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From the unique vantage point of 200 miles above Earth's surface, we see how natural forces - volcanoes, earthquakes and hurricanes - affect our world, and how a powerful new force - humankind - has begun to alter the face of the planet. From Amazon rain forests to Serengeti grasslands, Blue Planet inspires a new appreciation of life on Earth, our only home.

The IMAX film Blue Planet offers an eloquent reminder--and a cautionary warning--that the planet Earth is a delicate living organism, constantly reshaped and rejuvenated by the awesome forces of nature. The film targets a grade-school audience but will prove informative to anyone fascinated by our home planet's evolution. Hurricanes, glaciers, volcanoes, thunderstorms, asteroid impacts, undersea furnace vents, and earthquakes are all explored as a system of interconnected forces that ensure the planet's survival. The difference between this and other nature films is that the Earth's delicacy is emphasized by stunning views from space, filmed in the IMAX format by NASA astronauts in orbit 200 miles above the Earth's surface. With astonishing clarity, this orbital perspective supports the film's ultimate purpose: to reveal the awesome beauty of the Earth, and to emphasize that we, the custodians of this miraculous gift, are also the greatest threat to the planet's delicate health. Proof of man's destructive influence offers a sobering reminder that our responsibility toward nature is perpetual, essential, and routinely abused.

Blue Planet combines state-of-the-art sound and image, principally directed by Ben Burtt, the Oscar-winning sound designer whose credits include the original Star Wars trilogy. No home-theater system could do full justice to the film's technical achievement, but the sights and sounds of Blue Planet are awesome nonetheless, and it's impossible to overstate the importance of the film's message and its hopeful emphasis on the potentially wondrous future of our one and only home. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • Utterly Amazing
    For anyone that was left with a HD DVD player this is one thing you want to get before it sells out. Breathtaking video in the best available quality!...more info
  • Very nice to show off the HDTV
    Very good show, great IMAX like experience on a 73" Mitsu HDTV, looooove that Blu-Ray!...more info
  • Lots of pretty pictures
    Finally a presentation of nature with out lots of animals eating animals. This is a short 42 minute NASA advertisement with much of the film shot from the space shuttle. Just as we see how beautiful things look from a distance we are browbeat as contributors to global warming. Over and Over again. Turn the sound off and it is pretty good.

    Just a side note this film made in 1990 must have seen Blu-ray in mind as it is ahead of its time. The picture is sharp even at 46". I suspect it was re-mastered.
    ...more info
  • OK---But Not Great
    I was a little disappointed in the Movie. Some of the shots were pretty good, but some weren't that good. It looked like very little of the Movie was shot with HD Cameras. I think there was way too many shots from outer space onto the Earth. When they overdo something like that, it tends to make you start to lose interest. This movie is nothing like Planet Earth and if you've seen that, you'll be kind of spoiled. If I knew what I know now, I probably would not have bought this movie right away. Maybe later to add to the collection, because in order to have a collection, you have to have some mediocre Movies also....more info
  • Great movie!
    This documentary was fascinating. I really learned a lot and even my kids enjoyed it. It wasn't as dull as some documentaries tend to be....more info
  • Great movie!
    This documentary was fascinating. I really learned a lot and even my kids enjoyed it. It wasn't as dull as some documentaries tend to be....more info
  • IMAX is amazing
    Depending on what type of equipment you have to display a large film in IMAX is what really matters when it comes right down to it. In the case of having a projector that fills a screen of 106 inches, I begin to wonder why aren't all films made with IMAX in mind - it's that good!....more info
  • My Blue Planet Review
    This movie was not very interesting. I'm shocked at how amazingly BORING this movie was compared to most IMAX films. I watched it as a classroom film. I watched two students fall asleep. One child left the room to go to the bathroom, and didn't come back for 10 minutes! I appreciate what these people were trying to teach us but it would have been nice if they had made it interesting....more info
  • Don't Buy it ! only rent it if you desperate a Imax fan
    I won't not recommaed to buy at all cost, is simply not worth it, the document is too short. Is out of order as well, do not even compare to planet earth not comparison at all, only thing this worth to rent for is to see space shuttle launch in full details and some nice picture shot by satellite in our planet. Most of the scene is really not good, and is lacking information....more info
  • earth from space
    Filmed in IMAX by NASA astronauts 200 miles above planet earth, this 41-minute film introduces you to volcanoes and earthquakes, underwater lava chimneys and Amazon rain forests. The narration begins with an earth rise as viewed from the moon, and in a later shot we observe from space a thin blue line, above which is uninhabitable black space and below which is our cocoon-like layer of thin air that is our atmosphere. If there is a theme that integrates these remarkable images it is the delicate balance between earth, air, and water, and, especially poignant, the impact that humanity has had on our tiny blue planet. This film will seem outdated with the new Planet Earth series produced by the BBC in 2006 and shown on the Discovery Channel, but it's still well worth watching and would make for a great evening of family fun....more info
  • Inspiring
    This is a must have for audio/video enthusiasts. Besides being my favorite IMAX film, both the sound and images on this DVD will put any home theater system to the test. Fantastic dynamic range, shots from space, air, and underwater, and a great message underlies the entire film. The narrator's voice occasionally gets buried by the sound effects/music, but other than that, this was an excellent transfer to DVD. Children will enjoy it too!...more info
  • A natural alternative to Lunesta start off with the positive, this DVD does have great sound and crisp, vibrant video footage. Also within the 40 minutes of this DVD, you will come away with a good understanding of the big picture of our planet and how our planet's atmosphere, oceans, land, life and and pollution are all interrelated. It is also explained in a way that makes it easy to understand. If you are an adult with with a true interest in Earth science then you can add a star or two to my rating.

