Frigidaire FAA086P7A MS II 8,000-BTU Room Air Conditioner with Electronic Controls

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Product Description

MS II Compact Room Air Conditioner

  • 8,000-BTU air conditioner for rooms up to 350 square feet
  • Electronic controls with full-function temperature-sensing remote control
  • Variable-speed fan; 8-way air direction; 24-hour on/off timer; sleep mode
  • 10.8 EER; quick-mount window kit; ionizer/electrostatic clean air filtration
  • Measures 15-1/2 by 18-1/2 by 12-1/2 inches; 1-year full warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Very Noisy
    This would be a five star unit if it wasn't so noisy even on the lowest fan speed....more info
  • Incredibly loud
    Like others have said, this unit is unbelieveably loud, negating other good features it has (ability to cool quickly, not too hard to install, etc). I returned it and purchased a Kenmore, and they are night and day. ...more info
    Don't you just hate noises waking you up at night- like your kid crying, fire trucks at your neighbor's house, the police pounding on your front door, etc.? If you want a terrific white noise machine, then this AC is just for you!

    I cannot imagine how Frigidaire can market this thing with a clear conscience- and at this price. After spending about 15 minutes in the room reading in bed with it running on low setting, I couldn't take it anymore and turned the unit off, only to find that my ear nearest the AC was ringing and sounds were muffled. I ended up sleeping with a pillow over my head. We live 4 blocks from a military air base tarmac, so are not used to absolute silence, but after 2 nights of this, we boxed it up and hauled it back to the store.

    The noise comes mainly from the way the air is blown out of the unit. In most, the air is directed straight out, that is, it does not have to negotiate a corner. But, in this one, the air does, creating the noisy turbulence.

    To replace it, we purchased a Kenmore Low-Profile 75062 6000BTU AC and are quite pleased. It is quiet, cools great, has a remote, and was less expensive....more info
  • It really is as loud as everyone says...
    This air conditioner sounds like a jet engine, just as everyone else says. It does a pretty solid job cooling and has a digital thermostat, but that still doesn't make up for the noise. If you're buying a window AC to help you sleep when its hot, this unit will make you cooler, but it's tough to actually get more sleep with it on.

    Bottom line: If you're a REALLY heavy sleeper or cooling a room that you don't actually spend time in, give it a try...lots of good features and cost, but be prepared for some noise. Alternatively, it sounds like some of the lower BTU Frigidare models are quieter this year....more info
  • Will Never Buy anything from Frigidaire again!!
    My brand new Frigidaire unit broke down in one month. Actually I only used it for three times, which added up to 10 hours. For the 10 hours' experience,the A/C makes horrible noise, and didn't cool at all, even if I set the temp to 60 and sat just in front of it. However b/c it was installed exactly five weeks ago,the 30-day return policy from the dealer expires.

    Then I went through an extremely painful process to talk with the dealer, the manufacturer-Frigidaire and their referral service providers.
    There will be ABSOLUTELY NO Return/refund nor the replacement is guaranteed. You will have to wait for at least a WHOLE week in your sweats and tears for the techinian to come in. In addition, I don't think their customer service is help at all.

    I won't buy anything from Frigidaire again for the rest of my life!!!...more info
  • Yep, it's loud.
    These people aren't lying to you. This thing is unreasonably loud. It's between 10-20 dB louder than its competitors. ...more info
  • Cools the room, but so loud
    I can sleep through anything so it doesnt bother me, but it is tremendously loud (sounds like you are sitting near a wing of a plane) But it does cool my large bedroom with high ceilings.
    So if noise doesnt bother you and its on sale get it....more info
  • Loudest air conditioner I've ever had
    This is the worst air conditioner we've ever had. It sounds like 3 hair dryers going at once. I can't even stand to be in the room for more than 15 minutes, and here we are in the middle of a heat wave! The cooling part isn't up to par either. It cools more like a 5000 btu unit. It's going back. ...more info
    This has to be one of the LOUDEST air conditioning units I've ever come across. All 3 settings are noisy and difficult to ignore. If you're trying to watch tv or a movie while its on, you have to blast your tv. I'm actually a heavy sleeper and not really affected by noise when I sleep but I could NOT sleep with this AC unit on.

