The UltraSimple Diet
The UltraSimple Diet

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"In his New York Times bestselling book, UltraMetabolism, Dr. Mark Hyman unveiled his groundbreaking but simple plan for automatic weight loss. Never before had all seven keys to permanent weight loss been integrated into a single plan. Based on the cutting-edge science of nutrigenomics - the science of how food talks to our genes - UltraMetabolism promises to reprogram your body to automatically lose weight by turning on the messages of weight loss and health and turning off the messages of weight gain and disease. Now, for the first time in The UltraQuick Diet, Dr. Hyman reveals his revolutionary accelerated plan which, if properly followed, allows a person to lose 10 pounds in just 7 days. A chapter in the book will be devoted to each day of the plan, which will feature a menu, exercise routines, relaxation and stress reduction exercises, and a few blank pages in order for the reader to keep a journal of his or her progress. Dr. Hyman will also discuss the philosophy of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, along with its practical ramifications, i.e. keeping the weight off."

Customer Reviews:

  • Waste of money
    This is the biggest waste of money..... After the first few days of looking it over, saw no need in keeping it. I have other books that are simpler and easier to use (with better results)....more info
  • Not for people that don't need to detox to lose weight
    Well I bought this book because it was recommended to me, but what I found out is that I did not need to detox. I don't have allergies so I really didn't have anything blocking my weight loss.

    I used this diet for 3 months and only lost 6 pounds. Then after getting off of it, because I couldn't seem to drop anymore weight I felt so deprived that I ate anything sweet I could get my hands on for the next 3 months and gained the original 6 pounds back plus 5. Talk about a let down. This type of yo-yo diet has never affected me before, so now I know how frustrated people can get.

    I really just have one thing to say....try nutrisystem. I've already lost 8 of those pounds in one month and am not done yet. You really do get what you pay for. This book assumes most people can't lose weight because of toxins or allergies. I have neither. This diet didn't work for me....more info
  • Great Plan!
    Dr. Hyman knows what he is talking about. It is amazing that not more Doctors are using these principles to heal their patients. This is worth every penny and if you follow the plan, you will notice a difference....more info
  • It is not all about Him!
    I found this book hard to read until after I got through all the stuff about the author. I have no doubt that he is great, but he sure told us that over and over!
    I also think that this will be a hard diet to do without spending a lot of money just on the new foods one needs to eat....more info
  • UltraSimple Diet:: Kick Start Your Metabolism and Safely Lose Up to 10 Pounds in 7 Days.
    This diet book is easy to read and is the most uncomplicated diet program that I have tried. This is the last diet book I will buy. Easy to read and follow. ...more info
  • do not bother
    waste of money- same old info we all know- nothing new or helpful- I donated mine- it was really that lame!...more info
  • Not that simple
    This diet quickly became rather expensive, and it was a lot more complicated than I expected. I did lose a few pounds in a week, but I did not keep up with it. There are a lot of good ideas in the book, but it was just not for me....more info
  • Read this & reap..the benefits of smart eating.
    While Dr. Hyman's recommendations are somewhat daunting, the basic advice is great. Even if you don't follow the plan to the letter, you're health will improve and you will lose weight if you take to heart his recommendations to modify your diet, your life and your thought processes....more info
  • Another diet go round
    I've gone through so many diet books. After a while they all seem to sound alike. This ones okay but don't follow it too closely. Rather I recommend following the advice that makes sense to you, and discarding some of it that doesn't make sense....more info
  • Kickstarting your diet
    I found the book very informative about your body and why you were doing what you were doing. The diet was simple and pretty easy and good for you. My only problem was I got tired quickly of eating that way, but it absolutely motivated me to continue on to another eating plan that suited me better and I am still losing weight. It was a good kick start plan that got me off my white flour, wheat and sugar which was imperative for me....more info
  • Great book
    I love this book, as well as Dr. Hyman's other books. I did not need or want to lose weight, I bought this book as a detox guide, as well as to find out if I have any food allergies. I did end up losing a few pounds without trying to. This is a great way to start Dr. Hyman's UltraMetabolism plan, which is a whole foods lifelong way of eating more healthfully, not a diet. But if you want to lose weight it is an easy way of doing so, and you will not be hungry! There is one caveat to this "diet": it is only a 7-day diet, however there is one week of preparation where you eliminate sugar, caffeine, flour, hydrogenated fats and alcohol. Dr. Hyman also strongly suggests slowly re-introducing foods after the 7-day detox, which takes several more weeks. After the 7 days though, you will probably feel so good that you will want to continue with his plan....more info
    I've tried most of the best selling diet books. This happens to be one of my favorites. I lost 5 lbs the first week, the diet was common sensical, easy to follow and near genius in its simplicity. The author, one Dr. Hyman, explains in exquisite detail the WHYS - why you should eat this, why you should not eat that, why you are feeling better, why it's important to keep weight off.