    I do not recommend this DVD for children. It will be a real sleeper for them! The very calming voice of the narrator and fairy tale type of music in the background will put almost any adolescent to sleep. I say this because I am a high school science teacher and have shown this to my students. While doing so I have had to nudge my students or get their attention to stay awake. Those that were awake had that glazed over look in their eyes. There are better videos out there for students that are more exciting and just as informative....more info
  • Bleh. I fell asleep.
    My husband got this for Christmas from a family member, and while excited at first to see images, I was put out by the toneless narrator, and felt like it was an elementary/junior high science class. Some of the images were stunning, but like what other people were saying I saw some dirt on the picture for the blu-ray release. Not as high quality as I was expecting, really. I think we would have rather received the Planet Earth series, starting with the ocean one. That may have been more interesting. I am still scratching my head why this was considered a Christmas gift choice since neither my husband or I watch documentaries except on Discovery or History Channel, and we already get those in HD. I say skip it. ...more info
  • IMAX is amazing
    Depending on what type of equipment you have to display a large film in IMAX is what really matters when it comes right down to it. In the case of having a projector that fills a screen of 106 inches, I begin to wonder why aren't all films made with IMAX in mind - it's that good!....more info
  • Good Job production team
    It a very beautiful movie, giving us a perspective of how wonderful Mother Earth is!
    Photography and narration is great. The team has done a great job, relating the analogy of an Astronaut to a space shuttle as Man to earth.
    It opens up ones mind to the wonders of Gods creation and Mans destruction by depleting natural resources. A movie well made and drives home a point well worth it!
    ...more info
  • Rent it
    Don't buy this one, just rent it. It's not that entertaining and I would stick to Planet Earth and The Blue Planet (Not this one, but it has the same title)....more info
  • Beautiful, relaxing Blu-Ray
    This is a very good Blu-Ray transfer and has beautiful images and commentary of the kind you'd expect from the title. At 40 or so minutes it is rather short, but the accompanying feature is also worth having, though not as good....more info
  • Wouldn't buy this if I had seen before
    I bought this walking through the airport, expecting it to be one of the collection of BBC programmes. Got back to my home country, popped it in, and was very dissapointed. Quality did not seem to be up to blu-ray standard of picture quality.