    It also takes a really long time to cool the room. I honestly gave this product a chance but the noise was unbearable and I'm returning it today. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!...more info
  • Did a jet just land in my living room?
    Ok... I have to say for the first time I am really disappointed with Amazon - and the AC unit I purchased.

    I bought a 6000 BTU and 8000 BTU Frigidaire AC on 4/20/2008. The 8000 arrived damaged, so Amazon replaced and shipped a new one on 4/24/2008.

    I installed both. 6000 in the bedroom and 8000 in the main room in my NYC apt. The 6000 is a decent unit. Lots of settings, nice and cool, and not too noisy.

    The 8000 is so noisy, you can't have a conversation, watch TV, or live in the apt. It cools well, but you just can't be in the room when it's on.

    I figured I'd return and get another 6000 for the main room since I was happy with that one. Well I was 3 days over Amazon's return policy and they won't take it back.

    So much for high value customer service. I spend a ton of money every year with Amazon. I refer everyone I know to Amazon. I use AWS for one of my websites. I drink the Koolaid. I realize they have a policy, but an exception on the 30 days would have been going the extra mile.

    So I'll take the hit and sell the POS on craigslist. On my way out to get a replacement now.

    DO NOT BUY THIS UNIT....more info
  • Wish I had read these reviews...
    I'm on my way back to Lowes right now - I wouldn't even dream of trying to sleep with this thing on. I will never buy another Frigidaire product. This is frankly an insult - I can't imagine how any reasonable person working at Frigidaire would listen to this thing for a minute and decide that it was good for the home Market. It makes my bedroom sound like a meat storage facility. I'm going to splurge and buy a Sharp. Live and learn....more info
  • Loud, LOUD, very very loud, and ultimately a source of infection!?
    I've had this unit for two years now, and while it does cool well and is feature rich (sleep timer, 0-100 fan speed settings, filter cleaning light), it was so loud we had to watch TV with headphones or have phone conversations in the other room. It would wake us up at night when it cycled up to full power to keep the room temp consistent with the thermostat setting.

    Additionally, it somehow (and I've never had this happen before) became an incubator for some sort of incredibly gross black mold, which has coated the entire interior of the unit (especially the air path), making it a spewing spore dispenser. I currently have a major respiratory infection which began the morning after running this unit for 6 hours overnight for the first time since last summer; my wife had a nasty cough all morning as well.

    I'm dumping it and getting a Kenmore 76081 - $200, much quieter, same specs, much better review record. ...more info
  • SO DISAPPOINTING-Unless you like sleeping w/ earplugs!
    In the product review above this is how they describe this unit..."Frigidaire Home Comfort products are designed to provide you with easy-to-use, quiet, efficient and reliable service." EXCUSE ME! QUIET? Have they lost their minds or morals or both? As one other reviewer states, how could they sell this unit and, I add, in good conscience? And when I called Frigidaire to complain about the absolutely obscene level of noise, so much worse than my 20 year old AC I replaced with this, I asked had any of these customer service reps actually heard this or do they own it? And of course no one could honestly say yes. Thus they have no actual idea how ridiculous their product is. I suggest and hope they take these off the market asap. If you look on Craigslist you will see many of these listed as "new" or "like new" for sale. I surely have not had a good nights sleep since I bought it and the earplugs required to sleep are giving me a permanent headache.

    Now here is my dilemma. I live in NYC and the majority of us don't own cars, in fact I use my bike for transportation. Of course I had to take this home in a cab, had to pay someone to schlep it up 2 flights of stairs and install it and now I am responsible for getting it back to the store for an exchange. So much for salesmen being honest as I was told it was quiet and that the Amana unit was loud. HA! This might be quieter than the Amana but the airplane engine sound is totally unnerving.

    I hate to go on and on but in case some savvy marketing or quality control person getting paid handsomely to represent this product in the Frigidaire corporate offices, is staying on top of customer reviews, than perhaps they will stop the production of these immediately and re-design the fan and compressor to respect the health and well being of it's consumer
    ...more info
  • Good Grief Is It Noisy
    I bought this here at Amazon after seeing that it was given the number two spot as a top performer by a major testing lab. They mentioned it was a tiny bit "loud." Yes it does cool ok but my god it had a schreeching loud whistle (!) due to the way the air outlets were shaped. I tore the unit apart and stuffed some styrofoam in the outlet hole to change the shape just to bear having it around. When I say loud I mean like a police whistle!!! Now it puts out 30% less air but the whistle got shut up thank god. You could hear it outside in the garage!!!

