Frigidaire FAK104R1V 10,000-BTU Slider/Casement Air Conditioner with Electronic Controls

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Product Description

10000 BTU cooling capacityCools 500 square foot roomsVertical window mountWashable Antimicrobial Filter Electronic controls with remoteAir Direction Control: 4-Way Energy Efficiency Rating: 9.5

  • 10,000-BTU air conditioner for rooms up to 500 square feet
  • 9.5 EER; electronic controls with full remote; 24-hour on/off timer
  • Energy-saver and sleep modes; variable-speed fan; 4-way air direction
  • Vertical window mounting kit; slide-out antimicrobial mesh filter
  • Measures 24-1/2 by 14-1/4 by 20-1/4 inches; 1-year full warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Weird Clicking Noises!
    I just received this unit, had it installed... turned it on and left the house... Returned to a lovely cool room and the air-conditioner making annoying low level clicking sounds... I am hoping this might go away, but suspect it wont... The idea of having to remove the unit is almost too painful to contemplate... WHY did I think Frigidaire could make an air conditioner?... ...more info
  • Quick Installation
    Took only 20 Minutes to put in. Much easier than a regular A/C unit for large Windows that slide side to side. My window was a bit larger than allowable so I had to add plexiglass to fill the rest of the window. Works great and love the remote....more info
  • Slider/casement window a/c
    I am very pleased with my new a/c -- I was able to fit it right into my new Milguard window without removing the pane of glass. But, the measurements on the product were ambiguous because the actual opening needed was buried somewhere in the description. Also, the case on the front of the a/c is cracked and we didn't notice it until after we had installed it. On the whole I am quite pleased.

    Looking forward to working in my office this summer in the cool air....more info
  • Very good product
    Stops short of greatness. All around very well made. ( Value, energy rating, not extemely loud, etc.)....more info
  • Solid unit, not extremely well designed
    This is a large AC unit. We had it installed by a pro and I'm glad we did as it needed a fair bit of work. There are no side curtain pieces, so you have to have a horizontally sliding window or you have to build a box to fit into your casement window that will perfectly fit the unit.

    Once installed, we've found that it has a some nice features; the energy saver feature is particularly helpful. The fan turns off when the compressor does, but then the fan cycles on for 2 minutes every 10 minutes to keep the air from stagnating in the room. The fan turns back on when the compressor kicks in based on the thermostat.

    It doesn't do a very good job of dehumidifying and so would probably do better in a dryer climate than the San Francisco Bay Area, which is where we are....more info
  • unhappy with AMAZON!
    I have always liked amazon and thought it would be a good place to purchase my air conditioner because I had had a good experience in the past and assumed you had a good customer service policy. Sadly I must tell you I am VERY dissapointed. The AC didn't fit into the space and when I went to exchange/return (in original box, unused) I discovered that amazon had contracted out the job and I was left dealing with a place called "Beach Audio" in California...I live in NYC! They weren't helpful at all and refused to let me return the AC...which I cannot use...and it was expensive. I will never use amazon for big ticket purchases again and I will discourage those I know about doing the same.

    I wish it went differently, believe me.
    Cynthia Clegg...more info
  • Great Product
    This is working very well for me it is cooling a 950 square foot house with ease. I also love the digital and the remote feature....more info
  • Excellent Purchase!
    This is the best air conditioner I've ever purchased! I love the electronic controls and timer! It has a remote control too! It cools the room quickly and easily....more info