    My own fault, I believe I mistook this product for "The Blue Planet - Seas of Life", which I have not seen thus far, but I believe is up to the standard of the BBC programmes. In comparison to the BBC line of Blu-rays available, this Blue Planet pales in comparison (not 100% certain that this is not part of the BBC line, but just by comparison of the quality, it definitely does not seem to be).

    For really stunning visuals, great narration, entertaining and suitable soundtrack, and an enjoyable, engrossing learning experience, get Planet Earth, and the remaining BBC line - Galapogos, Wild China, Ganges....more info
  • Very beatiful visuals, great commentary
    Disk one "IMAX Blue Planet" is a great diversion, the story and commentary on disk one are somewhat boring I will admit, the visuals are sharp and clean as all BD releases are.

    This is a two disk release, disk two has the IMAX film "The Dream is Alive" narrated by Walter Cronkite, I think this is the better of the two films, and I love the sound of Walter's voice as a commentator.

    I had watched the second movie at the Kennedy Space Center on their IMAX screen when I was there a couple of years ago, I loved it then, but IMAX is difficult to watch; the screen is so big that at least my eyes cannot take in the whole screen at one time, forcing me to concentrate on one area at a time and missing other elements occurring on screen.

    I truly enjoyed watching this on a HDTV, the Blu-ray quality makes it a high def delight, and both disks boast Dolby TrueHD 5.1 sound which made for great sound from both disks.

    Neither are "feature presentations" as disk one is only 44 minutes, disk two is 37 minutes, but together they make a great diversion and are highly recommended.

    Comparing this offering to the Planet Earth series is like comparing apples and oranges. Planet Earth is incredible, but it also costs (MSRP) of $100.00. I know this is not a Planet Earth review, but many have tried to compare this to it. I recommend that you get both of them, as I have.

    If you love this genre, you will love these two movies. And if you're like me and love the commentary of Walter Cronkite, you will definitely love the second disk in the set....more info
  • Wrong Planet
    Move on to "Planet Earth" for everything this bluray isn't...

    I normally refrain from posting negative reviews in case it's a question of taste and I may be in conflict with other people in that respect.

    However in this case I am pretty sure this is a title to avoid for everybody. Especially when there is such an alternative as Planet Earth which presents a hundred times the content and imagery this IMAX adaptation strives to deliver.. and fails..

    First of all, this is a very lousy transfer. They didn't bother remastering the 40 minute footage and the "dirt" of the master is visible in every frame. It wouldn't have taken a large team to edit them out. Frankly it's the most disappointing bluray transfer I've seen out of the 40 or more bluray titles I have.

    Secondly, the narration, disjointed topics, duration of many of the space imagery which drag on for minutes without any movement contribute to a mindnumbingly boring viewing experience. You'll notice you'll be hardpressed not to forward to the next scene every other minute (and let's admit it, there are not that many to start with)

    There's also an older similar bonus segment in the bluray, with even worse visuals and mostly resembling SD instead of HD in many places..

    In short, I'd strongly suggest you skip this bluray in favor of the stunning Planet Earth if you've not grabbed it yet....more info
  • Too cool
    What an awesome IMAX! I've never been to an IMAX theater but I have to say this is pretty cool. My entire family enjoyed it and have watched it several times. It's a regular part of our home school and we refer to it often....more info
  • Not what I expected
    After watching and loving the Planet Earth movies I got this one for my husband. It is interesting, but not nearly as well done as the Planet Earth movies. I lost interest and had a hard time following some of the shots they were talking about from space. It's ok, informational but if you want to get something REALLY good - get Planet Earth!...more info
  • More of a HD DVD Review...
    This HD DVD disc has two features on it and both are around 50 minutes long. There's really nothing in the way of extras other then the features. Both features are neat at first but how much footage of the earth from space can you watch? That's up to you. Seeing the earth from orbit these days is nothing new. I was extremely disappointed that it all "seemed" to be shot in film. I think they have to do this for IMAX but can't they shoot it in pure hi-def video & transfer it to film for the IMAX? Probably the wrong screen ratios. A good portion of the film "jumps" a lot and it's noticable at 56". They made no attempt to clean the film as there's specs of duct & stuff throughout the features. A lot of the NASA footage is old because everyone is dressed from the early 90's/late 80's. The space shuttle scenes & Earth scenes from space are fine but not as good as Planet Earth's footage and the video essentials hi-def display of the shuttle taking off blow's this disc away.