    If you're looking for an easy to follow diet this is it. Most diet books are so weighed down with needless detail and confusing charts and graphs they take all the fun out of changing your body and your body image... and, unlike lots of the other diets THIS ONE WORKS! YOU LOSE WEIGHT!

    Now, my complaint - the author, on this amazon page and in the book, keeps hitting the reader over the head with his HARD SELL about how good his diet is. Enough already. Let the reader determine how good your diet is or is not. We don't need this hard sell. The diet works. Leave it alone.

    The hard sell reminded me of a hilarious book, Martha Bolton's "Maybe Life's Just Not That Into You" which parodies diet books like this in highly amusing fashion. In my humble opinion it's the funniest book of the year. Maybe Life's Just Not That Into You: When You feel Like the World's Voted You Off

    And "The Ultra Simple Diet", along with "The Cardio FRee Diet" is one of the better diet books of the year. If enough people read this book the obesity problem will be greatly diminished. I cannot think of a stronger endorsement than that. ...more info
  • Excellent approach
    I was a member of the beta-test group for this eating plan late last year. I was very impressed with the improvements in my energy, weight and reduction in some chronic low back pain during the week of the diet. I was able to purchase everything needed in my rural Kansas town and found it possible to prepare and eat the meals and energy shakes in the midst of my busy life. I now recommend this book to my patients....more info
  • ok
    the diet seems fairly simple and easy to follow.It didn't need lots of expensive foods or supplements.It is worth a try....more info
  • one more book about detxifying
    If you believe in detoxifying as the answer to all your health problems, especially weight, why not buy this book, but not the bigger more expensive "Ultrametabolism" by the same author. This one contains the essence of the principles, without all the conspiracy theory about the food industry trying its best to poison us (one disclaimer: I work for the food industry, and if there was such conspiracy, we'd be making a lot more money, hopefully as much as the health industry).
    Overall, it's worth a try and it won't hurt you: eating unprocessed wholesome food makes a lot of sense and is cheaper to boot. But the diet is quite stringent and difficult, so most people won't stick to it even in the short term. It is recommended to eliminate dairy and gluten contaning grains from the diet, which might be harsh. As to lose the 10 pounds in 7 days, well, keep dreaming......more info
  • Ultra Ssimple Diet
    UltraSimple Diet--- This is a super book I would recommend to everyone. It really works! It is a healthy diet. Usually I get sick on them and this on I feel fabulous Only problem I have- no index. I like to refer back to the good parts. Wanda...more info
  • Not Simple
    If you are looking for a simple, quick, and easy recipe,,,do not purchase this book. I am certain that the formula designed by Dr.Hyman is a bonafide solution; however' the title is misleading and should to be changed as I found this to be a very hard to achieve and complicated process. An easier simpler read is the Ultimate Cleanse diet...that is if one is looking for simple....more info
  • The Ultra-Simple Diet
    This book seems to have a lot of reviews by other people but I didn't find a lot of substance and that is what I was looking for - was not impressed but I guess it made him a lot of money and I guess that is what he was looking for....more info
  • Great Book & it IS Simple
    Wow, reading lots of comments and there is sooo much whining. You don't HAVE to buy organic, it is just recommended. He gives you tips on prepping for the diet (you really only have to cook 2 days in a week). You also don't have to buy the supplements. If you can't take the time to invest in yourself for a week, then things will just have to remain status quo for you. There is no quick fix, losing weight takes time and effort....more info
  • ultra simple diet
    this is a great resource, just wish it was a little larger and was not so difficult to keep the pages open....more info
  • NOt 100% simple - but it works!
    First let me say, I've never reviewed a book because I've never found one that was worth my time to do so, this book changed that.

