Frigidaire FAA062P7A 6,000 BTU MSII Air Conditioner with Mechanical Controls

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Product Description

Nothing says home comfort like Frigidaire. Nobody delivers better quality, better service or a broader variety of home comfort products. With units ranging from 5,000 BTUH to 28,500 BTUH they provide quiet, efficient and reliable air conditioners for years of trouble-free service. Most included a remote thermostat, clean air filtration and low voltage start-up to add to consumer comfort, convenience and safety. And with their ENERGY STAR qualification for efficiency, they can provide comfort and savings for any room in your home. You expect all this from Frigidaire... and they deliver. How to Choose a Room Air Conditioner Compared to large capacity central units, room air conditioners have several advantages. The initial cost of a room air conditioning unit is significantly lower than the cost of central air. Because room air conditioners are designed for cooling small spaces, operating costs are reduced. And, room air conditioners can provide personalized temperature and humidity controls that central systems cannot. Calculating Cooling Capacity Cooling capacity is the critical factor in properly selecting a room air conditioner. Cooling capacity is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs) and typical models will range in capacity from 5,000 BTUs to 28,500 BTUs. Choosing an undersized unit will overwork the unit and it will not cool properly. Choosing an oversized unit will cost more to buy and operate and it will not dehumidify properly. We can help you to calculate capacity. Be prepared to provide specific information on: Room Dimensions A simple floor plan to show the location of doors and north-facing windows The number of people it will serve Sources of heat such as lamps, TV and appliances An explanation of what's above the intended room Your insulation provisions Cooling Capacity by Room Size Measure the length and width of the area to be cooled. Multiply the length by the width to determine square footage or square meters. Locate the room size in the chart

  • 6,000 BTU cooling capacity
  • Cools 216 square foot rooms
  • Pleated quick mount window kit included for clean installation
  • Filter Type: Rigid Mesh, Tilt out filter access
  • Air Direction Control: 8-Way, Energy Efficiency Rating: 9.7
Customer Reviews:
  • Fantastic buy, small form factor quiet and effective
    We live in the Northeast, my wife has been clamoring for some time to get an airconditioner which I resisted. However, this unit at this price - how could I pass it up and be a hit with her? It works great and is quiet....more info
  • Very nice AC
    Even though this AC is specifically designed to fit in an overhang (vertical) window, I purchased it with the intent of placing it in a casement (horizontal) window in a master bedroom. I went to home depot and had a piece of wood cut to fill the remaining area above the AC to make it all air-tight. I added wood sealant so that it will not be weathered. Finally, I cut the insulation that came with the AC into smaller strips so that it would completely fill all areas needing insulation.

    The result? A fully functional, inexpensive AC that keeps my room nice and cool -- even on lower settings....more info
  • Very good window unit
    The window unit cools two rooms of my house very very well. I just let the door open for the second room and both rooms get absolutely chilled inspite of the high humidity and heat outside( temprature 89+ for the past one week.)And I dont mind the manual switch at all.Its a damn good buy for $ 150 each....more info
  • very good air conditioner
    Bought two. The first arrived in perfect shape. Weighs less than others in its class, which is a plus when installing in a window. Cools very well, with excellent air flow (which does of course make noise, but acceptable). Ordered a second a few weeks later, arrived damaged, non-functional, but Amazon customer service immediately credited account. ...more info
  • Not for larger room
    I bought it to replace an old 6000 BTU air conditioner of another brand but this one didn't cool a 300 sq. ft. room as well as my old one did. I returned it and got an 8000 BTU. I bought the mechanical control version of the 6000 but think the digital controls (on my 8000) are worth the extra price on the 6000....more info
  • Cool deal, for the money
    I recently moved into an old house with no central air. The summers here are mighty humid and hot, with temps of 100 degrees during the worst of it. I purchased this little window unit because it's cheap and easy to install.

    After running the air conditioner for about two hours (on high), the bedroom will be fairly cool, but I'm not sure how it's doing on humidity. I never see any water dripping outside, but you can hear the water slurping around in the back of the unit.

    However, this 6,000 BTU a/c does NOT get the room cold, cold, cold. My bedroom is 12' by 17' with 9' ceilings and while it keeps it comfy, it doesn't make it bitter cold. I like to wake up in the morning with a little frost on the comforter and bluish lips. This unit can't do that. Even if it runs all night on high, max temp, it never gets the room past "comfy cold."

    And it's noisy. I don't mind some white noise so I'm able to sleep even when the thing is blaring away but some folks might be disturbed by the loud fan motor.

    For the money, it's a good deal and it'll cool down an average-size room but it's very cheaply made. The unit arrives partially disassembled (which surprised me). The top bar and side pleats have to be installed. The styrofoam shipping blocks in the vents are nearly impossible to get out. Ick.

    And those accordian pleats on the side can't possibly last more than a couple years. They're thin and light and I was afraid of breaking them whilst doing the install! (Pass the duct tape, please.) The shroud inside the unit (where the cold air blows) is lined with chincy-looking plastic and styrofoam. Short of making it out of corrugated cardboard, I don't believe it'd be possible to make this unit any more cheaply. But if it lasts for a couple years, I'll be a happy camper.

    One last note, this has the LOWEST efficiency rating of any unit on the market. You get what you pay for.

    I bought three of these units so I could survive the summer, so I guess I've voted with my wallet. They're cheap, loud, chincy-looking and don't cool all that well, but they'll keep me from going stark-raving mad when the temps start to climb. ...more info