sears' book, I feel 100% times better. Basically it told me that not only was it ok to parent the was I wanted to but it was even good for my baby and our relationship!!! I wish I could buy this book for everyone I know....more info
  • A good overview for those about to become parents
    I am the attachment parent of two children, ages 2 and 5 weeks old! I actually learned most about attachment pareting from the book "How Breastfeeding spaces babies" by sheila Kippley, and from the Le Leche Leage breastfeeding handbook. I have given copies of The Attachment parenting book to many friends who are about to have children because it is an excellent explanation of AP and gives some good guidelines without being pushy. I would recommend it to anyone who is unfamiliar with AP or who is about to have a new baby! Some reviewers have complained that it is too repetitive. I would contend that it is repetitive because it is trying to debunk the myths about child rearing that are so pervasive in our self-centered society....more info
  • Good recommendations, but exasperatingly repetitive
    I have a ten-month daughter, and do virtually everything recommended
    in this book. I agree completely with Dr. Sears' methods, and I'm
    very grateful to his wife and him to the effort expended expounding
    these views.

    However, the book itself is maddeningly repetitive and banal. How
    many times must it repeat nostrums like "Do what works for you" or
    "Trust your instincts"? I expected, at least, some solid discussion
    about current research into this area, but the book only had links to
    the associated web-sites ...
    However, on the web-sites, I was pleased to see full references to
    recent research, and discussion thereof. Skip the book and browse the
    sites instead. - Rujith....more info

  • Don't misinterpret the meaning of attachment parenting...
    I have noticed by reading a few of the negative reviews for this book people are misinterpreting "ap" as letting your child "rule the roost" and have no boundaries. That is absolutely untrue! The premise of attachment parenting is to follow those instincts that are innate to every parent! I did not, by any means, rub my choices in anyone's face, but because I did practice AP I received a lot of flack from strangers, family members, coworkers etc. It's like the concept intimidated them! My children have strict rules and guidelines and are extremely respectful. They also share better than most children their age and I am a firm believer it is because of the way they are raised. Through attachment parenting we have provided a POSITIVE, well structured environment where both children and parents live in harmony. We don't have to get stressed out as parents screaming and yelling, or setting rigid guidelines because of the mutual respect we share for one another. This book is worth the reading. If not for anything simply "step outside" of our box here in North America and look at how other cultures raise their most of them attachment parenting is a familiar concept....more info
  • The Attachment Parenting Book: A Commonsense Guide...
    This book does a grave diservice to competent, responsive parents that are highly attuned to their children's needs.

    Because it uses a new label, "Attachment Parenting", it has created an "air of superiority" among new parents today. This "new" concept is no different than the "bonding-responsive-parenting" of the 1980's and 1990's.

    Yes, I am the parent of a daughter born July, 1989, and a son, born July 1992. I consider myself highly responsive to my children in every conceivable way. They are two very distinctly different individuals, even though they were parented in very similar ways, ie. highly responsive to their individual needs. My peers envy the relationship and connection that I have to my children. My daughter and son have also consistantly scored "highly superior" on independant and standardized tests. Neither child slept in our bed as a newborn, but they were within close proximity for us to respond to their needs on THEIR schedule.

    Some new parents that I know today, consider this book, and the author, THE expert on childcare, and anything less than this philosophy is not optimal or responsible parenting.

    I agree 100% with the reviewer that brought up the fact that this author has written numerous books that are repetitious, that many feel they must buy, or if they don't, they are inadequate parents.

    Shame on this author for taking advantage of new, insecure parents who only want the best for their babies.

    This author did not footnote scientific evidence for his beliefs.

    My background??? I am a R.N. with 25 years pediatric and nursery experience. My husband is an OB/GYN M.D....more info

  • I wish all new parents-to-be would read this book
    I have just one thing to say. I wish all mainstream parents out there would read this book if for nothing else than to learn that there *are* other parenting tools and methods out there other than yelling and letting kids cry themselves to sleep and "sleep training". There are gentler, more respectful ways to parent and theis books touches on them all. Love it....more info
  • The attachment parenting book
    The most informative book on baby beginnings I have ever read !
    Our western society is missing it completely!!...more info
  • Commonsense is right
    I appreciated having my instincts validated by the Sears. This book takes all the vague ideas I've had about parenting and lays them out in an easy, readable, and sensible way. ...more info
  • Well put together
    Another hit by Dr. Sears and his wife. This book puts all the basics down about AP in an easy to understand format that's easy to read. It's not too long and scientific either. For the scientific approach to attachment in general, I recommend John Bowlby's "Attachment"....more info
  • Good overview book of AP
    This book is a good overview of Attachment Parenting. It is true as others have pointed out that much of the book's content is also covered in past Dr. Sears books. However this book is especially useful as a good overview of AP....or as a gift to a new mother or mother-to-be who has never heard about AP...or to give to grandparents or family members who don't understand why you are raising your child in an AP manner. I feel that my money was well spent by buying this book....more info
  • Attached and Loving It!
    This book gave my husband and I the confidence to follow our hearts rather than the well-meaning albeit but misguided advice of friends and family. Prior to the birth of our son I whole heartedly agree with "crying it out" and other methods touted by baby trainers. However after his birth, we quickly realized that we could not use such heartless methods and began looking at attachment parenting. Dr. Sears encourages parents to trust their instincts which often have a biological basis. This book changed my perspective about babies and parenting. I am so glad that I read this book early on. If you are a new parent or parent-to-be I encourage to read this book and visit Dr. Sear's website ( info


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