    I have had Hashimoto's hypothyroid for over 10 years, and because of medication issues, saw my weight creep up little by little, about 30 pounds total in that time. My doctor told me it would take double the amount of exercise a "normal" person would have to do to loose weight, and he wasn't joking. Months of counting calories, exercising (exactly what the PT told me to do), and after 3 months, I lost 2 lbs. VERY FUSTRATING!

    I heard about this book and thought to give it a try. As some say, it's not 100% simple, but I think the title really is meant to be that it is Simple to change your lifestyle, because it is - if you just have enough willpower to do so. The stuff you buy I found is actually not that expensive, I already took a majority of the supplements he recommends (so maybe that is why). I also took a short cut that the book gives (though it's not preferred), I bought the veg. broth, and then added only some veggies to it when I cooked it. The Organic broth did not cost anymore than my grocery store charges for the brands all filled with preservatives.

    While the broth isn't the tastiest thing in the world, it is not bad. I don't care for some of the foods that you can eat for dinner, so eating the same stuff does get old, but based on my results, I will deal with that.

    I'm on day 6 (and I did not do the prep week, I decided just to jump right in, since I don't drink caffeine anyway, and limit white flour). So far I have lost 6.8 pounds and 4 inches (between belly, hips, thighs, and chest). Some may say this is just water weight, but I don't care, because in addition to that, I feel better. I have more energy, my IBS has stopped (a miracle in itself!), my skin has cleared up (ever since I stopped taking medication, my skin looked like a 16 year olds again because of acne, but it's almost all gone, when it's been constant for 6+ months).

    If you have some will powper, give this a try, it is worth it. I've also noticed, at least at Whole Foods, that it is simple, and not much more (and in some cases cheaper) to buy some of the normal every day things (like steak sauce, ketchup) in organic to avoid high fructose corn syrup... so once you start reintroducing foods, you can do so in a healthier way. I have not gotten to that stage yet, but I have a feeling I will find that certain foods were an allergy, based on the difference I feel now.

    Sorr for rambling and making this so long... ...more info
  • Thyroid patients: Alert!
    Thyroid patients should not consume tofu or any other soy products so either skip this diet or make necessary substitutions....more info
  • Well Worth It
    My husband and I did the first week strictly as described in the book. He lost 8 lbs. and I lost 3 lbs. (I'm not overweight). We've been following the guidance in the book for about a month now (gradually adding back in different foods) and he's lost 17 lbs. and I'm still maintaining. We feel really good.

    Benefits for him:
    Within a few days his snoring was nearly gone. I really don't understand why, but it was clearly noticeable. He also was able to stop taking his Prilosec for heartburn.

    Benefits for me:
    After a few days, I had much more energy than usual. The sugar cravings go away after a couple of days as well.

    What's hard about it:
    The first week might be hard if you're a big coffee drinker or someone with a sweet tooth (like me!) It'll be worth it if you stick with it though.

    What we did to make it easier:
    We bought Trader Joe's organic vegetable broth instead of making our own. Most grocery stores stock Pacific or Imagine brands vegetable broth in the health food section too. Way easier. We also used Uncle Ben's Instant Whole Grain Brown rice - you can microwave it and it's done in 10 minutes instead of 40. We bought frozen berries from Costco for the shakes - Costco also had bulk containers of rice protein and flax along with many other foods we needed for the program. Between Costco and Trader Joe's it was easy to find what we needed.

    Experiment with the shakes. Adding a little bit of almond butter and half a banana makes them taste really great.

