Littermaid LMAC100 Littermaid Air Cleaner

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Product Description

The LitterMaid Air Cleaner is a continuous fan that easily attaches to the litter box. Its consistent action filters odors to make the air around the litter box fresh and clean. It is absolutely fragrance-free as it works to absorb odor instead of masking

  • Continuous fan action filters odors, leaving the air around the litter box fresh and clean
  • Fragrance-free ? Absorbs odors, does not mask them
  • Helps to eliminate litter box odors
  • Easily attaches to most litter boxes. Just clamp it on and plug it in.
  • Operates 24 hours a day
Customer Reviews:
  • Reduces Odor As Claimed
    This air cleaner really does reduce (but not completely remove) odor around the litter box. I've had it for a couple weeks and am happy with the results. It makes some noise but it doesn't bother me because it's far enough away from where I usually hang out....more info
  • One Important Detail That Isn't In The Description that the unit is electric. I had assumed it was battery powered and haven't been able to use it since there's no outlet near the litter box. I still have it though - once I factor in the vendor's restocking fee on returns (15%) and the cost of postage and packing materials, the $4 or $5 I'd get back wasn't worth the hassle. I'll either give it away or find some use for it in the future......more info
  • pleasant surprise
    it's always tough to combat litter box odor. but this little guy really packs a wallop! and one of the best aspects of it is it's very quiet. definitely recommend....more info