Factory Refurbished KIRBY G4 VACUUM NEW LOADED 5 YR War

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This is a Factory Refurbished Kirby G4 Loaded with tools and zip brush with a 5 year motor warranty! The Factory Refurbished included a brand new belt, bumper, brushroll, fan, pulley, wheels and more. You cant buy a better kirby unless it is brand new. It has been professionally cleaned and serviced and the transmission has been adjusted and motor serviced. It will come with a 5 year written motor warranty from our company. It comes with all the tools you see in the picture and the zip brush (powered upholstery tool). It will come with 2 bags and a online link to a demo manual that shows you how to use it.
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Customer Reviews:
  • Worth every penny
    If you are considering this purchase. Do not hesitate. It is an extreme bargain. I bought this vacuum new 13 years ago for $1200.00. It is probably the only thing I have ever owned that delivers exactly what was advertised. I love everything about it. The shampoo system that is included is so easy to use and your whole house smells fresh for days. There is also a carpet brightening liquid you can buy to add to the shampoo tank that makes your rugs look new. I found a great web site that offers replacement parts and supplies that are bargain priced. It is www.totalvac.com. The only downside to owning a Kirby is that is is heavy but is self propelled. It glides across the floor. It takes more time than other vacs to switch over to use the attachments. Neither of these things matter to me at all. !Highly recommended! ...more info
  • Simply the Best vacuum cleaner that there is!
    I recently purchased a used Kirby G4. This machine is over 10 years old and still cleans better than most other vacuums, including my highly rated Bissell model which recently broke. But, the primary reason I bought a Kirby was that I was sick and tired of replacing my vacuum cleaner every 2-4 years due to wear and tear. There is no other vacuum cleaner which lasts a lifetime. 99% of those produced these days (like many consumer products) are made primarily of plastic components. Kirby is the only brand, that I know of, which has consistent after-market of 10, 20, and even 30 year-old machines because it is made of metal and designed specifically to endure. It is definitely worth the $1000+ pricetag for a new one, but I avoid this expense by simply buying an older version which cleans as good as a new one. ...more info