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Only for Oral-B Sonic Complete. Patented Crisscross Bristles - Angled to better clean teeth and stimulate gums. Effectively remove plaque without irritating gums. Reverse gingivitis for firmer, healthier gums. Whiten 25%.

Customer Reviews:

  • Does not fit my tooth brush
    I thought it would fit my Oral-B, but mine is an older one, and I can't use it....more info
  • Love it!
    I just love this tooth brush. I had to buy the refill heads because they do not sell them on the military base we live on. The only problem is the shipping. I had to send them to a friend who had to send them to me because the company didn't ship APO. ...more info
  • Expensive brush heads at reasonable price
    I was shocked when I saw the price in the drug store for he Oral-B Sonic Replacement Brush Heads. I was pleased to see it offered on Amazon at a very reasonable price. ...more info
  • sonic clean
    This is a new product for me - takes some getting used to but was recommended by my hygenist...more info
  • Excellent brush head
    Very comfortable, functional, and effective. Using the discoloration of the bristles as life indicator is brilliant and useful. 3 ct. package is affordable. There is really nothing to complain about....more info
  • Great Toothbrush Heads
    This toothbrush head does all of the work. Good for people who scrub too hard with the traditional toothbrush, therefore damaging your teeth (that is what my dentist told me the problem I had), eletric toothbrushes like this one prevent you from brushing too hard, and more efficient. Teeth feel really clean after using this toothbrush heads.
    Price wise, it is much cheaper than the price in local drug store, plus you don't need to pay sales tax here, big saving....more info
  • Good product
    Very good product that I have known for a while. This newer one is better than the older ones....more info
  • Wonderful! Will Always Order!
    This product is exactly what I wanted. It arrives on time as promised. I have used Oral B Sonic Complete for approx. 5 years and will continue to do so. I recently purchased it for my 14 year old son and last year when I took him for his 6 month cleaning, the dentist was amazed at the difference in my son's teeth. My son's cleaning was minimal. I'm an extremely satisfied customer. Thank you Oral B and Amazon for carrying this product....more info
  • Sonic complete refill heads
    I was happy to find this product at the low price and they were shipped very quick. ...more info
  • Oral B Sonic Replacement Heads
    I am very satisfied with the order & delivery time of this product. I received exactly what i ordered in a very timely fashion. And much less expensive than bought in a store. Keep up the good work.
    Barb...more info
  • sonic brush heads
    Nice and cheap.... far better than Ebay!! If you need these, this is the place to get them.. FAST shipping too....more info
  • Great Toothbrush, if it works
    My Oral B Sonic Complete recently started konking out on me. It randomly shuts off, and sometimes it doesn't even turn on. I have seen it randomly turn on as well. I have had it for about 2 years, I think I have to call the manufacturer.

    Besides that, the toothbrush is great. ...more info
  • Sonic Complete Refill Toothbrush Heads
    We've used the Sonic Complete System since last summer and have found it made a significant difference from manual toothbrushes - the heads do a great job in dislodging small particles and also seem to help in brightening the teeth. Oral B recommends replacing every 3 months - we think it can safely stretch to 4-5 months, particularly since the heads are somewhat expensive compared to manual toothbrushes with regular replacement....more info
  • Best dental checkup ever after using Sonic Complete!
    I started using the Sonic Complete after my last dental checkup. At the time I was 3 months pregnant - as any dentist will tell you, your oral health tends to decline during pregnancy, due to various reasons. Already I had a lot of tartar buildup and some places to watch. Well, immediately after my check up I started using the Sonic Complete. I love that it times the brushing for you, 30 seconds per quadrant, so you do a thorough job. Last week I went back to the dentist for my 6-month followup, now 9 months pregnant, and anticipating the worst - but it was the best check up I've ever had. The cleaning was a breeze - I had hardly any buildup and everything looked great. The hygienist couldn't believe it, especially given my pregnancy, and agreed with me that it must be the toothbrush. So I'm hooked! I'll be ordering replacement heads now and will be having my husband start using it as well!...more info
  • Good value
    My item was shipped promptly & arrived in good condition. It does a great job & I think is a good value for the price....more info
  • Good brush, but pricey
    I love the Oral B Sonic system. The brushes work well, but they are pricey. Amazon had the best price I could find, but at over $6 a brush, they are expensive. ...more info
  • good deal
    oral b sonic brush heads are so expensive in the store. Ill always buy it here for this price. and shipping is fast....more info
  • oral b replacement heaads
    Replacement heads for the oral-b electronic toothbrush lasts more than the 3 months they suggest (and that is based on brushing twice daily). They do a reasonable job in keeping your teeth clean and refreshing.
    Also good value for the money by purchasing via amazon.com....more info
  • Love this toothbrush
    After my dentist hygienist suggested the Oral B Sonic I purchased it and have been very pleased. The dentist has noted that I don't have a lot of plaque which is a noted improvement. I love this product. ...more info
  • Great service from Amazon.com (as usual!)
    Product arrived quickly. Unfortunately I could not see the fine print description on website and ordered the wrong product. When I contacted amazon to return they handled the situation promptly and efficiently. Will do business with this company again....more info
  • Toothbrush refills are way overpriced
    The Sonic B Complete is a great toothbrush but the head refills are way overpriced coming up to 7 dollars for each refill head. These are not the upgraded motorized heads. They are just a regular brush that fits onto the motorized section. The price for these has never come down and there is nothing to warrant other than no one else provides a generic fit. The latest technology applies rotating heads and these are not compatable. So while the device itself provides good oral care you are forced to overpay dramatically for refills....more info
  • Never felt better
    My dentist recommended this toothbrush for problems with my gums. Use of the Oral B Sonic Complete has improved the health of my gums and my teeth have never felt cleaner. I love the feature that tells you when to switch to the next quarter of your mouth. When I first used it, I used the mid setting but now use the high setting. The massage feature is also nice. My husband and I both use the toothbrush. ...more info


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