    Yeah I could have sent it back, hassled with it, etc but we were talking about selling the house so why get too excited.

    The blower now is only loud enough to drown out my stereo (!) my TV (!) and can clearly be heard as a very loud noise downstairs on another floor.
    And guess what, we aren't selling. Damn it I hate it when that happens.

    If you pay for one of these don't say I didn't warn you about the noise....more info
  • A great buy...
    I just bought this unit from BestBuy yesterday. It has been very hot in the last couple days and my one year old GE AC doesnt cool anymore, so I decided to buy a new one. I have a small bedroom but I wanted to get a little powerful AC as I am sweating all the time. :( We went to Circuit City, but they only had 1 pc on the floor, so we went to BestBuy and they had a lot of variety to choose from. I was thinking between LG and Frigidaire as they both were same price - $199.99 and same capacity - 8000 BTU. This unit had more features and looked better than the LG. Also I asked one of the sales rep and they recommended me to go with the Frigidaire as its a better brand than the LG. So we got it and brought it home. Installation was very easy and straightforward. Didn't need to read any manuals. Installed it and turned it on. It quickly cools the room in like 5 mins. Just what I was looking for. I love it. The fan can be a little noisy, but its ok as long as it cools the room....more info
  • NOISY!!!!
    I wish I had read these reviews before buying the Frigidaire FAA075P7A. This is without a doubt the loudest a/c I have ever heard. It was on sale for $199. I thought that was a pretty good price for an 8000 BTU energy star rated machine. Now I know why. It is going back tomorrow!...more info
  • Unbelievably noisy
    I just returned this air conditioner after installing it in a bedroom and trying to sleep through the noise it's fans make. On low it sounds like a jet engine -- even without the AC running, just fans. I've never heard an AC this noisy before. I'm not unusually sensitive to noise, this is just ridiculously loud. We have two other window units in our house -- one smaller Maytag, one larger Whirlpool -- and neither of them are half as loud as this one. I returned it and got a Kenmore #76081 -- same 8,000 btu, 10.8 EER. It is very quiet -- on it's highest setting it is way quieter than the Frigidaire on it's lowest setting. And it blows just as much air as the Frigidaire's high setting. The Kenmore was a little more expensive, but well worth it. I would not recommend this Frididaire for anywhere in any house, and definitely not in a bedroom. Believe me, I would not have gone through the hassle of removing this thing, repacking it, hauling it back downstairs, back to the car, back to the store, and driving to Sears to buy and install another if it wasn't a serious problem. I don't how they could put something like this on the market. ...more info
  • A very good air conditioner when purchased on sale for 169.99
    The frigdare a/c is a very good unit when purchased on sale...I purchased locally,to avoid the shipping damage that others have suffered with.The unit cools well and has a remote.The unit is very noisy even on low...The unit is very cheaply made...For 5 bucks more frigidare could have included real insulation,instead of the cheap cardbord,used in this...If noise is not an issue,this is a good unit to keep cool with.I payed 169.99 including installation....Now the prices are up for the summer sales!! Thank you from Stewart L/06/15/07...more info
  • Features are pretty good, but LOUD
    Noise is TERRIBLE! Even on the lowest fan speed, this model is extremely loud. Unfortunately, due to the fast fan speed, the sound is also high pitched - like a hair dryer - so is more annoying. Returned week after buying.

    Remote is nice though. It's almost a replica of the panel on the unit itself....more info
  • Free ear plugs should be provided
    This unit is the loudest a/c I've been around in my life. We are returning it as soon as possible. ...more info
  • It's very noisy!
    Bought this unit to replace an old A/C in the bedroom, and I can't believe how noisy it is.

    Even at the lowest fan speed it is extremely loud. Using the energy saver feature the unit is bound to wake you up every time it comes on. And I am not spoiled...I live on a noisy street in Manhattan.

    This one is going back....more info
  • noise
    Unit has 3 speed fan LO MD HI for loud louder and I'm not sure what. I returned the unit. ...more info