    The surround sound is actually nice here and there. A hurricane segment was really convincing in sound eventhough you're watching old raw footage from "back in the day". Overall, you get a total of under 2 hours of lame "been there, done that" footage. They even have a little rant on saving the planet at the last 10 minutes of Blue Planet with the usual citing of devastating facts but no explanation of the proof. I believe there's a hole in the ozone layer but at least show us some cool satelite/composite shots of it. I don't know why they give you this great display of our planet that makes you proud to be on this great rock in space for 40 minutes and then end it with a "stop polluting your planet idiots", kind of an ending. Eesh. I wish they showed more of the craters on earth. Now that was interesting.

    Overall, from an HD DVD point of view...I did not see it in IMAX and thought it would look amazing in HD but I was sadly disappointed. Thank god I rented it. And for the blu-ray folks, it isn't going to be much better because the stock is not fantastic. You get a VC-1 compressed version of older junky film mixed with newer fine looking film....more info
  • Beautiful "Blue Planet" comes home...
    I had seen the "Blue Planet" IMAX movie in the National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. in 1994 and had ben wondering about it ever since. DVD version is well-worth buying and keeping forever. The film conveys an extremely healthy attitude of preserving and appreciating World's vulnerable organism and its scarce resources. Content is well-balanced, audio and video streams are quite healthy and price is reasonable. I suggest that you buy it and see it with your family, friends and neighbours....more info
  • Misleading
    The cover picture and text on the package leads one to expect space shuttle photo journey, but it is more like a 4th grade science class with intermittent space video. It is about 20% space video and 80% ground level shots. With low-level information like,"On Earth there is a gas called oxygen, which we need to survive...." Great for the kids, yes, but adults may be disappointed....more info
  • Awe Struck...
    I got this for my 4 year old son's birthday last year because he has a fascination with air planes and I was trying to get him interested in the space program. Let's just say when I first played it, even my husband stopped what he was doing and came over and sat down. We have a large screen TV and it makes you feel like you are really there! The sounds and colors are vivid. And even when there is no sound, the sights are just so amazing you don't need it- I think that's part of it's magic. Maybe it's just that space is such an unknown and elusive place, but when it shows the view of our planet from space you just get goosebumps. This is a wonderful dvd to pull out on those rainy/snowy days. No matter how many times we have watched it, it still evokes a sense of awe and reverence....more info
  • WARNING: THIS IS NOT "The Blue Planet: Seas of Life"!!!!!!!
    This review is NOT for this film, but to serve as a warning to potential buyers. It is apparent that many people, like myself, bought this 44 minute IMAX film believing it is the excellent 8 episode BBC production "The Blue Planet: Seas of Life" from the creators of "Planet Earth". This is NOT the case. "Blue Planet" and "The Blue Planet: Seas of Life" are two totally separate productions. Unfortunately, "The Blue Planet: Seas of Life" has not been released on Blu-Ray yet....more info
  • Very enjoyable; Preservationist; School-level material
    Shots of planet earth, satellite photography, volcanoes, earthquakes, rainforest. Main message: earth is home to all of us, let's preserve it. The space and aerial photography are beautiful. Spectacular is the view of a lightning storm as seen from space. Footage of a hurricane, however, did not appear threatening. Sheet metal flying off a small house's roof, a man leaning into the wind.

    Things I expected to see but didn't: a storm at sea, a twister, a nice volcano eruption, a geyser, a large crowd of people. The only people we see are two cosmonauts in orbit taking pictures, and some guys cutting trees.

    The narration is rather primitive, sometimes mind-numbingly so, as in the end, where the voice-over enumerates those to whom earth is home: "Earth is home to Jews and Arabs; It is home to Russians and the Chinese; It is home to Germans and Italians", and so on and on, until (surprise!) "It is home to ALL of us".

