Not Easily Broken

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After years of disagreeing on what true happiness, success, and love really is, Dave and Clarice Johnson finally face the breaking point of their marriage. When Clarice's leg is crushed in a car wreak, the obvious truth that more than just her injuries need immediate attention is finally exposed. Clarice and Dave have differing opinions on what it means to be successful and to live a meaningful life. Clarice is driven by her quest to climb the social ladder. Dave is satisfied coaching little league and running a janitorial service. Dave feels at home in his blue jeans and pick-up truck. Clarice is a designer label-luxury car kind of woman. After Clarice sustains injuries in a car accident, the constant presence of her physical therapist, Julie, and the mentoring relationship between Dave and Julie's son create strife that quickly moves the Johnson's marriage to crisis. Clarice and Dave struggle to find restoration as they learn the importance of promises made and kept.

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellant Read
    I was pleasantly surprised. I have read TD Jakes books before but not any of his novels and he is an excellant writer. I went through this book happily and sadly quickly. Happily to read on and sadly for that feeling of having finished and the experience being over. I highly recommend this book, I believe you also will be pleasantly surprised as just how great a read it is....more info
  • Fantastic Book
    This book was great. It was a quick read for me, as I could not put it down. The story was so good you don't want to stop reading. Great book. If you are looking for something to read that is inspirational and entertaining, get this book....more info
  • Not Easily Broken: A Novel
    As usual this author hits the nail right on the head. This book was encouraging and inspiring. I lose my copy on the plane after reading, so I hope the next person that came along found it good too....more info
  • The plot keeps you moving!
    I can count on one hand the number of fiction books I've read in the last 10 years, but I couldn't put this one down! It captured my attention from the very first page, and I could relate to the characters immediately. I read it in two evenings. You'll want to keep going to see what happens, especially after the book takes a surprise turn. The other reviewer is's real without being preachy. And it should speak to the hearts of married women, esp. those of us with good men that we sometimes take for granted. Grab the book, light up the fire, get a cup of coffee, get the kids to bed, and have at it! A great book!!!...more info
  • 'What you won't do for your man, somebody else will...'
    Dave and Clarice Johnson have reached a level of comfort in their lives. Their finances are great, their goals are within their reach, they've finally made it, but there's something missing despite their accomplishments. Dave has his cleaning business, Clarice is focused on her real estate sales and has lost sight of her marriage vows. Fulfilling his yearning to make a difference in a young man's life, Dave coaches a baseball team of inner city youth. All is going smooth until in a rush to get to one of Clarice's event, they are involved in an accident that leaves Clarice disabled and needing physical therapy.

    Help comes in the form of Julie, an attractive single mother whose life is centered around her only child, Bryson. An invite from Dave to Bryson opens up a door that leads to temptation and `silent' problems scream loudly with this new situation.

    Not Easily Broken is an even paced, mild-mannered read with no cliffhangers or real excitement. The storyline focuses on small lies lined with temptation that's centered around infidelity, childhood dysfunctions, love, friendship, loneliness, and death. Relationships tend to be balanced around childhood experiences, witnessing parental hurts that can be damaging and the weakening of a strong bond. I'm glad to see the all-star cast for the upcoming movie, because Not Easily Broken needs a healthy dose of spice. I anticipate Jenifer Lewis in her role as the mother because her infamous sarcastic tone will surely liven up this storyline with its fairytale tendencies.
    ...more info
  • At the Heart
    Dave and Clarice Johnson have been married for twelve years. In that time they have drifted apart, but they share the same house and same bed. Yet their dreams and goals are so different.

    While Dave is happy coaching the little league team and owning his own business, Clarice is a no-nonsense type of person. Everything is so cut and dry with her. As a real estate agent, Clarice is making lots of money. She is all about show, whereas Dave is just a regular Joe.

    Their lives sway 100% due to a car accident.

    The physical therapist that Clarice and Brock hired to help Clarice appears to be showing Dave some things. As a man, Dave has sincere feelings, yet his wife is shutting him out. Can he continue to feel like a man? Clarice is also suffering. She has serious issues from the car accident and she's unable to see the changes in Dave. That is until someone so clearly points them out to her.

    Will Dave and Clarice be able to save their rocky marriage???

    Not Easily Broken was just too predictable for my liking.

    Reviewed by: Carmen...more info
  • No Man Put Asunder
    Not Easily Broken is another captivating, thought-provoking, spiritual lesson hidden in words woven by T.D. Jakes. Sometimes when we grow up lessons that we are taught by our parents, stay with us a little longer than we would like. Our dreams that we have for ourselves when we are growing up is not always the path we take.