    It's going to take a little effort to get into the routine, but once you do, it's easy and you'll feel wonderful....more info
  • Ultrasimple --> No, Excellent --> Yes!
    Great "program" not diet. This is not a simple plan. It takes lots of time, planning, and dedication. But the results are outstanding and well worth it, if you can "stay with it". Great philosophy to live life by -- free of all things that make you toxic: not just food, but behaviors, people, jobs, etc. The guidance provided is simple and it is easy to read....more info
  • Who are you trying to convince
    I love your concept of elimating toxins from our systems. However after reading your book, I have found that there is too much over selling. If your program is as great as you say, lighten up on the propaganda.I found myself flipping through half the book to get to the actual program. Also the daily program is great, however the morning routine does not take in consideration that for some people to get up as early as necessary to follow your program that would mean that they are getting up at 3:00am and have no other responsibilies. And I ask you how healthy is that? Good luck, I'm out!
    ...more info
  • This book is a good start toward healthy living
    I have always eaten what we are told is healthy (except for a passion for ice cream and gelato)...however this book is a way to look at a healthier way.... gluten and sugar really aren't good for you no matter how much you rationalize it. This could be the reason for so much Diabetes 2 in our country. I have taken this book as a starter book and then even elimated some of the items he feels are still healthy. Chicken is an example...if chicken is so good for you to eat...why do you have to be so careful not to get any of it on your counters before you cook it. My feeling is if it is so disgustingly unhealthy before you cook can't be good for you to eat even cooked...why not enjoy some black beans for your protein...or better yet, GO RAW! Your skin will sparkle for it!...more info
  • It Truly Works!
    I read about Dr. Mark Hyman's programs and books in a well-respected health and wellness magazine, Experience Life, and I decided to purchase both Ultrametabolism and The UltraSimple diet based upon the recommendations. This past week (from April 29th - May 5th, 2007) I followed Dr. Hyman's one-week program. Within a day of starting the program, I saw and felt results. My skin was more hydrated and moisturized, and my hair was easier to manage. I awoke each morning feeling well-rested and calm, ready to face the day. I had energy after a long day at work. These changes were also followed by 5 lbs of weight loss, and several inches of toning in my midsection.

    The beauty of this program is the variety. I tried many new vegetables, and I was able to spice up each meal with new seasonings. Every night, I prepared my meal for the upcoming day - grabbing my prepared food before I left for the office. It was easy to incorporate the program into my daily activities, and by the end of the week, it was already part of my regimen.

    Dr. Hyman's program works! If you can commit to this program, you will undoubtedly see the results that he promises. ...more info
  • It works!
    I went on this diet because for most of the year I've suffered bouts of bronchitis and sinus infections. Medication for allergies wasn't helping. I read in a magazine where readers who had tried the diet eliminated quite a few of their allergy symptoms so I tried it!

    It worked. My worst diet days were the first and second days, giving up caffeine was hard!! On the third day I woke up with more energy and a clear head-no stuffiness, no itchy eyes or throat. It was bliss! I also lost almost ten pounds the first week which was a surprising bonus. I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, and have had nearly 75% of my thyroid removed, I expected to lose -at most- three or four pounds. Losing weight is no longer a goal of mine, I suspect I will never reach the weight I was when I first became sick, my metabolism just doesn't work the same anymore. The first ten pounds has given me hope that I might come close. My current goal is to be healthy--and I have never felt better then I do at this time.

    I've remained on this diet, bringing back into it my favorite veggies while continuing to avoid the common allergen foods as much as possible. I do have the occasional slip, and the scale has slowed its downward trend (but its still moving down). The benefits I've received are phenomenal-I no longer suffer from sinus infections, I have energy and most important to me, I am off the medication I took daily for allergy symptoms.