    Some educational facts are given about how many tons of pollutants we emit and millions of acres of forest we destroy each year. These sound horrifying, but to make sense, they need to be put into perspective (there are billions of bacteria in my mouth, but that doesn't mean I'm about to die). How much forest do natural fires destroy each year? How many acres of forest naturally grow back? How much deadly pollution does an average active volcano emit?

    The 3D California valley fly-through was visually disappointing (have they heard of texture mapping?).

    Overall, a very enjoyable experience. The DVD is definitely worth having, although I won't be watching it for a second time in full any time soon (as I watched Baraka)....more info

  • blue planet on imax
    saw this on imax in ft. worth many years ago. if it is 1/3 as good on this dvd as it was in imax, it will be awesome. the imax version i saw in an imax theatre brought tears to my is very near a religious experience. no foolin!!

    terry in tulsa
    go sooners.........more info
  • Utterly Amazing
    For anyone that was left with a HD DVD player this is one thing you want to get before it sells out. Breathtaking video in the best available quality!...more info
  • IMAX Double Feature Blu-ray disc from SPACE not PLANET EARTH'S animals and computer earth views
    I can't believe the negative reviews for these are beautiful transfers of beautiful films. Some scenes look far deeper and sharper than the often mentioned PLANET EARTH series which is beautifully made though "only" on HD-Video. These films were filmed in space and explore the earth and Space Shuttle, PLANET EARTH is animals/nature with some computer-generated earth views!

    The films presented here were made for specially made theatres with screens up to 1.000 square meters big and filmed in 70mm/15perforation, a three times larger film format than 70mm/5perf LAWRENCE OF ARABIA. All films in this format were 30 to 55 minutes long.

    I always LOVED the slower pace resulting from these big images, just to get the time to take it all in. Also the earth views are so beautiful they need a slower pace. That is too much for some viewers it seems.

    THE DREAM IS ALIVE (1985), 37min, features three space shuttle starts from different angles and shows training of astronauts as well as some of the first footage of the earth actually taken in orbit with the highest definition cameras on earth in the 15/70 format. Sure, there are always scenes in the shuttle where they had a lowlight situation and the image is not as sharp as others. One has to take into account the conditions under which these films were made. What counts is the overall impression and that is definitely high definition. Narrated by Walter Cronkite.
    I use this disc to impress my friends and NOT my PLANET EARTH disc ;-) Both films have breathtaking sound (Dolby TrueHD + Dolby Digital + French Dolby Digital). Subtitles French + Espanol.

    BLUE PLANET (1990), 44min, to me is a true IMAX classic. Stunning earth views and exploration of the ozone hole at a time when few were talking about it make it one of the most stunning and at the same time serious large format films. Aftermath of San Francisco earthquake and hurricanes in the southeast.

    I hope there will be many more IMAX films coming to Blu-ray!...more info
  • Spectacular
    These IMAX DVD's rule, although this isnt as good as Desitiny in space, its a different type of film, and covres a more vast area of natural phenomena. The narrator isnt the best, but will suffice. An excellent movie, i cant wait for more space oriented IMAX DVDs...more info
  • Huge Space Buff Disappointed
    Astronomy has always been one of my favorite subjects, so I was extremely excited to get this DVD. Unfortunately in my humble opinion, the movie was lacking in many areas.


    Incredible views - With NASA as partner in the film, IMAX had some incredible shots of the earth. It was amazing to see this "outside" view of the earth. I was just amazed to see everything we've ever known in our lives presented in one big round package.


    Unfortunately I couldn't come up with many good points about this movie. I honestly was searching for reasons to like this film, but it just fell short in so many areas.

    Confusing Views - As I mentioned in the good points, there were some amazing views of the earth provided from the shuttle. Unfortunately it was difficult to figure out exactly what you were looking at. It was difficult to discern what you were looking at and most times when a new image flashed on the screen my girlfriend and I were saying something like "that's florida?! you see florida??...i don't see florida!!"