    Clarice and David Johnson had been married for fifteen years. Though they went through the motions of being married and successful in their careers, something was lacking. Due to a horrible mistake, they were in a very bad accident and this is when God saw the opening to teach a lesson.

    Clarice had listened to her mother tell her for years to be dependent on only herself. Due to this, Clarice pushed herself to be one of the best real estate agents at the firm she worked. She did not understand why David would not give up his custodial business and do something more promising and showcase his potential. Never really learning how to depend on someone else drove Clarice into a dark place when the accident happened. It also gave her time to reflect on herself

    David gave of his self to everyone, from his employees that did not have any skills to the children's little league baseball he coached. The one person he tried to care for the most was not very receptive of his natural caring and giving nature but that did not stop him from trying. When someone else started to take notice of this rare quality, David found he liked the attention.

    T.D. Jakes has woven a story of love, loss, and love again. Sometimes we have to sit and reflect on things that God wants us to heed, but when we are not receptive He can be rather funny in the route He takes to teach us. I recommend this to a reader that is not used to listening and compromising.

    Jennifer Coissiere

    ...more info
  • Not Easily Broken
    Bishop TD Jake's third novel, Not Easily Broken, sends a strong message about the importance of having and maintaining healthy relationships.

    Dave and Clarice Johnson have been married for fifteen years. However, this novel demonstrates that although a couple has been together for awhile it does not prove that all is well in a marriage.

    This becomes evident when a car accident leaves Clarice with a physical injury. Career-driven and independent, Clarice begins to shut down emotionally in spite of Dave's many attempts to make his wife comfortable. Why is Clarice so withdrawn? Does she fear she will lose her credibility as a real estate agent? Is she mad at Dave?

    Anxious to get back to her normal work schedule, Clarice gets physical therapy in her home to recuperate. Julie, Clarice's physical therapist helps her to get better. They get along well. However, Julie, a divorcee, begins having feelings for Dave, because he shows an interest in her son, Bryson. It seems to work out well for both Julie and Dave: Julie has a role model for her son as well as a relationship with a man; and, Dave feels appreciated for a change. Nevertheless, the one person who should be appreciating Dave: his wife, Clarice, is not. Why doesn't Clarice show her husband the love and encouragement he so desperately needs? Has he done something in the past to hurt her?

    In addition, Clarice is battling with the ever so loud voice of her mother who believes that men, including Dave, aren't worth two cents. How does her mother's perspective affect her ability to relate to Dave? Will Clarice's mother put an even larger wedge between the once so vibrant couple?

    On the other hand, while Dave is being pushed away from the arms of his wife, he is being tempted to run to the arms of Julie.

    Will Dave and Clarice's marriage survive the tension of emotional baggage, sexual temptation, and a nagging mother? How can Dave say no to Julie when their emotions for one another feel so right? Will Dave stay with Clarice or will he leave her for Julie?

    Not Easily Broken is a lesson for married couples to put time, effort, and communication into their marriage. It is also a lesson for men and women to appreciate loved ones and not allow your upbringing to hinder you from enjoying the blessings of God.

    Powerful story Bishop Jakes!
    ...more info
  • This one is a winner!
    Dave and Clarice Johnson are a young couple who appear to be living the American Dream. Dave has his own successful business, and Clarice is one of the top real estate agents with her company.

    But, like most of us, if you dig a little bit, disappointments and resentments are buried not too far beneath the surface. And when a car accident brings their routine to a screeching halt, it gets harder to ignore the little piles of dirt piling up in little mounds around them.

    Clarice has a physical therapist, Julie, who is a member of their church and a single mom. The love of Julie's life is her son, and when Dave Johnson shows an interest in mentoring him, it all feels natural and good. Until those little piles of dirt start exposing more underlying differences between Dave and Clarice, and unmarred history between Dave and Julie.

    T.D. Jakes is the first author of a non-fiction book I enjoyed reading from beginning to end. Even though I trusted he'd have some talent in writing fiction, I steeled myself for possible disappointment. Didn't happen. Jakes takes his compassion, experience and love for other people and pours it into this story.

    In Not Easily Broken we see how even good people can find themselves in difficult and tortuous situations. And we see how, when we let God into the picture, often those things we've kept buried can become treasures to hold tight and build upon.