    I highly recommend this book for anyone who is questioning if they have an undiagnosed food allergy or who just wants to feel healthy again.
    ...more info
  • disappointing
    This diet made perfect sense, hence me buying it. But the diet is too austere and virtually impossible for anyone to stick with. Providing that you never enjoy food again, never have a social or family life, then this is the diet for you ! I would love to have had the will-power to try this way of eating, but as no one living with me would even look at it, I would have to cook separate meals and stay home for the rest of my life - but, gee, I would be healthy !!...more info
  • The Ulrasimple Diet
    What a crock. Seriously misrepresented and misnamed. I paid for overnight shipping I was so excited and after getting, I look at it for 5 minutes and threw it in the trash. Huge waste of money and very disappointing, unless you are into flax seed and tofu smoothies! Yummie!...more info
  • Detoxed from Sugar
    I love all of Dr. Hyman's books! Read them all and you will have more appreciation for this short one. Two weeks ago I finished a week of the packaged food I bought from his web site and it got me off sugar. I have been detoxed now twice from sugar - the first time with his book "The Detox Box" (see my review at and now with this program. I went with the food program to make simple simple- It is not so simple for most of us with busy lives- still I am very happy with the results - still eating the way I should - small qty of healthy foods and water exercise every other day. ...more info
  • The Ultra Simple Diet
    This is a great tool to help individuals organize their own elimination diet to improve health & discover hidden allergies. I've been on 3 such discovery routines before and this is the best I've seen....more info
  • Helped with allergies and blood pressure
    I am starting week 3 of the Ultrasimple diet - with some walnuts and seeds added for variety. I've only lost a couple of pounds (thanks to those walnuts and seeds) but after the first 3 days, I did not have my usual allergies, headaches and stuffy nose symptoms I've been living with for a number of years. It was great to know that my allergies weren't just related to cedar and mold. I did find I had more energy by the end of the first week. Like another reviewer I chose to buy my vegetable broth and tried a few different brands. With a little added hot sauce they were all very good.
    The smoothies are easy to make and change up with tofu and soy milk or rice protein as the base. I always add the almond butter and 1/2 banana to the shakes for extra flavor. I stuck with salmon from Costco's and chicken mostly throughout the diet which was easy to make - add some steamed veggies, a sweet potato or brown rice and it's a quick meal.
    It is hard to remember which supplements to take when and I finally typed out the basic program and leave it in my kitchen to refer to each day. My only problem is that I bought the book for my Kindle so it makes it more difficult to read and skip around in the book. I also am a little put out by all of the emails to get me to purchase the food - quite expensive. I think it cheapens the message.
    Lastly, I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and have always had pretty high blood pressure. I am now in the normal range.
    Bottom line, it is worth trying - ...more info
  • The UltraSimple Diet
    The program was NOT simple, let alone "UltraSimple". Every thing about it was complicated. You even had to prepare for a week before starting. I just quit reading it. It just isn't something I would do. I had to give the book one star in order to do a review, but I would rate it zero stars. ...more info
    The author explains that the key to losing weight is getting healthy, and that what makes people sick also makes them fat. He also explains that being fat creates sickness and disease, which is so true. These diseases include heart disease, cancer, arthritis, dementia, and diabetes. He further explains that toxicity and inflammation are key issues for weight control, and that they cause a state of fluid retention. This is all so true! The Ultrasimple Diet is presented as a fast, simple way to drop 10 pounds. It includes a 7-day weight loss "quick-start" plan specifying what to eat, including supplements, recipes, and stress reduction tips.

    Before beginning the 7-day plan there is a pre-detox week that eliminates many of the offending foods and ingredients. The plan is designed to eliminate sources of toxins and inflammation by avoiding allergens, flour products, coffee, sugar, alcohol, processed food, fast food, junk food, trans fats, unhealthy fats, and high-fructose corn syrup. After the initial detox week you go on the detailed and regimented 7-day program and eat whole, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory foods, including vegetables, fruits, healthy dishes, "UltraShakes", and a special "UltraBroth". The recipes require special ingredients and a time commitment. The author hopes that by following the plan for a week you will see the power of making positive changes in your life and want to continue. Exercise is added later.