    In my opinion the film should have briefly highlighted what you were supposed to be looking at. Angles are a lot different in space #1 and #2 there was a lot of cloud cover in many of the images. Maybe "highlighting" technology wasn't available in 1990, but I doubt it :)

    Narration - The narration appeared to be aimed at elementary school level. Perhaps that was the intent of the movie, but in my humble opinion the speed at which the film progressed would have bored a younger child to tears. It was too "elementary" in my opinion and I felt "under stimulated" through most of the movie. The narrator also spoke in a boring monotone voice.

    Faultline Animation - Oh my goodness. What a waste of five minutes this part of the film is. Someone decided to create an animation of basically as if you were flying over the San Andreas faultline. Given this movie was made in 1990 when computer technology was in it's infant phase compared to today, but I doubt I would have been impressed in 1990 either. If you've seen this movie already, I'm sure you feel my pain. They also dub in these roaring plane engine sounds to make it feel like you're zooming over the terrain and it's just "bad". B A D.


    Believe me, I was looking for reasons to like this film, but I just didn't think it was very well done. If you're just dying to add another earth / astronomy film to your collection, then by all means go ahead and buy it. As I mentioned some of the views are truly breathtaking. But if you consider the value of the film vs. what you pay I'd have to say this is unfortunately a bad investment. Knowing what I know now, I honestly would not pay more than $9.95 for this movie. Sorry, but that's just my humble opinon. :)

    Take it easy,
    Mike...more info
  • Dreary, boring, and too correctly spoken
    This is a disappointingly boring and formulaic show. Basically we get hit over the head with how miserable we are making the earth. All right, already. Tell me thirty six more times.

    Whenever I hear the word "evolved" in a show about life on earth it annoys me. It is the new religion, the new dogma. It is just as dogmatic as its religious competition preaching Jehovah or Allah or some other fictional character. Why can't the evolution people just realize that someone very brilliant designed the tiger and the peach, and stop pretending that they just grew out of the soil, like a can of tomato sauce growing out of the dusty rocks on the moon.

    The announcer is annoying as hell. She pronounces every word perfectly and bloodlessly. She speaks acceptably and "beautifully", so beautifully that it is ugly. Her speech is acceptable, yours is not. It's a bunch of bull. I took speech classes too, and I had the sense to ignore them. They get in the way of honest communication.

    The environmentalists feel that they need to bang us over the head every chance they get, telling us how humanity is ruining the planet, and you can sympathize because our government doesn't give a damn about pollution, and in fact revels in it, since it means that their rich campaign contributors will save money by not having to clean up after themselves, making the campaign contributions excellent investments, paying huge profits. It does pay to own the U.S. government, so they let you do whatever you want. One hand washes the other.

    Sometimes they showed us images of green or blue or white swirls, and they told us it was the Himalayas or Sri Lanka or something, and they really needed to use arrows to show us what they were referring to. All I saw was a bunch of colored swirls. Why couldn't they just use an arrow to point out where to look?

    Imax should have thrown propriety and predictability and preachiness away and given us an interesting show. But they weren't creative enough to do that. So they gave us the same old stuff, preaching the same old new religion, and spoken the way they were taught to speak, artificially....more info
  • Beautiful Images...
    This is a great video and a must-have for any HD nut out there... unfortunately HD-DVD lost the format war but it can still be purchased on Blu-Ray....more info
  • Just OK
    Definitely some impressive shots, but it's got nothing on "Planet Earth" (maybe I shouldn't have expected a comparison considering the price discrepancy b/tw the 2).

    Anyway, it is a great way to show off you HD TV as background scenery at a party....more info
  • Bleh. I fell asleep.
    My husband got this for Christmas from a family member, and while excited at first to see images, I was put out by the toneless narrator, and felt like it was an elementary/junior high science class. Some of the images were stunning, but like what other people were saying I saw some dirt on the picture for the blu-ray release. Not as high quality as I was expecting, really. I think we would have rather received the Planet Earth series, starting with the ocean one. That may have been more interesting. I am still scratching my head why this was considered a Christmas gift choice since neither my husband or I watch documentaries except on Discovery or History Channel, and we already get those in HD. I say skip it. ...more info


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