    Armchair Interviews says: Fiction with true sense of things that people hid from others and themselves...more info
  • Heartwarming and Real!
    T.D. Jakes' book is timely and engaging! Each page will have you yearning for more. Not Easily Broken book proves how, no matter how earth shattering the struggle, God is still a God of healing and restoration within marriages. I highly recommend it; excellent read!
    -Kimberley Brooks, author of "He's Fine...But is He Saved?"
    ...more info
  • Not Easily Broken...
    David and Clarice, the main characters of NOT EASILY BROKEN by T. D. Jakes, were once a happily married couple, but are slipping away from each other because of their lack of communication. Clarice's inability to share her fears with David and truly open up to him goes from bad to worse when she's in a fatal accident and refuses to lean on him for strength. David loves his wife and does all he can to show her he's there for her, but feels useless and unneeded. It becomes obvious after a while that they are two very different people with different goals in life.

    Before the accident, Clarice is busy climbing the corporate ladder and keeping up with everyone else while David is content with running his janitorial business and helping out in the community. The accident should have drawn them closer, but instead it pushes them further apart. David finds himself spending more time with Clarice's physical therapist (a single mom) and mentoring her son. In the process, he becomes attracted to her and a father figure to the young boy. He learns more about himself, and what it feels like to spend time with people who care about him and share similar beliefs and dreams. Clarice notices the difference in David and begins to wonder if he's having an affair. After a tragic accident, she confronts David and forces an answer. What follows gives the book more drama than seen in most Christian Fiction or Inspirational reads.

    While I enjoyed NOT EASILY BROKEN, some of the issues seemed glazed over and Clarice's character worked my nerves to no end. I really felt nothing for her, and though I knew David was being led down a road of temptation, I wanted him to find some type of happiness and it didn't seem that Clarice was capable. Her selfish demeanor will turn off many readers, but others will find her realistic and a portrayal of a woman balancing her career and marriage. On the flip side, Jakes did a wonderful job of showing David's side of things and there are some very moving areas in NOT EASILY BROKEN that will resonate with the reader. The resolution was satisfying, though predictable, and sends a message that what God puts together cannot be easily broken.

    Reviewed by Tee C. Royal
    of The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers
    ...more info
  • Awesome Book
    This was a wonderful book. The main character, David, gave me hope and inspiration, though I thought his wife was a bit annoying. Though I had hoped the book would end differently, the ending was satisfying and left me pleased. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a good story. ...more info
  • Decent Book
    To be honest when I purchased this book ( book club pick ) I thought I would get a sermon. This novel was a pretty good read and not religiously overbearing. The story was very realistic and also entertaining. Unlike most novels with a similar story line it focused more on being unfaithful not within a physical aspect. ...more info
  • Disappointed
    This book was very slow and boring. Hard to read. I had to make myself finish it hoping that it would pick up the pace alittle, which it did in the middle but died out. I was looking for much more. Very disappointed because TD Jakes is a great writer. Borrow the book first before you buy it. ...more info
  • Can This Marriage Be Saved?
    Can This Marriage Be Saved?

    Dave and Clarice have been married forever; yet the things that they do not know about one another could fill up a small house. That is the basic problem in their marriage. They have grown apart over the years, rather than together. How many marriages are the same way?

    Not Easily Broken is the latest novel by mega preacher, T. D. Jakes about an upper class African American couple who find that their marriage has fallen into disrepair right before their eyes. Neither one of them seem to be able to acknowledge the truth of the matter. They have gotten used to acting like nothing is wrong until they are involved in a near-fatal car crash and Clarice is seriously injured. As David fails miserably at his attempts to take care of his wife; he finally admits that he no longer feels needed. Her lack of neediness and her inability to trust him with her fears is at the core of their problems. Suddenly; the wonderful life that they have built is no longer enough. The house, the cars and the material possessions are no longer fulfilling because they both realize that they have lost that loving feeling between them.

    Jakes weaves an interesting tale of woe in this novel. What I appreciated most about the book is that it is not your average work of Christian fiction where every little detail is wrapped up in a nice little package in the end because the characters are following the call of the Lord. The characters in this book are real. Clarice is a woman who makes you want to actually slap her. Her self-centered persona is portrayed so realistically that she could be someone that you know. Although the Johnsons belong to a church that they attend regularly; they don't seem to be spirit-filled believers. They aren't the type that lean on God for guidance; at least not until they find themselves deep in trouble which is the case with most people. While Clarice is caught up with keeping up with the Joneses and climbing the ladder of success in the real estate business; Dave is a down to earth man who is more interested in mentoring young males in the community than making money. His humble position as the owner of a small janitorial services business is enough for him and that bothers Clarice. On the other hand; her disinterest in having children is a thorn in Dave's side. You wonder what brought these two together in the first instance.