    This highly qualified author presents a healthy eating plan which would be very helpful for those who do best while following a controlled, structured plan that tells them exactly what to do. If you follow this program, you will be motivated to continue a more healthy and toxic-free lifestyle. I also recommend THE 3:00 PM SECRET: Live Slim and Strong Live Your Dreams as well as The 2007 Second Expert Report, Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity, and the Prevention of Cancer: a Global Perspective. and Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution: Turn Off the Genes That Are Killing You--And Your Waistline--And Drop the Weight for Good ...more info
  • WOW!!
    If you can't lose weight using this system ,then I'm afraid you never will, simplicity itself!!...more info
  • The UltraSimple Diet
    I was very excited to receive the book, purchased all of the supplements and food to start. I got sick after the first morning once I drank the olive oil/lemon mixture. I was very disappointed!...more info
  • Ultra Good!
    This diet is easy to follow, the recipes are good, and I never felt this good on a diet. Oh yeah, and it works!...more info
  • The UltraSimple Diet: Kick-Start Your Metabolism and Safely Lose Up to 10 Pounds in 7 Days
    Great book. I am still slightly overweight, but that's because I like beer so much....more info
  • Just got it and not sure...
    I just received the book and was excited about getting rid of some aches and pains as well as losing weight. I went to the website, as directed in the book, to get some more recipes and information, but the[...]site isn't there anymore. I went to the [...] site, but that's only to promote the book. Already, I'm kind of feeling taken. He supposedly didn't have room for recipes and another guide so the website is a supplement to the book. But he didn't bother to keep it active. And as pointed out by other reviewers, an index would have save a lot of time. I'm still looking for what an herbal laxative is. I know I saw it somewhere, but I can't find it. Maybe I can find it on his website--oh, maybe not. Pretty disappointed. I'll update the review to tell about the diet in 2 weeks....more info
  • This diet WORKS!
    This diet really works. The best thing about it is after Day 2 you no longer have cravings for sweets or starches. After Day 3, you are no longer hungry between meals, and you find yourself eating less, full of energy, and mostly weaned from caffeine. (I cheated a little bit here because it made me feel very tired to have no caffeine, whew!)

    The best part is attaining a new appreciation for a huge variety of veggies and fruits....steamed, sauteed, and roasted vegetables acquire new characteristics and tastes with different preparations.

    The fish, chicken and tofu likewise become new and different as you experiment with different seasonings and herbs.

    I'd recommend this for anyone with a serious desire to lose weight and improve general overall health.
    ...more info
  • Ultra Simple Diet
    A great guide to getting healthy and losing the weight your body has put on to protect itself from all of the toxic junk it's been subjected to.

    Simple meals, similar to the Macrobiotic Diet, but easier for Westerners.

    Recommended: learn about how food really affects your health....more info
  • Easy Reading and Easy to Apply
    I read the book and it is fairly simple. However, being human, I can't do all the things he sugggests like removing caffeine, alcohol, processed and refined carborhydrates and sugar from my diet. BUT, I try to avoid these ingredients whenever I can. I am relatively healthy and only about 10 lbs overweight, so maybe if I was super vigilant and removed these items from my diet I would loose the 10 pounds. The book had good information on what items to eat and how what you eat can affect your body. Like eating good high quality protein to help your body to eliminate accumulated toxins. Another way to flush the toxins from your body is to take 2 tbsp of organic EVOO mixed with the juice of 1/2 of an organic lemon. This helps flush toxins from your bile and your liver into your gut.
    I haven't tried that one yet, but will do so soon. Also, he explains about how bad stress is for your body. He encourages relaxation and even napping! How wonderful. No fluff reading, internet browsing, tv, etc. (Sorry, but I can't give up my fluff reading--Amazon might go out of business! ;). I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a basic guide to health, but don't be discouraged if you can't do everything he suggests! Doing just one good thing for yourself everyday is an improvement and over time something good will come of it.
    Lori...more info
  • It works for some and is helpful for others

    My brother and his wife have been on this diet plan for over six months and have done well on it. My wife and I considered it, but decided that we didn't want to make the shakes ... we like the mouth feel of solid foods.

    Nonetheless, the book makes very interesting reading, and it is well worth spending time considering and understanding the author's points. It helped both of us understand how important it is for both of us to stick to a well balanced, low calorie diet with lots of exercise.

    You really can't go wrong spending some time with the author and thinking about what he can teach you.

