Honeywell 50250-N HEPA Air Purifier

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  • works great but loud
    I just want to say if you want clean air. Get one of these. Very loud on the high setting but after a day or two it becomes white noise and you would not even notice. I am about to buy another one for the bedroom....more info
  • not sure
    I'm not too sure what to it bad? it great? no. I bought this to help purify the air in my office here in Afghanistan. Let's just say to start that is no easy task!! The unit seems to be functioning well enough but it's a little on the loud side and it really drops the temperature in a room. It has not had any issues and seems to be I said, the air here is terrible to begin with so it's hard to say if it's really making a dent. I'd like to think it is....more info