    The real drama unfolds when a young, single mother and her son comes into their lives and Dave finds himself attracted to the woman and committed to the child. Clarice realizes that she could lose her husband and finally takes some action and looks outside of her own wants and needs to try to save the marriage. Despite a tragic turn of events; they both acknowledge that they have something worth saving. With the help of a marriage counselor and a renewed faith in God; Clarice and Dave discover that their bond is "not easily broken".

    The author has a gift for seeing into the hearts of women in his national ministry. He does the same with the female characters in this book. He also gives us some very realistic male characters and the circumstances for relationship building. I enjoyed the story and would recommend Not Easily Broken to readers who like contemporary Christian fiction. It was well written and kept me interested. I liked the fact that the author did not skate around the issues of temptation and sin. He also held the characters responsible for their actions and showed through scriptural references how Christian couples need to invite God into their relationships. I'd rate it a four on a scale of one through five.

    Idrissa Uqdah for

    ...more info
  • A Good Story
    Dave and Clarice Johnson: married fifteen years and it takes a car accident to bring unexplored problems in their relationship to the surface. Clarice's "I can take care of myself" mentality causes more of a gap between her and Dave than was already there before the accident, and Clarice's mother, who is obviously a bitter woman holding onto past hurts, doesn't help the situation. And then there's Clarice's physical therapist, Julie. She likes Dave for who he is, and when they're together he feels appreciated. Dave, who, unlike his wife, is sure he wants children, becomes a stand-in father for Julie's son, Bryson, whose own dad is never around. A real bond forms there.

    Can Clarice hold onto her man when she isn't giving him what he needs; especially when there's another woman who's willing to do just that? Will Dave decide his marriage is worth saving, or will he move on and begin a new relationship with Julie? These are the questions that came to mind as I read this novel. It turns out that God the Father, verses from Ecclesiastes, and a marriage counselor all play a part in getting this marriage back on track.

    I have listened to the teachings of Bishop T.D. Jakes for quite some time now. Whether he's speaking or writing, this man of God has a way with words that can get a life-changing message straight to the heart of the listener or reader. I'm glad he has decided to include fiction among his many books. This one is as good as all of the rest!
    ...more info
  • Awesome Book
    This was a wonderful book. The main character, David, gave me hope and inspiration, though I thought his wife was a bit annoying. Though I had hoped the book would end differently, the ending was satisfying and left me pleased. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a good story. ...more info
  • Not Easily Broken
    This was a very good read. The storyline was quite interesting and it kept me wanted to read more. I purchased a copy for myself and a copy for my best girlfriend for a Christmas gift. I finished reading it in four days. Now that's a good book. My goal was to finish it before going to see the movie on the big screen.

    Gina ...more info
  • Horrible
    I found this book to be a waste of time. I was struggling to get through it. My entire book club was in a state of awww at this book. Not deep at all, very shallow and weak. I wouldn't advise anyone to go out of their way to read this book. I don't think there was much thought or "work" put into this book. I especially didn't care for all the details in the scenes at the baseball field. I found it to be a lot of filler!!...more info
  • Awesome!
    This is a great book! I could hardly put it down as I could identify with most of what was taking place in the lives of the main characters. Although I initially found Clarice to be foolish, I began to recognize that I too have some of the same character flaws in regards to my relationship with my husband. It was really an eye opener for me and helped me to remember that a really good man is hard to find, and that there is also someone else, somewhere looking for one. Was very therapeutic for me as a married career woman, and allowed me to peek into the perception of a single woman, and of course the man caught in the middle.

    I only wished it was longer! Guess I just wanted to see how Clarice overcame the flaws through the process of counseling. Cannot wait to see the movie! ...more info
  • Very Very Good
    This was by far one of the best books I have EVER read.T.D Jakes put thought into this.I never guess the book from one page to the next.Usually now-a-days in a book the guy would've had the woman in bed at the beginning but this is completely different.I love it.Its emotion-filled, romantic,lightly erotic, and sure enough depressing.A mixture of it all constitutes and well written novel.Thanks T.D Jakes...more info
  • Very disappointing
    I was very disappointed in this book. I myself have gone through a very similar situation in my marriage (no car accident) and also went to marriage counseling. I found that the storyline in the book was very shallow compared to the real thing. I was hoping to be able to relate to the situation since it was similar to my own but I couldn't do that. The "adultery" that Dave had was very mild compared with what happens in real life. And the fact that his best friend hooked up with the woman he was in adultery with and they become friends at the end is very unrealistic. I'm sorry I bought the book. ...more info


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