    Robert C. Ross 2008...more info
  • It works. Period.
    I, like a lot of others giving this book low reviews, was at first a non-believer/hater thinking that this is a load of BS. Well, my fiance got me to commit, and I did it.
    And man, I'm so happy I did!!!!!!! First of all, it takes commitment to do this. The week of preparation makes the second week much easier, but you have to be willing to cut out all the crap that your body is used to. And that is pretty hard the first few days. But it gets easier once your body adjusts. And once it does, you won't believe how good you start to feel! I JUST got done with week 2, and lost just over 9 lbs. in 2 weeks. Not only that, but I've reprogrammed my brain to enjoy healthy eating and food.
    Thats what people don't get, they think this is only a weight loss book. NO. It is a LIFESTYLE change book. This book is a jump start on acclimating your body to food that is was designed to eat. The food most of us eat today is incredibly toxic to your body. Just look at all the chemicals on the back of the food in your house. Go. Look! Its horrible.
    I've never felt better in my life. More energy, I sleep better, my mind is much more sharp, I don't feel tired after I eat, I don't need naps, my moods have dramatically gotten better and overall, I just feel plain old good. You forget what its like to feel the way your body was designed to run itself.
    The reviewers who gave this book low grades, to me, after reading their "reviews" seem just plain old LAZY. Boohoo. You don't want to take the time to prepare yourself nutritious meals, or don't want to cut out all the crap you eat everyday. No wonder Americans are so fat nowadays. LAZY LAZY LAZY. I have a full time job in which I work over 50 hours a week, and I still found the time to dedicate myself to this diet, lifestyle, and even fitting in time for the gym. DEDICATION PEOPLE! Try it sometime before you hate on it.
    Anyways, the book has changed my life, and I'm a better person, both mentally and physically. Now that the diet is "over" I'm kind of bummed, but knowing that I ENJOY nutritious food and see what its like to live healthy, I'm hooked for life. ...more info
  • Dieters beware
    I bought the book, read some of it (it's so padded with success stories and other non-essentials that the book would likely be the length of a pamphlet if all the extraneous stuff was removed), and my spouse and I decided to give it a try. While the cover mentions a "...simple 7-day weight loss plan..." there is a 7-day preparation period, so it actually takes 2 weeks (which is misleading at best). The diet itself requires some fairly specialized (and expensive) stuff found only in high-end nutrition shops (or on the web) along with lots of veggies and canned beans.
    I made a big batch of the Ultrabroth (smelling up the kitchen at the same time) and we were ready.
    One of the first problems we found is that the book has no index, so trying to find specific information is almost impossible. The next problem I had was that the diet made me actively nauseous. I tried for three days to stick with it, using different recipes, but nothing worked: I spent the entire three days within running distance of my bathroom.
    My spouse has not had that problem, but the diet claims to help one lose several pounds during the diet week, and after four days, he still hasn't found much difference from when he started (and he's one of those maddening types that can go on a diet and lose 10 pounds in the first week!).
    Finally, a minor quibble: after one logs into the site to download the diet guide (the source of the other recipes/menus and a lot more useful than the book), one gets rather useless emails from the site every couple of days. Just what everyone needs: another source of junk mail.
    In summary, the book is poorly written, repetitive, and frustrating; as for the diet, I highly recommend that the it be undertaken only after speaking with one's personal physician.
    ...more info
  • Liked Ultrametabolism Better
    Although I LOVE Dr. Hyman, this book didn't agree with my system. My stomch was in a state of unrest for about three weeks, even after I stopped eating flax seeds, tofu, etc. I did lose a few pounds, but I lost on Ultrametabolism, just not as quickly. I think I may just have a sensitive stomch for certain foods recommended here, which is unusual for me. All in all, the science makes sense in all of his books and literature and I reviewed Ultrametabolism last year. WELL worth the money. If your in for a quick fix, go for this one, but be careful if you have a sensitive system....more info
  • Fraudulent name, brazen advertisements.
    The good doctor fills half his pages with "case studies" (sorry, these are only "anecdotes")- He starts every unit with half of the story, then he repeats the WHOLE story with a half page chart detailing the person's measurements. Then he spends several MORE pages whining about how he just didn't have room to include what you need to know to use the diet, so you have to go to his website to download it. Then while you're there trying to get the information to download (and it's more of the same cluttered nonsense) he comes on a movie to explain that he didn't really want to sell anything but so many of us begged so hard that for $[...] a week we can just buy the diet and the supplements. If we want to buy just the supplements, we have to call (yes, by phone, however there is a toll-free number.)
    And as far as I can tell which could be wrong though I've read the book twice, it never gives clear instructions about what supplements to use. ("Liver support supplements," "probiotics" At least the book purchase comes with free snake oil.)
    Each day on the diet takes about 7 pages of instructions, and they are EXACTLY THE SAME!
    I'd bet good money I could get all the information needed for this diet on 5, 3x5 index cards. One for the schedule, one for shopping list, 2 for recipes, and the fifth one will have Our Father on one side and the Kaddish other.

    ...more info


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